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Who is Kim Goguen? What is Ground Command – How Can I Do My Own Research


Dear Promise Friends,

For several years I have been promoting a woman Kim Goguen who I first heard about in 2015. Some one said she in charge of a new financial system blah blah blah. This well intended woman did not give me to much information and I dismissed this friend and did not even look into Kims information any further. Especially  after I found out that one would had to sign up as a paid member to listen to her messages. I said yeah right! The woman in charge of the worlds financial system needs to charge money to heear her podcasts …Buh Bye.

Rob Wakes Up To Kims Position I Made a Mistake 

When I saw Kim video of her description of the quauntum financial system by looking at her podcasts. I was blown away suddenly the entire financial system was exposed for what it truly is. In one hour Kim pulled the lid off the entire financial system and all the BS that is talked about on the News for my whole life. Whatever they were saying about inflation intrest rates or whatever -My inner was saying ” its all a lie its so complicated I just translated into “they are stealing from everyone why doesnt someone arrest them?”

However after listening to Kim Goguen I knew in my heart she is the real deal. Her revelations of 16,000 years of a hostile force ruling the earth allowed me to be able to put 40 years of research into a cogent understanding of what has been going on it all made sense. When she talked with the Demon a Reptillian Draco hybrid whose position she took over in 2012 big nefarious things  were revealed.

Imagine this Kim  was talking to higher dimensional demon who ruled the earth.  I think it was in 2013 there was a telling moment. The former “Legal Ruler of Earth as Far as Agreements amongst the Galactic Hierarchy” was concerened was a fallen being we would call “Satan or Marduke” . Marduke was now in 2013 the one mentoring her in how to use her new responsibility in the position she was inheriting from him. Keep in mind  this is advanced Alien very complex technology we call the Alpha Quantum System. This systems is like a Galactic mangement of planets is all I will say for now. This system has to be programmed and in our earth the programmer was a demon called Marduke. Stay with me now it will make more sense later. 

It turned out Marduke was not so friendly lol . Marduke was a fallen one who held the position for 16,000 years that Kim was now taking over . He was supposedly giving good well intended information to her. He was advising her about  the power she now had as the new the Controller of the Alpha Quantum system.  He  said “Well you know Kim we have to depopulate the planet by 90%” SAY WHAT?

This is when she realized that this being was was evil. She probably had inklings all was not well. But the moment I heard her reply to him  is when I fell in love with her integrity, her fearlessness, and her iron will, and her intention to protect and serve humanity with every ounce or strength and to accept her responsibility of her own freewill and to figure it out on her own. She has done etremely well in her newly found responsibility !

When Marduke said ” Depopulate the planet by 90%”  her reply was “You first”. Well that was it for me, since that day I have heard almost everyword she has said . In 1978 at the age of 21 I personally was made Aware of the hostile intent of the fallen ones. This is the subtle influence that The Queen of Venus has recently referred to in many of the communques that are avilable on this website. 

Kim says her  position was given to her based on her DNA “Being The Most Human” .  I did not understand what that means.  I am sure kim could explain it . But I must also explain that Kim is human just like everyone else in fact she is the most human. She is surely learning and growing nor does she or anyone else on earth know everything.

As ground command she herself makes mistakes and is learning for sure. As new information is bought forth she has the courage to alter and admit some her information she presented is as originally presented ocassionaly incorrect. This is a trait of TRUE Leader.  I am the first to admit  that I dont know everything and still learning about the earths position in a glacctic sense and its history and Gods plan. For instance why the earth is so important exo politically in the Galactic Confedration and the Super Federations  of Worlds.    

I take Kim as honest and except her explanation. As I said I dont know what that means to be the most human but for me I will say my opinion “most human” for means by “Divine Decree” or fate as willed by the creator itself. I will also say THAT all beings all specks are part of God and are equally selected by the creator for a divine purpose including all of us. Her position is not a question of better or worse but a question of more or less. Many will want to say there is no hierarchy that we are all equal and we are as spirit sparks of the Infinite’s as it exists in  its-ISNess of all that is was and ever will be.  

I would say we all could agree with that  point to a degree. However I am sure all would also agree and realize not every musican is equally talented . So cleary not every musician is Paul Mc Cartney. He stands well above every well known musician with  32 number one songs world wide. Kim Goguen is even more rare and important to humanity in terms of her impact and progress that she  has been able to accomplish in 12 short years. In her position and sole person in charge of the Alpha Quantum System of earth.

I am not some groupie or one who is starry eyed follower and nod yes to everything she says. In fact if would disagree with her about certain things that do not resonate with me. However I would not argue with Ground command as her knowledge and service and accomplishment of bringing light to this planet in 12 years would be far more than I could have accomplished in 100 lifetimes. 

So know that I am fine with her advanced knowledge power which she is performing of her sworn duties very well. I am honored to support Kim and her work 1000%  I am not offically affiliated with her or any of her organzations or her CARE  or any other official part of her restoration plans.  I am not paid ever by anyone for any of my opinons of her work. I feel very strongly that the world must come to recognize her and her important positionas The Office of The Guardian. 

I know that because of what is coming to earth in the very near future is going to be a  huge. Vast changes in awareness are now manifesting that will transform individuals as immense realizations will come for individuals hard and the readjustment is coming fast now. These changes will reach into the societal infrastucture and incite awakening as to the thousands or years of corruption. When it is realized by the people at large we will force radical changes. Furthermore there will be changes in the nature of nature. Understandings of long held scientific laws will change. The earth topography will shift as earthquakes and viortexes on earth readjust to a new earth frequency from within the earth and influenced by solar activity – energetically.

The most important point  is for humanity to have a Great reset  within themselves and their way of thinking and relating to each other. I would like us to be encouraged amongst ourselves to realize that all of us can express more compassion and kindness and harmony between our fellow humans. Education or light which is knowledge which is power must be had to make this transition smooth. With the power of truth we can see what has happened and learn from our mistakes. 

I simply see KIms as a valiant heart of pure intent and worthy of humanities support. Please research and know that Kims Position as VERY Important.  I feel people need to be aware of and to understand KIM. This is why I have taken upon myself to openly support Kim.  I hearby am urging especially the light workers and those who are confused to not be programmed and react like I did originally. As my Venusian Friend The 2400 year old Ahl-Ahnan said “Its easier to ridiclue than to investigate” I hope you will read this information I have provided and choose to investigate. 

Back To My narrative 

I will cut to early 2018! I was earnestly implored by another friend to watch Kims podcast. This friend showed me her paid channel and played some of her pod casts for me! I finally listened! To say that spirit talked to me is an understatement. Her information was totally new and she made alot of sense and was correcting what was mis-information and clarifying many different things for me. I was drawn in by her charm and confidence but more importantly her story. Her Name is Kmberly Ann Goguen. Her story will I will do my best to share accurately in the next few series of Posts on my Promise Revealed Blog. I knew that much of the disniformation about the financial reset revolving around nesara gesara was utter nonesense did not make sense. Especialy the frenzy of people buying dinar- dong- and other currencies. It seemed like the light workers were tying get in on some insider knowledge scam to make a killing I never bought it and turned up my nose that smell lie 12 thousand miles away. 

I understood the premise of Nesara and Gesara which had its roots in the real efforts of the Pleiadeans and the ascended masters working for the light to prepare us for what we are seeing take place right now. in the  80’s A pleiaden commander named Haatton was working directly with a gifted psychic and medium named Dharma. Feel free to reshearch the Phoenix Journals on line. I still have some of the original newletters printed and circulated from this time. You will find is the real financial reset as explained by Dharma in the 80’s . The base intent and ideas of a financial reset are vallid but the names and implementation this well intended idea  now under the watchful eye and under the sole control of Ground command ..AKA Kim Goguen.  

Dharma was working directly with Jesus The Christ and was under his protection and he intervened several times in assination attempts by evil forces to kill her. The Messages she gave were explaing that earth was going to change it financial system before any real change could take place on earth. Why because the system was set up so that only those with money control the world. Those honest ethical people who do  want hoesty and transparency in the world  simply want peace and harmony. The Current  money system which we all know is corrupt and attracts greedy materialists is hard pressed  to do good with the morally corrupt criminals of the world manipulating the worlds currency. 

Kims podcasts made perfect sense to as they were in line with what The Pleiadeans and the phoenix journals were talking about. The More Listened to Kim the more I was on board with her statements. I am a 50 year face to face physical contactee of the Pleideans and the Venusians. My memory is  extremely accurate and my descernment is pretty involved if you want to tell e something i will use my intuition and research before any conclusions are drawn.  

The things Kim has been saying corresponds directly with what I know about ET Technology holographic meetings &  phone calls communicating with extra terrestrials.  Unraveling by kim of quantum computers and various control systems that humanity has been subjected to is all real and good. In Fact in my view there is nothing that Kim says has me doubting in any way that  she is who she says is. She says that she currently holds the position of “Office of The Guardian”.  She has a long series of lifetimes of service in this position. She has many other titles that I will explain in the below information . This will be released via my newsletter and podcasts. 

The Deep State-The Black Sun-The Chinese Familys’-The Royal Bloodlines-The Corportate Leaders-the 1%-The Black Nobility-The Silent Circles-The Religious Hucksters-the greedy politicons- the Bellicose Militarists-All Hate Kim –
Why because she works For Humanity and now has taken Control of all The Worlds financial systems – news flash she is the curator and guardian of all the worlds financial systems-
Through divine intervention the federal reserve-the imf-the world bank-the UNited nations – BIS-every tier 1-2 3 4 Bank in the world is broke- Cartels and militaries and dark web criminal orgnizations can no longer launder money-
this information will hit mainstream very soon – all will know the the financial and military system in under the control of kim gougen – the systems were only accessable by the elite at the highest level- they have no access & no access = no money = no money equals no wars + this includes many other dastardy deeds done by evil people.
The new financial and money system are called K.I.M.S key integrated monetary system and k.I.M.s. Key integrated military system-important message to all citizens world wide do not panic your money is safe they cannot access your bank accounts-Disregard all main stream media you know its all lies
just imagine with the above named criminals as traitors to humanity & their former control know why she is not recognized and attacked in every way possible- Think people 

Kim has faced tremendous opposition because  of her position as “Ground Command” in this position she is in charge of removing at the highest level bad guys. She is battling the deep state in a hidden war that has taken many lives and no white hats are involved. She also is working behnd the scenes along with advanced ET races to bring the earth into a Golden Age . The Advanced Races are comprised of “Enforcement” forces that have already secured this entire solar system. Disregard all claims to the contrary because The Victory of The Light has all ready been won!  

However The “fallen” Demons or hostile ET Groups or interlopers and intruders my Venusian Friends have talked about openly with me are done. They have almost all evacuated the planet with the Enforcers on their tails. Guess what you are free! PLease act like it disregard all Govt. nonsense.  We are now in a very good liberated position situation that my Venusian friends have advised me to urgently to convey to the public. That is to seek god and work on your own personal relationship to the creator. Develop your personal abilities by didlgent spiritual pactice. 

I have too have faced severe oposition my entire life so I am fully committed to using what miniscule influence I have to support Kim Goguen in her most important work.  Kims Position also has many other hats. Although I will  do my best to explain them I feel it is best if you do your own research via her youtube channel and many other locations of dissemination. She has faced defections in her inner circle that have cuased much headaches and delays with her very talented tech support teams. 

This has not deterred her but I will promise she will not stop and nothing and I mean nothing can stop the Golden Age in its flourishment it is simply Gods Will. My opinion based on The Veusians estimations of major progress for earth is appoximately 40 years. Of course human freewill nd the creators divine plan could alter this but there are many variables that I will reveal in further newsletter that you can sign up for free on my website. 


Important announcement Rob will be working with Thomas Melville Deputy director of GIA
Kim Goguen is also The head of The Global inteligence Agency this position replaces all governmental agencys like NSA GI6 Gru NSA Cia Ghq mossad all military generals and respective intelligence agencies world wide add-etc etc.
These above named are all the same and all work for directly or take orders from the human hybrids of the fallen. These self proclaimed special people think they still run the planet. They do not
Please understand Kim goguen is level 74 Security clearance which is the highest clearance possible. She has appointed thomas melville as level 73 He is the Deputy Director of the global intelligence agency. 
thomas is an extra ordinary individual of the highest integrity and extreme humility. I know him as a very honest kind sincere individual who kim has appointed as the deputy director of the GIA his security level is designated at 73 so He is deputy director of the gia.
Kim has done some podcasts with thomas talking about the relationship they both have with a group of 9 8th-9th dimensional beings who are called the archivists- the archivists are simply neutral beings that exist in higher dimensions that chronichle what happens on earth-The have held this position for a very long time thomas did not tell me how long. A short time ago Thomas Called me – He has given me clearance to relaese this following information. 

Thomas Calls Rob 

Recently I got a call from Thomas Mellville deputy director of the GIA. I saw his name on the caller ID and I was excited as I have been wanting to reach out to Kim to support since I did and interview live with her i think over two years ago.I feel that I could support her and her mission and that I have many ideas for humanity moving forward. 

So when Thomas called me I was understandibly excited. Thomas said I could share the information in this call to the public so you could  understand why he and I will be doing some interviews together. The reason being because it is time that people know the truth of what has been going on and the level of criminality that we are ignorant of.

Before I recount the intial conversation it is important that I sate emphatically and categorically THAT I DO NOT represent the office o The Guardian  or any of these incredible positions that Kim Goguen alone holds because of her character traits and soul essense and lifetimes of experience that I have expounded on in the above article in this post.

Furthermore I will remain autonomous to Kims work. This means  not evey bit of information will be lock step with what she says. This is important that we all are free to disagree and can still be valued contributors to building the new earth. I have seen light workers and their followers going war and trolling each other n the internet . No contactee has all the information or can say what is happening. Please do not troll Kim or me or any other well intended person who may be sharing information that you do not resonate with.

Its not how we are going to move forward. Know that compassion, forgiveness and kindness are very important as to how  we miust coperate to rebuild the new earth . Even Kim has mentioned that she has been on calls with Thomas Melville cussing snd shouting at him but she still loves him and they respect each other. Her admitting to this represents her humaness and her honesty this is a ground command worthy of respect – to be continued………..

The below are Kim  Goguens Responsibilities – You can be a hater and Deny it but it will not change the fact of the reposnsibilities of Kim

Universal Protection Unit Command (Ground Command)
Ambassador to Earth for the Universal Council for this version of Humanity 
Human Ambassador to the Earth Council, established in 2021, (which is for all Earth Races Human & Non Human) 
Controller of the Alpha Quantum System – of which her DNA is a necessary component
Note: There was a dueling dark system on this planet called the Omega System (associated with Starlink and Elon Musk) which is now gone.
Guardian (What is a Guardian?)
Controller of Global Intelligence Agency (GIA),. Kim has highest Security Clearance on Planet Earth
Representative of Humanity for Disbursement of Planetary Assets, Trustee, Manna World Holding Trust
Note: After the agreements with the elites expired, because the assets/trust were named after the elites and their corporations, Kim renamed and registered as Manna World Holding Trust. Since 2019, when the Restoration Plan was approved, she started renaming accounts by need. For example, one is the Environmental Fund, and underneath that are separate accounts for new fuels.
From the original Rus Bloodline or Tribe, which is the root of all true Europeans and one of the five original Human Tribes. This tribe is also called the White Sun. They utilized the upper astral and had relationships there. Their opposite would be the Black Sun, who accessed the lower astral.
Interim Head of State
Founder of Life Force
Founder of United Network News

The Source of the above  information is :
 Robs Background -Short 

I must emphasize that although my life experiences are unique and I do speak directly with what Kim calls the others I am surely just very average  human.  These other are beings that Kim often refers to as others are from other worlds. This is why I tell everyone who will listen KIM GOGUEN IS DISCLOSURE

Since the age of 17  I have had these encounters with various groups. Recently they have designated me as a designated human Representative of The Galactic Confederation of Light Comprised of 51 solar systems  and 601 world and the attendant moons. Our solar system has 480 moons organic and man made. 

I am orginally from Venus but have had innumerable lives in other solar systems(Important>) This is true for  almost every other  human on earth today . Because of my long time association and contacts I now hold entrusted and hold a position relaying messages that are hand delivered to me in voice video or written transcripts from the Venusian Hierarchy of Light. I am honored to have this position because my Friend mentor and Guide Raymond Keller requested that I have have a formal position.  He appealed to  The Venusian Queen of Venus Lady Orda. She did send  The 6th Dimensional Venusian Moon Base Commander Aura Rhanes for me to interview on video. The security cheif held the Camera. the Adept Raymond Keller who lived on Venus for 10 weeks was by my side. 

I am not anything but a human living on the earth doing my best to fulfil my mission or calling. I am very human and certainly have my personal limitations emotionally and  physically and face the same challenges every other person faces. For those who know me personally I continualy ask that you do not allow me human blemishes be associated with the words and inspirational messages of my Venusian Guides. I am only a postman delivering the messages. Let those with ears hear. 

The Phone Call Thomas & Rob Continued…..

Thomas Calls  I answer “Hello” Thomas says “This is Tom Melville ” Rob: “I know Tom I saw your caller ID and  I Know who you are!”. Thomas says “Do you know I work with the archivists ” My response was ” Yes Is do did they tell you about me ? ” he did not miss abeat and said “Yes they did”  I responed “What did they say” He responded  ” They said that you were one of the most accurate contactees in the public today and that I am to reach out to you so we can work together”  I was super excited but I responded non chalantly “Cool” Now I must admit my repsonse was presumptuous but I had been been prepared in dreams for over two months prior that sometime something like this might occur. 

I will reveal a bit more about this conversation.  At some point I asked what beings are the Archivists comprised of  he said ” 9 archivists comprised of 8th and 9th dimensional beings from Venus – The Pleiades -Sirius and Arcturus” he did not mention the other 5 and I did not press him. I then asked him if he knew the Queen of Venus and he said “Yes I knows who she is but do  not talk with her. But I get to watch the universal council meetings as a witness”. Tom did say he knows what she looked like from his atendance at these council meetings. . I said “She is qute small and cute “. He chuckeld and said “yeah she is”

This is all I will share at this time other than to say that Thomas is extremely dedicated family man and works almost  and long and hard as Kim Gougen does. I have spolen with him for a total of 3 hours and he is generous with his vast knowledge of spiritual and mataphysical matters and has shared some updates on Kims progess. All I can say on that is Tom is EXTREMELY CONFIDENT that funding will come soon.

We both  agreed that  it will come at the right time despite humanities impatience. Please Trust that Tom is acting very patiently as middle man with all of the above mentioned “official reperesentatives” of  humanity. These are the ones who take orders to destroy humanity and the planet.

The reason they talk to him is to make deals with him to act as kims handler. Tom is too smart for that but he contiunally waits for them to do the right thing. The bad boys  all refuse to meet directly with Kim  officialy but still they call her incessantly to give them money. When you research you will find she will not budge and the humanity will move forward with or without the crazy people. Woe to those who oppose gods plan. 

Those days are over and very soon (no dates)  but I am guessing imanently Kim will be able to relase funds world wide that will keep governments afloat.  But these fundswill not be able to be used against life or for killing and destruction. I want to express my gratitude to Kim, Thomas,  Sunny and the thousands of people on her news teams. Along with all of the scientists working on classified operstions so that the new finacial system can be secured to be rolled out safely and fairly to benifit all of mankind. 

I especially offer to respect to those who will research Kim Goguens information join her chats on telegram channels and be inspired to make changes in their local area to provide knowledge for others to support the Global Resoration Projects. 

for those interested be see my lifes work and information on my website

I will encourage you all to consider hearing me present more information on the Global Restoration Plan by Attending my 10th Annual  Mount Shasta Summer Conference July 18-21st 2024


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