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We suggest that you look at this Summer Conference information page on the computer. All the information you need to know about the conference is included here. We asked you to go over all the information thoroughly so you don’t miss anything. However, if you need any help at all for any reason, please call me @ 530-925-3502.

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Dear Promise Friends,

I am happy to announce once again that I will host the original 10th Mt Shasta Summer Conference EST. IN 2014 Titled: Creating Heaven on Earth -Manifesting The Paradise Within. This year’s event will be from July 18th – 21st  at a beautiful off-grid location called Methodist Camp – Location – Directions – Wristbands – Food – Parking – Check-In – Camping – Click Here

new hope – new view – new truths – more cooperation – New attitude – new Reality –

– New mental peace- new financial system – more empathy – more patience – 

The Good News of each person’s promise revealed -how More Kindness toward

each other will transform our earth- insights to bolster your faith

This year’s conference will be quite a bit different in that we will have fewer speakers and fewer vendors. We will be off the grid and getting electricity from generators. We will have camping – one main speaking lodge- and two lakes very close to enjoy on your breaks- will be offering yoga classes – drum circles – and Workshops on-site in nature-  Food will be at the venue and optional of course. We will have late-night presentations and even some great UFO movies, The Venusian Recordings will be played in their entirety.

The Office of The Guardian – The reality of the quantum system on Earth and the new Quantum Financial System will be explained in detail. The behind-the-scenes operations of Ground command will be explained in great detail.

Our speaker’s focus will be to give you information about personal transformation in affirming your divine connection to God. We will share supporting evidence that The Victory of The Light is to be achieved at any time and show how for many this is the reality. We hope to provide gnosis so that you will not live in fear or lack and show how we will restore this earth and live in abundance and prosperity in a relatively short period of time. All of this responsibility lies in the mindset or the manifestation of love within the individual. 

As we realize the creator and true Christ self within we can Live in Harmony with God’s universal Laws. As we truly connect with the Christ within and see God in everyone & everything we shall obtain eternal peace and understanding. You are all immortal eternal spirit sparks of the one true living God. Please realize and enact the master’s simple teaching to “Do unto others as you have done unto you”. Together with our pure intent our effort combined with others we shall co-create & manifest a paradise first within our hearts and collectively a New earth. 

Our Angel force will be present – be ye kind to strangers for many have entertained angels unaware Hebrews 13.2 – Contact is happening embrace it

As always my conferences are part of my continuing effort to honor our unseen friends from the higher realms who are serving us here on Earth. As many would agree, we are going through some very powerful increases in the light frequencies that are hitting the earth. The awareness of our multidimensional nature of reality is surely increasing at a record pace. Despite the wars and rumors of wars,  God’s divine plan is here and is unstoppable. know it declare it live and act it for  Gods spirit is now pouring out on all flesh and his Holy Will and Love will be manifest here on earth as it is in Heaven so Be it. The Victory is here if we could but claim it. 

This light is breaking down the veil and transforming all life streams. I am honoring all of the spiritual guides seen and unseen, as well as the many benevolent races watching over the earth and especially the Venusians & Pleiadeans who have taken the time to present themselves to me throughout my life.

The super federations of the local cluster of galaxies are reestablishing NEW RULES in terms of how the higher dimensional beings are able to interact with 3rd-dimensional worlds. The end of the AI and transhumanist agenda is being enforced by the 10th-dimensional reaper angels or Felidae as they are sometimes called to establish the creator’s divine plan on earth and throughout the omniverse.

We are on the threshold of a wonderful transformation for our world. Be ye not distracted & keep your mind calm focussed and firmly on the Christ Light within you. I will See you all in July.

Introduction To The Conference & Dedication

This Year’s Summer Conference Is Dedicated To All Of YOU & those who cannot attend but who are with us in spirit and our devotion to god the great I AM 

Those faithful starseeds lightworkers who have held the faith for truth, and divine justice for many years. Some of you have faced tremendous negative feedback, you have stood up against intense pressure to stop trying to promote silly thoughts that have been rejected by many. Most of you have faced ridicule, doubts, and vitriol directed at you to defame you. Your own family and friends have rejected your supplication to open their eyes to what is really taking place behind the scenes.

You have been attacked, defamed, defunded, and made to feel less than! This conference is for those of you who have held fast, never given up, stood your ground, and in your innermost heart done your best to be true and honest in your attempt to follow your heart, and your, calling as a bringer of the light. This is the time you have been waiting for! I declare that the Victory of The Light is here. The light forces have regained absolute control in higher dimensions and are celebrating this very special time.

The higher dimensions are real though most of us only vaguely understand what these dimensions are or our place in the omniverse. The absolute truth is that we co-create our own reality very close to being demonstrated without a doubt for those of sufficient resonance to perceive with the higher dimensional sensibilities.

We the awakened are slowly succeeding in waking up others now. We are unified together & moving full steam ahead on our missions of service. It is for you that this conference is honoring. for all like-minded souls, Mt Shasta calls and awaits your presence. This is the time that you have been called to earth and for you to play your part and to serve.

The Transformation Is Upon Us It Is Time To Act

The “science” that only recognizes the 5 senses is breaking down as the 4th-dimensional frequencies increase.  Supra luminal forces of Angels or messengers and E.T.s are patiently waiting to begin ushering our world into an incredible expansion of light. They await beyond the veil and are visible to us who see them as midwives holding our hands as we cross over into the new world that we ourselves will forge.

The earth and her life streams are transforming physically through vibrational resonance into The New Earth. I am sorry to report but many who hold on to old paradigms of thought and systems which do not reflect the creator’s plan will find humanity’s birth & growth and the transition process more difficult.

Many may in fact lose their physical shells or mortal coils as the changes will be too intense. The NEW EARTH will take much longer than many think. The planetary ascension to the 5th dimension will be a gradual process.

Do not worry God has in fact provided eternal life for all. though we do not know this on earth at this time it is the truth. Keep joy in your heart and never fail to be kind, compassionate, and patient to your brothers and sisters.

The Good News

I will say for sure so much good news is in store for the coming world it would literally knock your socks off. so remain strong in the love for the creator & be flexible as you cast away fear. Step forward boldly in the power of life over death as you now know it. Be open to learning new forms of governance, finance, and learning.

All aspects of individual and collective endeavor are about to be radically transformed. As our society’s social infrastructure breaks down there will be new innovations and technologies will be realized. The flourishing of human consciousness is building and all are invited to ride the wave.

There have been many hidden technologies that will be brought forth to aid mankind as we rebuild the world from the ashes of natural catastrophes. The healing technologies free energy devices and new nontoxic communication technology will help us move forward unhindered. We can expect water purification methods and food production to help mankind realize health and prosperity in a very short time.

NO FEAR-Trust God’s Plan

There may be some catastrophes that are natural and will be measuring and testing mankind’s faith. Faith in each other and more importantly in faith in the everlasting god of creation. Please know this challenging and perilous time will be temporary but will actually make rebuilding easier. There is nothing that we cannot handle. Be aware these challenges will not be all at once and will only be minor setbacks on a small scale all over the globe/

I will pray that this is a smooth transition and that the suffering and loss of life will be minimal. However, This will be determined by our own constant remembrances of our brothers and sisters as our family. Your sacrifices for each other and your selflessness in the face of the earth’s changes will be their own reward.

More Contacts to Come

They also indicate they will be presenting their messages more openly to the public in the near future as human gnosis grows and the love for God increases in our world. Since the late 40 and early 50s, they have chosen messengers for the dissemination of their messages because the governments (“representatives”) have refused to tell the truth.

This method of subtle communication will continue for those with ears to hear until we end all wars, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, and create an honest, fair, and equitable financial system based on prosperity and abundance not based on contrived scarcity and lack. A truly representative form of governance must be formed with all of humanity sharing 100% of resources for ALL.

It is clear the current system must end and we cannot let the elite 1% of corrupted officials and criminals continue to destroy our world. We must take responsibility and enact real change. Step up and realize that together WE The People of The World are THE GOVERNMENTS. We are not the “USELESS EATER” slaves they think we are.

We must stop killing our world with our irresponsible actions and destructive technologies that pollute and destroy every natural system that supports life. We are not the only life on this planet and for this reason and many others, divine intervention has been ongoing for many years.

Now, this unseen help has accelerated at a tremendous pace with actual battles above and below the earth and in various dimensions as well. This is taking place behind the scenes for multiple reasons but realize there have been intruders on our world for thousands of years. These intruders are finally being expelled so we the people can act as free and sovereign souls. The complexities and details of this information are now cleared to be revealed to the public.

My Dear Brother Raymond Keller who has so humbly served us with 8 books on the history of Venus as well as given us a Supernatural revelation of The Gospel of Thomas will be present to share his wisdom. The Gospel of Thomas is a gift for those with ears to hear and hearts to love. 

Raymond my support staff  & I look forward to seeing you all in Mt. Shasta for this very special event.

With Love In the Light of Venus



Please See The Bios Of Our Amazing Speakers By Clicking On Their Image.

Luis Maertens
Luis Maertens
Dr. Raymond Keller
Dr. Raymond Keller
Robert Potter
Robert Potter
Haruko Blue Star
Haruko Blue Star
Arcturian Starseed
Arcturian Starseed
Theraphi & Quantify
Debra Giusti
Debra Giusti
Lilly Nova
Lilly Nova
Laura Eisenhower
Laura Eisenhower
Brad Olsen
Brad Olsen





$200 - $400
service fees with no exceptions
These tickets are not refundable.
Price will eventually rise to $600

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