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The Youth Gospel of Jesus

Jesus and Thomas 01

Dear Friends,

There is a renewed trend of New Agers and new lightworkers confused by all of the dark agendas and lies of confusion designed by the dark side to ignorantly deny the holy sacred and divine truths revealed by Jesus Christ. The foremost recent theory that has been around for 2000 years is that Christ did not die on the cross. I have not met him physically but I have been pervaded by his holy spirit.

I further have met a Translated earth man now the Head of the Venusian security for the Angel Force on earth. He is originally from Persia and  is now over 2400 years old. He was present at the time of christ’s birth, his name is  Ahl Lahn. Ahl Lahn walked with Christ as part of his security force ready to assist him if he required it. (there were many beings not of the earth) walking clandestinely amongst his followers to hear the words of the incarnate Creator Son deliver his messages of love and truth to a fallen world. Ahl Lahn believe it or not is a very powerful Ascended Master, take this information or l not. I will say there are more powerful stories and tales of power to be revealed in the coming years.

Open your heart, your ears, and minds and gird your loins for the coming year 2023 is the YEAR OF  REVELATION as revealed by the  Venusian master AMANI as revealed through Luis Maertens my friend and fellow Venusian contactee. The coming year of 2024 is the year of DISASTER – FAITH. The following year of 2025 is the year of LIBERATION-RESURRECTION. I will speak more on this in the future for those who want to interview me or those who will continue to read my blogs.


I say where is God NOT? God is immanent and transcendent in all things in realms and dimensions of time and space. Christ is immanent in every aspect of creation no matter how minute or how large. You are like a drop in the ocean of love and mercy part and parcel of the divine Christ said “KNOW YE ARE GODS” and he also said, “GREATER THINGS YE SHAL DO”. We all have Christ dwelling within us though many are blinded by a lack of faith and materialism through their confusion they deny this one true living reality. Thou art That!

The Witnessed Truth With The  Urim and Thummim Stones By The Chosen Messenger Through The Ministry Of Angels Raymond Keller 

With the permission of Dr. Raymond Keller, I am releasing a few excerpts of The Gospel of Mary Magdeline & Youth Gospel of Thomas. This revelation and understanding of how this Gospel is accurate can be found on this website under The Gospel of Thomas. I wrote the introduction of this gospel and the technology that was provided to Dr. Keller to allow him to view the Akashic Records why this book is accurate is explained in this important link here.  The Gospel of Thomas can be purchased on this website prior to its official publishing in a spiral-bound limited edition copy

The exciting new revelations contained in the gospel of Thomas reveal Thomas as Jesus’s Twin Brother who Jesus sent to India after his resurrection. I am also allowed to post the excerpts where Thomas shares his experiences of Jesus’s divine powers and the raising of the dead from the age of 7 or 8 years old. I am doing this as there are many conspiracy theorists who think did NOT die on the cross.

I am declaring that christ did die and resurrected himself. I do this as a defender of the flame of truth and to emphasize the importance of the Creator’s Son’s incarnation as the living word of god made flesh. I am not trying to focus on the personage of christ so much as the messages and truth that he lived throughout his life. I deny and throw out the religious bathwater of secular religious authorities. I am here to declare that Christ was the greatest incarnation and highest possible incarnation of any being on the physical planes in this entire galaxy.

I am not an idiot of a Jesus freak but I know quite a few people who have physically met the Ascended Master Jesus Christ. In fact for those who follow my work and understand more intimately the Venusian mission on earth. One of these people was Dr. Frank Stranges and you may know I have met VALIANT THOR the Commander who was appointed personally by Jesus Christ himself to head the Venusian and solar hierarchy of lights mission to serve the earth through her coming changes!  

Nobody truly Dies

To appease those who say cannot wrap their mind around the creator indwelling in one human form and creating a hoax of resurrection by going into a coma or using some technology I will reveal certain truths. I will say those who limit God are foolish because as the creator of all things through him all things are made and all things are possible for the isness is nothing but infinite potential and continues to renew itself forever and ever..

  1. The Soul does not die but the mortal coil is surrendered at death. Jesus came to Prove this by willingly laying down his life to show his love for humanity this was the great sacrifice he made to prove the eternal life of the soul.
  2. In The Gospel of Thomas, Jesus says “Blessed is the soul who knows he was a soul before incarnating as a human on the material planes.
  3. You will not truly die as you leave this robe of flesh to decay into dust on this earth. Your spirit and your soul will go through a process and continue in your soul’s evolution whether you believe or know this truth.
  4. Christ was offered some pain medicine while on the cross but refused this as he must fully experience it. He did die as a mortal man but as a soul whose indwelling physical self was fully fused with the creator, he was able to resurrect himself.
  5. For those who a more aware of the technologies of the beings in the higher dimensional realms and their mastery over the material entropic universe limited by time and space,  I will acknowledge that these beings can resurrect a body within three days of its death. I cite the Egyptian History of Isis trying to resurrect Osiris by finding his body parts.
  6. These beings can also create an etheric double or for certain missions create a physical double in a technologically advanced form of cloning that allows them to walk in our atmosphere among us. This body can be entered at will and discarded allowing the Space representative to return to their natural physical form.  Our limited understanding,  of these technologies, precludes us from knowing these seemingly magical abilities. These technologies allowed some of the less responsible Space family to appear as demigods.                     

I want to make clear this was NOT THE CASE WITH CHRIST. I do not care what some researcher or person thinks they know the truth from some story they have heard from someone who read a book or whatever. I do not care if you are ground command, some remote viewing super soldier, or a person without personal experience but with strong logic and a sound mind, and a researcher with good intentions, you are in error.  

My Mission is to faithfully report the truth. For those who have not walked in my moccasins, I may sound like a zealot of a fanatic but I assure you this is not the case. I am not concerned about what anyone believes this is all an individual internal process to realize within oneself. I am not here to convert anyone to anything other than to strive to link your heart mind and soul to the almighty creator of all things -God.


Gospel of the Young Jesus


I, Thomas, an Israelite philosopher and twin brother of Jesus, do hereby write this account of our Lord Jesus, also known as The Christ, for the benefit of the elect among the Gentiles, being numbered among the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn, concerning his youth in Nazareth, some of that which he did after being born in our country.  The beginning of the Master’s story is as follows:

  1. The Sparrow

When the child Jesus and I were but seven years old, we were playing by the ford of a stream where the flowing waters formed into small, shallow eddies, making them pure.  Along the bank, Jesus noticed a young sparrow splashing desperately, trying to keep afloat and make it back to safety on the shore.  I said to Jesus, “I think the bird has a broken wing.” “Let’s take a closer look and see what we can do to help the sparrow,” said Jesus.  At that, we held hands and stepped into the cold waters of the ford, whence Jesus retrieved the small bird. Looking at it closely, Jesus verified that a small portion of the bird’s upper right wing appeared to be cracked.  He then handed me the sparrow, sat down along the bank, and made some soft mud out of the silt. 

“Hand me the sparrow,” said Jesus.  I then turned it over to my twin brother, who cupped the bird in his left hand, gently moved the bone back into place, stroked its head and made a mud pack around the broken wing with his right hand.  “Be at peace,” he assured the sparrow.  R-Te Sparrow was released and flew away!

When some other children of Nazareth noticed our activity, they came over to the streambank as well.  As it was the Sabbath, however, all of this commotion attracted the attention of the local rabbi, named Annas, who rushed over to the edge of the ford to also see what was happening.  “Don’t you children have any common sense?” the rabbi yelled at all of the children. Then he stormed over to the house of Joseph, the carpenter, our father.  Pointing in the direction of the stream, the rabbi shouted at Joseph, “Look at your sons playing in the water.  They have profaned the Sabbath!” he accused us. 

Bully Seeks Revenge

Jesus and I had almost forgotten the incident, of R-The Rabbi’s son had pushed Jesus down previously but apparently, the son of Annas had not.  Many months had already passed and one day, as Jesus and I were walking through the village, the same bully boy was coming down the center road toward us.  Crossing over from the opposite side of the road, the bully purposely banged into Jesus’ shoulder, laughing loudly.  “Who is the oaf now, carpenter’s son?” he mocked my brother. 

Jesus emphatically scolded the brazen youth.  “Stop what you are doing, before you regret it,” said my brother. “Let me handle this ruffian,” I said to my brother, adding that, “You know that our mother wants me to watch over you.That will not be necessary, Thomas,” replied Jesus.  “Angels are watching over us at all times.”

The ruffian proclaimed, “I’m not afraid of you, Jesus, or your brother, either.”  At that he picked up a stick; and as he raised it over his head about to strike my brother with it, he fell down and died right on the spot. 

Jesus, having sympathy on the bully, said to me, “Thomas, you see that this boy does not understand what he is doing, what he is bringing down upon himself.  Come, help me lift him up.”   At that, Jesus and I picked up the bully from the dust of the ground.  Trembling and crying, he looked at us in amazement and ran straightaway home.

Some of the village folk who witnessed this event said of Jesus, “Where was this child born?  For no one can threaten or raise a hand against him.”

The rabbi Annas and his wife came to Joseph and blamed him, saying, “Since you have such a child, you cannot live in the village.  Teach your son to bless and not to curse, for he may end up killing all of our children!” 

  1. Healing Ministry

Jesus was playing on the flat rooftop of a neighbor’s house.  One of the children playing with him fell from the roof and died.  When the other children saw what had happened, they ran away, leaving Jesus standing there all alone.  When the parents of the child who had fallen returned home, they espied Jesus on the roof and began shouting at him, accusing Jesus of throwing their boy down.  But Jesus said, “I certainly did not throw him down.”  The parents of the fallen boy did not believe Jesus, however, and began to verbally abuse him.

Jesus then leaped down from the roof and stood beside the child’s corpse; and with a loud voice, he cried out the fallen boy’s name, issued a command, and questioned him, “Zenon!  Rise up and answer me:  Did I throw you down?”And straightaway Zenon rose up and said, “Not at all, Jesus.  You did not throw me down, but you have raised me up!”  When the boy’s parents witnessed this, they glorified God for the sign that had occurred, thinking Jesus to be an angelic miracle worker and thanking him profusely. 

Rob Comment – Clearly Jesus was a unique and the highest level Ascended Master or descent of truth and messenger-World Teacher. He was raising people from the dead like popcorn at such a young age and throughout his life it is unprecedented. There are no stories of Krishna or Buddha resurrecting at an early age though they did have divine powers at a somewhat early age.  In the Gospel, if you choose to read it, you will read countless other examples of his command over life and death and resurrecting and healing many people. It is these accentuations of and Divine gifts and the powerful message of forgiveness and love that had so many people being influenced to change their lives and connect with God that it became a powerful movement despite the dark force trying to squelch it.

Many secular Christians believe I am a blasphemer because I accept many other truths as expounded by other great teachers like Guatama Budda and Krishna! Get over it god sends his messengers whenever darkness threatens the worlds of his creation! 

In the end, we see how the dark forces need to maintain fear and control by creating religions. They are putting themselves as interpreters of Christ’s message and distorting the truth. This is the same with all the messages of teachers from all religions. We see these dogmatic secular priesthood types manipulate to have power and money for themselves. There are many well-intended members who intend to teach the messages but overall they are bereft of life. They know people will see through their lies and turn away from his message. They also know others will fall prey to their interpretation and their installation of fear and limited truths like guilt and judgment! 

This is only a partial excerpt of the Gospel of Thomas that is gifted to you by Raymond Keller. 

I wish to thank publically my dearest friend Cosmic Ray for his constant support, love, and guidance to help me realize my mission and interceeding with The Venusian Hierarchy to arrange for me to have a more intimate relationship with the Venusian Angel Force. His taking the time to transcribe the answers to my questions to the Venusians and reveal many secrets of the fourth and fifth dimensions and answering all of my questions is so deeply appreciated that words cannot express my thanks. More importantly, the presence of his human self and his love for God embodied in his gentle soul’s radiations have refined and tempered my spirit. The Force Is Strong In This Brother! 

Thank You Raymond

Rob Potter 


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