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An Introduction To The Gospel Of Thomas

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My Introduction -To The Gospel of Thomas – Morning Star Version

This is part one in a series of posts to be revealed to the faithful followers of the truth. I will hope you will set aside and preconceived notions and allow these words to filter into your fertile mind to take root to inspire you to act decisively and to flourish in the fullness of time. Tarry not for now is the time to follow the lord through your actions based on his revelations. Act now in faith based measured devotional service to others in enacting “God’s Plan In Your Life.”


 Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It is with great humility and gratitude that I have accepted my brother Raymond Keller’s request to write this introduction to the Gospel of Thomas. I am not a biblical scholar nor have I followed any religion in a secular framework. I am, however, a devout seeker of the truth who loves God with all my heart.

I admit that I am not perfect and still quite human, but aspiring to perfect devotion in my heart. For those that know me personally, I ask for you to look beyond my personal limitations in my Earthly life.  My blemishes should not be associated with this revelation.

Realize that this is the first time ever that the true accounting of these gospels, events and records have ever been released to the world. These are faithfully reproduced in our modern understanding as they were written in their intended and complete form.

This Gospel of Thomas, inclusive of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, was found at the Nag Hammadi site in the Egyptian desert in December of 1945 along with some other books collectively called the “Nag Hammadi Library.” These texts were very fragmented with age and in a state of advanced decay. The original parchments now rest in the Coptic Museum in Cairo. They have been thought to have been written and dated from 100-245 A.D., according to some sources.

Until today these sacred texts have only been able to be partially interpreted by scholars because no complete record of these texts has ever been found. That these texts are even real is debated by many. It is possible, but doubtful, that these texts are in their complete form anywhere in the world, not even in the library beneath the Vatican. Even if these texts were there they could not be as complete or as accurate as this version for this version is a supernatural gift to the faithful through the Hierarchy of Light.

Divine Gift

The Gospel of Thomas in this present form is presented as a divine gift from the ministry of angels through their chosen messenger Raymond Keller. The Gospel of Thomas also includes the Acts of Thomas and the Gospel of the Young Jesus as well as the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

I encourage you all to be at peace, tuning into the loving emanations from the heart of the Apostle Thomas and Mary Magdalene as they illumine us as to their unique relationship with Jesus, the Christ.  For many, this spiritual understanding will prove more astounding than many of the miracles revealed herein. The Apostle Thomas and Mary Magdalene teach us that when we exercise our divine resolve, nothing shall be held back from us. Opening our eyes, hearts and minds to those miracles occurring in every moment of every day will serve us well when seeking a greater understanding of Christ’s ministry and God’s glory.

The magnificent and majestic beauty and order that we behold in all of nature throughout the universe leaves us breathless and clearly shows the intelligent design of our Creator. Certainly, our omnipotent and omnipresent God has a plan for each and every soul. But we must choose this plan to realize it in our life. It takes a humble spirit and pure heart to see this path to righteousness that we must choose of our own free will.


These miracles revealed herein, as performed by Jesus and Thomas, are meant to act as points of accentuation to the ministry of Christ and his message. These divine miracles have been imprinted on the hearts of the witnesses to facilitate a change in their way of thinking and acting and to assist them in setting aside their worldly ways of materialism, further to seek the eternal realms of light and life. The proud become humble, and the violent become peaceful through their own realization of the truths spoken of about the Master Jesus as Thomas revealed them through the course of his ministry.

The miracles in Thomas’ ministry converted the witnesses of these supernatural events into the faithful who were baptized through the administrations of the disciples of Christ carried out by the power of the Holy Ghost. This gospel took place mostly in India shortly after Christ was resurrected. These miracles have served to keep the revelation of mankind’s divinity as revealed through Christ intact for over 2,000 years. The Master said, “Greater things ye shall do.” This is why the Acts of Thomas has no “AMEN” at the end, as the other books in the Bible. It means that the Acts are not complete nor will they ever be complete, as God’s covenant is eternal and His acts will continue to be carried out by His servants on Earth forevermore.

Divine Personages Are Real

Mother Mary and Archangel Michael are real. The are many other such divine personages spoken about in the Bible and in many other texts all over the world throughout history. The administration of the heavenlies is vast and beyond comprehension to us in the material world. The details of exactly how the Avatars incarnate and are supported by the heavenly realms for their missions of revelation to the worlds they serve are still a mystery.

The point I make is to be aware that on a certain level human development is being managed and guided because it is God’s will that humankind may know the truth. With this Gospel of Thomas, a more down to Earth explanation can be offered that will unveil the guidance mankind receives from the Hierarchy of Light, despite those who are aligned against God’s will and working against such an impartation of revelation.

This gospel will first edition will be released very soon and will be available on this website under the books category page in the shop. For a limited time, a spiral-bound limited edition is now available on this website as The Gospel of Thomas. This will be available in the USA only due to shipping costs.


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