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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Conference Changes For Those Attending and Considering a Trip to Shasta

Dear Promise Friends ,

I want to thank all of the new members who signed up since the last email newsletter. We are grateful  you consifer these messages important. I hope you will all go to the Summer conference page to seriously consider atending the Mt Shasta Summer Conference

This is a very important update as we have had quite a few changes that you all should know about. Before we get into that I want to tell you I am very happy excited for you all to come as this year. We have lots of fun stuff planned now. There is alot of  snow on the mountain and its going to be very green in the forests this years. The nature is incredible right now, the  rivers and streams are flowing and all the lakes are full so be sure to bring your swimming and beach gear as well as your mountain boots to the conference.

Conference & Workshop Schedules Are Up 

I have the Summer Conferencde Schedule and the Workshop Schedule finished and they are posted now. Please look them over by going to the links provided below you might be able to to decide about what workshops will be of interest to you.

Summer Conference Schedules July 18 – 21

Workshop Schedules July 18 -21


Catered Meals – Lunch and Dinners Thursday -Sunday 

Please go to the link provided below to consider buying you catered meals. Keep in mind You muist purchase in adavance as restaraunts must have ime and numbers to provide you fressh meal that will be delivered to the Mt Shasta Summer Conference Buffet Line 

Catered Meals July 18 -12 Lunch and Dinner Vegetarian and Meat Options



One of the big changes is parking there is slighlty more parking because the caretakers are clearing brush on site so we will be able to fit more cars at Methodist Camp. Also there will be No shuttle at Siskyou Dam parking lot. All overflow parking will be directed to Castle lake parking lot which is much closer at 1.4 miles above Methodist Camp . You will be able to park anywhere in that lot but the shuttle will only be picking people up at the bottom of the parking area. The will be various shuttles of different cars but they will have inside car on passenger sign that reads CAMP. Shuttles will be running almost all day to and from the camp between castle lake and camp shuttles will start at 8:30 and end at 10pm. See Methodist Camp on  Summer Conference Page  for details.

We now have navigator details for to enter for your car to find the camp. We have also made a new video of the tour of the camp bathrooms kitchen etc . Please check these important changes by going to this page click here Methodist Camp Venue


We have had some speaker changes this year. Most notably Alex Collier has decided to retire this year and unfortunately decided he will not make it. Alex Collier is one of my true heroes who was so brave to reveal some of the more disturbing details of the Fallen Draco and Reptillian influence on earth. He has done this despite the tremendous challenges personally financially.  He is a true heroe and we remain close friends to ths day in fact Alex will interview me on his podcast June 7th I am not sure when it wil air but I am looking forward to this. 

Laura Eisenhower will not be attending this year. Laura is also a fearless lightworker who has a new book and i hope you all will check it out. Laura has been very busy trvelling the world we met in Glastonbury last year and she continues to share her knowledge with the world I wish her the best success. 

Frank Chile a very dear friend  who was quite instrumental in my early years as a contactee also has personal conflicts and had to cancel. He has been a MAJOR PLAYER behind the scenes. He connected me with William Thompkins who I introduced to Michael Salla. He has had numerous experiences with ET friends and plays a valuable role to the public though he remains a hidden Gem to most seeking the truth. Ismael Perez was going to come then changed his mnd the last few days for personal reason so we bless him and we hope all wil possiby come nexrt year.

The speakers list is now complete and will not changes. I appologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. I will hope many people can now make decisions to come to the summer conference in mt shasta July 18-21 2024  

Conference Speaker Schedules-Workshop Schedules-Catered Meals are now up 


Love Rob


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