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Introduction To The Gospel Of Thomas-Part IV

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This is part IV in a series of posts to be revealed to the faithful followers of the truth. I will hope you will set aside and preconceived notions and allow these words to filter into your fertile mind to take root to inspire you to act decisively and to flourish in the fullness of time. Tarry not for now is the time to follow the lord through your actions based on his revelations. Act now in faith-based measured devotional service to others in enacting “God’s Plan In Your Life.” R. Part

Part IV – The Challenge of the Hierarchy of Darkness

We must live by faith due to the situation the Earth is in at the present time. Now is the long-prophesized time of the Apocalypse, or end times, which in truth means “REVELATION.” Be not afraid, stunned, or shocked of the revelations of the whole truth; for now, all that was hidden shall be known. Gird your loins and arm yourself with the armor of truth and divine justice. Step forth into your knowledge and expand your thinking to embrace a broader view of the universe.

This is not the place or time to go into the details of Fallen Angels from the realms of light, but I will say that many have been cast from the realms of light into the lower and denser dimension of Earth. They have had their own time to choose love and redemption, and the time for them to repent is now over.

Thomas is confronted with these interdimensional demons, as was Christ during his ministry. These demons even challenge Thomas, saying in essence: “What are you doing here now? Our allotted time is not yet completed.”

These encounters reveal that God has infinite patience, and even the wicked have a chance to turn away from evil and embrace God. The time of Judgement is now and these wicked ones will have their individual souls destroyed and recycled. The biblical scripture is brought to mind in the references to the “Lake of Fire.” I suggest looking at the world’s chaos and using discernment as to how this condition is possible, and the best way to avoid it.

This destruction of humanity is not caused by human mismanagement or ignorance; this is a concerted detailed plan by progenitors of destruction that could never succeed. For God is, was, and always will be; and the folly of evil always comes to an end. Research and study and you will find non-human influence tempting the people of Earth to ignore God and truth. This force is called Satan or the “adversary.” The adversary takes many disguises; so be wary.

How this Gospel was Written

This Gospel was written by Thomas, a man inspired by God. Just like all of the Gospels, they are taken from written or verbal accounts of eyewitnesses who were present as the acts happened. To an extent, this is true of this Gospel except that this particular Morning Star Version has a supernatural component.

The other Gospels may have or may not have been transcribed from earlier versions of originals. These also may have been altered from their intended description to not reveal the entire truth. There may have been unintended translational errors and other manner of faults to contribute to the incomplete revelation of all the Gospels. But thankfully, there are many Gospel accounts, from which many blank spaces might be filled insofar as the life of Jesus, the Christ, is concerned.

Supernatural Aspect of this Gospel

To understand the supernatural aspect of the writing of this Gospel of Thomas, I have laid a foundation in the paragraphs above to prepare the faithful who have known these hidden truths. In order to understand the guidance through the arc of time and to separate facts from myths, we must acknowledge the interdimensional Hierarchy of Light.

This Hierarchy of Light, God’s administrators or association of divine personages, are all altruistic and benevolent. They are multi-dimensional and made up of women and men with many lifetimes of experience; and all have natural gifts we might consider superpowers. They convene in united universal councils with representatives from many worlds regularly. The grandeur and grace of the representatives in bursting with spiritual potency. These masters of many disciplines come together to consult in their agreed-upon parameters of interacting with regard to assisting or helping develop life on the multitudinous worlds. Research “Seraphin-Ophanim-Elohim” for further insight.

The Earth is a special case in their care for many reasons, but we are watched over more closely due to the fallen beings that now hold positions of influence on Earth for a short period of time, which is just a little longer. We could go back to many interventions by these councils of light in the earth’s history to see to it that the earth is not destroyed or that the true teaching of God is not erased or forgotten. But this is not the time to try and prove or explain these corrections in the course of human events.

Reflections on Mormonism

I will not debate or criticize the Mormon religion as it is today; other than to say that its origins stem from individuals sincerely seeking God’s revealed truth; but whose ecclesiastical structure imposed upon them numerous unwarranted demands and a limited interpretation of their founder, Joseph Smith, Jr.’s teachings, after his death.  This has nothing to do with the faithful who follow the true teachings of the founder of whatever religion is created. The divisions and infighting for spiritual supremacy between religions is pathetic, in my view, as we are all one people under God. To think that God would not make provisions for His children to learn the truths of His universe in multiple cultures and present the truth of love in various times is again to deny the power of God. The messages are the same; but for some reason, people need to always “be right” and, as a consequence, marginalize the beliefs of others.

Urimm and Thummin – The Seer and Interpreter

The Urim and Thummim are talked about in the Old Testament in regard to the Ark of The Covenant. They were given to the chosen messengers and used for guidance. They are said to be two objects that gave the messenger answers to questions. One was a stone that was said to be inlaid on the breastplate of Aaron, the brother of Moses. The messenger would face the Ark of the Covenant and a person would ask a question. The messenger facing the ark would see an answer in his mind to the question, and thereby apply an informed interpretation.

In this way, the Hierarchy of Light was guiding limited human thinking to reestablishing a civilization after the flood. The teachings of love and light were lost and it was imperative that humanity be nurtured with direct contact that would not interfere with our development.

Joseph Smith – Urim and Thummim – Short Version

The founder of the Mormon religion, Joseph Smith, Jr., was visited by an angel named Moroni who encouraged him to go to a certain location and unearth some ancient tablets made of gold. He eventually did as he was asked and uncovered two objects that would allow him to interpret these tablets.

After he interpreted the plates amongst much controversy, he returned the plates to an unknown location. He started an association of followers that turned into a movement and now as we know it today, it is a worldwide religion. Joseph Smith, Jr.,   eventually was assassinated for his attempt to reaffirm the teachings of Christ that were lost. I strongly suggest you all research this history on your own.

Why this Gospel is Accurate

This gospel is accurate because Raymond Keller was given the same or similar tools; Urim and Thummim by the primary guardians of Earth. This guardian angel force is from Venus and Raymond, being of pure heart and impeccable character, was entrusted with these tools. He has faithfully completed his task to use this interdimensional tool to give an eyewitness accounting of the events as they truly happened.

The Seer Stone and Interpreter Explained

Raymond explained these tools to me and how he used them, and I felt it to be very important to reveal this information in this introduction. Raymond said he has one stone called the Seer and a pair of goggles called the interpreter. The process is that he places the Seer on his third eye and looks at the fragmented text through the goggles. He said these goggles are like the ones World War I pilots wore, at least in their outward appearance.

He says he is literally somehow transported mentally to the time and place that the event took place. He is in a type of bi-location signal that allows him to see into the Akashic Record or Book of Life. For those unfamiliar with this term, I suggest you research it. I will say that all activities in the solar system are recorded and stored in crystals on the various worlds and can be resurrected through technology. Crystals grow for millions of years, and in some way, they are recording activities that can be accessed.

One of the most amazing things for me was to realize that with these tools the Seer and the Interpreter Raymond could actually look at an event, again and again, to observe the surroundings and perceive the thoughts and feelings of these historical characters.

The other wonderful thing that comes from this divine technology is that we get as close to the exact truth as it actually happened. I know Raymond’s own viewpoint is inherent in the viewpoint as he describes the events. Please bear in mind the words from Thomas or Christ are exactly as they happened and are written by Thomas.

When I consider the fluidity of the narrative and how easily Raymond has transcribed these events from so long ago, it is by far the easiest read and most realistic account of any of the other gospels, in my opinion. Raymond is a master scribe, and you will not even notice how seamlessly he fuses what was happening in each location with our own experiences in the contemporary age.

His eloquence and control of the English language is effortless. He has easily impressed upon our 21st-century minds the events so we can envision, understand and believe this to be just as real as if he reported what happened yesterday. I have grown in my understanding of Christ through this Gospel of Thomas and I hope you will feel the same. 

Rob Is Astounded

During the course of Raymond’s preparing this book, I have been allowed to ask questions of him about this process and he has generously shared some insights with me. Naturally, I was astounded upon hearing about these gifts and asked so many questions I cannot remember them all or the answers right now; but he did say he was granted the license to interpret these in our modern vernacular of language and understanding. For instance, in the Gospel of Thomas, Raymond says “Jesus,” but his name was Yehoshua or Joshua as it was pronounced at the time. Jesus comes from the Greek word IASOS which means “anointed one.” He was called “Master” or “Rabboni” by most of the people during his ministry. I asked him why he said “Jesus” in the Gospel of Thomas, and Raymond replied, “Because this is how people know him today.”

He also said in India at the time they could only pronounce Yesu; they could not articulate Joshua. So now I asked how Thomas, a Hebrew, could speak to the people of India in their native tongue. He explained that in the beginning, Thomas had an Indian merchant who served as an interpreter with him, but Raymond left much of that part out of the Gospel as it was unimportant to the overall message. After a time, Thomas could speak the language fluently enough that he did not need an interpreter.

I asked what the real Jesus looked like and suggested we hire a police sketch artist to allow him to reproduce the Master’s likeness based on Raymond’s description. This could not be allowed due to the security protocols of the Urim and Thummim. Therefore, Raymond contacted a talented artist, Daniel Gorman, who Raymond said has done an incredible job of reproducing these images.

The Urim and Thummim have now been returned to the Venusian guardians to be put back in their resting place for safekeeping. Raymond is constantly under surveillance and is protected from harm by any unstable people who might have had the inclination to take the Urim and Thummim, had this project been revealed prematurely.

Raymond also is an incredible researcher and he is a Biblical scholar. You will notice the in-depth references and annotations are impeccable and beyond reproach. The detail he provides lends well-researched credibility to the  truly remarkable character of the Gospel of Thomas.

In closing, I will address the fact that Raymond Keller is a physical contactee of the Venusians, our closest neighbors, and celestial brothers and sisters. Raymond has a long history with our space family from Venus and he visited that planet for 10 weeks in 2012-2013. I strongly urge you to read all of his books as he is now finishing his eighth book on Venus and you will learn much of the space family who attended Christ and even walked with him during his ministry. Remember I said to be not doubtful and to expand your thinking in regard to God’s Ministry of Angels.

The guides and guardians have told me to tell everyone to have no fear, for God has not forsaken us. Continue in your good works and keep love in your hearts. Christ came to teach us to tap the spring of peace and to see God in everything; and as we act accordingly in all of our relationships, we will be granted life both happy and eternal.

May God Bless Us All,

Robert Potter

22 July 2021

Mt. Shasta, California

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