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Introduction To The Gospel Of Thomas-Part II

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This is part II in a series of posts to be revealed to the faithful followers of the truth. I will hope you will set aside and preconceived notions and allow these words to filter into your fertile mind to take root to inspire you to act decisively and to flourish in the fullness of time. Tarry not for now is the time to follow the lord through your actions based on his revelations. Act now in faith-based measured devotional service to others in enacting “God’s Plan In Your Life.” R.

Part II Divine Gift

The Gospel of Thomas in this present form is presented as a divine gift from the ministry of angels through their chosen messenger Raymond Keller. The Gospel of Thomas also includes the Acts of Thomas and the Gospel of the Young Jesus as well as the Gospel of Mary Magdalene.

I encourage you all to be at peace, tuning into the loving emanations from the heart of the Apostle Thomas and Mary Magdalene as they illumine us as to their unique relationship with Jesus, the Christ.  For many, this spiritual understanding will prove more astounding than many of the miracles revealed herein. The Apostle Thomas and Mary Magdalene teach us that when we exercise our divine resolve, nothing shall be held back from us. Opening our eyes, hearts, and minds to those miracles occurring in every moment of every day will serve us well when seeking a greater understanding of Christ’s ministry and God’s glory.

The magnificent and majestic beauty and order that we behold in all of nature throughout the universe leaves us breathless and clearly shows the intelligent design of our Creator. Certainly, our omnipotent and omnipresent God has a plan for each and every soul. But we must choose this plan to realize it in our life. It takes a humble spirit and pure heart to see this path to righteousness that we must choose of our own free will.


These miracles revealed herein, as performed by Jesus and Thomas, are meant to act as points of accentuation to the ministry of Christ and his message. These divine miracles have been imprinted on the hearts of the witnesses to facilitate a change in their way of thinking and acting and to assist them in setting aside their worldly ways of materialism, further to seek the eternal realms of light and life. The proud become humble, and the violent become peaceful through their own realization of the truths spoken of about the Master Jesus as Thomas revealed them through the course of his ministry.

The miracles in Thomas’ ministry converted the witnesses of these supernatural events into the faithful who were baptized through the administrations of the disciples of Christ carried out by the power of the Holy Ghost. This gospel took place mostly in India shortly after Christ was resurrected. These miracles have served to keep the revelation of mankind’s divinity as revealed through Christ intact for over 2,000 years. The Master said, “Greater things ye shall do.” This is why the Acts of Thomas has no “AMEN” at the end, as the other books in the Bible. It means that the Acts are not complete nor will they ever be complete, as God’s covenant is eternal and His acts will continue to be carried out by His servants on Earth forevermore.

Divine Personages Are Real

Mother Mary and Archangel Michael are real. The are many other such divine personages spoken about in the Bible and in many other texts all over the world throughout history. The administration of the heavenlies is vast and beyond comprehension to us in the material world. The details of exactly how the Avatars incarnate and are supported by the heavenly realms for their missions of revelation to the worlds they serve are still a mystery.

The point I make is to be aware that on a certain level human development is being managed and guided because it is God’s will that humankind may know the truth. With this Gospel of Thomas, a more down to Earth explanation can be offered that will unveil the guidance mankind receives from the Hierarchy of Light, despite those who are aligned against God’s will and working against such an impartation of revelation.

A Shibboleth Against Authorities

I must preface the revelation of how these texts were written, acting as a shibboleth before the fact, for my brother, who serves the Angel Force with absolute integrity and truth. Raymond has told me, “We are only postmen delivering a message. Therefore, we should not be offended by those who would defame us.” Raymond will never offer to defend himself nor raise his voice in any way or for any reason…. The angels have chosen well!

However, I must tell those of you who are about to read these pages, that this holy and precious record will stand wholly on its own merit.  But in doing so, it will shine like a supernova and bring many into closer association with the Divine Providence of Almighty God.

Those of you with open minds and loving hearts are the true believers of the divine, One True Living God, and as such, you will know in your innermost hearts that this is an accurate account of Thomas and his life as it truly happened. As The Master would say, “Let those with ears hear.”

Due to the nature of these revelations going against the accepted narrow and forever controlled narrative of the “Ecclesiastical Authorities,” we can expect massive resistance to counter the truth and the promise of eternal life revealed in this work. Those ignorant priests who demand that their interpretation of the life of Christ and his disciples is the only version to be accepted are quite shallow and their teachings are bereft of life.

To those who will try denying the truth of this text, I must ask you to pause and think again and ponder this new revelation of Christ’s ministry. Consider this:  Does it not make sense that the ascended resurrected Master might see to it that some of his lost teachings be restored?

For those too stubborn to realize the purity of this Gospel of Thomas, and will try to sway people to their personal contrarian viewpoint, I will say it is wrong to do so. Christ was telling people throughout his ministry that there is no one between them and God and that God is within them; and furthermore, they have a direct connection to truth; and no priest, monk, or rabbi is needed to commune with God.

Christ further proclaimed through the revelation of his life and in his teachings, that a great plethora of rules and laws imposed by the ecclesiastical authorities in the Sanhedrin were largely superfluous. This created animosity with the Sanhedrin, some of whom were jealous of Christ and his followers. So, I now deny the self-proclaimed authorities who will proclaim this Gospel of Thomas as false. This Gospel of Thomas will set the world of Christendom on fire.

For some, but not all of these “authorities” who need to be right and in control of other peoples’ faith, this will be a fire of denial, anger, and of confusion. But for the faithful followers of Christ who seek the truth of his life as a living example of the word of God, this Gospel of Thomas will further fan any spark of devotion into flames toward the One True Loving God. God lives and moves as a spirit throughout His Creation and exists in the center of everything. He exists in us, in our hearts as the Christ Consciousness.

In Christ’s life, his open proclamation of his Divine message cost him his life (which he chose to give willingly) at the hands of such spiritual authorities. Many like-minded “authorities” will rise in indignation and condemn this sacred text as blasphemous and untrue; they will seek to disparage my gentle and kind brother personally. This defamation will roll like water off a duck’s back for my brother, and these cries to misdirect the faithful shall fail.

This holy text is not meant for such blind and profane eyes set in hearts of stone-built on pride, entitlement, and lack of discernment. They cannot recognize the power of Almighty God, nor the power of His omnipotent and omnipresent spirit. They are now, before they utter a word, rebuked.

This Gospel Is for You, the Faithful

This testament is for you the faithful, the meek, and it will only be revealed for the seekers of the whole truth. Those who will hear, will in their innermost heart know the reality of God and the Ascended Master Yehoshua ben Joseph. Drink slowly of this accounting of Christ’s brother Thomas’ life, and that of Jesus’ wife Mary Magdalene, for there is much truth to be garnered in your understanding of just how Jesus the Christ lived. Imbibe the many and beautiful things as they are revealed in regard to the fusion of the very human life, and albeit divine expression of Christ’s perfected love, his resurrection, and Thomas’ ministry.

This Gospel of Thomas is given at this time to buttress the faith in God and His angels’ divine plan for the Earth and its inhabitants. God’s creation is born of love. In the denser material world, in which we exist, free will must reign. Throughout our life we make choices and we are tested through the temptations of the flesh. We as souls must learn and choose to do His will according to His laws. Our limited perceptions materialistic views and apperceptions are many and we have forgotten the way to blessedness.

This gospel will first edition will be released very soon and will be available on this website under the books category page in the shop. For a limited time, a spiral-bound limited edition is now available on this website as The Gospel of Thomas.


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