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Message From Valiant Thor & Venusian Hierarchy Answers Questions-Solar Warming

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Dear Promise Friends,

This is part 2 of my post-Summer Conference Report. I hope you will all be able to follow this information without fear or feel any need to focus primarily or obsessively on the possible outcomes to come.I have promised to be only a postman or messenger relaying information directly from my friends from Venus. I am blessed and grateful to be allowed to be in a position as an ambassador of sorts to share their messages of love and hope as they are given to me!

I am well aware any transgression of my responsibility to convey their messages with excess ego to accumulate money or fame will immediately remove me from my position as a postman delivering messages from our brothers and sisters who do live on the 3rd-4th dimension of our closest neighbor Venus. Please keep an open mind and use discernment and stay positive thoughts are things! Energy follows thought Please join the Basic membership for free to see special offers by clicking this link here Basic Membership Free or you can join inner Circle and get special offers here. Inner Circle

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Eternal Thanks and Gratitude to Dr. Raymond Keller for facilitating these questions to our friends from Venus and Transcribing the Answers!

By Rob Potter
Mt Shasta Ca
June 25th, 2022
Questions To The Venusian Hierarchy of Light

Rob – Dear Friends From Venus,

As always, I am very grateful for the opportunity to be able to ask questions for the benefit of humanity’s gnosis in understanding the whole truth.  I ask these questions now for the public.

Rob- Ahl Lahn David Wallace the contactee from California who is in contact with Bro Kali and the Andromeda representative “L” has now had another Contact from what I presume is a higher dimensional being with wings named Eric.  This message from Eric was heartening and positive and yet it intimated an Event that would bring Multiple Star Nations to be seen in the long-awaited open public contact.  This was announced to come sometime soon.  Of course, Dave said soon for them could be up to 8 years away or even longer.

Important  –  Understanding of Not Only Global Warming But Solar Warming

Answer: Ahl-Lahn:   Brother Robert:  Yes, David is correct in his assessment.  Following the passing of a near-Earth asteroid in seven years, followed by a similar event two years later, physical conditions on Earth will continue to deteriorate with an intensity of earthquakes and significantly changing weather patterns brought on by humankind’s abuse of the natural environment.  Additionally, the Sun will continue to heat up, and hence, your planet.  There will be a dramatic increase in mass coronal ejections which will also create havoc with your electrical grids and communication infrastructure(R-It is very important you read this information and digest it! Reflect and Meditate!  Do not go into FEAR – God has a plan this is a natural event!)

As Dr. Frank Stranges warned the masses in 1972, the time would come when a cloud of hydrogen gas with a temperature hotter than 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit would begin a passage through our solar system, entering our realm of planets at a sixty-degree angle to the plane of the ecliptic. (Rob- added message after responses delivery: David has said from his research this cloud may be radioactive!) The cloud is already here and will not leave our solar system for some one hundred years.  The Sun is interacting with this cloud on many electromagnetic levels, igniting it and setting off changes on all planets.  Earth changes and resulting instabilities will continue into the 2060s when the largest residual mass of the hydrogen cloud clears Earth’s orbital path.  Then you can expect that a new social and economic stabilization will emerge in North America and Europe.  Its influence is projected to slowly extend around the globe into the 2120s, by which time the cloud will have also left the solar system.


I have been sharing this entire message privately because it gives the Starseeds hope.  I assumed it was ok [to share] because Dr. Frank warned people in 1972!  This is important for those with ears to hear and to prepare for, including me, as I have no idea if and when or if I will be included in this elect group.  I am always careful not to assume much in this regard, although I hope my vibration will be worthy of evacuation if still in my human form at the time of the transition, whenever that will occur!

Answer -Ahl-Lahn

During these years of transition, many of the elect ones will be physically lifted off the Earth for new lives on other celestial locations, i.e., planets, planetoids, moons, asteroid bases, or space platforms within our solar system.  They will return to Earth as needed in the capacity of teachers and builders of a new world.

(R-This confirms the information that I received in my very first telepathic contact at age 8 please see “About Me” on this website to reference this story. This was also talked about by Dr. Frank Stranges and many have confused this with “The Rapture!” This is an evacuation of those with sufficient light to accept the coming shift in frequencies that are now transforming all life. This is also talked about in the Book Ashtar Command by Tuella and is available for those through the archives in the Inner Circle.) 

R- Question:  Can you please tell us the truth of Moses and the 10 commandments who he spoke with and the general idea to establish God’s laws amongst enslaved people of Egypt?  There was no Jewish Race, was there, only those that believed in the one true God?  Correct?

Answer-Ahl-Lahn:   Brother Robert: The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20) were delivered to Moses by God.  They are the primary laws that govern human behavior on this planet.

Rob: Follow up question to the above, when you say delivered by God, do mean Salem Melchizedek / Archangel Michael or directly in internal gnosis of hearing God in his head like the burning bush that appeared to Moses as described by Dr. Frank in the Inner circle meetings?   I always considered the burning bush a higher dimensional hierarchy guiding Moses and empowering him in his position as a chosen representative.

Answer-Al Lahn: The literal descendants of Abraham that follow the Jewish religion are the descendants of ancient Chaldeans.  Jews are members of a religion that believes in one God, i.e., they are monotheistic.

Question- Rob: Moses was disgusted after the golden calf debacle after he left those who followed him in Exodus after only 40 days! Some say he broke the Tablets and went back up the mountain and came down with 613 silly laws. These laws are ridiculous and are part of Leviticus. Raymond says these laws came from Ezra.  Wikipedia says there were other potential personages or authors and that the first reference is about 1300 BC.  Can you please clarify where these crazy laws really came from?

I dismiss out of hand that The Hierarchy of Light gave Moses such an onerous number of stupid rules to follow, like why you must sacrifice lambs for certain reasons.  This sounds like a priesthood that wants to get money from people who would follow these stupid laws.

R- Question: Were the 613 Laws given to The Jewish people mentioned in “Leviticus” in the same period as the life of Moses, and by Moses, or was this a misdirection of humanity by the dark force, interlopers influence, or just some power-hungry teachers?

Answer Ahl-Lahn:  Brother Robert, The Ten Commandments are applicable to all on this planet.  The 613 laws you mention are Rabbinical requirements added later by Ezra, as Raymond explained, about 2000 years later.

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R- Question for Ahl-Lahn: With your position as head of The Sharunna (The Venusian Security Chief)  my intuition is telling me that you may have walked with Christ in some way, possibly acting clandestinely, as part of his security force.  Is My Speculation correct?

Answer: Ahl-Lahn

Brother Robert, Members of the Angel Force were standing by; but the Master Jesus opted to seal his testimony with his own blood, thus eternally proclaiming his love of the Earth and all its inhabitants, and thereby finishing the work his Father sent him to this planet to do (John 3:16).

Rob- Comment: Not that the Master would need a security force, but I have read enough of his life to know that he was dodging the authorities and avoiding confrontation as much to protect his disciples as to protect his followers.

I have pondered often if you were the angel on his tomb who told the women “He is Not Here”?  Val says that that angel was a personal friend of his!  Ahl-Lahn, I Feel Master Jesus had more than just his intuition and was probably constantly having multi-dimensional relations with many beings such as yourself.

Question: Ahl-Lahn

Did you walk with Christ or, if he knew you were from Venus, as part of an Angel Force?

Answer:  Ahl-Lahn

Brother Robert, Yes, I was one of those standing by in case he needed my assistance.  Yes, I was also there with two other companions from Persia at the

birth of Jesus. (R-Comment WOW! FYI- Ahl Lahn is 2400 years old!)

Lady Orda Current Queen of Venus-Head of Solar Council of Saturn-
Head of Galactic Confederation of Light
Comprised of 601 Worlds & 51 Solar Systems

Questions for Lady Orda answered by Ahl-Lahn

Forgotten genesis The  Influence of the Annunaki  

R-Question:  Lady Orda in my questions about the Romanian Bucegi complex that is revealed in the Transylvania Sunrise Series of books, you said it was created by Anunnaki and humans.  Did you mean that these beings were hybrids or that the humans worked with them?  I am guessing hybrids of the Enlil line.

Answer: Ahl-Lahn:

Brother Robert, I have been instructed by Queen Orda to answer these questions on her behalf.  There was a small remnant of the Anunnaki on the Earth at that time, with a greater number of hybrids, followed by an even greater number of human subjects.  Those hybrids were, as you surmised, of Enlil’s line.

Question: Lady Orda, is the information from the book Forgotten Genesis shared by Radu Cinamar accurate? He was allowed to view the long history of mankind’s genetic development using an Akashic record library.  He was trained by the inner earth breakaway group called the Dacians, from their sub-surface civilization called Apellos, underneath the mountain range in Romania called Apunsei

Question: Lady Orda, Is the story of what Radu witnesses in Akashic records and his description of the beings from a spaceship called Nibiru, accurate?  Are these the beings that created the great pyramid 13.5 thousand years ago, as he describes?


Brother Robert, The Great Pyramid is truly much older than archaeologists on Earth estimate.  It was indeed, built approximately 13,500 years ago.  Its construction was supervised by the beings you refer to as the Anunnaki.  They came from the rogue planet Nibiru, which broke away from the Sirian system-annexed brown dwarf star Anu countless eons ago.

Rob- Added Question:  What caused the planet Nibiru to become rogue?  In the sense that it lost its orbit around the Sirius star system, was it a natural event, caused by war, or, was it equipped with technology that controlled its orbit?  Were these the Anunnaki that was the Enlil and Enki line that originally was one of the stronger genetic influencers of current humanity?

Radu’s apperception is describing a highly spiritual race, whose giant spaceship was damaged, and the story of a highly spiritual benevolent being who heads up a genetic enhancement project on earth.  This effort is recognized as unique and garners universal interest and support in the development of the current human 3.0. by many galactic races over the last 432,000 years or so.

He creates two lines or branches; the Enlil and the Enki line.  The Enlil is more refined, spiritually aware, and etheric as opposed to the Enki line which is hardier but denser.  The Enlil line after some 300 thousand years of various ET influence, in a type of Nursery, evolve and eventually become the Atlanteans.

Apparently, and simultaneously, other races are tinkering with the new earth species as well and are creating their own versions of humans from which they harvest DNA. The history and story of the various intergalactic wars and the various races involved in developing human genetics on earth appear to be mostly benevolent with, as Raymond states, “wild wild west” conflicts thrown in.

The timeline of the Hyperborean and various other wars devastating earth and postponing human evolution throughout the last 432,000 years makes this a fascinating read.  From this Akashic record story, I have several more questions. In this book, the progenitors of modern humans are the Anunnaki.  They are described as having reptilian features, extremely evolved, and spiritual. On the other hand, the Anunnaki in Sumerian times, and in our current situation, seem to be malevolent.

Question: Lady Orda, is Planet X the Nibiru that Raymond talks about being 1,500 years away from our solar system, Inhabited?  if so, are these the same benevolent beings talked about by Radu, our benevolent Progenitors?

Answer: Ahl-Lahn:   Brother Robert, there are some 120 extraterrestrial species that have left genetic imprints on your planet’s hominid evolution.  The Anunnaki were one of them, albeit one of the more influential.

R-Question: Lady Orda, are the Anunnaki Benevolent, malevolent, or both?  Or are some good and some bad?

Answer: Ahl-Lahn: Brother Robert, Both.  They split into two factions immediately upon their arrival on Earth:  Enlil vs Enki, with Enlil, considered the more benevolent one.

Question: Lady Orda, has one group broken away and is bad?   The book does indicate that some of the Anunnaki referenced on earth recently may be different than the highly spiritual progenitors.

Answer: Ahl-Lahn: Brother Robert, Naturally, they are different, separated by thousands of years of evolution and adaptation to our solar system.  Survival at the fringes of the solar system takes up most of their concern so, they are not so much of a threat.  Many pure Anunnaki, as well as hybrids, live peacefully among your Earth population, going largely undetected.

R-Q Addendum question: Are the inhabitants of Nibiru part of the current Draco alliance and are they of the Enki persuasion or, do these beings have an AI agenda to keep mankind in ignorance or in “survival mode” to keep them struggling?

Answer Ahl-Lahn Conditions on Nibiru have stabilized and the Anunnaki have long since adapted to their planet’s new, but highly elliptical orbit, in our solar system.

Q:  Lady Orda, Raymond has mentioned some events in 2025 that may occur.  I presume this may be The Event that Cobra has talked about.  I trust your statements that you are not concerned about a magnetic flip. I also trust Ahl-Lahn’s statement that an Axial Flip is not in our lifetime.  I did some interviews with Raymond and David on the difference between these three and an X Class solar flare or larger.

(R- Comment I asked the Venusians previously about some natural disasters like magnetic pole shift, and axial flip. They said an Axial flip takes place approximately every 5000 years. The Queen assured me this Axial Flip is some 400 to 500 years in our future. She also said that a magnetic flip is not so worrisome. She further indicated that Niburu will cause tectonic disturbances when it enters this solar system but that it is some 1500 years away from influencing our solar system. They  also said they are more worried about what humans do to each other than any natural catastrophe!)

Based on David’s warning from an Angel with wings that landed outside his house and had offered a message;  to prepare us. I am feeling the event is a large Solar flare that Cobra talks about.  I presume his fear of an axial flip is incorrect.  David seems to think this could cause some major sloshing of the oceans by a magnetic flip or an X-class solar flare!  The Angel did not say the timeline, but they did say soon!

David said he was told sometime by 2033 at the latest.  I am not trying to be a sensationalist, but it seems the Taurus cloud is confirming this eventual X-class Flare or larger.  Raymond has indicated this could take out all electrical systems forcing us into a chaotic and dire situation.

I see this acting as a catalyst for earth’s development, forcing us to come together.  Despite what happened with Lady Columba on earth 4, the people created a better society.  I am hoping the angel forces, as Eric predicted, would be here in mass, to assure humanity of assistance after our humility to nature is demonstrated.

This negative shift for humanity could accelerate, as we would be forced to work with our neighbors toward communal growth and unify our efforts to serve each other. Localized contacts from the star nations and aiding in some minor technological help to ease the pain of the dramatic shift in lifestyle would be good.

Question: Lady Orda, there are many implied questions here.  Can you comment on the possibilities of my speculations or the possible effects of a large solar flare on human technology?

Answer: Ahl-Lahn

Brother Robert, The presence of the massive hydrogen cloud passing through our solar system can magnify the effects of any solar mass ejection to a significant degree.  David is right.  There is much to be concerned about with this situation in the short term.

Rob – These words are my own they are not to be lumped into the statements of Ahl-Lahn. I have thought about this long and hard and want to present my view alone so you can choose to agree or disagree with my analysis or not!

This is my Cautionary Statement meant as a warning to the People of Earth – Though this revelation explains Global Warming it is really an understanding of SOLAR WARMING. This is probably a cyclic phenomenon that is now upon us. We should not ignore this warning and prepare for increasing heat to the earth for another 40 years when it will reach its peak. 

The Deep State and those in power are using this to justify their intentions to control the populace through a communist-like social credit system and a carbon tax to punish those that dare to think differently. It is always the same old story. Truth is twisted into a lie. A problem is either created or realized and a solution is offered that helps these criminals consolidate their total power and control over every aspect of our energy attention and lives. 

I offer here now the solution for those liberty-minded people who can see what this warning portends to not fall prey to fear or act like preppers/hoarders or survivalists. Instead, I think people would be better off ignoring the Governments plans of death and destruction and refusing to participate in their media propaganda-driven narrative to achieve their goals.

Come Together 

Instead, we can start striving together to peacefully find solutions before it is too late! You will see in the very near future as their control matrix collapses that they have nothing positive to offer their fellowman. As the systems and infrastructures of society collapse those who are not relying on government will be recognized as the pioneers of the NEW EARTH. The parasitic deep state is controlled by criminal cartels of materialists and has fooled us all along. It is time we wake up and realize our redemption lies in loving each other without any restriction. 

We must support the least of us the aged the informed those that are considered useless eaters by these crazy people in charge.  We can and will work together to assure a fair and equitable sharing of our resources free of judgment fear hatred and bigotry. Certainly, I  pray you to realize the two laws as taught by Christ 1. To love God with All of our hearts. 2. To do unto others as we would have done unto us. These will take care of everything and allow us to build new earth by following the example provided by the anointed one over 2000 years ago.

I accept the Venusian warning at face value for what it is and I strongly urge those with the awareness of this situation we all face to work together. We should combine forces to create communities based on the principles of love peace and harmony to combine resources to establish islands of light. These are free-form associations to share resources to establish harmony and to create self-sustaining infrastructures in local areas that will allow us to thrive through the coming earth changes. 

New Society

We can create a new society by throwing out old forms of governance and creating a true communal-based sharing system of distribution of resources. We can incorporate the best of socialism by seeing to it that all have food shelter and clothing. We can further add free communication transportation clothing education and health care why not/? 

The current system run by elite families has trillions and trillions of dollars of our money! But the root of the problem seems to be money and its system of corruption that by design puts the control in the hands of the few. 

So, I feel the cause for freedom and peace is more about breaking within ourselves the instilled greed and corruption lust for power, and selfishness that is all too common in how we treat each other. We the people must realize the top influencers of the Elite hierarchy are degenerate and refuse to follow their lies.  Their unwillingness to share is based on greed and materialism and a lack of understanding of Christ’s message. The message of Christ was the truth that we are family and should be treated as such!

No More – we simply refuse to co-operate in their worldwide destruction & plans for WWIII

Money represents our energy plain and simple. They use our energy our “Money” and our brave young men and women’s “service” and  “MONEY”  for War, Bombs Death &  Destruction. These wars are poses of manipulation to sell us the idea of hating our fellowman by encouraging us to fear “The Enemy”. We have been their cannon fodder for too long we are pwns creating vortexes of suffering at their whim or propaganda we fall for it!  I say no more for God has sent his legions of Angels to uplift and protect the faithful we shall stop playing the game and reverse this self-destruction and manipulation once and for all.  Furthermore, we shall do it peacefully and united! 


Question? – How Will We Turn it Around? 

The Answer is together by individually exercising random acts of kindness and supreme patience based on the true knowing and understanding that we are all connected by the web of life and the christ consciousness of love that exists within us all. This is not a religious doctrine this is the one true reality of the most powerful force in the universe which is love. It is surely going to take a lot of love to change the way things are! 

We can all work together to create the Global Restoration Plan

More to Come on this Global Restoration Plan in the future so stay tuned to my future posts and messages. 

R- Question: Commander Rhanes, Is a rising-up of the people to pull the evil ones violently from their positions eventually going to be the only way to change things?

Answer:  Ahl-Lahn For Commander Rhanes – Brother Robert, When the socio-economic and military systems of your world begin to falter, such a scenario becomes all the more plausible.

Rob- Question: Friends I Promised that I would not release the question for the following answer below to which the answer below pertains.  However, the answer is only still relevant in that the answer is literally up to humanity!  So, it’s time to step up and take destiny into our powerful and peaceful loving hands.

Answer Ahl Lahn: The situation on the ground in each country differs according to the circumstances presenting themselves.  For the next two years, the United States remains in a “wait and see” position.

R- Question: Commander Rhanes, You once said, “Pandemics will forever Attend Your world” Since the current “pandemic” is contrived to depopulate the planet via Vaccinations and the Transhumanist agenda.  Were you indicating that we cannot overcome this, and these would continue?

R Question Commander Rhanes, You also have said “The Pale horse has not yet Strode across your Sky”.  This is not very good news as it seems according to prophecy and your quote, we are in for more death and destruction.

R-Question: Are we headed toward an eventual reckoning with nature and our own Karma?

Answer: Ahl-Lahn

Brother Robert, As Dr. Frank has pointed out, everything written in the Bible must needs be fulfilled.  Things will get a lot worse before they start to get better.

Rob Question/Retort: This is not in alignment with Dr. Franks saying the doom and gloom black crepe paper hangers are wrong, and that we are not doomed. He always said to be ready for one-day you may find yourself experiencing the glories of God.

R-Question: Can you explain that these two statements seem to contradict themselves?

Answer: Ahl-Lahn

Brother Robert, The gloom and doom scenario does not apply to the elect of God, chosen according to His purpose.  It does, however, fall upon everyone else.

Rob- Comment: I speculate that perhaps in these difficult times for humanity it is necessary for us to see the absolute abomination of our society and how our thoughts have led us to such an imbalance.  For many, this end to our current world system will be devastating. On the other hand, the humility and reconciliation of the power of nature will impose on mankind will surely cause us to realize and reflect on our responsibility for these problems.

Our disregard for common sense in the supply chain of products that poison our environment and cause genocide of life this is a serious violation of universal law. Our transgressions and violations of natural laws will have repercussions that are unfortunate but something we must deal with whether we like it or not! It seems despite the handful of people crying out for change and respect for mother nature the oligarchs and common man are ok with the forging of mother nature’s beauty into power.

Most of us have either been in support of the abomination or by our silence or been part of these things because either we like the toys! These material comforts and “Toys” that come from the result of our apathy are rewards for our compliance. Most people if they know what’s going on feel there is nothing we can do! People’s apathy is like the views of those who know chemtrails and spraying of the population is going on daily. They reason “ok so what”  and view this destructive crime as “normal”. then they turn a blind eye and say “what can I do about it” or “that’s just the way things are”.

 This attitude will be a cause for the weeping and gnashing of teeth as the bible puts it. We have forgotten our power, sovereignty, and more importantly that thought is things! We have collectively created this situation. We do have the power within us to bring peace and harmony to our world if we would know it & decree it and act with enthusiasm to co-create it! 

R- Question: Is a harsh balancing of the scale of nature inevitable, and like Earth #4 in 2065, will we rise from the ashes after being humbled by the forces of nature?

(R- Comment: Earth # 4 is the parallel earth that the Venusian Angel Force rescued from strangelet and toplet bombs in the year 2065. It is complicated but this book reveals the type of service the Venusians render to our world with the Galactic Confederation of Lights’ support.

This book is written by the beautiful Lady Columba a translated earth woman formerly incarnated as Annabel Krebs who now serves earth as a dual citizen of Venus and the Earth. Her book “Lady Columba Venus Revelations” that she wrote and she handed the transcript to Dr Raymond Keller. You can see all of the available books by my dear friend the adept and mentor Dr. Raymond Keller here

The Background of This Intervention & Rescue of Earth #4

 The amazing Cosmic Ray edited this book written by her in 1961 that was not published because no publisher would accept it as it was too far out there for society at the time. This book chronicles fleets of the Galactic Federation of Light spaceships and her personnel going into earth #4’s future timeline in from our current 1957.

Annabel Krebs was taken to the Moon & Venus from her home in 1957 from her home in Williams Arizona. Her book chronicles her experience of being taken to a platform in somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean before being taken to the Venusian moon base Clarion. This Platform was created by a breakaway civilization from the earth.

 I assume this civilization was aided in the construction of this floating artificial Island by our space brothers of the Galactic Confederation of Light. This is unclear from her book at this time. After testing her character through a short-lived experience on the ocean platform and at the bottom of the ocean she was taken to the moon.

After being aquatinted with the Venusian moon base operations and the technology there she was witness to a council of Space family representatives. This council discussed the foreboding future of a parallel earth #4 that was inevitably going to destroy itself through a nuclear war involving strangelet and toplet bombs.

These types of nuclear weapons called Strangelet and Toplet bombs when deployed, suck living things and objects into a type of dimension X while leaving structures that are affixed to the ground to reman intact. This type of madness was viewed through a time of fourth-dimensional technology. This council which she was able to listen to and witness was discussing the probabilities of this destruction on our parallel #4 and what if anything should be done about this future timeline catastrophe.

 Image of Confederation Council meeting below shared by courtesy of Dr. Raymond Keller and Headline Books. Note The Blue Avian in this late 1950s art by Annabel Krebs aka Lady Columba and the Venusian Hybridized Bee Queen both in attendance while discussing earth #4!

The interaction of the various beings who thrive in various atmospheres and environments was a fascinating education of the very “Star Wars” like technologies of translation and environmental control needed for such a council. These are the technologies and wisdom exercised by our space family to serve and protect life on the lower third dimension.


From this book, it is very clear that the Venusians are certainly our primary guardians of the earth throughout our very long history.  There is so much help from other worlds to help the people on earth behind the scenes right now that we will surely see some very big changes in our society in the very near future! 

The reality of parallel earth’s in and of itself is hardly even speculated by even a very few earth scientists that this remains a fantasy to the uneducated masses. The reality of time travel is gaining more acceptance now that the secrets of our government’s corrupt programs are being revealed in the revelations of whistle-blowers about projects like “Looking Glass” which are being slowly unraveled.

I will speculate that in this Council of advanced benevolent federation members that there was reconnaissance not only visually future timeline reconnaissance but also individuals who traveled to this probable future to determine in person with boots on the ground what the circumstances were and if it could be avoided. Somehow it was decided to aid this parallel earth at the time of this cataclysm bought about by mankind’s hatred and fear of their fellow man. 

Some Rules of Time Travel

The few rules of the current Venusian society in our timeline that I know are this. #1. The Venusians are restricted from looking into their own future. #2. I understand they are allowed to look into future timelines on other planets in our timeline within our solar system. 3 They also are allowed to support the other 7 parallel planets in future time timelines if deemed necessary by the councils.

They do have a “Time Temple” where a select group monitor “The Monotonous flow of time” as  Dr. Raymond Keller reports as he was allowed to work daily for 10 weeks in this temple from Dec 21st 2012 to the middle of February. He viewed the akashic records to research his soon-to-be 10 Ten Books on the History of the Venusian Mission to earth!

  The Actual Rescue of Earth # 4

  This rescue was specifically to evacuate earth members before and during the self-created cataclysm of nuclear bombardment. The operations also had them periodically aiding them for at least 26 years in their future teaching them how to live and peace and helping them rebuild some of their civilization.

 It seems the powers on that earth #4 succumbed to the bigotry, hatred and fear, and animosity to the point the powers that be launched an all-out thermonuclear war. As was known this caused the annihilation of their societies and destroyed most life on the surface.  

This use of exotic strangelet and toplet bombs was sheer madness that ended up precipitating an Axial flip. That flip causes the south pole to become the north pole and vice versa. The shifting of continents submerging some continents and raising others serves as a warning to us to refuse to participate in our own destruction influenced by corrupt and very EVIL mad men who literally hate mankind and god. This is similar to what we have on our earth today.

Their help included evacuating many people of sufficient spiritual progress as well as many as possible immediately following the drop of these weapons. They also released the “Green Fireballs” to neutralize as much radiation as possible. Furthermore, they plucked many from the seas as Lemuria and Atlantis rose from the depths and other continents plunged into the seas,

They also helped to rebuild the new earth after the axial flip and actually teach them the ways of prayer and connecting directly to god.  They provided technology and other support for at least 26 years!

Answer: Ahl-Lahn

Brother Robert, Yes, Earth #4 is a viable timeline.  All seven other Earth projections show long-range good tidings for humankind.

R-Question: You said that the Elect will not experience certain things.  Is this like the Evacuation of certain individuals of sufficient vibrational resonance on earth # 4 right before the Toplet Bombs precipitated an axial flip?  Will it be possible that the multiple Star nations to lend assistance to those of the right vibration?

Answer: Ahl-Lahn Brother Robert, Brothers and sisters from other planets will help the people of Earth in later times of transition to a New Age.

Rob- With Much love and gratitude, I send to those in service to the Earth, the Crews of Every Ship in The Victor Class Fleets, my love and thanks.

Ahl-Lahn:   Brother Robert,  A recorded communication from Valiant Thor will be made for the conference.  However, this will be restricted to attendees only, not for further transmission.

R-Question- May I release the transcript of Val’s message to the public?

Ahl-Lahn’s Answer: Yes, it is permissible to release a transcript.

Thank you all so very much.  I am so grateful for your kindness and mercy upon my soul.

God Save the Queen!  May she be granted another extension to her reign and position of serving Venus as the head of the Solar Council and The Galactic Confederation of Light.

Val’s- Response:  The work of enlightenment carried out by you and the Promise Revealed, and all “cosmic postal workers”, is also highly esteemed by Topside personnel.  Carry on in the light of Venus and divine revelation.


Valiant Thor Created Being Not Born on Venus But Serving Venus At The Request of Jesus Christ To Oversee The Galactic Confederation Of Light & Venusian Missions on Earth

Transcript of recording from Commander Valiant Thor of Victor One addressing the Mt. Shasta Venus Conference – July 2022

R-This transcript of Valiant Thor is the exact transcript of the voice-recorded message that was played for those in attendance at The Mt Shasta Summer Conference. – This Transcript also reflects the same style of information given to Dr. Frank Stranges that he shared at inner circle meetings throughout his time serving on the council of 12 for many years until his death. He has since translated to Venus and is now an Ascended Master as you read below! The recorded message can never be played in public ever again!

Valiant Thor – “Communique from Victor Fleet Commander Valiant Thor to the elect pilgrim souls on Earth’s material plane.

Queen Orda, the Hierarchy of Light, and the Venus Angle Force Extend their most gracious greetings to all assembled at the Look to Venus Morning Star Revelations Conference now being held on the slopes of beautiful Mount Shasta in Northern California this July 9, 2022.

I am their appointed messenger, Victor Fleet Commander Valiant Thor, who now shares the honor of addressing you. In the days to come your dreams will become much more vivid.  In these dreams, you will find yourself aboard my starship the Victor One, usually in a polar orbit at an inclination bearing some 60 to 90 degrees to your planet’s equator.

Your NASA and other space agencies of the earth have identified my ship as the legendary Black Night.  It is saucer-shaped and approximately 300 feet in diameter.  Our longitudinal flight path has shifted a few hundred miles to the west and has now taken us over to your location in Northern California.

We are moving from a Southern to Northern direction at this time, soon to pass over you’re the North Pole. At such times of our passing overhead in the nighttime hours, you are invited aboard the Victor One to attend night classes.  You will lose track of time as it is measured on Earth while you are attending such classes on the Victor One. 

You will find it a very rich experience, not soon to be forgotten. Despite your presence onboard this ship in your astral body, everything will seem quite solid and substantial.  As the pursuit and acquisition of happiness by the elect ones of Earth is a designated mission of the Venusian Angel force.  You will discover all that you could possibly hope for on board the Victor One or any other Venusian spacecraft.

You will also meet many of the exalted beings of the Venusian Angel Force who work with me in carrying out my missions of enlightenment and peace throughout this quadrant of the milky way galaxy.  They all have a general human appearance but there are some differences. 

(R-Angel Force refers to Venusians living and walking amongst in service to the people of the earth quietly influencing people toward peaceful relations and leading many people toward truth in all their endeavors including scientists musicians, military, and financial influencers to name a few!)

Do not be afraid when you encounter my splendid and long-time friend and associate, YO. He comes from a distance solar system with nearly 100 inhabited worlds orbiting a central sun.  As there are so many worlds, each one has simply been designated by a number.

(R-Spelled YO but pronounced as) Yeoh is about 6 foot 2 inches in height and weighs some 190 pounds.  He has a reddish complexion like the native Americans of your world and has only one eye.  This eye spans the same distance that exists across your face as two eyes.  He looks rather scary at first glance, cyclopean.  He has the ability to move his eye back and forth from one side of his face to the other so that nothing escapes his rapt attention. His intelligence rivals that of the most astute scientists on Earth.  He has his being emanations of light.  YO looks forward to meeting you soon when you take your place as one of the students in one of the night classes.

I Valiant Thor am now from the planet that you call Venus but which we refer to as Abejar.  Along with me and instructing the night classes is another Venusian, Teel. She is about 5 foot 11 inches in height and weighs about 180 lbs.  She is immediately recognizable by her bright green eyes and flaming red hair.  She is musically talented in vocals and instruments and usually opens all assembly meetings with an enchanting song.

Another female instructor you are likely to meet is Berean Leahl from a large moon of Jupiter that I am not permitted to identify for you at this time for security reasons.  She is about the same height as Teel but weighs only about 125 pounds.  What makes her stand out is her light blue skin color.  She also has sharp blue eyes and bright blue hair, shoulder length. This is common for most inhabitants of Lunar Colonies no matter what their parent world might be.  Her area of expertise is diplomacy, getting people to talk with one another, find common ground and provide spiritual enhancement to life for all peoples.

Our space navigator and engineer, Helia Darina, is considered the most advanced scientist in our space quadrant.  He will acquaint you with some of the more advanced technology aboard Victor One and provides information as to the 601 planetary systems of the Galactic Federation of Light within 51 solar systems.

My vice commander Don, Thon, the resurrected Dr, Frank Stranges, Communications officer Jill, and many others of the Victor One spacecraft frequently sit in on the classes as observers and seconds in the event an instructor is called away. 

From time to time, Uniah, one of six ascended masters that makes visits to Victor One, will make a more frequent appearance.  Uniah has been guiding the Earth from behind scenes since the beginnings of life on your planet. He hails from the gold star planet at the fringe of your knowable universe.  This is all I can say about this personnel and classes at this time.

Stay strong in the power of the blue flame and the agape love of the universal Creator and his holy angels.  Your adventure is soon about to begin.  We of Victor One believe that you have constituted one of the most important groups on the face of the Earth today.  Do not fail to take every opportunity to be kind to your brothers and sisters of your world.  Let the light of the Morning Star rise in your hearts thus filling your hearts with love for all.

I want you to know that I love you all and wish you the happiest and most illuminating Venus Conference.  May God bless and prosper the United States of America.  Protect her in the prophesized perilous days ahead.

Robert Potter, an associate of Dr. Frank E. Stranges, and a member of the original inner circle will now light a candle and invoke the Ring of Fire Prayer for divine protection for you all in carrying out this mighty work initiated by Dr. Frank E. Stranges back in the late 1940s.

There was a tremendous amount of information shared here in this post please listen to your heart, pray & stay with your positive vibrations & do not go into fear. Please feel free to contact me and watch my website I will be releasing more videos and information soon!
Rob Potter


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