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Venue Locations – Remember These Addresses

Mt Shasta conference is now 4 days. This event will be held in two locations this summer. The location for Thursday is the community center at 629 Alder street in the city of Mt Shasta

The 4-day event – we have a limited number of tickets 200 for the 4-day event. Therefore if these sell out we will not have any 3-day tickets, 2-day tickets, or 1-day tickets so if you want to attend all 4 days it will be best to get to your tickets before the 200 tickets sell out!

Starting on Friday at 8:30 am you can get your tickets in the backyard of the Upper Main Lodge in the city park of Mt Shastaat 1315 Nixon rd. Starting at 9 am on Friday The speakers will begin at 9 am in 3 different rooms in two locations. The Community Center at 629 Alder St and the upper lodge and the lower lodge at the Mt Shasta City Park at 1315 Nixon rd.

The 3-day tickets, 2-day, and 1-day are now available. Check-in

To receive your wristbands we suggest you check in early as possible according to your schedule. To check in you will need a printed receipt of the auto-reply you got when you purchased your ticket. You will also be required to provide a photo id.  The pay pal or credit card payment receipt will also be accepted as well as the name and phone number. We will require the id of the person who purchased the tickets for you to receive the wristbands.

For the 4-day check-in, you can get your wristbands at the community center on Alder St on June 22nd  from 8:00 am until the last presentation of the day. If you check in on Friday you can get your  3-day tickets in the backyard of the upper lodge Mt. Shasta City park at 1315 Nixon Rd Main Lodge only. We ask that if you are getting your wristbands early for the 3 days you come after lunch on the 22nd in the late afternoon.

Start early drive carefully & arrive safe!

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