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The Dark Vs The Light – Secret Battles – Human Ignorance – TLS & Whistle Blower


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Part 2

Dear Friends,

I recently was directed to this website to watch two videos, These videos are two interviews with a gentleman who is working with a hidden group or organization that calls their group TLS.  The TLS group currently remains hidden and works behind the scenes. The person interviewed is also hiding his identity for personal reasons and safety reasons. The person who is interviewing the individual Ray is very open and seeks to awaken humanity his name is Jason Shruka.

The individual being interviewed say this group is a type of association that I would call a breakaway organization. He indicates this group has certain esoteric knowledge and that has its own belief system. He says this group is involved in trying to liberate humanity from a very evil control group of what I would call Satanists.

The individual named in the interview is Ray which is obviously not his real name. This group he claims is working with ET forces and has a hidden cadre of people approximately 8,000 members worldwide. These members do not know each other and it is a very hierarchal structure to this group. Furthermore, the occult nature and the secrecy they impose on their members is very strict.

This extreme secrecy could be due to the fact that they are working against a very powerful and highly advanced technologically superior intruder force. Ray calls his group  TLS and he calls the group which is TLS is working against the traitors to humanity and God’s laws as “psychopaths”. I call them mass murders and criminals of the highest order. These selfish petty tyrants are obsessed with power and money and other physical treasures for which they seek and hold more dear than any form of life. Basically the Light against the Dark!

I feel Ray’s information is worth looking at as I believe this information Ray shares to be mostly true. Ray does not believe there are Reptilians from off-world because he has seen them inside the earth. He is correct these beings were cast down from the higher dimensions and do now reside within the earth. However, though he has traveled with a very limited number of ETs to outer space he seems to be limited in certain understandings.

Nonetheless, he is well-intended and appears to have certain advanced psychic powers. He also finds himself at odds with the somewhat limited operations TLS is restricted by. This TLS group is esoteric and generally a positive group as it is involved in efforts to help liberate humanity. Many of us would agree with Ray’s assessment of the limitations if you listen to the interview.

To me from my research and understanding this group has ties to the original Illuminati groups. Originally the Illuminati was a positive force or a lineage of light working in secrecy to keep God’s laws and truths alive. They worked is absolute secrecy because of the deception and the power that has controlled this world for thousands of years. These evil beings have influenced our world to hide the truth lie cheat and steal the human energy life force at every turn and without respect for life or compassions for others suffering.

The evil on earth is a combination of limited incarnated souls who are themselves elitists who contribute nothing but their own selfishness. Others are ignorant easily influenced by evil and have will on their own chosen to do evil. Many are bribed blackmailed and willingly work with a well-organized and very long-lived race of beings who hate humankind and God. These intruders seek to influence mankind to destroy himself and to divorce himself any connection to God that is sacred and holy. They work together as a very patient well organized and well-funded secret organization. Their operational structure is compartmentalized to remain hidden from their minions and especially the masses and they are careful to keep us ignorant of many things which they consider to be imperative secrets.

We have no understanding of the multi-dimensional nature of our world or the metaphysical sciences and multitudinous laws occult forces that can be used for good or evil. Because of our ignorance, we are unable to improve our understanding of ourselves and our relationship to the universe around us. The very positive intent of the TLS occultists seems to be in the same elite mindset of those they are battling against by keeping their existence, powers, intent, and knowledge hidden for the masses.

I feel that part of the secrecy was to keep the uninitiated from gaining this knowledge because it could be misused. Also, the oaths of silence that allowed the members to have access to a deeper knowledge and the group’s plans after being initiated could be enforced. In this case, a broken oath could cause the offending oathbreaker to be punished or even killed. This is why both of these groups remained so strict and secretive.  For the god Light forces, it was because the adversary is many things but compassionate or gentle or nonviolent are not part of their operations. Had the good Illuminati or TLS not operated in complete secrecy their efforts would be found out and destroyed.

Murder, chaos, mayhem, and destruction of humanity is their chosen goal of the dark side and any one thing or group who opposes their lust for power, greed is targeted for execution. It is known that even the vaguest threat of any operation or plan to the dark adversary’s plans or even holding evidence against them or proving their existence or revealing their actions or secret plans will garner such a person as a target to be eliminated.

While the secrecy that TLS operates from is so vast and compartmentalized that its true intentions and agenda is unknown to even its members it is impossible to gauge the reasons or wisdom in their secrecy or their actions. I personally feel now is the time for humanity to tell the truth and complete transparency and all knowledge should be shared. The TLS feels that it will take humanity 170 years to completely unravel the damage to the psyche of mass humanity. I feel that for most of humanity this is true unless certain massive changes can take place immediately.

It appears that humanity still has a long way to go to wrestle the courage to reject tyranny and demand the arrest of criminals who feed off of humanity’s ignorance for their own selfish motives. God has a plan and nature herself will remove by natural means the humans who are in violation of the natural laws of the universe. The failsafe of earthquakes and mankind’s evil thoughts of violence and bigotry, hate, greed, lust, judgment, and fear will bring back upon mankind the just reaction to his own errored thinking. To be honest I feel the expiation of mankind’s karmic debt to nature to life on the planet and to each other is imminent and will be more shocking than many believe possible.

Constant prayer and an attitude of gratitude and forgiveness and patience for others and acts of kindness will aid us greatly in our personal salvation. I feel or intuit that many will remain relatively unscathed in the purification process we are witnessing. those that hold onto the old systems and way of life will have a harder time.

The solution is for mankind to follow natural law and be willing to sacrifice our short-term pleasure for spiritual gain we must be willing to completely change our way of thinking and by truly knowing how the evil forces are harming us. We must know that the liars and cheaters the murders and the corrupt are in positions of power and governance. We must stop being soldiers. businessman, polluters, worshippers of material things of the world and become respecters of life and adherents of the golden rule and doing unto others as we would have done unto us, It is simple my friends if we could love each other by knowing we are all part of the web of life and all connected and realize what we are doing and convert our intentions to lift our fellow,an and all life to more health abundance and prosperity this world would be a better place.

May God Forgive & Protect us all.

Rob Potter

Mt Shasta Ca.




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