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Interview with David Serada

the future of our world


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In this video, I talk with David Serada who has had a real face-to-face meeting with the Ascended Master Jesus The Christ. David is a mathematical savant and an extraordinary scientist who is developing many unique tools for healing and consciousness development. David like me has been working with pyramids discovering the many useful tools that can be unwound from the mathematics of the great pyramid.

Those who follow me know I have been saying for over 40 years the importance of crystals combined with sound light and color to create an advanced form of healing. Sounds-colors-crystals-and light all have specific frequencies. David’s work attracted the attention of my mentor and guide Dr. Fred Bell whose genius was used by the Pleiadeans to advance certain concepts to our scientific community.

I hope to support David and to collaborate and combine our technologies one day to provide a powerful healing experience based on the natural laws of the universe! Please enjoy this lecture as we discuss the importance of Christ in his incarnation as the living word of God that the Gold capstone on the Great Pyramid signifies. This interview may find resonance with many to bridge science and spirituality as the earth is now in the beginning of its transformation into a celestialized sphere.

Rob Potter

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