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United Kingdom Rises – UK Demonstrate Powerful Right Of Peoples Power Must See

The English Rockers Lift UK To The Top of The Heap-I am The Reluctant Spiritual Warrior

must see Video UK Rises Collectively Truth Forces The Issue It Is Officially Over The People will not be Denied

I send a powerful mental ball of light love and support to the people of the world and especially England. Truth is not dead and God bless the English people and the many others around the world standing up to outright TYRANNY. Obviously, this women’s filing of charges and will to reinstall common sense in our society is the death knell to the demons. We have officially broken through the mind control and the absolute idiocy of compliance. Our docile meek and submissive acceptance of insane criminals orders to damage maim and kill ourselves through a depopulation agenda can no longer be denied.

The directive to divide people and make them suffer through orchestrated lies and more lies and deception is the pathetic repeated cycle ad infinitum is over. Imagine the hubris and how their rhetoric is so completely out of alignment with natural law and truth and God’s will. It is so apparent now. Actually wearing a mask into a restaurant while entering and removing it when sitting down is for me, one of the biggest and most mind-bending examples of idiocy and lunacy for me it is the single most ridiculous ” Rule” I have ever heard.

To be honest, as I watch this phenomenon of mass insanity, with a fascinated stare. Like a person watching an accident I just can’t look away from the drama and humiliation that others want to go through. I am really laughing inside at how said it is. I often put my thumb on my chin and I watch as if I am. just an observer. I sometimes see the dull separation of light in the eyes of these customers as they try to justify their actions as they are ignoring the disservice they do to themselves. The act of complying with what they know is stupid illogical and is hard to accept.

Yet on they go to the slaughterhouse. No matter how many times they say “I know it’s fu%^&d up but …..(with waning pitiful voice) I gotta feed me kids and …These kids and family are true concerns but one’s lifeforce and sovereignty and health are a holy sacred trust of faith in god. Some of them just cannot overcome the automaton, that mental laziness and lack of will and so they simply shuffle off to a life of regret.

I See us most of us humans as PTSD traumatized innocent monkeys being electroshocked into a state of numbness our whole life.  We have truly been in a self-imposed matrix of limited thinking and backed ourselves into a tiny pathetic little box. We see it as normal when we act as one would under pressure, extreme self-imposed pressure, and yet subjected to still external programs. The repeated imprinting and sophisticate elf, Scalar and microwaves and messaging so intense and technology so accurate in its influence that the average joe does not know how bad it really has been.   I realize there is a pity and a soft spot in my calloused heart for my lesser brethren who succumb to this catatonic impotent state of obedience. I reach my hand to help them to wake up and with my other hand, I slap them to speed up their awakening LOL.

Those living in such a deplorable state of fear to wear two masks and a plastic welders cover in their own car is a person who has usually knowingly completely given up on life. The number of people whose reflexive unthinking obeyance to authority has me scared for humanity and what we have become. I personally refused any acceptance of this nuisance and violation of my rights. Go ahead call the police I have said many times.

It is not that I wanted to be an as#%$@& to the innocent worker just doing their job but I was compelled to minor acting out periods as a bit of comic stress relief. What can I say #shrug emoji” I guess I can be a bitch and in your face if you are asleep. I must make these people feel as uncomfortable as they make me feel verbally and mentally telling me what I “NEED to do”to protect them by rudely expressing their NEED to tell me what is right or how to obey for the good of all. Sorry that not this reluctant warrior I won’t be quiet.   Many times they say “I know but its just my job” then I pat them on the back and put on the mask. I would then immediately turn around and pull it down.

I would love to wander around eating and walk around the store without the mask. Always I would politely reply “oh yeah the mask is in my pocket then put it on and turn around while fake putting it back on!  I made a game about how long I could last. I was mentally taunting the staff in a sad way. I used to do this in front of multiple employees. Slightly mockingly in a wry way. Sending conflicting messages of absolute defiance to tyranny in action but very meek and compliant in voice and demeanor.

I often when encountering a more aggressive enforcer I would mockingly be looking said “public servant” in the eye.The simple joy I got was not really what I intended. But Oh well I kind of enjoyed slapping them around a bit in a nonaggressive gentle way like a passive-aggressive would. Those that master that technique seems to always win arguments.

To some of the different persons “doing their jobs” I would say gently inquisitively respectfully “Do masks work?” “Why certainly they do” they would reply. But before they said “Would you please put your mask on we have one right here”. I would then interject before they got a word out and say hurriedly  “since your masks work you don’t have to worry about mine.” I would walk away briskly quoting the difference between a law and a code, a mandate and a nuisance, a traitor and a criminal. snake and a politician.

The public business has no right to refuse anybody service legally or morally if one is acting in a nonviolent manner. the civil rights assured that for negroes in the 60s and it applies to the civil rights act. You cant keep anyone out of your store because you don’t like their skin color their attitude or political views.  or the people who were never fooled. People do not know natural law and gods’ law are the same.

In a way, I will miss these mask-wearing times as I learned the art of patience and stalking. We have learned a lot at the hands of the petty tiny little tyrants. We now are free the even media won’t report it but the nonsense is all smoke and mirrors. Cal Osh says no employers can enforce vaccines requirements for workers. Get off your knees and break free. You are a magnificent child of God.

Have no fear these days are over we realize they work for us! enough police and higher influential security forces have decided to begin an arrest process ……. or so it seems … we have to join know that the gate that has locked us in subtle enthrall is down. They are offline due to massive cosmic shifts in the earth’s ability to take on light. This great reawakening of our intuition comes with access to the timelessness of all that is and collective knowledge accessible and available inside of us. Now from the influence of light, the junk DNA will accelerate human intelligence. As the transhumanist AL agenda is understood stopped uncoupled from people’s energy bodies and naturally eradicated by energetically by cosmic light which is now a massive increase in lifeforce is available to humanity. to demonstrate to them to not follow this entrainment of thought.

Act in freedom walk in confidence encourage truth keep and open mind have patience for your fellow mankind. Try to always be kind to one another lift up your brothers and sisters.

Victory to The Light

Lets rebuild the world

Rob Potter


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