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PFC Interviews Rob About The Global Restoration Project

the future of our world
Rob gets straight to the point in this Global Restoration Plan Q and A. Rob shares about the ending of the 16,000 thousand year covenant that somehow gave the dark hierarchy control and ownership of this planet and subsequently souls on earth. Rob breaks down the absolute evil that has been manipulating acting as parasites feeding off all life force on earth. 
This includes the earth’s assets and energy of humans as well. Satan as a powerful negative force is real and has been our adversary for a very long time. It is not all bad news as now humanity is officially free thanks to multiple Galactic councils collective will and the technological might has been used to intervene in earth affairs. They have effectively removed almost all of the hostile Draco and reptilian forces that ruled the earth. 
The portals from the anti-matter universe that the Darkside was establishing on earth were allowing their influence to spread to the material 3D plane in our universe. Many races have come here from the future to restore natural law and it seems from the higher dimensional perspective the earth is now free. We have truly been in a matrix and imprisoned and did not even realize how total and complete it was.
Now all that remains are limited reptilian shapeshifters projecting human appearance in positions of power. The elite minions of the now removed Dark Satanist are the only remnant left. We still must awaken to the game and refuse to take part in our own elimination and destruction. We have a long way to go but rejoice and be the change now. The entire multiverse is celebrating and now it is time for humanity to reclaim our world from superstition ignorance fear and demonic control.  This has all been kept from the surface population but now we are set on a rapid pace to move forward.
Victory to The Light 
Rob Potter

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