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Mt Shasta Summer Conference Schedule 2024

Dear Conference Attendees,
The schedule will be up sometime in may or June so you can map out what speakers you will want to see and know when and where to go. Be aware that this schedule may change slightly.
For those who arrive early to Mt Shasta on Wednesday the 17th, if you are in town you may come to get your tickets early. Between 1pm and 4pm you can call 530-925-3502 – for directions on where to get your tickets. This will help you save time on Thursday’s rush to get to your seats early. If you are camping you can check in in at Methodist camp between 2pm – 11pm.  
When the schedule goes up you may also  determine what workshops you would like to attend and book your seats for those on the workshop section of the summer conference information page. There are several workshops offsite and these are listed on the schedule to remind you since these workshops will not be at the Venue. You must purchase your workshop tickets online or at The Promise Revealed Ticket Booth on Thursday July 18th from 1-6pm or Friday – At
Robs booth at methodist camp in the vending area near the Lodge entrance.
#1 We have skywatches with Luis Maertens. Only 50 tickets are available each night these workshops will begin by meeting Leaving the Methodsit Camp on the Night of the workshop. You will carpool from this location. You must have a wristband or you will not be able to attend the skywatch. The Various locations will be revealed at the departing point.


#2 Theraphi and Quantify Plasma Scalar Healing Sessions will be onsite @  the Venue. You will see and get a sample of this device at the opening ceremony – It’s amazing technology. The schedule will be flexible from Thursday-Sunday. Book Now


#3 Raymond Keller will be giving away his new $25 dollar book with a free signed copy for his workshop.


#4 Haruko Blue Star you will hear her ethereal voice at the opening ceremony. Her art Gallery is in town and you can see her incredible talent at the 301 North Mt Shasta Blvd gallery any day except when she is presenting at the conference. Her special voice and flute healing workshop is going to be on Saturday at 2:00 PM at her gallery. If you want to go deep inside and connect to your higher self and relax while she plays her soothing music. Get a ticket on the workshop page.


#5 Viviane Chauvet has a workshop on 


If you have not booked your room or purchased your tickets to the conference yet do itnow we are almost out of 4-day tickets. Remember to go over the Conference Information Page Click here to see workshops and all information you will need. Be sure to read on a computer not phone the information thoroughly so you know what to bring and have all the addresses you will need. As always call me at 530-925-3502 if you need assistance with anything. Try to call 3 days before the conference the last 3 days I may not be able to answer right ay but be sure to listen to my message machine all the way through.
Start Early – Drive Carefully – Arrive Safe
Be Kind

Schedule is Under Construction Look here  in May or June

 it will be seen below Please Be Patient