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Robert Potter

Rob is an author speaker and contactee of Pleiadeans & Venusians.  Robs career as a healer as his main profession for over 44 years. He is also a real physical contactee of the Venusians and the Pleiadeans and has had a pedigree of face-to-face contact for 45 years. He is considered a worldwide expert in Pyramid Energy. Rob will demonstrate this advanced technology in conjunction with Crystals and Lasers with Sound light and color at the conference. He has done numerous television and radio shows. He has given seminars all over the world including in Egypt, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Bolivia, Peru, Canada, China, Germany, Austria, the UK, and the USA. He leads power places tours in Egypt Peru Bolivia & in 2023 Mexico, He was also granted the first publically recorded message with a Venusian representative Commander Aura Rhanes. Most people do not recognize what this new level of direct communication means for humanity. He waits patiently for people to understand and realize open first contact has begun. Rob hopes people search inside themselves to see if the Solar Hierarchy and Venusian messages of love and peace can be accepted and realized.

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