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The Venus Gospel

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Dear Friends,
Please read this wonderful new post from Cosmic Ray. My dear friend Raymond is continuing to chronicle the influences of our Venusian neighbors on earth in this post about this George Adamski.
You are gifted by being able to read many segments of his soon to be 8 books in the Venus Rising series of books. These books are available here.

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In this article it is mentioned that Adamski lived in Laguna Beach ca. I lived in Laguna each Ca and it has been my home town until I moved to Mt Shasta permanently in 2017.
Fred Bell my mentor guide and friend who was a contactee of the The Pleiadeans also lived in Laguna when I met him in 1974 at 891 Santa Ana St in Arch Beach Heights.
What is not known by many even to his wives and children is that Fred Bell lived on Nestall Rd. in the Very house where George Adamski lived.
He told me his first contact with Semjase came at night in that house her ship hovered low over his street very late at night. He went out side to see the ship and the door opened and a woman was silhouetted in the doorway where she stood.
Fred told me he received a telepathic from message from her, which was in response to his telepathic message, “Who Are You”. Semjase replied “You will learn my name from a foreign land”.
It was not long after that that in the very late 70’s or Early 80’s that Fred and I were communicating with Col. Wendell Stevens about Semjase. She was the Pleiadean cosmonaut who Fred had become Freds primary ET contact and who also allowed me some rare personal interactions that culminated in a physical journey to a HUGE Pleiadean mother ship in 1989.
Now enjoy a look into the past of the First public contact of a Venusian in the modern era. This contact in the Desert with Adamski was with Lady Orda who at that time was a dual citizen of earth and Venus serving in the Angel Force.
She is now the queen of Venus who responds to my messages and answers questins and kindly allows other Venusians to interact with me.
This Queen AKA Lady Orda is the woman who took Raymond to Venus and allowed him to stay for 10 weeks. Carl Jung, Emanuel Swedenborg, Dante. Dr Frank Stranges Truman Betherum and many other contactees also were privileged to go to Venus. They all chose to bring back the truth that we are not alone and that benevolent beings are ready to help us as a planet to guide into right relationship by teaching us the truth of connecting to God and embodying love as the only way to transform our world.
Thank you Raymond- Enjoy Rob

The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium, Part I
By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the Venus Rising bestselling book series (Terra Alta, West Virginia: Headline Books, 2015-2022), and also available at

Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) Invitation

The Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) was established as a public interest group in the city of Sunds, situated on the mainland area of Denmark, called Jylland in Danish or Jutland in English, on 17 December 1957 by the late Danish Air Force Major Hans C. Petersen for the express purpose of “promoting information and carrying out research about unidentified flying objects.”
SUFOI’s structure was organized along three departments: Research, Reports Collection, and Information Dissemination. SUFOI still exists today and publishes the quarterly UFO-Nyt as well as UFO-Vision, a yearbook of UFO literature, both of these in the Danish language. Occasionally, SUFOI comes out with a special Newsletter in English. Their current address is P.O. Box 6, DK 2820 Gentofte, Denmark. Their website is
In 1963, Petersen was still serving as SUFOI director. While his organization clearly maintained an objective policy regarding the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) with respect to the origin of some of the UFOs in our skies, the majority of the membership was not yet willing to go along with a full-endorsement that even a few of the UFO reports could decisively be attributed to the arrival of advanced extraterrestrial beings piloting flying saucers, which could be interpreted to mean interplanetary spaceships. However, the SUFOI members would never flinch at allowing advocates of the ETH, to include the contactees, from speaking at SUFOI meetings and conferences.
Of all the contactees on the worldwide ufology scene in 1963, Petersen was fully convinced that George Adamski from Southern California, the author of three books about his encounters with Venusians and other extraterrestrials, would prove to be an outstanding speaker at the next SUFOI conference. As the director of the group, his recommendation for the keynote speaker would certainly carry the most weight.
Based on his readings of Adamski’s books, along with his own research into the UFO phenomenon, Petersen came to the following conclusions:
1. People from other worlds in our (solar) system are visiting our planet.
2. People from other worlds are in contact with certain political and scientific circles in East and West.
3. People from all walks of life, official and unofficial, all over the world, have been contacted by people from other worlds; such contacts have been kept secret so far.
4. The philosophy brought to the world by Mr. George Adamski is considered and aid helping to uncover the truth of our origin and our future destiny.
Clearly, this information seems to have been a bit too much for the majority of conference planners to accept all at once, lock, stock and barrel. Nevertheless, and despite Petersen’s attempts to convince them to accept the Venus Gospel according to Adamski as their guiding philosophy, at least an invitation to Adamski was formulated in order that the members might make up their minds on an individual basis with respect to the California contactee’s claims.

Brief Biography of George Adamski

George Adamski was born in Poland on 17 April 1891. When he was but one-and-a-half years old, his parents immigrated to the United States, meeting up with relatives already established in Dunkirk, New York, and settling in there. His parents were deeply Roman Catholic and great lovers of nature, instilling in their son a quest for spiritual knowledge and a closeness to the natural environment.
The young Adamski attended public elementary school and after the eighth grade continued with private lessons tailored to his interests and paid for by his loving parents. He served time as a soldier in the 13th Cavalry, garrisoned on the Mexican border and was honorably discharged in 1919. On 25 December 1917, he married Mary A. Shubersky, who remained with him until her death in 1954.
At the age of 39 George and Mary Adamski moved out to Laguna Beach, California, where he set up shop as a teacher of Eastern Philosophy. Although George did not have a formal degree from any institution of higher learning, his students called him “Professor” because he was so proficient in most of the mystic arts, thereby instructing his followers in various methods they could employ in developing the sundry extrasensory powers latent within them. Word of his vast knowledge and cordial personality spread far and wide throughout the Southern California listening area, and soon he was delivering metaphysical lectures over radio stations KMPC in Los Angeles and KFOX in Long Beach.
Adamski had a vision of establishing a community based on universal laws. With some of his pupils from Laguna Beach, he and Mary moved out with the best of these students to form a colony at the base of Mount Palomar, where the then largest telescope in the world was located, being a 200-inch reflector. As Adamski was well informed on the Theosophical teachings of the gurus and masters of the Far East, he came to recognize that some of them were in telepathic contact with advanced beings from other planets.
The great Hindu metaphysician, Paramahansa Yogananda, always a constant inspiration for Adamski, after being inspired to move from India to the United States, had established his Self-Realization Fellowship in Los Angeles in 1917. Yogananda preached in his Bhagavad Gita commentaries that he knew for a fact that there was life on other planets. According to Joseph Selbie, a prominent disciple of Yogananda, the most enlightened guru revealed that, “Souls continue to reincarnate on Earth until they achieve liberation; and they also incarnate on other planets.” Selbie also noted that Yogananda would frequently point out that extraterrestrials can found in many different planetary environments and even other dimensions of time and space and that not all maintain a recognizably human-like appearance. Some beings are composed of pure light and refined energy such that they remain invisible to those without spiritual discernment on the material plane. See Joseph Selbie, Ananda website, “Life on Other Planets,” 20 December 2011, (Accessed 8 December 2022).
During the great meteor storm of 1946, Adamski and his students at Palomar observed a large cigar-shaped object that remained motionless for some time above a mountain ridge to the east of the telescope complex. It was at this time that Adamski’s interest in unidentified flying objects was aroused. From then on until 20 November 1952, when he and a party of six others had physical contact with a flying saucer and its occupant, Adamski was taking photographs of the mysterious objects and coming to the conclusion that these were interplanetary space ships.
Details of his initial contact are found in his first non-fiction bestselling book, co-authored with the British nobleman Sir Desmond Leslie, Flying Saucers Have Landed (New York: British Book Centre, 1953). Accounts of his subsequent encounters with friendly Venusians and other extraterrestrials are found in his second and third UFO books, Inside the Space Ships (New York: Abelard-Schuman, 1955) and Flying Saucers Farewell (New York: Abelard—Schuman, 1961). In these volumes, the California contactee describes his journeys to Venus and Saturn as well as a fly-by of the back side of the Moon, where he saw vast domed colonies tucked inside the ridges of craters in addition to vast spaceports.

Adamski’s Arrival in Denmark

Petersen was pleased that Adamski accepted the invitation. The contactee arrived at the Copenhagen airport on 29 April 1963 and stayed in Denmark until 15 May 1963. SUFOI paid all of Adamski’s expenses and Petersen met him at the airport with both a SUFOI and Danish media contingent. Petersen wrote about Adamski’s Denmark visit in his book, Report from Europe (Sunds, Denmark: SUFOI, 1964), 179, in glowing terms:
“George Adamski had a tremendous success in Denmark. He did not meet one negative person, although he saw and talked to thousands. He was given five minutes on the Danish state-controlled television. They met him at the airport like they meet any official coming to the country, and he was also taken to an interview in the television house (broadcast station).
“He spoke to 700 people at the SUFOI Congress and he met people every day while here.”
Adamski’s Keynote Speech at SUFOI Congress in Denmark, 5 May 1963
After Adamski was settled in at his hotel in Copenhagen, he presented the keynote address at the SUFOI Congress in that same city on 5 May 1963. Major Petersen, who was fluent in English, having spent some time with joint North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)-Denmark operations at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio, rendered a Danish translation of Adamski’s speech which took the form of a summary at convenient intervals other than of a direct translation. Time factors would not allow for a more detailed approach to the task, unfortunately. His speech follows below:

Section I

I first want to thank you all for the fine courtesy you have shown me here in Denmark.
All you good people here, I am not here to convince you nor do I want you to accept what I have to say. But all I want you to do is to listen to what I have to say and you can make up your own minds.
We all know the circumstances of the world, and that we are going through a period of transition which is actually a new way of life. Every one of us will want the new way of life if we can have it, for it will be better than the present.
And as you well know, I was not the first man to be contacted by people from other worlds. Yet I was the first man to be publicized as having such a meeting.
(Cosmic Ray’s commentary: Adamski’s “coming out,” so to speak, about his contacts with the Venusians and other extraterrestrials, no doubt generated a lot of antagonism against him in the emerging “scientific” UFO community. To some extent, the ridicule hurled at Adamski carried over into the subject of flying saucers, generally. The newspapers of the mid-1950s through the mid-1960s tended to portray Adamski and the contactees that followed in his train as members of the so-called “lunatic fringe.” Nevertheless, most ufologists will admit that Adamski played a vital role in bringing the subject of flying saucers as interplanetary space ships to the public’s attention, capturing, as it were, the imagination of people from across the globe and inspiring in them a lifelong interest in exploring the UFO enigma and all the possibilities inherent in it.)

Section I continues:

I did not desire publicity; but when the contact was made and there were six other people there, the news was soon out. Four of them, including George Williamson, were from Arizona; and when they returned, they took the story to the newspaper. The paper tried to contact me, but I had no telephone so they went ahead with the story. And it was written differently than I would have told them.
Of course, from there on I was on the spot and there was no way for me to back out. I am not a brave man; and I failed to consider the criticism that lay ahead from the critics and the people of the world. It may be that had things taken place in a different way than they did, I would have withheld the information; but maybe not, for I had this to do.
Now you all know how I happened to get into the picture; therefore, we will go from there on….

(Editor’s Note: Stay tuned to this website for the conclusion of Adamski’s keynote speech in Denmark in Part II of Cosmic Ray’s article, “The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium.” -Lon)


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