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          Robert Potter

Rob is an author speaker and contactee of Pleiadeans & Venusians for over 50 years .  Robs career is a healer and his main profession for over 44 years. He is also a real physical contactee of the Venusians and the Pleiadeans and has had a pedigree of face-to-face contact for 48 years. He is considered a worldwide expert in Pyramid Energy. Rob will demonstrate this advanced technology in conjunction with Crystals and Lasers with Sound light and color at the conference. He has done numerous television and radio shows. He has given seminars all over the world including in Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Bolivia, Peru, Canada, China, Germany, Austria, the UK, and the USA. He leads power places tours in Egypt Peru Bolivia & in 2023 Mexico, He was also granted the first publically video and voice recorded message with a Venusian representative Commander Aura Rhanes. Most people do not recognize what this new level of direct communication means for humanity. He waits patiently for people to understand and realize open first contact has begun long ago. Rob stands on the shoulders of many wondeful contactees which far more experiences. He knows of many of these people who have ascend to Venus to inhabit youthfull bodies. These are members of the first born in in these latter days. The 7 years  of Tribulation will soon begin. This not to be feared this is to be accepted and many will seek God and find compassion for their fellowman. The earth will not be destroyed and humanity will survive and thrive in the coming decades.  Rob hopes people search inside themselves to see if the Solar Hierarchy and Venusian messages of love and peace can be accepted and realized.

Robs Talk Titles

#1 The Global Restoration Plan:

Question? How is the Spirit of Truth Transforming The World? – Answer  Powerfully-Steadily – Silently – perfectly – The timing of this trsnsformation is up to humans ability to developto learn and to grow by our own realization of the god within us – we must realize the Christ consciousness  And Do unto other as we would have done unto us

Unbeknownst by most mortal humans limited by their limited 5 senses & perceptions of  the material world,  there exists a subtle realm that few experience. Those that have experiences with these realms soon learn to keep these awarenesses and experiences of the their encounters with beings from these supra luminal denziens private. The reason no one talks about their encounters  is because we often dont have words nor can we express the feelings of Love and bliss that we experience .  However some try becuase these experiences are beautiful and are meant to be shared. Still the gross material world and its peoples can be cruel and ridicule those who dance in the light.

I am not one to keep silent abot these experiences because i feel people sould know about these realms of love. I have occassionally had such experiences but words and explanations far short and the telling of these things has for most of my life brought only anguish and frustration.  I have not bothered so much to go into deeper detail of explaing what these more esoteric out of body experiences and insights are. However they led me to understand many things and have led to direct physical contact with advanced beings from other worlds.

These contact experiences, which are more tangible have created i me an isatiable desire to learn more to be able to share with my brothers and sisters  the information I am priviliaged and honored to learn. I feel from these encounters that something momentous is about to occur on our world. This is sacred and special and my hearts desire is to assist in my fellowmans awakening. I have faced ridicule etc since I was 17 years old and I have never stopped my search for truth and the spiritual experiences.

I feel the space family that is serving earth behind the scenes is the key to earths destiny. There has been a battle for ths souls of earth between the dark and the light. I have been on a a personal accelerated  path of spiritual development and have become a designated reperentative of The  Galactic Confederation of Light. I am promised to act as only a messenger to faithfull deliver messages directly from our brothers and sisters who are far in advanced of our development. As we are they once were thus we have much to learn from them in how we may overcome the problems we have collectively co created on this beautifl plane that we are currently destroying.

My personal blemishes should not be associated with these messages. I understand  and agree with every message and so far I share them all. I am free to question anything which I do so with vigor lol! For those things that I do not agree with or fully digest I am led to enlighten sources. When I come to an impasse I sometimes have a dream that has my higherself or oversoul concurring with what my limited incarnated lower personalit vehichle finds understanding  difficult. I freely admit I often make mistakes and errors. Iam constanly remined of Semjase the Pleiadean cosmonaughts words “You think you know something and then you realize you know nothing at all”.

This has led to humilty and compassion for others and for myself. The human personality is inheirently seeking for the meaning of life.  I was taught by a master that light is knowledge-knowledge is power – power is truth -truth is love -love is beauty – beauty is man the mental being. The real development comes from our intent and our hearts desire. If  we realize there are no finalor definitive answers really then we can see that answers are just incomplete steps on and endless ladder. If answers is all you want you will never be satisfied.  I found I  must end all desire and for me there is one desire left that is constant and that is have direct communion with source God the creator or what ever term you have. I understand as we connect to god and see him in all things we then develop the latent intuition or wisdom from our experiences then we  do not have to know anything or rember anything.

As I enter into the silence called kriya yoga as taught to me by another master called Babaji I can sometimes remember beyond the illuision of my physical limited realty or projected  avatar in this dream of Maya. This remeberance is so powerful so illummined so joyfull it is silmply is a Bliss.

 As we grow we live more and more in the persence of God  we act in accordance by  a freewill decision to act consciously to do gods will based our connection union with his almighty self within us. This personal esoteric journeys of meditation and reflections have driven my lifes purpose and now I am guided to share my feelings anf knowlege with others about the direction that the world is heading. Let me say that where we are heading as a people and  a planet and individualy is already here!

Digest that please there is nowhere to go or nothing to do other than to realize the one true reality that simply IS! The Kindom is whithin and not a place but a orientation based on understanding that all is one! With that said in the material world where we operate or most people operate I should say we are moving through time (which is an ilusion and at the same time a paradox). This movement through time will culminate in the paradisical  world we would like to see. This world with no war peace love joy prosperity is here within and its a beautiful place. This journey we are all sharing is changing on many levels. There are diverse and varied experiences  for the individual based on their frequency of love compassion, honesty, forgiveness, charity, faith, courage, temperance, equanimity  and several other intangible virtues. All are valid.

First realize that because the direction makind is heading is forever in an eternal state of becoming our destiny is to be determined by the collective of human freewill choices and actions that we all take. I am not responsible for other others actions nor are you. I can only be in the present with my good intent and pure heart and share information as a guide with those who have ears to hear the wonderous and infinite possiblilities that wil soon be as real as the space ships that travel many faster than the speed of light! Are ready to hear ? Do you know it all? Do you wish to investigate or do you choose to ridicule what you fear and do not understand?  

I Am have been Invited by the archivists & tom melville to Contribute – I have accepted wholeheartedy – I choose to support the Ground command Team

I  was contacted in February by the second in command under the office of the guardian Thomas Melville. Thomas is  the deputy director of tht GIA or Global Intelligence Agency. Thomas works with “Others” or Mutli- dimensional beings who are called the archivists. Thomas  said there are 9 of them who are responsible for recording and keeping records of how the earth has been run. He works with them in a type of communication that is not remote viewing but possibly a more advanced form of relationship that might  be called an etheric double. These archivist beings have been here a very long time. Please realize they are here in service to humanity in a neutral way.

the relativlely immortal Hierarchy of Light 

These archivists are not here to judge interfere or to aid mankind in anyway other than to act as observers to chronichle what happens as the earth society transistion through an unraveling of an old how shall I say?, system or covenant agreement with a being who defaulted from Gods Plan. This was a default in the interdimensional Hieararchy that administers to this earth. This reality is interdimensional and therefore unknown to humanity in the 3rd dimension in whichwe exist. In fact this position of the guardian was in fact not a guardian but aligned with some fallen known as part the luciferian rebellion called satan.

I do not know all the details but my guides have indicated that many galaxy wide prophecies of a Golden age are in process and now being fullfiled to usher in a new earth a new covenant a new cycle of complete planetary transformation on many levels that we do not even know exist. Anyone who claims to know it all is simply ignorant including my highly evolved friends and multidimensional beings the Venusians who have loved and protected the earth and her people for at least 18 millon years. They certainly know much more than we do and stand by to do more. As we fulfill as a planet one day soon they will be able to safely, respecting freewll be able to openly and formally contact earth publcally.

Of course many in society are aware we are not alone in the universe never were alone and never will be alone. These others from other world dimensions and realms are immortal. That means that when they change or transition they are aware that there is no death. Guess what so are you, we are all immortal!  You say what I say yea hoorah your immortal! The last enemy to be conquered shall be death. This is the truth and part of mankinds awakening.  

Those religious bigots who will deny it do not understand their rabid clamorings and deniial will not  change that fact of existence that all souls are eternal. So please do realize that your life has purpose and your choices and actions are your responsibility and everyhting that is happening is ‘gods unversal will ‘  reacting to you thoughts your intent, deeds  and that you cocreate it all. you are the captain of the ship what you experience and feel … that is your realty. However to various extreme conditions we are ignorant of this truth. The worlds goverments have been involved in corruption so heinous and treasonos  that it would by law cause them to be tried and sentenced to death. They are trying to keep the contact with fallen influence but god has removed them they are gone nd they are panicking. They desparately hiding  their complicity with demons secret, so they can maintain power and control not only for the sake of power and greed but also to save their lives.

When the people realize this they will demand blood,retibution and be so outraged that riots and all manner violence and destruction would likely ensue. The majority of good people in government, miltary, industry  and other buraucacies do not have a clue that the entire system is corrupt. They have been simply following orders. At the highest level of miitary and intelligence there have been varying factions directly involved with the trying to get out the truth. realize to do so would reveal the greedy industrialists the religious hucksters and the bekicose militarists who believe it or not personally profit from wars. the wars are all orchestrated by the traitor the hybids of not 1000 percent humans who pull the puppet string in commerce media to inflence earth to toward pain and suffering.

However as those who  follow the dictates of the divine realize that things are are alway changing and evolving in the multiverse.  At ths  time now the earth is is in the BIGGEST change ever! I sound now the clarion call for all who seek truth peace love and joy to seek  God ferverently silently with extreme humilty and devotion within your own heart. We must do this with faith until we individually will achieve union with God.

For those who want to argue about politics or worldly nonsense or claim I am delusional not in contact  with extra terrestrial of benvolent inten go ahead this essay is not for you. My information is about the behind the scenes changes that are taking place in secret unknown to humans in the outer world of TV and Glamour. My message is one of spirituality not Religion.

For those who claim their religion is better or above another that is a lie and error. All of creation is part of god and part and parcel of the holy spirit and there is nothing or person or priest or teachng that is superior to you own self  your path to God is solitary. Christians who claim” I confess Jesus christ is my Savior” and think their need for growth are over that they can rest on that simple statement of belief are sadly mistaken.  Tbe hey can strut around like a peacock arrogantly announcing they will go to heaven and muslims buddhists or other who do not open their mouth to force fed this dogma are not actually following the teachings of christ.  

Jesus christ was in truth the living word of God made flesh the highest possible incarnation on the phyisical plane in the Galaxy.  For 3 years he was fused with the Creator son the theophonic angel ‘The one Likended Unto God” . He is known as the Father of Lights to who christ referred.

However some not all christians do not emulate his teachings of Tolerance and forgiveness, turning the other cheek they revel in cometition and seek material things the tinsel abd trash of the material world and do not help those less fortunate. All people of faith in god should be finding similarity whith others religions and building bridges and fostering love, communication amongst all people everywhere we are truly brothers and sisters.

Ghandi said’ I am christian I am muslim I am buddhist and so are all of you”. for those who truly feel this in their heart and reflect this in their haerts and countance whith eveyone at all time are the true faithful of the most high be the Muslim cChristain of Jew . Those full of judgement for other persons in any wayand  harboring selfish superiority complexes based on what are just reflection fo  their own inner state of decay and imorality. one day they will eventually realize their lack of love in this life or the next. 

I support the new person in the the head position as the head of the office of the Guardian. This person is a woman of extremely high integrity who was granted this position by virtue of her past life experiences. She is dedicated to source and exhibits  an Iron Will to serve the creator and to help humanity restore earth.  Her name is Kimbery Ann Goguen.  

This Office of The Guardian is a extremely complex position that to even understand it requires an open mind and to be honest experiences and knowledge of  advanced metaphysical concepts. At the least a willingness to take on faith the knowledge that seems logical and plausible is needed along with a wilingness to learn. However logical and plausible givens require a certain intutition and experiences.  Most people cannot grasp this “guardian” position and the responsibility and power that the guardian must use in loving way. This will be understood by humanity as time reveals the truth and  more gnosis is gained by the transformation of the individual. What  is really occurring s the laws of nature and changing!  The way that matter created nad how it reacts with consciousness is evolving beyond what our current sciences can observe.

The Interdimensional Interior Government 

Within the earths there is an interior government. This government isa ctually interdimensional and the more subtle gbeings could lower teir frequencies to interact with the humans of that time. The humans could not access these higher realms and this caused a worshipping of these beimgs as gods which was not correct. Not all of The ET groups did this and werenot happy with the interlopers. This history is chrnicled By Radu Cinnamar. Radu is a nom de plume for a romanian general who has shared the much information of the discoveries of what is known as the secret places of the lion. These are ancient repositories of records about the history of the galaxy and the earth dating longer that manking has been in the earth i am guessing.

Without going into too much detail this  series of books translated by Peter Moon  writen by Radu Cinnamar over a 25 year period chronicles the discovery by the us military a pawn of the 1% dip state black nobility hybrids who have been scheming for a very long time to destroy humanity. It sounss like a sci fi but it is sadly what has been happening. Anyway, I suggest you learn more about the interdimensional aspect of the inner earth known as Agartha. The Transylvania Sunrise series of books is on amazon I highly recommend them. You will understand about the inner earth people which is quie important because we will be meeting them in the nt too distant future i will guess befre 2029. 

There are currently 6 books however Peter Moon is in the process of translating the 7th  book now. This series could be seen as apowerful support of what this extensive article is about. The office of The Guardian  and the earth woman  who so vlaintly Kim Goguen. My Venusian friends are telepathically on my shoulder telling me its time to get this out. For those who want ot understand whats going on do your homework . I feel soon Ms. Goguen will be abke help humanity as her mission as guardian may soon be at lest partailly fulfilled

Mankind was struggling 16,000 years ago as these various groups had different agendas and there was upon the surface problems stemming from these interactions with these advanced spiritual and not so spiritual beings. Mankinds spiritual and moral  development did not match his use of technology that was made available by the seeming super human influencers that were intereacting with the surface population. Varioux ET groups had setteled on the earth and were, to be frank  infouencing humanity in not at all good ways. A powerful group offered to end some very bad conflicts that had arisen that was using very powerful technologis of destruction. 

There was an agreement after these conficts were ended that these iterlopers who had the ability to end the conflict and the other groups would no longer influence the earth and her peoples. The intention was for manking to evolve and to create his own society and make ihis own decisions . However the main ones in charge were reknowned for there control and looked down in humans. I do not know the whle story but this narrative is somewhat accurate from my sources. 

There was a council in Mexico at Teotihuacán but much of the earth representatives we nervous because of the ones who ended the wars were not benevolent. The fears were well founded and this group humanoid but not human were not to be trusted according to my Venusian Guides. This tulmultuous situation has been responsible for untold suffering n the earth and has come to the fore of human knowledge in recent years. I will not expound on the detsails other than to say that the orginal aggreement expired on Dec 21st 2012. 

At this point in time the entire earth guardianship would be trurned over to a human representative until such time the human population was capable to reponsibly share the earths resources with the manipulation of the fallen masters.these fallen masters are part of a larger group of beings who looked upon humanity to farmed and used like we do chickens in way. The have as time moved on recently used our ingenuity to make technology they used our agressive nature as mercenaries to act as bulies on less evevolved worlds. the used our life force to to be given to parasites that would drain human energy or loosh. his made huans easier to handle and allowed the parasite to flourish.

There are other negative results that you might surmise from beings who live thusands of years and create sytems of control. for instance a money system based on scarcity and lack ubstead of abundance an prosperity. By manipulating elite hybridzed versions of themselves into positions of power and control they could manipulte humanity  as easily as a psychlogist could a 5 year old child. This story is talked about inn the old testament about satan being cast into the earth.

Due to the egregous actions of the interlopers and other similarly allied negative or regressive speices working in a hostile take over of not only earth but other less eveolved worlds there were councils. You see there were also positive space family groups always working behind the scenes to limit the dark side influence in the realms of light. I believe it was in 2017 there were some large councils representing millions of worlds that decided to put an end to the the formidable force of the violent and regressisive 6th and 5th dmensional beings influence. Recently the creator is ending the dark sides inflence in the 3rd dimesion ccording to several sources.

Hidden to the view of the average man are the minions or as i call the the hybridized less than 1% of the ” elite humans” who rule the world. We could call them traitors of humanity whose genetic manipulation by the interlopers  who have increased their belief as being the chosen ones to rule over the useless eaters. These type actions have eben ongoing behind the scenes for God knows how long. as i said not only here on earth but throught this universe of milky way galaxy and even into other galaxies like the M3 Adromeda Galaxy. 

Guardian Disclaimer

I must emphatically state I do not represent Thomas nor do I represent The Office of the guardian or Kim Goguen who holds  is the position of the Guardian.   I am not diectly affiliated with CARE or UNN. I do support Kim Goguen 100 % and reognize her with extraordinary abilities in augmented advanced human gift of interdimensional nature. I also will say her intention is to protect humanity and to serve in ways unknown to most of the world. She is in service constantly and her actions will hopefully be recognized by the world soon.

I can say  with extreme confidence that her integrity, her sincerity and her heart is dedicated to the fulfillment of Gods Divne plan. I am a sovereign person uniquely qualified to helping peope to understnd whatiscurrently transpiring on earth at this time due to my lifes exepriences albeit in a small way. I have faced riducule my whole life about trying to share my knowledge. In my youth I was resentful and angry. Sometimes I would react and spew back the vitrol that was directed at me. No longer do that I have taken the Venusian masters advice is to share the message and to let people make their own choice. I am just an inspired postman who wants to share some concepts and truth that may speed up our deliverance from the ignorance that hinders or movemnet toward right relationships and service toward hesling our earth. 

Q. Bad Boys Bad Boys What You Gonna Do When The Light Comes For You?  A.  You will No longer Be With Us – Its Ok We Are All Immortal Souls – Make Good /Decisions

We have a long way to go in our education of how the universe works. The good news is those that wish do us harm are making choices that finds theselves on the oher side of life.  How is this possible? It possible because there was a covenant  that actually allowed the Fallen to “Own” the earth for a period of time. Their influence could not be curtailed and in the higher dimensions councils and agreements  have to be honored. If these were broken it could have signaled a resurgence of the Lyrian war that had entire planets being destroyed like in the Movie Star Wars. 

Goverment – Military – Banks –  Media – Technolgy-  Medicine – Education – Food – Science – Transportation are only the tip of the iceberg of this hidden attempted take over of our world. The Transhumanist agenda and depopulation plan to turn the enite populatiion into complying robots could never take place. It IS ALL OVER aleady. The technology that would render us all as recieving stations of advanced mind control has at the highest level of control has been neutralized by divine intervention. Those in charge are satanists  who dare to take over by stealth lies the freewill of manking by gentic alterstion and implantation and put humanity under the complete control of  an AI system are pathetic and wretched sociopathic, egotistical Narcissists. They have failed it cold never happen.

Apathy and confusion is rampant with ignorance of manufactured confusion by the corrupt evil manipulators. Elite 1% who are truly very sick considering themselves to better than and the ones to rule the world. They lie and we die. these reprehsible beings have influence thst is dwindling dsy by day more than more could believe upon a cursory examination of main stream media. You all inside your heart this is he truth dont you?

The narrative of death and destruction  and hopelessness is trumpted through their mankind is awash in a tumultuous  sea of materialism. We have forgotten the way of blessedness. we are not taking responsibility for our thoughts words deeds and actions and we have no real idea of how these things manifest in this reality. It now the time of change. I have a great deal of undestanding of the changes that are coming completely new understanding of  how the earth is looked and from a multi dimensional level. 

Because very soon as the silent group that has had a choke hold on the earth will soon end. They will be gone no one will listen to them.  Becuase of their lust for power and greed and corruption we have been traumatized and do not understsnd how absolutely domininant they were in shaping our world view. We did not understand. We thught is was human nature and the rcazy buereacracy. We knew their was rampant corruption we just did not now at the highest level there was a master control system with so many involved that we never hasd a chance.

Those that knew were martyred. The depravity was so far beyond evil the average person did not think that the evil existed. So much advanced technlogy of portals super computers societal enginieering we just could not grasp what was happening. Now we ignore them their endless laws and ordinaces we build something knew. The religious poetentiate the beligerent militarist and the evil doers.

The propaganda machine is still running at warp speed but soon the dilithum crystal will fail. The Warp drive wll not be distorting our sared space our luminous field of light the image of god in its natursl state.  We will stop listening the the old system of death. We will harken  to the calling of truth with god in our hearts and we will do uto others as we would have done unto us. 

THE GOOD NEWS We HAVE won the fallen are withering – Now What? First we must understand our past – We must not live in fear of old programs or manufactured prognotications of death doom and gloom and destruction that is gods will that we suffer-Nor will we seek revenge 

Here is where I feel that I can serve in the education of people to grasp these complex infringements that have been used against us.

We have allowed ourselves to be impotent to believe we were not responsible. We allowed it yes we were programmed but collectively we allowed it to happen. We are in truth when connected to the holy spirit within us all powerful masters of creation thru the power of love.  Collectively we will change it  instsntenously individually. One by one we will rise like the phoenix from or own ashes and the filthy bed we made. We shall rise from the natural disasters that will cause the earths throes and upheaval caused by cyclic cleansing  and restore this planet.

Right now we must change on our own. Understand if the Space Friends were to reveal themselves in a mass display at this time it would traumatize many. Fear and jealousy of the advanced demi Gods would detroy our sovereignty. we would clamour for technology without the moral responsibilty to use it to the benefit of all. It would be like a benevolent dictatorship and people would resent them . No matter how insistently we may clamor for this Benevolent Space Family help it will not come.

But clandestinely behind the scenes the ever present angel forces work behind the scenes without fsnfare or need of recognition. in fact it hinders them but their profound presence is unseen but urging us all to become peacefull and compssionate. This vibration of peace and harmny will increase until we end the wars the hatred the the bigotry the judgement the selfishness the obsession with material possesions and glamour. This tinsel and trash must be replaced with vigorous respect for all life and systems of industry and technology that is in harmony with life. 

Trust me the technology will eventually be available  but technology alone  nor will money alone change the world Its gonna take a lot of love to change the way things are !

We must choose peace and love on our own.  With my 50 years of face to face and out of body experiences and meeting and talking to sundry benevolent “space family”. I do have information that can help people to not fear these inevitable changes. The media and all of the other control networks mentioned above wil fail because they are not in harmony with the will of gods universal laws.

  I was Initiated into “The Order of Melchizadech” at the request of Venusian Commander Valiant Thor in 2007. A Brother named Uniah manifested an earth body plaqced his hand on my head and a blue flame quickened me and on the inner planes. I renewed and dedicated myself and I committed myself more fully to The Victory Of The Light. I am not better than anyone else because of this but these experiences were given to me that I might have confirmation that what I know to be true is actually real. I know that even though  my efforts though finding no response in the world at large. are truly aligned with my hearts desire. I do sincerely try to help making want to step into that marvelous light of The Christ Consciousness that is always been here in every heart.  

Trust me this is very hard to comeout and to make these statements simply because the general populace has no experience in this level of understanding of how the earth is represented in the Hierarchy of Light that is the multi dimensional administration of our currently fractured world.  This relationship is will be understod as we Join the Galactic Confederation of Light. Its not a secret but not many have knocked with as much fervor or as insistently with a crazy obsession to now the truth. It was previously looking outside myself for knowledge and now I  am focussed on the fire within seeking the wisdom in the silence. 

This is not about ego or control or power. This is about service. My entire life has perpared me to be of service to my fellow man to help them in understanding the transition the earth is about to go through. I hope to be able to bridge the gap of understnding for those unaware of the mutinidous forms of life in this solar system. There is life on almost all planets and many of the 480 moons. There are many space platforms with various lifestreams and intelligence who will reveal themselves to us when we can get our act together so to speak. I know what we must do and we must all come to these realizations that we are not alone and  we are spoiled and to be honest in many ways wicked to each other.  

Surrendering to God making changes forgiving ourselve and others is going to be paramount if we are to work together to survive. We must look carefully and the earths societal infrastructure but more importantly we must look within ourselves.  We must all encourage each other to be better to to support and to nourish each other toward their higher selves. We must rethink our ways of thinking and our worlds accepted programs and ways of thinking that have been engineered by to be honest fallen angels, who literally wrship satan at the highest levels in positions of  world power.

Personally I am certainly human and do make more mistakes than I should. Pkease be aware we are all on our own path. So I ask again those who know me to not judge my earthly limitations or blemishes  and consider them to deny the divine plan as it is unfolding. I am a messenger and I am trying to embody the frequency of love not fear of forgiveness not condemnation. There is so much we must do to heal this world and we must all work together without ego without rancor.

Please come to Mt Shasta this summer lets share the vision!



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