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Promise Pyramid Systems Technology Part IV

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Promise Pyramid Systems Technology Part IV


The Irradiator & Mega Orb

The Irradiator & Mega Orb


The Irradiator is the key to the Promise Pyramid Systems and works much like a laser in which the energy/frequency is raised to a high velocity and projected. Except in the case of the Irradiator, a focused beam of multi-dimensional life force is sent out in a timeless scalar wave through all time and space.

In the Irradiator, we feed processed energy from some of the crystals. We then amplify the energy with Crystals and the Violet Ray Tesla Power supply. This energy field then coalesces into a vertical beam and then is projected in a trapezoidal pattern. One of the secrets about the projection of fohatic force over a vast distance.

A key to some of the pyramidal structures lies in grounding the apex of the pyramid with the steel wire coming up from the base of the Irradiator.

  • Harmonizing the energy fields of the planet’s light force grids and acting as a transformational vortex where the light tower is installed.
  • Creating healing and balanced energy within the environment where the Irradiator is placed.
  • Accelerated learning by Increasing and enhancing consciousness.
  • Creating changes in the material world by working with the Scalar field energy patterns. By the scientific application of prayer, decrees for enhanced light body activation one spiritual life can be more fulfilling. The most beneficial use of this technology is when it is used for the conscious invocation of the light of the living God for contact with The IAM presence of Christ or higher self.
  • One may also intend for the manifestation of material desires or objects, but this is the least important of the Irradiator’s abilities.
  • The Irradiator creates a mini artificial time warp zone and vortex, which acts as your own transcendental event horizon. This can be used in a feedback loop with your own consciousness auric field or Mer-Ka-Ba!

The Midi Firestar

The Midi Firestar


Dear Promise Friends,

I am happy my new design is now out and better than the original and stronger than ever before. Please call me personally at 530-925-3502 via cell phone or What’s App. You may also call 530-918-8236 via skype username “BabaRobGod” for a consultation. We will work together as you choose the crystal color choices to make this your own personal Scalar Field harmonizer.

The Midi Firestar was given to us by The Pleiadeans many years ago. As part of the divine intervention technology. This device acts a spring of the natural life force field that is around us but lies nascent in the ethers. When this is hung in a room facing down it acts as a receiver from the cosmic rays by focalizing the powerful pranic forces via our well-known Pyramidal array into the environment.

This is one of my favorite devices as it is a smaller version of the larger Firestar. The Larger Firestar is somewhat difficult to transport but will make a very large impact in any home. You can see the original size here in Dr. Bells Laguna Beach home. He is seen here with my partner Alana Aphrodite Bell. She is his second oldest daughter and we are together now also making of the Nuclear Receptors and Andromedean Holographic Projectors seen around Fred’s neck in this picture below.

Alana Aphrodite Bell

Note the larger Firestar behind them in this photo. This was in Dr. Bells’ guest room and I spent many a night working with this technology for many years. If anyone wants one you may contact me. We are offering this smaller MIDI FIRESTAR version to the public, but the larger version is also available.

I have upgraded and improved Dr. Bells’ original design into a solid-state perfected Firestar that is a wonderful complement to any lightworker’s sacred geometry arsenal for the light. The crystals in the Midi Firestar accentuate the power and are important to amplifying the natural frequencies of this device.

When used with a floating Ground Tesla Coil or “Power Supply” this device can also act as a cleanser and really make this a tangible and dynamic violet-ray healing device of epic proportions.

The Promise Sleeping Pyramid  The Promise Sleeping Pyramid

The Promise Sleeping Pyramid

    $2,100.00 – $3000.00

This is a portable Sleeping Pyramid System is designed to go over your bed to help your etheric body be protected while sleeping. When we sleep our bodies actually recharge like a battery off of the earth’s magnetism. The larger Pyramid acts as a Faraday Cage and aids the body in recharging the aura.

This device is also very functional as the ultimate Feng Shei enhancer. It can even be used as a functional art piece. It can be set up in a well-trafficked area of your home to add a sense of calm. It can be used in a meditation room while inspiring a healing vibration.

This device is easy to assemble, and it is beautifully made and comes in a durable white powder coat paint. it comes in several sizes the most popular is the 8ft base about 5 1/2 feet in height or the 9 ft base that is about 6 feet in height. It comes with also comes with a stunning beautiful Gold Plated, Capstone!

Tesla Power Supply



The Tesla Floating Ground Power Supply is a very important part of The Promise Pyramid System. This device produces the violet flame from high voltage low amperage technology which comes from a well-insulated wire. This wire is manually connected to several different products and acts to amplify the pyramid energy.

In fact, this Power Supply is the driving force and one of the most important aspects of the Promise Revealed product line. This generator can be used to enhance and increase the power of The Irradiators, The Midi Firestar, and The Ion Shower.

I have recently redesigned this and we have two different power outputs. The first Power Supply is a simple 40KV power supply with an on and off button. The second Power Supply is quite strong and has an on and off button and a rheostat that can adjust the power from 0-60 KV.

Thanks to more advanced technology in production the price of these devices has not come way down making this an affordable must-have for the lightworker who seeks to increase their light body awareness.

To have a proper understanding and respect for The Promise Power Supply it is helpful to know more about its origins. I will also provide a spiritual and metaphysical understanding of its esoteric implications for how this enhances our unification with spirit. On earth, this technology was originally used in Lemuria and Atlantis.

However more recently it is being used as a secret, or not-so-secret tool (depending on your understanding) for initiates and lightworkers for many years. In recent times this technology was reintroduced by Nikola Tesla and was even prescribed by Edgar Cayce quite often to treat illness with great success. The technology that I call the Promise Power Supply was originally used with cathode ray tubes in conjunction with Edgar Cayce’s intuitive prescriptions and in many instances was beneficial to many according to A.R.E. records. Dr. Bell introduced me to this device in 1977 and I personally have owned various versions of this tech through the years.

The Tesla Power Supply uses a Floating Ground. This technology creates The Violet Flame and is the electrical physical manifestation through the 3rd outpouring of Fire By Friction. This is also is congruent with the Purifying Violet Ray spoken about in the Ascended Master Teachings books by Godfre Ray King. The energy is said to have tremendous purifying effects physically, mentally, and more importantly spiritually. This tool enhances the vibrations of the etheric body in a profound way and acts as an anchor point for stabilizing our consciousness fields if we can match the resonance of this field.

Proper nutrition electrolytes and especially colloidal minerals are recommended and almost required to be able to efficiently process these supplemental electrical percussive forces on a sustained and regular basis. When applied and supplemented with and through pyramidal arrays and the other aforementioned aspects of the Promise systems the healing capabilities are magnified. This Violet Ray is also representative of The Cohan of the 7th Ray who is known as St Germaine.

Fred Bell states in Rays of Truth and Crystals of Light that the Ascended Master St Germaine is the higher aspect of one of his mentors and guides who is called Dwal Kuhl. D.K. is also called The Tibetan in some circles. Dr. Bell was a master of the 5th Ray of Concrete Science and Knowledge. He was not an ascended master and I want to be clear on that point. Fred said our esoteric work in his home in the 70s and 80s with the pyramidal arrays was supposedly the focal point of the Ashram of 7th Ray. We were used as ground crew in a literal sense! Dr. Bell and I were physically and psychically present in Dr. Bells’ home as directed by the Pleiadeans at specific times.

We were used for the grounding and stabilizing cosmic ray energies through Pleiadeans. I was told our actions were interactive on the etheric planes of the earth. Through our work, we were taking pressure off of the tectonic plates of our local area to mitigate earthquakes and harmonize spurious mental thought forms generated by the collective consciousness thus enhancing the telluric forces of The Ring of Fire that are so important to raising consciousness on earth.

The confederation and GWS/B used the Artificial Portals on the physical that we created under their guidance on Gaia’s behalf through the advanced technological tools. These tools were greatly enhanced by the floating ground tesla coil or the violet flame.

The ET ships, more specifically Semjase’s ship, would remain invisible and would through advanced technology accelerate the physical earth-based technology we had faithfully reproduced on her instruction.

This was supposedly used interface to the earth lifestreams grids for healing. The 7th Ray is known by the term Ceremonial Order and Magic and involves invoking elementals from the Akashic fields of the earth with benevolent intent and through disciplined mental one-pointed concentration on unifying our thoughts and feelings in concerted prayer. Through invocations, we established a harmonious quantum field with which we were able to establish contact with the benevolent space family from the Pleiades.

Sound frequencies and Mantras were also used and critical to the experience and efficacy of the system. The liberation of the soul body for travel in the higher planes is intimately associated with the Shabd or the Nada Shringra Yoga which is commonly called inner sound current which is a supraluminal neural illumination god force at the beck and call of the Masters and Avatars.

The sound or living word of god is used to help Chelas in the process of self-realization to ascend into the higher planes to access soul contact. The transforming nature of this god force is miraculous, immediate, sacred, and divine, and intimately conjoined with the messianic Christ Light that is now infusing our world.

Our intimate light body assimilation of these energies is an ineffable and transcendental experience. There are many who are participating in similar activities today. In other descriptions, they are called activations of vortexes or portals. These types of Lightwork is the vital essence of personal and planetary transformation.

Personal in that we alone are responsible for our own ascension in frequencies and planetary in that our own musical note or essence is vital to the synchronistic musical symphony which is the collective word of the absolute manifest in the redemptive vehicles of all of the chosen of the lord.

The chosen choose themselves by their adherence to the small still voice of God within. Hear those of you who have ears to hear for god is ever-renewing his Psalm through you. Once this Lost Chord is found and struck in the life of the aspirant it is ever-present beckoning the devotee inward towards the one mighty IAM presence and the fusion of the human and the divine.

It is the responsibility and the will/ conscious choice decision of the individual to harmonize with the Inner Christ. For many, this rebirth is already taken in this life or previous lives and lies nascent awaiting the proper fertile ground and inner calling home to god to rekindle this inner flame of truth.

As an initiate with Fred as my guide, there are certain aspects of our experiences I was strongly advised by Fred to not reveal. I hate secrets but I am not sure these methods are even valid any longer so I will refrain from the exposure of the details. I do know that we were instructed in precise procedures and under the umbrella of protection of the GWS/B and Confederation of Light when invoking these powerful natural forces.

I did witness certain persons who could not handle the release of the energies into their light bodies when using these protocols. Even under Fred’s watchful eyes, more than a few did become unstable for periods of time. I will have to include myself in that group in a marginal way as the out-of-body projections were difficult to integrate into day-to-day material world reality parameters.

It took me many years to fully recapitulate what was taking place and even longer to be able to have a rational explanation. This explanation really is just a description as always words by definition fall short, as the map is not the territory. Suffice to say we used certain protocols using sound light color and crystals during specific periods of lunar and solar-planetary and cosmic celestial alignments which when amplified by the violet flame created protocols through which expanded consciousness states were readily accessible.

This Ray can be invoked by thought alone and is considered a purifying and healing Ray by metaphysicians since time immemorial. When used properly with the various pyramidal arrays it will certainly make it easier or enhance any out-of-body experiences. However, almost everyone who will use this will find powerful results.

The violet flame has a very profound effect on cellular metabolism and the feelings of alertness that many people feel are undeniable.  In my opinion, it is critical in self-training for light body development.  I strongly recommend using this tool in conjunction with crystals and lasers. I feel placing crystals on acupuncture points is extremely beneficial. A more specific application of crystals over the chakra points in conjunction with the irradiations of energy from the pyramidal arrays is a vital aspect when using the pyramids and it is truly an amazing experience.

The experience is unique and life-changing because the plasma field created can actually attenuate the secretion of healing hormones into the bloodstream, which is part of the body’s, natural healing mechanisms so wonderfully part of nature, laws. You may use the Tesla coil power supply within the Pyramid System and Laser and Crystal / Cintamani frequencies.

This can be felt easily on the body because the Endocrine Glands or Charkas are being balanced. You will have lots of fun and the exciting thing is you will increase your auric awareness and develop your sensitivity to the Light.


The Omnion

The Omnion


The Omnion acts as a capacitor in that it is storing energies and acting as a transducer regulating the energies of the system with the moon cycles and connecting the entire system with the grid pathway of the entire earth.

In this respect, it acts as a capacitor in harmony for maximum power building the effect over the entire moon cycle or even several cycles for alchemical transmutation or healing mentally or to be projected to the reality around us. The movement of the Omnion is like the movement of the ceiling inside the Kings and Queens chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza – Cheops.

In The Great Pyramid, there was another technology that was able to combine natural and manmade forces into a nonharmful wireless system. This system was in harmony with the body and did not destroy or damage or act to entrain biological and subtle plasma energetic bodies and their attendant pathways.

The Ion Shower

The Ion Shower

$ 3,500

The Ion Shower is another device that connects to the Promise Tesla Power supply. It turns this Pyramidal array into a violet flame cleansing device. It includes The Promise Nuclear Receptor Disk to properly establish a vortex that will send a shower of cleansing Negative Ions washing all over you.

This device is a great device in any home over your meditation space or anywhere people would like to enjoy this functional and purifying healing energy.

I will thank you for taking the time to read this information. I do hope you found this of interest. I am looking for any avenue to share this message and the overall mission of our Venusian and Galactic Family. If you have a conference or would like to invite me or any of my friends to appear in person for Talks, Conferences, Interviews for TV, Print, Film please do contact me at 530-925-3502.

It is my honor to be able to share this information with all of you. I work very diligently to try and provide real and unique knowledge of our space family. I hope you will enjoy the second half of this booklet. I am combining this information with some of my products on my website. If you are so inclined please feel free to purchase some of these items. I will be very grateful for your support.


I would like to thank so many people who have been my support throughout my life and mission who have been instrumental in helping me to learn and grow into the divine plan and to co-create my Conferences, my company, my website, and my products. I also owe a large debt to my Space Family as I like to call them.  I cannot thank you all enough for your time and your generosity your friendship and sometimes just offering to help me or to give words of support.

I also would like to thank Alana Bell for being so patient with me in being my partner and to help me to legally be able to sell Dr. Bells Products. There are so many more who I owe my appreciation and thanks that I cannot name. You know who you are.

With all my heart thank you

Please email or call me at +1- 530-925-3502 for personal assistance with any purchase.

Thank You


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