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The Truth About Chemtrails

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The Truth about Chemtrails Wake up People

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I have tried to speak to many people about how the criminals in government or the military-industrial complex do not care about their own health or the people they allegedly serve. It seems there are so many ignorant people in various positions who are running around following the orders of psychopaths’ it is time they are arrested and stopped. All of these people in the chain of poison and pollution are enacting actions and policies leading to humanities and the other lifestreams on the earth to death and destruction. Chemtrails are not the only problems we face from conspirators in government.  This includes Non-Governmental Offices and agencies run by for-profit corporate interests. This list includes biological weapons, genetically altered foods, poisons added to food and water. this is not an error in judgment this is a well-coordinated attack against humanity and every living being on the planet by evil beings who are used as ignorant tools of destruction or willing power and money-hungry criminals.
Enough is enough




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