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About Me

Hello, I’m Rob Potter

My entire life has been filled with a calling and a longing. These longings and search for love and truth have been a blessing and a curse. I have always wanted to know who am I? Where did we come from? What is our purpose here? Why is there so much suffering and discord and anxiety on our planet? Why is the world so distorted and fractured, and so caught up in wars pollution ignorance superstition and fear? 

Even as a small child I could see the answers to many of the world’s problems were simple and easy fixes if mankind would but realize the folly of his ways! It seems every question I pondered that was answered opened up 10 more. It seems I was never satisfied.


The Resistance
In my youth, I could really not understand why this planet was such a bloody mess. Once when I was pondering such questions as an 8-year-old, I asked my mother, Mom what is out there in outer space? Where does it go? When does it end? She replied: It never ends. I nervously laughed, as if to deny the responsibility of accepting an infinite ever-expanding consciousness and replied: It has to end somewhere. She laughed and said “Where then? At a wall? What is on the other side?”

Space Family

This really got me thinking, and I shook my head as I walked down the stairs to my own room, which was in the basement. I got into bed and laid back. I fell into a melancholy reverie of infinite space. Into this otherwise dark room, I watched with interest as a small star maneuvered into the center of my one basement bedroom window. This Light, which I obviously now know to be my space family, had noticed my interest in deeper truths and proceeded to talk to me. I had a short or long download, I cannot remember, to be honest.

But this informational exchange was on some deep and not so deep subjects. When I finally got to the question? Well, what is going to happen to planet earth? It surely cannot go on as it has been or we will most definitely destroy ourselves with the way things are going now, I was given an unexpected answer. I was shown how eventually everything would come to a head and then at some point everyone, or maybe not everyone would be lifted off the planet and find themselves in giant spaceships.

Then they would be removed from the earth just before and after the inevitable cataclysm and either returned to earth or taken to other beautiful new and pristine planets to try and make a fresh start. For some reason, I felt I might be left behind. Now how accurate my remembrances are, or exactly what this means, is open for debate. I only know that later in life while coming to grips with the fact that we are not alone in the universe and that I was being contacted by intelligent life from beyond our solar system, I remembered this telepathic exchange, and as far as I can recollect, this was my first contact.

My life was pretty normal for the most part and my deep hunger for truth and search for expanded awareness led me to Carlos Castaneda’s teachings and writings from Don Juan. These series of books were for me the key to growth and realizing myself as an infinite being of light. I was enthralled and could not get enough of these books. I was more interested in the actual knowledge and the seemingly magical understandings of how we perceive and what really makes our reality as opposed to the Power plants that Don Juan gave to Carlos to help him to stop the world and to perceive a separate reality.

Cover of Tales of Power by Carlos Castaneda

The concepts Don Juan was expounding on were the basis of Quantum Physics. I was instinctively drawn to these understandings and somehow knew we make our own reality by our beliefs and where we place our attention. I was practicing the various secrets of gaining personal power and had some profound beyond belief type of happenings. Growing up in Laguna Beach where Timothy Leary lived, it wasn’t long before I was having my own experiences with Power Plants, mushrooms, and eventually LSD. Realize this was in the mid-’70s and the astral plane was very different then.

So, when I was leaving my body I was experiencing uninhibited excursions to other planes and dimensions. But now things are very different and the use of psychedelics is something I do not recommend as the Astral plane is being compressed. this compression brings you right back to the here and now. You can imagine what my Out-of-Body experiences felt like trying to communicate with the divine essence of God within myself.

The details of these awakenings will be shared later, but for now suffice to say that I saw my “death”, my will, and realized myself as a Luminous being. I realized that we are in essence, a luminous, nameless cluster of feelings that are held together by the binding force of life. I flew on the wings of my perception and learned how to shrink my tonal and even was visited by The Moth of Knowledge.

For some, these descriptions are metaphors, but for me, these are real and accurate descriptions of the steps to becoming a man of knowledge and the path with heart. Seeing my auric egg was part and parcel of my spiritual awakening and my expanded perceptions of reality helped me to understand who we are and how we interact with the immensity of the infinite reality.

My Laguna Beach Childhood home was only about 50 yards from this beautiful beach.

While living in Laguna Beach I was exposed to many spiritual influences as Laguna was a hub of spiritual consciousness. It was around this time at age 16 or so I was very interested in Psychic, phenomenon, and the development of Siddhis or the powers of the mind. I developed a sort of obsession with pyramids in high school and was talking to a girl at school who upon hearing of my interest, proclaimed, I know the “PYRAMID MAN’.

This is Fred Bells’ frontpage image above for  The National Examiner Article: He is holding his scale model of the X-1 healing machine and the design of a time machine/spaceship utilizing the interstellar conversion process.

I thought he pyramid man, really? I had to meet him and my first meeting was days later when I knocked on the door of Fred Bell. He was literally carrying in his very first run of 50 gold plated pyramids, which we would later share with the entire world. I spent many hours and days and years of my life in close association with Fred Bell, who was my friend, teacher, and benefactor and spiritual guide.

The Seven Sisters painting represents the 7 visible stars visible by the naked eye from earth. “Can thou loose the bands of Orion or bind the sweet influence of the Pleiades” Book of Job

We developed many healing technologies utilizing pyramids, crystals, and lasers. We also worked on developing The Promise Nuclear Receptor and The Promise Andromedean Holographic Projector. This Receptor device was given to Fred directly from Semjase a female Pleiadean cosmonaut who is now a little over 400 years old. The history of our association is long and varied and much must wait for a more in-depth recounting, but for now let me say he opened many doors for me and was a light on the inner and outer path towards knowledge and truth, love and the secrets of the universe.

In Christ Consciousness or I AM Presence.

This picture is another one of our Major Portal Vortexes that we created in Fred’s living room!

We utilized the laser light crystal sound color technology in conjunction with Pyramids. We amplified and accelerated these fields with the violet flame-tesla coils to achieve our own artificial time warp zones! These vortexes were actually accelerated with Promise Pyramid Systems technology by creating scalar field/ event horizons that we created with our focused intent. The Promise Pyramid Systems were used in the alchemical transfiguration of ourselves in activations designed to heal the timelines ourselves and the planet herself through interaction with the grid lines or vortex portals, which were accessed through the mineral kingdom and the vortexes of our planet via the local etheric grid.

Promise Pyramid Systems In Action Mt Shasta Summer Conference 2014

Our esoteric experiences and metaphysical alchemical journeys culminated in not only out-of-body experiences, which reached not only into the heart of the galaxy but even unto the heart of creation itself. These ineffable experiences transcend all logic and defy the intellect and spill out onto the floor of belief where only visionary mystics, impeccable warriors, saints, and angels dare to tread. I must most likely be a visionary or a mystic because god knows I am no angel or saint. My flirtations with impeccability, if I dare to describe them as such, have been limited to very brief short bursts of accumulated personal power, which have enabled brief flights on the wings of my perception. I have touched infinity and knelt before the infinite light and worshiped the glory of God.


I am but a small speck of nothingness in the vastness of forever and God has made me whole and showed me the glory and the beauty of creation. I know from whence I came and I long to return to this divine source. I am ever on the path home gathering light and life immersed in the folly of men, ever seeking the truth far above and within my own self. This love and experience is so all-powerful and consuming that my entire life is devoted to serving this ever-living presence of love, life and light.

This eternal presence of perfection and ever-expanding love, this primal relationship, this way of the eternal is right here before us and within us every step of the way. It is our soul’s right to follow the path of love home. On and on we must go with our inner and outer, our most innate self and awareness and consciousness as it is striving incessantly to realize this truth – this I AM.

Though many are blind to this reality for many reasons, the infinite light, the infinite love of creation waits within and without you hiding in plain sight throughout all of creation. There is no force, no power, no amount of hate, no tidal wave of fear, and no mountain of ignorance that can ever hold back this infinite being within you from realizing yourself as part of the divine creation itself.

This is one aspect of “The Promise” that I can Reveal as I try to share with you, to encourage you to make your way home. I can make a promise to you now. I know, I swear to you that one day, if you have not already realized it, that you too will share in this communion of love and the return of the spirit of truth in the very heart of your soul and you will one day share this through your life well lived, to every being throughout creation itself. We will stop all of the hate and all of the killings will stop. We will end the suffering and ignorance on this beautiful blue jewel floating in the immensity of God’s infinite light. We do have the power within us to bring peace to this world.

The second part of The Promise is coming true before my eyes and is my lifelong calling. Today my hours of study, my intense searching for truth, my deep reflections, and endless meditations are now allowing me to be of service to our beautiful planet. I have prepared and after many hard-fought battles with my lower personality vehicle and accumulated scars, I now try to fly on scarred wings. Under Fred Bell’s watchful eye, after many years of leaving my body and going through various initiations of light body awareness, I was rewarded with several live contacts with my space family.

In the winter or spring of 1985, my very first live spaceship landing contact was arranged after the culmination of a magical time with a member of the earth’s “Resistance Movement”. This was a military Special Forces brother who refused to work for the dark side and was rewarded with help from our space family. His name was Jim and I owe him a great debt of gratitude. He was sent to act as my teacher at Gabriel Greens’ house. The Ascended Master Hilarion, who is the Cohan of the 5th Ray of Concrete Science and Knowledge, sent Jim, who I consider my brother and teacher of light, to me.










Jim was instructed to teach me many things to me. In the course of my short association. In the end I was gifted with my first real open visit from Semjase. I was with Jim, Gabriel Green and Michael El Legion. The spaceship landed 20 feet in front of me and my companions in a programmed contact. I had a very emotional simultaneous telepathic communication while the ship was throbbing and pulsing in a beautiful orange and reddish color. This contacted ended in me never having to see another spaceship to know that they are real and there are very physical beings who ride in spaceships made of matter and living light.

This picture is a reversed engineered Pleiadean Spacecraft design shared with me by a man who had a company making such craft under contract with the US Govt. Bob Lazar also has given information on this earth’s secret space program craft. I think this a smaller scale model that may only work in the planet’s atmosphere or in near-earth orbit. I will doubt this craft can be used for the interstellar conversion process for hyperspace jumps.

My second encounter with Semjase that I am allowed to remember is when I was with Fred in the living room of his house atop the Vortex in Laguna Beach. I was lying on the floor and the next moment I was teleported to a mothership and standing inside and met Semjase herself. Many wonderful things and many amazing revelations were shared with me. And in the morning, I was returned to a different location in his living room with Fred by my side. You are the master now, he exclaimed. I could only watch in frustration as right before my eyes most of my experiences were erased from my mind. I had all the memories before me and I watched helpless to stop the eraser that slowly step-by-step removed almost all of my experience. I managed to keep one major memory and this is what I have held onto for all of my life. All that remains of one of the most amazing days of my entire life is my remembrance of the Promise that I made to participate in the process to awaken humanity to the best of my ability.

I made a promise to Semjase before I left the ship on the teleportation beam. I am fulfilling part of that promise by sharing with you here on this site my most intimate and personal struggles and victories of the light in my life and as I have witnessed them on the surface of the planet and in my personal life. I promised her that one day I would create a show, a party of love to honor the Galactic Federation of Light. This event would share the wonderful healing technologies of light color and sound that were part of my own individual awakening process. I promised the confederation that I would do my best to help people overcome the darkness on this planet by unifying them into a purpose and a mission to heal themselves and the planet herself. I would teach others that by invoking love and light into their beings they could realize that by entering into the silence they too can realize the living presence of God within themselves. I do this at my summer conferences in Mt Shasta to the best of my ability.

More recently from the mid-eighties until now, I have been in contact with various Venusians. In the picture above I am standing with 6th Dimensional woman her name is Aura Rhanes. She is my most recent physical contact she is the Commander of the Venusian Moon Base. She is a “Translated” Ascended Master. She is a 6th-dimensional being who has lowered her vibration to serve the earth and her lifestreams in concert with the Venusians. This photo was taken prior to the first-ever allowed recorded interview with questions and answers from the Venusians. This interview took place on November 20th, 2019 with the help of Dr. Raymond Keller and the permission of the Queen of Venus Lady Orda.  I also received direct messages of encouragement that were also given to me which I am to freely share with all who are interested.

From the source of all that is good, beautiful and true, I pray that I am successful and that my effort will bear fruit and hasten the day of the return of love and light to the world of men and upon our world. I know whether I am successful or not, that love is already here inside my heart and yours, and one day very soon this love will spread like a fire and envelope the entire world and be evident in the very nature of our reality, and we will once again be home. Living in harmony with nature and each other is not so hard to do. It is for this dream; this promise I am here to serve.












Mt Shasta Summer Conference 2016

I also promised to my Venusian mentors that I would continue to gather people in a large group or groups in a concerted effort to send this light into the heart of the mother herself. I was shown how this could change the world. I do not know if this is in an instant or if this will possibly take more time. I do know that I have faith that this is true. I have prayed with all my heart and being and have thought of nothing else and never wanted anything more than to serve the light by fulfilling this promise and for me, this is what I must do. I bare my soul to you, the world, and Reveal this Promise to help the world understand the truth.









May The Kingdom Come Quickly.

Rob Potter

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