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What is a Tachyon-Crystals?

The Queen of  Venus Lady Orda on Tachyons

The word Tachyon is a new one to the dictionary and is a part of the new physics. I am not a physicist so; I will be sharing a very special direct communication I had with Lady Orda who is currently the Queen of Venus. Her life’s story has been revealed by my dear friend and teacher Raymond Keller and is quite amazing and in and of itself. She is currently 435 years old as of 2020 and resides on Venus where she is also serving as the head of the Solar Council for this solar system on the Physical planes.

You can learn all about her by reading Dr. Keller’s Venus Risings series which now includes 5 books, two of which will be released this August Summer 2020 at my Mt Shasta Summer Conference. Cosmic Ray has arranged for me to be allowed to write questions directly to several Venusians on any subject of my choosing. However, not all of my questions are answered.

I did ask Lady Orda about tachyons for my Victory of The Light Study groups in China in regard to Tachyons. Here below is the transcript. She answered some other questions which are educational and relevant to understanding Tachyons.

My Tachyonization Process is inside my Promise Pyramid Systems. You will read below that sacred sites along with natural portals and also manmade portals can attract Tachyons. These sub-atomic particles move faster than the speed of light so are rarely on the physical plane and do not last long.

However, Tachyons have healing properties and my Promise Pyramid Systems in conjunction with higher consciousness can attract tachyons to the physical plane within these pyramid chambers. These Crystals and other items are tachyonized for up to two weeks.

Dear Friends of Venus,

Greetings to all seekers of Truth in the Victory of the Light study groups scattered throughout China. I heartily commend you for your diligent efforts in bringing a profound celestial gnosis in illumination to your fellow beings on the Asian continent and beyond.

It is a great honor for me personally to follow in the footsteps of your dearly beloved Lady Mazu, now an ascended master in the Pleroma facilitating the peaceful progress of your planet and many others in the vast star fields of the Milky Way Galaxy. Remember that she will always be with you, even unto the end of time as you understand it to be.

Robert Potter of Mt Shasta, California, has submitted a list of your questions for my consideration. Here are my answers and my thoughts on these important matters:

Q: What can you tell me about tachyons?

A: Tachyons are subatomic particles, neutrinos, accelerated by high energies that can move faster than the speed of light. They are the constituent particles of an anti-matter universe known by your scientists as Dimension X.

Q: Are tachyons freely available on Earth at this point in time?

A: Well, because tachyons are a constituent to neutrinos in their electron, muon and Tau of subatomic particles with a mass close to 0, they are considered rare in the third-dimensional physical universe. Should they to detect one or more, a special type of cloud chamber is required – one that can trace the path of ionized radiation particles.

Q: Is there a veil blocking tachyon from coming to Earth?

A: Yes, there is. It’s known as the speed of light, which is approximately 186,000 miles per second. The neutrino must be hyper-accelerated in what is near the speed of light, It sheds its tachyons that blink out magically and reappear in Dimension X having jumped out of our space-time continuum altogether.

At the point the tachyons break off from the neutrinos, a shock wave is created that shows itself as a blue flash of Cherenkov radiation. In Dimension X, each tachyon splits in two with one particle moving forward in time and the other moving backwards in time. This is in accordance with their spin and electrical charge, whether positive or negative.

Q: How can we break the veil or circumvent this block?

A: Well, tachyons can be modulated through radar beam transmissions.

Q: Are tachyons available from pyramids?

A: Certain locations on the planetary surface lend themselves to an intersection of magnetic lines of force. These can serve as attractors for neutrino particles. Psychics and certain other sensitives to these magnetic lines have accessed energies from these spaces and have erected structures of a spiritual nature to the nodes of these special locations of particle concentration where cosmic rays or neutrinos impact the Earth and actually travel through it.

Q: Is this subatomic Anu from the Logoic or monadic plane created by pyramids consistent with the definition of tachyons?

A: Well, this term derives from the 19th-century theosophists that denote areas of the cosmos resonance at much higher frequencies in lighter densities than are found in our own dimension. In this sense, the spiritual nature of the phenomenon indicates the presence of a higher-dimension or Dimension X existing as it is in a tachyon field.

Q: How do my pyramid tachyon systems work from your point of view?

A: These systems work together with higher human consciousness; they may be attracting these tachyon particles. Any device used in association with the pyramid systems may augment the temporary reduction of tachyon particle to a photon, luxon, a particle moving at the speed of light, or perhaps bradeon which is any other particle moving slower than the speed of light.

Q: Can the pyramid systems scalar field technology I have act as a type of Aporcee?

A: As presently constituted, and under the right circumstances, it might act as a teleportation receiving station.

Q: Will this transmit tachyons and tachyonized objects and people through this scalar field?

A: A tachyon, as a part of a neutrino, can pass through anything. However, a vector field is needed for the ending points of any physical transmission passing through the medium of Dimension X. A scalar factor can move it forwards or backward in time, but a vector field is needed to geographically place the object in the desired location.

Any object or individual can be considered as tachyonized if it/he/she has moved through time as well as space. This is why vectoring is important. Because the Earth is not standing still, and you would not want to end up in deep space a few moments later as a result of standing still in one scalar point. Your “Tachyonization service” appears to be working as an attractor to highlight the presence of portal locations. Note Rob, In other words, she is saying that my Promise Pyramid Systems IN CONJUNCTION WITH HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS can act as a natural portal to attract Tachyons to the surface of the planet. However, realize tachyons are moving so fast that their influence within the 3rd dimension is only fleeting.

The Chinese space program has already teleported a photon through space and time. Therefore, all of this is in the range of possibilities. In any event, experimenting with these areas could not hurt. Collaboration with others working on time anomalies and displacements might be in order.

Q: What can you tell me about the planet Niburu and its passing through the Solar System?

A: The information provided through our friends Cosmic Ray, also known as the  Scribe Publicus Virgil Mauro also as Raymond Keller by Lady of Encara, the ISIS command ship commander regarding Niburu as a rogue planet and appearing in his second Venus book is quite accurate. I have nothing additional to add to that. Note by Rob- Niburu is real but will not come close to the earth for another 1500 years.

Q: What about pole shifts and other celestial events?

A: Because the Earth skewed axis causes a planetary wobble, polar shifts will forever accompany your world as changes in the magnetic fields of the Sun will be facilitated by the passing of planetary planetoids, asteroids and comet bodies. They will surely exaggerate the effects on your orb’s active geology. Your planet is due for an axial flip which generally occurs about every 5,000 years or so. Note Rob-This will happen probably within the next several hundred years unless nuclear explosions destroy our atmosphere and increase the risk of an axial flip prior to this time.

Beloved Chinese friends, we exalt in the great advancements in space research and development being made in the People’s Republic of China. You can all be proud that you are playing an important role in China’s entry into the new age of space exploration.

I hope that I have provided some help in fostering a greater personal and collective understanding of the universe and China’s integral place in the forward movement of its cosmic evolution and destiny. Being dear to our hearts, we of Abejar are standing by to attend you. Our teachers from multi-dimensional levels live and work among you to hasten the arrival of the glories to come.

This is the Queen Orda of Abejar.


Because of the fleeting nature of Tachyons on the Physical Plane I am not charging to tachyonize any of my crystals as there is no way to actually measure tachyons. I have “charged” all of my crystals in my Promise Pyramid Systems so hopefully this is proving some benefit. According to Lady Orda this is the type of energy one finds in certain sacred site locations around the world.

Victory To The Light


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