Victory of the Light


25 Jan: PFC Interviews Rob About The Global Restoration Project

Rob gets straight to the point in this Global Restoration Plan Q and A. Rob shares about the ending of the 1000 thousand year covenant that somehow gave the dark hierarchy control and ownership of this planet and subsequently souls on earth. Rob breaks down the absolute evil that has been manipulating acting as parasites feeding off all life force on earth.

Global Restoration Plan With Kim Goguen and Rob Potter

25 Jan: Global Restoration Plan With Kim Goguen and Rob Potter

Robert Potter The Promise Revealed.Net will interview Kimberly Ann Goguen about her position as Ground Commander and Guardian for the entire earth. She holds this position as humanities representative to the Universal Councils. This position is controversial to be sure. However, Rob feels it is extremely important for her mission to be known to the entire world. This is a very important interview for people to get clarity o the ending of the influence of intruders into the affairs of the planet that has been going on for many thousands of years.:This will be an advanced interview that will reveal many new concepts to many people. If the word disclosure or financial Global Currency Reset means anything to you this will be helpful. Through the Multiple Galactic council’s interventions to save humanity and the galaxy itself. Kim is humanity’s representative and has been placed as the official interim head of state of every nation on the earth…


03 Jan: Mt Shasta Summer Conference July 7-10-2022

Dear Promise Frinds, 

I am happy to announce once again that I will host the original 8th Mt Shasta Summer Conference Since 2014 Titled:

“Look To Venus Morning Star Revelations”

Mt Shasta Conference is now 4 days. This event will be held in two locations this summer. The first location is The Community Center on 629 Alder Street in the city of Mt Shasta. The City of Mt Shasta has also given its blessings for my Conference to be held in Mt Shasta City Park 1315 Nixon Rd, Mt Shasta. More details will be provided after tickets are purchased.

With lots of love and health to you all. See you in July.