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Kim Goguen-New Update From The GIA Deputy Director Thomas Melville


The Featured Image above is Important 

Dear Promise Friends,

For those who are aware I am supporting Ground Command- The Global Respration Plan & Kim Goguen. This post is an important update sent to me by Thomas Melville. For those who are not aware of Kim please see my Victory of The Light Blog under truth references on my home page. Thomas is the Deputy Director of The Global Intelligence Agency.

As I continue to try to clarify what is going on in terms of the TRUE World Situation Report it is important to realize that the source of this information is truly new info from the Galactic Perspective. There are two reports here one was released previously and the other a little over two weeks ago. 

The first report chronologically above was released by Thomas-Kim Goguen and her team last year. This is the news flash that is important for people to understand is what is truly taking place. I do not mean to disrespect the Patriot Community- The Q people – The well intened “White Hat Reports but I will make it clear all of these reports have very little true information. Please understand the elite 1% the deep state, the negative illuminati , the satanists, the royal bloodline, the silence groups, the jesuits, the khazarian mafia  the cartels, the politicians, blackwater the Rothschilds, the Rockafellers and the black nobility, AKA Palavacinni familes, the Military R.E.D.S (Retired Extremely Dangerous generals ) and  ET AL: are now in the last and final death throes of their ability to disrupt the Global Restoration Plan. 

The above named traitors to humanity who have been absolutely controlling humanity through manipulation and lies and corruption have had absolute power to act with impunity for a very long time. Though these earth based minions in most cases live but a short time. The interdimensional fallen ones (demons) who can live mutiple thousands of years are for the most part  are now removed from earth influence by others collectively working on earth behalf we refere to as “enforcement”. Though some of the hostile forces do remain and are doing some serious damage.

Those hybridized human traitors have used advanced systems for absolute manipulation and control of human thinking to influence our reality. They have done this through a is a very powerful and deeply complex counter intelligence manipulation operations using technology the average person may have heard about but still cannot understand. We have been conditioned to accept what ever lies they tell us. I recommend as you learn and grow that you question everything coming from your computers and the media. 

The tools that these hybrized traitors to humanity use are not of this world. The “elites” are what the demons woud call “assests” beings to do their bidding so they can claim humanity is soley responsible. We could call collectively the cabal or deep state who are the elites (at the higher levels only) as worshippers of the Fallen Angelic realms.

These fallen that include Cherubin Seraphin and some Elohim who controlled various stargates vortexes, portals, and super computers systems linked to the old Alpha Quantum system. These older and newer technologies are being destroyed in a series of secret battles on going for the last 12 years. The battles are orchestrated by The Office of The Guardian and Ground Command. The Alpha system in now under Kim Goguens control. Yes a single person has been doing all of this by her lonesome lil ol self. But we must accept kims controal as a fact or a given if we are to come to grips with the true world situation reports vs the deep state alt new media “insiders” who are intentionaly given leaked false information from the multiple sources.

Keep in mind the leaked plans are truely what they want to happen but they promote it like its a done deal. Rest assured these old plans will for the most part fail due to divine intervention. Rember divine intervention can only go so far. The galactic “help” keeps in mind free will and earth peoples responsibility to fix the problems WE ALLOWED THE FALLEN ONE TO CREATE. WE CO CREATED BY OUR APATHY AND IGNORANCE. WE  CANNOT COMPLAIN ANYMORE WE MUST BE THE CHANGE NO LONGER CAN WE PREPARE FOR CHANGE. READ CARFEFULLY THE REPORT BELOW I BELIEVE THE STATEMENTS TIED TO THE GGOVERNMENTS ACCESS THAT THOMAS SPEAKS OF IS CORRECT! 

 This is a very important update share with me Via The Deputy Director of The Global Inteligence Agency. Mentions: Ground Command and GIA. WARNING: The Entire World is Now Compromised – Currently it is Under International or Global Martial Law – Knock Knock: It’s FEMA, We’re Here for Your Guns and Stockpile! Thomas sent this headline with a link that is sharing what FEMA and other non Govermental Agencies are attempting to do. I choose not to post this link because most of the information is false. I do not want to promote this news channel to be associated with Thomas or The Global Restoration Project.  These attempts by by FEMA  will NOT be sucessful because Kim has made declared new lawful declarations. These lawful declarations have nothing to do with earth based law or the deep state satanist system. This system is being dismantled piece by piece program by program and we know nothing of these military actions.

The reason is this being done behind the scenes is because people are not ready to assimilate this Extra Dimensional- Extra Terrestrial reality that has been hidden to the world because of the trauma to the earth peoples beliefs. The shock would cause chaos the intensity of this truth is going destroy religious dogma and the enitre societal infra-structure will go thorugh a complete restructuring. The white hats claim people are being arrested I will say for the most part this has not happened. “Trust the Plan” is the meme to let you sit back and trust the same people who have been running the earth “S” show forever.

Dont trust them it is up to “we the people’ not the current system of governance or the corrupt  non governmental for profit corporations who dont give a monkeys butt about the average person. Begin to gather with likeminded individuals in your community to prepare to take care of your community because there will be no help from “The Governments od the world. There are good innocent people in governments who sincerely want to do good things. The top echelon of orders and control are folling a program they blindly follow. 

The time for TRUTH is now we cannot hide that this Golden Age and the shift to Light from the ignorant any longer. The transition will be championed by the people when they realize what is going on. This is my mission to help people of earth to understand the truth so we can change things of our own free will. We will not be told what to do to make it better the ET groups are not here to save us. They are here to act as guides and mentors.  

The ETs do not want to be worshiped as Gods or to be feared. They are currently here clandestinely trying to promote spiritual gnosis on an individual basis. The Govts. still have shoot to kill orders on the un-indentified and denial of the reality of the presence of hundred of millions of interactions between space people and ths of earth for literally thousands of years. They will never tell the truth because they are criminals and they will loose power and money its sick. For those of you who are sick and tired here is the good news.

This information below is directly from Thomas Melville the Deputy Director of the Only real inteligence agency on the planet. The GIA  is recognized by the Galactic Confederation of Light. The United Coucil of Worlds and the many other alliances that are helping us tranform the earth as smoothly and possible. This transformation supported invisibly be benevolent ET councils must be done with the intention to minimize chaos surrering violence WolrdThe Reality of International Martial Law has been declared by Ground Command!

To See  Full Report Link Below 

2024 – May 10th update – British Isles version – FINAL

From Thomas Melville These are Toms ideas based on his work with the Archivists and his personally observing Galactic Council Meetings and working directly with Ground Cammand.  

Governments on the Brink of Collapse. With the declaration of international martial law, individual governments find themselves cast adrift in a sea of uncertainty, their authority stripped away as they scramble to assert their sovereignty before the unforgiving gaze of Ground Command. Bankrupt and unrecognized, these once-proud entities now find themselves at the mercy of a power beyond their comprehension. . .

Again I encourage you to educate yourself for free by watching youtube or other links below. 

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