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Volunteers for Free Tickets

Would you like free tickets to the conference? We have several options available for you to receive free tickets. All volunteers will coordinate through my manager Jagat Rainbow. Jagat has indicated she may not be able to come and I have several others in line to help take her place. All Volunteers will be asked to send a $100 deposit to ensure their presence as a volunteer. All volunteers will be required to be available for training that starts on the 17th for 2 hours. 

After contacting one of the managers you will be asked to talk for a brief interview. If accepted you will be asked to send a check for $100 and to fill out a short application form. This 100-dollar deposit will be returned to you in cash after your last shift as a volunteer if you fulfill all your shifts. You may contact the manager Jagat Rainbow at this email address here please also CC me at my

Offer# 1 Provide Lodging – rooms needed-Picking Up speakers at airport and returning them could earn a free ticket as well 

You will provide lodging for one Speaker within the city of Mt Shasta with a private room and shared shower and kitchen privileges from June 21st through June 25th. One Ticket will be exchanged for each room offered. An image of the Air B and B or rental or Motel/Hotel room must be provided prior to acceptance. The speaker selected will need to talk to the provider to confirm their agreement, This option is also open to Mt Shasta residents. Pick up at airport and returning them to airport as well! 

Offer # 2 Trash-Bathroom monitors checks.

We will require 4 people to be  bathroom cleaners and monitors. Two monitors will work in the mornings starting at 9:30 AM in the main hall bathrooms. we will end showers in the main hall at 9:30am your will mop up showers to make floors dry .,stock paper towels and toilet tissue Also  empty trash cans in the men and women’s bathroom. Each bathroom will be closed for the approximately 20 minutes for each bathroom. Then you will go to to the campers showers and bathrooms around 10:15 AM and do the same thing. You will close the bathrooms and showers and toilets while you clean each bathroom for approximately 45 minutes if you work efficiently together. One person in each shift will periodically check until 1 pm. One person will check periodically until 6 then with clean entire bathroom in the evenings together starting around 6pm to 8pm. I am guess estimating   that these will be less than three hour shifts of work throughout  the 4 hour shift. 

Offer # 3 Set up and Breakdown

–  We need at least 8 strong men and women healthy people to be available for about 15 hours total starting Wednesday afternoon, July 17th -from 11AM  to  4PM The crew will need to work on July 21st at 6PM to break down the event for load out on the morning of the 22nd. Lifting of chairs and tables facilitating tarps for shade and covering high windows will require healthy agile younger workers.  All workers should be prepared to lift  some heavier items etc. You will be needed to set up the halls so we need and prefer healthy people between 18 and 45. Stronger females under 35 with stamina will be considered. You will also be required to break down the Conference Sunday Eve. 6 pm-10 pm and some must work Monday morning from 9 am to 10 pm. You will never miss a presentation with this option. 

Offer # 4 Kitchen – Water – Coffeee – Tea – monitor 

This position will be in charge of the kitchen throughout the day . This venue has a kitchen that will be freely used by campers with passes for certain periods in the day that don’t interfere with speakers .  We are looking for 5 prompt, punctual responsible people for kitchen duties. You will be able to watch all Speakers every day in this position! You will be required to set up the kitchen in the morning for coffee, tea, water, ice, honey, etc. We will train you skillfully. Work begins at 8:30 am and you will be required to work set up for about one hour until 9:30 am.

You then can relax but are required to check the kitchen to restock the ice water, honey, coffee, tea, etc. throughout your shift. This checking-in and restocking can be done easily during the 15-minute breaks.  This does not require a lot of time. This is usually about 20 minutes at a time throughout the day at least 4 to 5 times during your 4 hour shift maybe more! However, you must clean wipe down the counters and see that cups are stocked with hot water, coffee, and in supply. Working all 4 days about 3 hours of actual service time a day over a 6-hour shift generally. You can usually watch all speakers and trade shifts to watch the other speakers if your co-workers/kitchen team agree. You can even visit vendors or go for a walk or attend a work shop! 

offer #5 Sound & PowerPoint Techs

We need 4 Experienced Sound- PowerPoint Techs: Three 6-Hour Shifts plus July 6th orientation. You will see all presentations in the room you monitor. We would like 3 individuals who know how to use this technology. The Tech company will be there on Wednesday to train you to outfit each speaker before their presentation. Duties include keeping Headset mics or headsets charged and removing the equipment after the presentation. You will need to handle the soundboard and mixing to be sure no feedback and to keep the speakers at optimum peak performance. Some training with the equipment is required on July 17th. Techs will be required to be PowerPoint people to help the speakers set up their presentations. 

offer #6 Food helpers 

This year we will need about 6 helpers doing 3 hour shifts each day you will do lunch or dinner! This year the food will be catered by different restaurants and the entire details have not been worked out just yet. But each restaurant will have food that will need to picked up in town and delivered to the camp and set up in a timely manner. Two people will remain at camp and prepare the buffet line and one person  will go to town to get food. The meals are delicious healthy and simple. 

This job will entail getting the food being organized setting up the buffet taking tickets and serving the correct portions to the guests. This job includes free meals the first night on Thursday will be all “Meet The Speakers Dinner” in the Main Lodge. will will actually be setting tables in  the Main lodge. after dinner we will have movie night along with fire circle drumming and music.  

OFFER # shuttle Drivers 

We will need 10 people to work the shuttles these will be in morning. we will need at least two drivers shuttling non stop  probably from 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM. from 10:30 am one shuttle will probably be enough until lunch break around Midday The exact hours are not determined yet. We will also always have one or two Vehicles all day long . One at Camp and one at Castle Lake paring lot.  

Then in the Evening we will also have more Drivers and Vehicles for people to get back to their cars at castle lake parking lot. This position requires a nice car or van with insurance you will need to provide this proof to be accepted. This job is a piece of cake just driving 1 mile each way carrying our lovely guests. More details will be explained on the 17th for volunteers training. 2.5 hours every day s the commitment .

Offer #8 Jagat & Robs Assistants

This position will require 7  girls to be available for 1 X 4 hours on the 17th before the conference for training with Jagat. Assistants will be working and preparing for check in at the front gate. Busy days will be the 17th and 18th.  Skills will require making sales of tickets taking credit cards and cash & distributing wrist bands. During conference Total 14 hours and can include free cam;ping. Assistants will also be  able to work Robs Booth and will process sales. Assistants be able to hear and see presentations.  Assistants will also run errands, act as a liaison, and be able to follow specific instructions. Certain times will be more active other times will be very relaxed.

Offer # 9 NEW POSITION – Fire Circle Boss

This requires a male who is vigilant and responsible to strat the fire pit safely. Fire master will monitor the Fire Pit. The means making sure fire does not get to big or too smoky. This will require conscientious person to keep water hose near by at the ready along with several buckets. Watching out for logs that have knots and pop to scatter embers beyond the circle.

This position includes fire making and monitoring the fire. Tending the fire to not get out of control. The Fire master will be in charge of keep fire circle attendees in line. Watching no one is too close, allowing the goddess dancers room to dance close to the fire.

Fire circle boss will be in charge of Monitoring the Open Mike sign up sheet and keeping person on deck ready to perform and seeing the schedule performances and talks do not go beyond the established limit. This position will be for four nights about 2.5 hours a night. A security person or a shuttle person could sare this responisiblity.  


Offer #10  Parking – security 

Parking – We are hoping to get 10  Security helpers who will keep track of the flow of cars into the Methodist Camp Property. This position will be busy in the mornings Lunch time and evenings. You will learn the flow of parking and be responsible for directing cars to parking locations and to monitor that all people in the cars o be sure they have wrist bands. 

If you want to Volunteer please contact me by email and include your name and phone # to: and CC my Volunteer coordinator  Jagat Rainbow at her email

After your volunteer request email is sent you may call me and let me know what position you would like to fill. If you are accepted to work you will receive an email with a form you will fill out and mail back to me along with a $100 check to be registered. That check will be cashed and you will receive 100 dollars in cash at the end of your last shift.

Victory To The Light
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