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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Crystals from Khazakstan -Ludmila, Mira, Irina The Savior, The Avatar, & The Dragonheart Crystals

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This is a very special nterview with three special women who have teamed up and between the three of these women Ludmila is the primary guardian who is in charge. However her sister guardians Irina and Mira each play pivotal role in the sharing the crystals with the world. please excuse the porr quality we were having internet connection issues. please be patient as you listen and wait for the translations
These girls a temporary custodian of the Savior which is to be housed and kept on display with a north amarican native indian tribe. this special crystal has tremedous power. The second crystal is the avatar and is meant for indigo starseeds and others in incarnation having. hard time adjusting to the earths frequencies, The final Crystal is a pure white stone and will be very important in the near future. any native american who is interested in helping to house this can contact me through my website

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