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Dedication To Fred Bell Part II

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Dedication To Fred Bell
Part 2

Dear Promise Friends,

As you may know, my life and mission were intimately associated with Dr. Fred Bell. He was not only my mentor and guide but also was a dear friend and a role model and a father figure for me. I knew and met all of his four wives and four daughters. I also probably have the longest association with him giving me the broadest overview of his life’s work.

I was fortunate in having served him from 1973 until his passing in 2009.I loved Fred very much I was not perfect nor was he or is anybody born into our world. We had our differences and both of us were lacking in certain areas. He and I miss each other that’s for sure. We had some pretty interesting nights discussing the metaphysical aspect of contacts experiences and experimenting with the latest most powerful laser he could get his hands on.

However, his wives nor his children were aware of or privy to certain metaphysical experiences we shared in our master-disciple relationship if I dare call it such. There was something weird happening as we would not be disturbed by anyone from 11 pm to 4 am on occasion.

He was a master and not an ascended master, but he did have physical contact with the Pleiadean named Semjase. We experienced multiple encounters with their ships, and I had a feeling on many occasions that the Pleiadeans were coming to the house in Laguna and I did meet them.

Semjase was certainly quite beautiful. This aspect of my experiences must remain closed until the exact nature and content is revealed to me in my full remembrance. I have had several very real and physical encounters that were very pivotal in my life and cemented my knowledge that it was not all a dream. We traveled for many years across the country sharing the Pleiadean technology of lasers, crystals, pyramids, sound, light, and color therapies that we combined with Tesla coils.

These Tesla coils were creating strong negative ionized fields. Which when connected to the various Pyramidal arrays would create harmonized plasma fields that would naturally and beautifully engage the human biofield for positive and powerful healing results.

We were part of the National Health Federation and The Whole Life Expo and we went from San Diego and all over the country in those days. Semjase would give Fred the designs in his personal contacts and I would build them. I did this exclusively in the early years and I was always close to Fred as he continued his mission throughout his life.

When Fred passed unexpectedly in Minnesota it is conjectured it was a Cabal-based hit. This is known to be true at this time as I spoke with him via psychic Jane Deforest who contacted both my parents and Fred Bell. In contacts they proved the contact by the things they said that she would nothing about.  unfortunately Fred confirmed his assassination by the silence group was true.

Fred had some personal health problems based on some of his unhealthy life choices. He was under tremendous stress to keep the secrets he knew in regard to the hostile ET forces, which is now common knowledge.

Unfortunately, we lost him and at the time we were not as close as we had been for some years. After his death, he came to me in some dreams and we sorted some things issues we had. He actually apologized to me and me to him! That dream was on Dec 21st, 2012 the day I coordinated the Cobra Group to get into the King’s Chamber for the 2012 Portal event.

I have always considered it my greatest honor to work for Fred Bell and to sell his products. I am happy to be able to now offer almost all the products he ever designed from his learning experiences with the Pleiadeans.

This book is a mini–education on Pyramids and the Systems he and I shared for so many years. Please enjoy.

Rob Potter


Dear Friends,

Here is a brief synopsis of the New Promise Pyramid System based on Fred Bells’ original product line.

Here is some information about the healing chamber technology. I will be happy to give you all a brief overview of This Pleiadean Pyramid technology that was shared by Semjase to DR. Fred Bell and myself in the 1970s.

{This information is available in detail on my website at under the Products section Pyramid Systemssection.

Semjase’s spaceship was sighted frequently in those days as the information was downloaded to Fred and me. She also was present physically on several occasions to impart to us gems of wisdom. Dr. Bell had many contacts and was even taken to the Planet Erra in the Pleiades. He had many meetings in Laguna Beach and I was present on several occasions.

First, this technology is very advanced and quite powerful, as you will soon find out if you come to one of my s Shasta Summer Conferences. This system was given to the earth as a form of divine intervention from my experience. These devices amplify thought forms and accelerate manifestation into reality quicker and more powerfully than anything that is well-intended and in harmony with universal law. These systems accelerate the manifestation process by increasing the quantum potential.

When utilized in a proper way by light workers the forces for good are amplified 1000 X fold. How this happens is quite complex and there are many things that must be explained for you all to understand how this technology works.I cannot give all of the information in this short introduction, but I will give you a working concept to ponder and to excite you to the possibilities of this healing/manifestation chamber.

The main idea is that if 100 light workers use this technology in an organized way with focused and pure intent it will be as if 10,000 people were manifesting. This is one aspect of this system to help us create heaven on earth. The other aspect of this technology is that it creates a portal or vortex of the violet flame which will purify and raise the vibrations of all those within its field of influence.



The balanced energy of The Pyramid system when used with Crystals, Lasers, Tesla Coil Power Supply, Light, Color and Sound will, through Scalar waves affect the subtle bodies and create healing.

I am sure those who come to the conferences will feel this as increased sensitivity to the etheric light body. I will explain the details of this process at future conferences.

Please realize there are many different parts of this system and these parts all have different functions. The main thing for you to know is all the parts are good and healing for the human consciousness field. What makes these systems unique is that there is an interaction between the technology and the user. That means the more advanced the person is in the management of their thoughts and the subtle currents within their body the better the results.

These devices are to be used as a training tool for people to develop their psychic abilities for telepathy and connection to the earth elements and to all lifestreams. Including contact with our space family. They are drawn to these systems and will interact in demonstrable ways

How this works is probably best understood by looking at the diagrams and the pictures that will accompany this letter. You will see the Vortex of the system and the different designs that create the plasma-healing field.The different designs are using the pyramid which itself acts an inter-dimensional portal. When used with all of the components these systems are very powerful indeed.

So please look at these images provided to help you visualize in your mind’s eye what you will soon see live at the conferences. I hope you will forgive me for not explaining this entire description to you, as realistically it cannot be done. It has taken me years of experience to be able to share this with the world. But the good news is you can actually feel the life force plasma when the system is turned on immediately.

The results are feelings of strength health happiness and harmony. In fact, these systems are also beautiful to look at and create a very powerful Living Vortex of Lighted love. A type of Feng Shuei so to speakenhance the environment in the home or anywhere these systems are installed.

Rob Potter


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