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Refunds - FAQ's

Q-I bought a ticket previously but was unable to attend is my ticket usable at this conference?

Absolutely, because I do not offer refunds’ I will always honor tickets that were purchased and someone was unable to attend a previous conference. Please contact me and provide your receipt of payment we will check against our records and you will be issued a ticket.


ANSWER: No there will be no refunds! This event is like any concert! If you get stuck in traffic or have a family emergency or your car breaks down you lose your seat! We are sorry but if you do not make the conference this year, you can call us directly we will issue you a ticket for you to attend next year’s conference after verification of your missed attendance and proof of purchase! However if you call within 72 hours of purchasing a ticket by mistake we can issue a refund.

Q-Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?

Answer – YES ID is required to receive wristbands and tickets. Also, for local ticket purchases, ID will be required to prove local residency your drivers license must say, Mt Shasta, Dunsmuir or Weed.

Q- Can Children Attend?

Answer: All children can be included however we recommend children be at least 12 years or and are able to sit quietly. including babies. If the baby or child is disruptive the parent must escort them outside when asked, children under 5 are free. Children between 12 -and 17 can have a ticket at half price with a parent's purchase.

Please contact Robert Potter personally for this option. We ask that if the babies are fussing or crying that they are taken outside immediately! They must be in their parents arms or in a car seat at the rear of the room so the parent can exit easily. . We highly recommend children be at least 12 years of age and be able to sit quietly at the event. This event is near a city park, so children may play in the park.

Q- Can I bring my animals?

If you have a Service Pet  due to being blind. Otherwise, no pets of any kind can be allowed at this event. Please don’t ask !

Q - Error on Ticket Purchase?

Refund Policy, ERealize that due to the planning and costs of this event, we are unable to refund cash for any tickets for any reason after tickets are purchased, except if there is an error in your purchase you may have a full refund within 72 hours of purchase.

These tickets are transferable, and you can resell them to anyone at any time. You can also If you cannot resell your tickets or if you prefer, we can offer you tickets for next years event. Changing your mind because you have some personal restrictions  or anything like fires etc will not be accepted. We hope you will accept our alternatives to refunds.

Q Is my registration/ticket transferrable?

Yes absolutely! However, you will need to contact me directly. We will need a new name phone number and email address if you sell your ticket. There will be a $25 change fee!


Because we are at methodist camp this year, campers can bring there food and prepare it in the community kitchen during specific time periods. Campers are encouraged to bring their cooler and food supplies and store them in the community kitchen. At This time only tea coffee and water will be provided at the venue.

We  now have a  food vendor serving Lunch and Dinner  if you know anyone or are interested in vending please contact Rob Potter 1-530-925-3502  There will be short breaks for you to go to buy food and you can bring your own food as you wish and eat on the grass at your campsite or on picnic tables.

    NOTE: Please, accept the first opt-in email you receive, otherwise you will not be added to the mailing list. Do check your Spam/Junk folder incase.