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Please be sure to hit “Read More” at the bottom–I am so very happy to launch this amazing Quantum Jewelry product that really works. This device design was given to Fred Bell by the Andromedeans in the mid-90s. The Pleiadeans handed Fred over to the Andromedeans for further instruction in advanced quantum physics.  I remember having a conversation with Lyra his primary Andromedean contact late one night as he received answers to my questions telepathically.  They decloaked their spaceship one evening off of the coast of Laguna Beach one night at twilight and there were rows of lights all across the horizon quite close but we estimate the starship to be from 2 -5 miles long and at least 1-2 miles high. It was only for a moment like a flash but we both gasped at the size because it was so close. Please scroll below to see the long description and do check out all of the links provided to learn of this very powerful advanced “Quantum Timeline” healing device!  Read More

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The Promise Jewelry has a long history of over 40 years so we want you to have all the information necessary to understand the amazing device more thoroughly so read ALL of these links to be fully informed.  Please Read Alana Declaration  Part 1Please Read Dedication To Fred Bell Part IIPromise Pyramid Systems Technology part IIIPromise Pyramid Systems Technology part IV

The Promise Andromedan Holographic Projector is high-tech functional luxury jewelry. It enables a person to manipulate space and time by projecting thoughts to experience a “quantum state”. Quantum tunneling is the effect of an electromagnetic wave that works with other atoms to bring on a spontaneous effect. The electron does not just rotate in a circular motion, but it also moves in wave-like motions. The action of its motion is called “quantum tunneling,” and where it releases energy is called “quantum entanglement”. We connect, through quantum tunneling, to the overall hologram of existence.

DNA FREQUENCY Receptor BasicsDNA FREQUENCY Receptor,  Dr. Fred 028 – Dr. Fred Bell Headgear 7-14-07 part -1Dr. Fred 030 – Dr. Fred Bell’ Receptor Testimonial Q-A 7-14-07 part -3Dr. Fred 031 – Dr. Fred Bell’ Receptor Testimonial Q-A 7-14-07 part -4How to use the Projector – Dr. Fred Bell

The Promise Holographic Projector acts as a key to open an infinite number of dimensions within our Eighth Parallel Universe. When the Projector opens these doors, the world will begin to feel the subtle holographic changes that will instantaneously rearrange everything, as we know it today. When wearing the Holographic Projector, your personal universe will start to change. There is an “energy shift” when working with the instantaneous quantum transmission, occurring when focused directional thought is applied to our Holographic Projectors, in that the result of the event shifts, ever so slightly, depending on the energies of the meditators who apply their thought energies to the device.

Choosing Your Base Metal

SILVER Each Projector and Receptor has a base metal. You have 3 choices the first and most popular is the Solid Silver Receptor that we plate in Rhodium so that it does not tarnish or become black from being worn next to the skin on the body. You may also choose 24 Karat Gold plating on the Solid Silver instead of Rhodium

GOLD Your second option is Solid 18 Karat Gold as your base metal and these are obviously more expensive but if you can afford them they are well worth it. The 18 Karat Gold Base metal design is a very calming yet powerful metal choice and is way more powerful than the silver.

PlatinumThe final base metal choice is Platinum and this is a very high-frequency metal. I have worn these for short periods of time and the energy is extremely high it almost feels like you just had an espresso shot. A Platinum Receptor with genuine diamonds is the highest energy possible with a Projector or Receptor.

Choosing Your Gemstone

We have a variety of gemstones to choose from as well and these all are related to our chakras and our endocrine glands. We choose the gemstones based on our body’s greatest need. The gemstone and color that the body needs the most is the one that will “muscle test” the strongest. We recommend that you go to the Gemstone page to choose your gemstones by muscle testing. Some people simply know the color frequency by instinct or by the endocrine or color of the gemstone. The gemstone color chart is not required but is highly recommended.  Please Go To the color chart click here

The Promise Jewelry has a long history of over 40 years so we want you to have all the information necessary to understand the amazing device more thoroughly.

Additional Info
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