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Introduction To The Gospel Of Thomas-Part III

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This is part III in a series of posts to be revealed to the faithful followers of the truth. I will hope you will set aside and preconceived notions and allow these words to filter into your fertile mind to take root to inspire you to act decisively and to flourish in the fullness of time. Tarry not for now is the time to follow the lord through your actions based on his revelations. Act now in faith-based measured devotional service to others in enacting “God’s Plan In Your Life.” R. Part

Part III – Our Choices Alone Will Transform the World

We can individually, one heart at a time, choose to do good and to do unto others as we would have others do unto us. Through our realization of the oneness of creation, we can expand our awareness of God’s administration from the heavenly abodes, where other sentient life dwells. We are not alone in this universe. He has provided others with the charge of nurturing the inhabitants of the Earth into maturity.

Higher Realms-The Heavenlies-Life Eternal

In this Gospel of Thomas, it is directly revealed that there are other realms of light in the multiverse. In the multiverse the various dimensions and densities are infinite. We are not able to comprehend or explain the infinite with our limited human mind. However, with our mind and heart linked directly to God, we can know God and experience His Presence Love, and Bliss.

This Gospel of Thomas is a declaration that there is a life after death beyond the gross material world. The heavenlies are populated with endless numbers of paradisiacal worlds populated by living, breathing, conscious beings. According to the transcriber of these gospels, Raymond Keller, “These beings in the higher dimensions do not need faith.” When I asked him why they do not need faith, he said, “These beings exist in a type of perfected attunement without the need of faith because they live in a celestial realm, and everything hidden from our view is known to them.

“In their realm, which is made up of less-dense matter, they have more refined interactions and the actual experience of knowing and interacting within the presence of other divine beings personally. They know divine beings from actual experience. Therefore, they do not need faith since they have direct truth and experience.”

“As Commander Valiant Thor, who acts a guardian in the Angel Force for Earth, and was commissioned directly by Jesus the Christ, has said, “We know the divine beings personally that you of the Earth only read about and speculate about.” This too is a quote from Valiant Thor revealed by the author of this book, Raymond Keller.

The Universal Space Family-Angels of the Lord

Our Heavenly Father has created a universe teeming with life. On those worlds adapted for human life, there exist many densities. The dwellers on these worlds have circumvented the limitations of time and space. They communicate and interact with each other; and in many ways, they and their societies are similar to us and our own, respectively. A being from the higher realms can lower its vibration to visit the lower dimensions, but it is harder for the lower to go higher unless the consciousness is augmented or sufficiently evolved.

“Wheels Within Wheels”

These space families seek to help us in the lower realms as we awaken to the truth long denied. Their presence on our world is increasing as humanity awakens to the Spirit of Truth that is pouring out on all flesh at this time. They are ever at the ready to support our growth in love and fostering harmonious relations with all life. Do not be distracted or dismayed or in denial just because they travel in multidimensional vehicles as described by the Prophet Ezekiel as “wheels within wheels,” or as described by Moses as, “a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.”

The angels’ influence throughout recent history is benevolent yet hidden to allow humankind to be free to exercise its own discernment and to not interfere in the Earth’s development.

The reality of our brothers and sisters from the stars nurturing our development through this time of transition and awakening to our cosmic destiny and divine heritage should not be marginalized by “silver spaceships and space suits.” They are just other people full of love and concern for their fellow beings.

We are not alone in the universe as the angels do attend us. Many are human and walk amongst us hidden from our awareness and sight. Reference is made to Hebrews 13:2: “Therefore, be kind to strangers, lest ye entertain angels unawares.”  The angels work without fanfare, silently serving and protecting the humans as much as possible behind the scenes to help the wayward children of Earth, created as embodiments of love, to return home. Just like the prodigal’s son parable in the Bible, we will be welcomed home to our father’s embrace.

Rejoice, God, Has Cleared a Path!

We should rejoice that now we are witnesses to the culmination of the abomination on earth. “We wrestle not with flesh and blood but with principalities and powers.” There is a concerted effort by those beings who are evil to destroy mankind and erase the awareness of our divine nature and the truth of God.

Rest assured their time is done now and we alone control our own destiny. It is true that at this time we still must unravel the Satanist system they created, and we must be vigilant and brave when dealing with those who would do us harm. We have been unwitting and ignorant of their depravity and corruption for a very long time. Soon Christ will declare “Enough” and his angels will administer divine justice.

Realize now, and know in your heart, that this is our chance to choose love. Know that we, now more than ever, have a clear choice. We can choose love now if we want to change our cosmic destiny. We are free to choose a path of compassion and forgiveness and act in direct service to those in need. We can correct our collective course as we have the power within us to bring peace to this world.  We can, in our hearts, declare “We shall not participate in the folly of hateful division and separation and judgment of our fellow beings. We shall not participate in the orchestrated, malice-fueled destruction of our world.”

Despite the chaos we currently see around us, through Christ and our faith in God’s plan, we will be able to act as his instruments. We are individually bringing about, through devoted and selfless service, real and positive change. We are soldiers of peace and through our fiery hearts and willing hands, we will restore this beautiful world to the paradise it was meant to be.

We are together united as we clear a path to good works. We do no harm to others; we heal those who are ill; mend what is broken and we are rebuilding anew, like a Phoenix rising out of the ashes of the Old World.

The Emphasis on Spirit

This Gospel of Thomas is constantly urging us to follow the promptings of the Spirit. The manifested glory of God can be seen all around us. In this Gospel of Thomas, are many examples of those who do not recognize the truth. Thomas in his ministry and through the miracles brings many profane to find sanctity and the sacred in their lives.

Thomas emphasizes the obvious that we take nothing from this material world. It is the virtues of Loyalty, Honesty, Trust, Compassion, Continence, Courage, Charity, Temperance, Perseverance, and Faith that will allow us to enter heaven or the realms of Light.

Thomas and Christ both encourage us to not seek to satisfy the beastly nature of insatiable appetite that can never be satiated. Rather, we are guided to adhere to the divine nature within us and put aside all manner of competition with each other. We are to live our respective lives as the sons and daughters of God, which is our rightful inheritance.

We can disagree, but we must act together as brothers and sisters in good works like charity and seeking to help our fellow beings. I myself pray fervently to devote each moment of my life as if it were my last and to the glorification of the God of Love and mercy while I am still on Earth.

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