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The Venusians Answer More Of My Questions

  New Series of Questions To The Venusian Hierarchy of Light  By Rob Potter Mt Shasta Summer Conference July 7-10…

The Dark Vs The Light – Secret Battles – Human Ignorance – TLS & Whistle Blower

To watch the videos please click the video links below. PART 1 Part 2 Dear Friends, I recently…

Venusians Among Us
Venusians Among Us

Dear Promise Friends,
Please check out this interview on Spiritually Raw with April and Jay. I think this was a great interview and we covered a lot of diverse topics. I look forward to returning to their show soon and I hope to bring along Raymond Keller next time as well.

Promise Pyramid Systems Technology Part IV
healing technologies

Promise Pyramid Systems Technology Part IV   The Irradiator & Mega Orb $3500.00 The Irradiator is the key to the…

Promise Pyramid Systems Technology Part III

The Promise Revealed is one of the only worldwide distributors of Pyramids, Orgone and Tachyon technology. The precious metal plating creates a much stronger output of the negative ion effect. The first headgear Pyramid ever made was the Promise Gold

Dedication To Fred Bell Part II
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Dear Promise Friends, As you may know my life and mission was intimately associated with Dr. Fred Bell. He was not only my mentor and guide but also he was a dear friend and a role model and father figure for me.

Kim Goguen Special Reports – Please Listen To The Latest Breaking New From Ground Command

Please check this out and I strongly suggest people become aware of what is really transpiring in the liberation of the planet at this time. go to, and to to learn more.

Reflections on Kim Goguen Interview

I have been extremely focused in the last few days working very hard to try to provide a platform for Kim Possible and to make her position known to the lightworkers of the world and to the general public.

PFC Interviews Rob About The Global Restoration Project

Rob gets straight to the point in this Global Restoration Plan Q and A. Rob shares about the ending of the 1000 thousand year covenant that somehow gave the dark hierarchy control and ownership of this planet and subsequently souls on earth.

Global Restoration Plan With Kim Goguen and Rob Potter
Global Restoration Plan With Kim Goguen and Rob Potter

Robert Potter The Promise Revealed.Net will interview Kimberly Ann Goguen about her position as Ground Commander and Guardian for the entire earth. She holds this position as humanities representative to the Universal Councils.

United Kingdom Rises – UK Demonstrate Powerful Right Of Peoples Power  Must See

The English Rockers Lift UK To The Top of The Heap-I am The Reluctant Spiritual Warrior must see Video UK…