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The Venusians Answer More Of My Questions



New Series of Questions To

The Venusian Hierarchy of Light

 By Rob Potter

Mt Shasta Summer Conference July 7-10

Look to Venus – Morning Star Revelations


Dear Promise Friends,
I am very happy with the information provided here and the answers. I hope my followers will enjoy them.                                          

These Are My Questions to My Friends From Venus & the Answers. The answers were provided by the postmaster general Dr Raymond Keller.  Raymond has written 8 books about Venusians and a New Gospel of Thomas and has earned the title of the Venusian historian by virtue of his Venus Rising series available on the website in the book section. Cosmic Ray also has done me the honor of allowing me to interact in a dialogue with various Venusians. These messages are chronicled here on my website and in my limited book My Friends From Venus. The messages will also be in their complete form in the new book that I hope to publish before the end of this year.

Raymond meets with various Venusians serving on earth in various locations and arranges to deliver my questions to the appropriate persons after the answers are given he soon after provides me with their answers. The questions below were answered several months ago.

Rob Questions:

Dear Friends,

Again, it is with great gratitude and thanks I submit the following questions for submission for my own personal gnosis and for the upliftment of humankind.

Rob Questions:

Dear Al-Lan as the head of security I direct this question to you or as with all questions to be deferred to the proper authority.I have recently met a newer contactee and although he was contacted quite young his modern-day experiences started in a more open way in 2017. His name is David Wallace and he is a Baker by trade. He is in contact with a race of beings from a world they call Bro-Kali. From his statements, I gather he is originally from this system that is 900 million miles from Aldebaran. He says they are a positive world without an AI agenda and are not associated with any AI transhumanist agenda.


Al-An Answers: Dear Robert, This is Al-An, appointed by the Queen, Orda of Abejar, to provide you with an awareness pertaining to your recent set of questions. David’s description of an inhabited world approximately 900 million miles from the great red giant of Aldebaran is fundamentally correct.  There are some clarifications, which I provide here:

The planet he describes as Bro-Kali is actually a break-away moon of a planet approximately 6.5 times the size of Jupiter, a proto-star, situated in an orbit at 163,000,000 miles from Aldebaran. Long ago, the inhabitants literally shifted its orbit to its present location at 900 million miles, approximately a distance equivalent to where Saturn is from our Sun, minus 100 million miles, to avoid the gravitational stresses that existed between the proto-star and the ever-expanding orange-reddish giant of Aldebaran.

Rob Questions:  His role is to disseminate advanced physics concepts and to release certain technologies to be soon to be liberated earth. He was not a math major and struggled with algebra and calculus. However, since his contacts he has been gifted with certain understandings and capabilities in regard to his understanding of advanced mathematical calculations and physics which he seems to now intuit, understand and comprehend at an extremely high level.

He struck up a conversation in his Bakery in Venice Ca. with a person who works with a company involved in space exploration. To make a long story short he talked about his advanced math capabilities and asked to see some information in a file he carried with him. After looking at this file he noted some errors and gave him the corrected formula which he himself did not understand.

He turned this new formula over to an individual who was impressed enough to give him a scholarship to an online advanced physics course with xxxxxxxs xxxxx University. He now is taking his courses which have been a bit of a struggle for him and during his midterm exams a representative came into his room I presume from Bro Kali or their federation? with 3 or 4 crystals and proceeded to tutor him to understand and pass his exams.

He has shown me some of his book which is in process of being written right now and he showed me his art depicting many of his multiple contact experiences. He will speak at my conference this year from July 7-10 in Mt Shasta this summer.

He is very kind and I like him a lot he seems to have a very close connection to his primary contact a smaller blue-skinned being named KYM-Jim. KJ has offered him to return home at any time and is always available for him to telepathically communicate with and to have his ship appear physically on numerous occasions. He was taken to this planet in 2017 with other some earth people whose relationship to them is unknown but he was the only one allowed to remain awake the entire time. He has taken multiple pictures onboard the craft some of which are turning out quite clear which is very cool.

On this journey, he met several varying genetic phenotypes of ETs similar in this smaller stature and slim if not skinny beings with blue skin. The captain seemed to be taller and was called Wymer! Unfortunately, on his arrival, he was mishandled getting off the ship due to either, A:  The gravity or B: the dimensionality. The bottom line is he fell off the platform and was rushed to the hospital where they fixed his skull that was severely damaged from falling on his skull from a great height.

His time in the ER delayed him to the council of worlds meeting he was to attend. So he missed the opening ceremonies but when he returned, he was raised on a platform where have faced approximately 10,000 representatives that from his art depictions were mostly of the same genetic family.

I will surmise this is a different Federation of some sort than to the one we will one day belong to. He did not recall having seen any more human type of representatives although they may have been present. Acting, as a Bro-Kali Starseed representative he was taken to this system along with other earth representatives to relay information on the earth situation to this council that was convened in 2017 in the Aldeberan System.

When he was raised on the pedestal in this auditorium he was asked questions and gave answers on several subjects. He described a large screen the audience could see that was projecting images of the subjects he was describing from his mind or memory! The images he described in this instance were about pollution. The nuclear waste chem trails water pollution etc. etc. and many other types of poison on foods etc.

He in turn could hear or understood the many reactions of outrage and the varied responses ranging from “This is not their planet they cannot do that” The others’ responses varied from showing great concern and pity. While others were disgusted and angry with Terrans and did not want to help or intervene at all? Others seemed to be inclined to help correct the situation thank goodness I think this was the majority?

He was returned to earth and has been having several physical encounters on earth and onboard. He sent me a few screenshots he took as he noticed some of them outside my house during a zoom interview with Viviane Chauvet an Arcturian Hybrid who spoke at my conference. Two of these little beings are seen in some images he sent to me! He said they like me and know of me somehow and told him to work with me when he is ready to come out to the public, he is currently writing a book and will present at my conference this summer? I like him and feel good about them but…….Robs Question: I wanted your take on an invitation they extended to me to be one of 4 or 5 people he will arrange a physical meeting with at some point at a remote location in the future. I am excited to meet openly another Space Family member, but I wanted to get your opinion on this group first! He will arrange an initial encounter with a sighting in the more immediate future. This could include possible healing energy which another person already experienced. For me, this would be wonderful of course. Can you tell me about this group, and can you tell me any more about them? Dave was given some interstellar navigation technology for sub-light speed travel which he briefed me on which sounded quite fantastic for humanity to safely travel the stars. I would appreciate as much supplemental information based on your knowledge of this species and their part in supporting the earth’s liberation process.

Al-An Answers: With the rapid expansion of Aldebaran, and the conversion of the massive Jovian gas giant planet into a proto-star, the vast majority of the original Aldebaran race long ago relocated to colonize the Pleiades star sector, with only a remnant remaining at the rim of their solar system on those inhabited moons that they managed to reestablish in respective orbits far out of danger’s path. Their cultures and societies basically parallel most of those found in the Pleiades and the rest of the Taurus star sector. The Galactic Federation of Light takes a neutral position regarding most of the worlds situated in the Taurus sector

 R-The Galactic Confederation of Light holds a neutral view towards most worlds in the Taurus Cloud. Realize the Taurus cloud has over 250 solar systems alone! The Alliances or alignments in this system are unknown to me and I would guess there are multiple hierarchies of relations amongst the myriad worlds and their councils each with their own view and protocols for interaction. 

 Semjase who I had my experiences with Fred Bell in the late mid to late 70s -late 80s was from the planet Erra. She physically landed in front of me in Yucca Valley in 1984 with Gabriel Green, Michael El Legion, A Special Military Forces Officer named Jim, and Myself present! I was telepathically communicated with during this contact.  I was physically beamed aboard one of the Pleiadean motherships with Fred Bell in 1989!  

 Robs Questions to Commander Rhanes

Thank you so very much for your wonderful information in regard to your contact with our founding fathers. Raymond and I have discussed as I have pondered quite a lot, actually about your various earth-based lives and the time needed to perform your commander’s responsibilities. I have noted your various incarnations on earth in the 50s and in South America and your various physical changes and iterations in appearances. I even compared your present Avatar to Evelyn Smith and until I saw your legs, I was questioning if it was really you the same Evelyn Smith until I saw your powerful legs. I realized obvious changes need to be in place either by projection or in physical fact so to speak.

I postulated to Coz about an etheric double or an avatar or 2 commanders. He said he wonder too about the 6th-dimensional beings. So, I will not ask a question on this as I know it is classified and will receive no answer. I will simply say in the words of Spock “Fascinating”. I have so much to learn not only in my personal mental and emotional development but in the interdimensional nature of your existences above and on the 3rd dimension. Mind-boggling might be a more apt term. I marvel at your patience in your interactions with earth people and the humility you interact in “Fully cloaked” mode if that is a way to describe it. Your presence on earth is truly a wonder and delight for me so thank you for agreeing to have met me!

Rob Question: I wonder if you might share if you contacted or interacted with any other luminaries of the Revolution time period in America how your influence yielded fruit?

Answer- Commander Rhanes

Dear Robert, This is Commander Aura Rhanes.  In answer to your questions forwarded to me by Al-An, the following awareness is provided: With regard to understanding the role of higher dimensional beings (Sixth and higher) as Cosmic Avatars and Oversouls, your attention is invited to Jane Roberts’ series of books regarding the entity known as “Oversoul Seven.”

Answer- Commander Rhanes: With France aiding the fledgling United States in the Revolutionary War by supplying armament, military leadership, money, naval support, and troops, the balance of military power was tipped in favor of the United States, thus making it possible for the Continental Army’s ultimate victory, which was sealed at Yorktown, Virginia, in 1781, just five years after ambassador Benjamin Franklin embarked on his mission to France to secure such aid.  I served as a secretary for Jean Sylvain Bailly, a French astronomer, freemason, mathematician and political leader of the early part of the French Revolution.  I was responsible for introducing him to Benjamin Franklin.

Rob Question: For instance, did you interact with Thomas Paine? I found his book the rights of man a cornerstone to possibly be a big influence on which the principles of the constitution were founded upon.

Answer- Commander Rhanes In association with revolutionary cadre on both sides of the Atlantic, I came to work with many luminaries too numerous to mention.  I did meet with Thomas Paine on several occasions when he was in Paris from 1792-1802, the duration of the first French republic. Paine was an definitely anti-monarchist, but he feared the radical Jacobin influence might destroy the gains achieved since the monarchy’s overthrow. Few people realize that Paine served in the French National Assembly and contributed much to advancing the rights of humankind in general and the citizens of both the American and French republics.

Rob Question: Did you make suggestions or lead Benjamin Franklin down a path in regard, to his scientific endeavors such as his crystal and water device or his experimentation in electricity?

Answer- Commander Rhanes We discussed all matters of physical and natural science. I may have steered his investigations in certain directions.

Rob Question: In addition, which personalities in France did your influence help in their struggle for freedom.

Answer- Commander Rhanes Through my intimate work with Jean Sylvain Bailly, I became acquainted with all of the members of the Masonic Lodge Les Neuf Sœurs, attached to the Grand Orient de France that was particularly influential in organizing French support for the American Revolution (1765-1783) and later in the intellectual ferment that preceded the French Revolution (1789).œurs

Rob:  I love that you influenced Che Guerra in the noblest sense in that he was gathering people to fight the corruption of the self-entitled elites of “capitalism” whom I would more properly term a “criminal oligarchy of corrupt conspirators”. Che with your inspiration fought these behemoths in the stealing of land and subjugating of the innocent peasants to the oligarchs’ own desired greed and lust for power and control.

I understand communism in its truest form would be akin to the distribution of resources like that on Venus by; “Baking more Pies” your answer can be off the record due to current tensions and a gross misunderstanding of the highest form or group cooperation or as politics would call it communism. Communism in its current form as expressed by current humans is a repressive and totalitarian dictatorship. I am in the firm belief we need a new definition and understanding and positive expression on how people can work together communally.

Rob Question: My question is this, What will it take for us to transform financial thinking and to establish equity in our current system can you direct me toward some ideas to help me facilitate and understand economic reform given the current programming of the people under the opposing mindset and inherent conflict of democracy and capitalism.

Answer- Commander Rhanes Dear Robert, democracy is a political system and capitalism an economic one. Let me address the pluses and minuses of these two systems.

Democracy on a small, insular level, such as a town hall meeting, might work very well for all concerned. However, in larger venues, such as states or nations, without duly elected representatives legislating in the context of Constitutional checks and balances, democracies can quickly devolve into mob rule, wiping out treasuries and trampling on the rights of minority populations.

Capitalism, operating on the economic principles of supply and demand, largely works well in providing a general level of prosperity in a nation.  However, one must keep in mind that with capitalism the people are always subject to drastic economic cycles and there are always winners and losers.

Rob Question: Raymond has suggested that all corporations give 51 percent of the voting rights and power of the company and profits and equity to the workers! I absolutely love this idea and think this could really help the corporations become even more profitable while giving those that create the products or services an equitable return on their time?

Is this 51 percent ownership a viable beginning toward economic reform? I know it will meet with violent opposition by those who stand to lose their equity but soon I think more and more people will realize drastic change is our only alternative. Cleary our fellow man’s well-being and prosperity must be honored by those company owners if we are to create a stable society. Social responsibility and caring for others must be embraced as compassion grows and understanding of the intruder’s manipulation of our world is realized. Once the absolute corruption is understood and proven to the masses it will most assuredly be rejected when truly exposed through the light of truth.

Answer- Commander Rhanes Communalism, on the other hand, offers the possibility of transitioning large portions of a population into voluntary associations established for the mutual benefit of all its members.  The concept of workers having a 51% stake in corporations allows for such communalism, harking back to the early formation of guilds. This would be a wonderful start at meaningful change.

By the way, Thomas Paine was one of the first to suggest the idea of a guaranteed minimum income to form a buffer against drastic economic swings. This would eliminate the need for a massive social service bureaucracy as monies would go directly to the most-needy ones among us to spend as they see fit

Rob-Question: I know about ‘prior economics” that Gabe Green promoted but it is really, just a short and not very well thought out idea in the book version I read. Can you tell me more of this type of system?

Answer- Commander Rhanes A comprehensive outline of Gabriel Green’s Prior Choice Economics can be found in December 1957, Issue No. 6 of Thy Kingdom Come published by the Los Angeles Interplanetary Study Groups, of which the author Green was the director. Gabriel Green did not have sufficient time to develop this proposal, with all of the political activities and UFO investigations he was involved in.

Confidentially, I can tell you that he was moving in the direction of establishing a technocracy, i.e., a system of government in which the decision-maker or makers are selected on the basis of their expertise in a given area of responsibility, particularly with regard to scientific or technical knowledge. Many of the worlds in the Galactic Federation are ruled by such elected councils of experts, selected by the members of workers’ guilds.  Green hesitated to promote this insofar as it sounded too much like communism and the Soviets’ proletarian councils.   

Rob-Question:  I was hoping you could suggest some authors and concepts that I could study to help people understand the true community and how people working together in commerce can create more harmony in society instead of the ruthless capitalistic competition that we see promoted today that only creates a lack and leaves those less powerful without a voice or recourse to thrive.

Answer- Commander Rhanes You could start with Juan Posadas from Argentina on UFOs and the prospects for a utopian future. Also, anything written by William Henry Smyth or Howard Scot on the subject of “technocracy” will avail much.

Rob-Question: Perhaps even an explanation of the barter system used on various worlds and even details of the concepts that lay the foundation for your system that works so well. I know that the heart and moral character and empathy as a primary core value shifts on a worldwide scale by many individuals for this to take place for this to truly take garner support. May I ask if it would be interfering in giving me some gnosis on this system functions? I can imagine on my own and expound on possible earth-based variations of these ideas or systems that may be viable here on earth Now given humanity’s current condition!

Answer- Commander Rhanes The barter system works well in smaller communal groups.  For bigger transactions and larger groups, a type of bloc-chain system based on commodities works very well, getting around the use of traditional, national currencies.

Robs Hard Questions: Commander Rhanes there are multiple reports of reptilian forces humans and human reptilian bases on the dark side of the moon and the front side in several locations as reported on by xxxxxx xxxx, xxxxx.xxxxxx and xxxxx xxxx . I may not agree with all they say or their personal viewpoints, but they are all reporting the same thing?

Answer- Commander Rhanes There are countless intergalactic species that come and go from bases on the Moon.  The Moon (Terra Luna) is considered to be a protected state of the Galactic Confederation of Light; and when those of Earth have met certain requisites of their cosmic evolution, ownership of the Moon will be transferred to Earth’s then presiding political authority. There is no accounting for the individual apperceptions of this extraterrestrial activity on the Moon.( R- In other words these activities as reported are incorrect) 

(  R-This seems to indicate hostile or negative influences on the moon are summarily ended and those responsible taken to the appropriate authority when found! I know more information could be given but the Venusian and Galactic Confederation of Light are indicating to me they will refrain from more in-depth disclosure until earth people are more awakened.

Again their view remains restrained for if I may postulate for the following reasons- I here will summarize and paraphrase; ”This information, is not important to your daily life! Stop obsessing on the machinations of the dark side, we have this well under control. We much rather see lightworkers focusing on developing love patience and kindness and supporting each other in good works toward those in need. You will grow in gnosis as you put aside fear, hate, mistrust, anger, judgment and foster the virtues of loyalty patience honesty perseverance, continence, equanimity, courage, temperance, charity, and faith” *these are not actual answers these are my own.)

  Rob Question: So, I ask you directly Commander Rhanes are there any reptilian controlled or influenced bases on the moon? Have they currently or in the past been using remote etheric-based satellites to influence and control humans’ moods and behaviors? Is the moon a type of embassy where even intruders like reptilians and other interlopers are tolerated and allowed to influence the earth and her peoples under a type of subterfuge?

Answer- Commander Rhanes There are Reptilians on the Moon and, like other visitors to that orb, are required to conform to the laws of the Galactic Confederation of Light while resident there.  If rogue violators are discovered, they will be transferred to the Saturnian system and be dealt with in accordance with interplanetary law.

Robs Question to Lady Orda Queen Of Venus Head Of The Saturn Solar Council & Galactic Federation of Light

Rob Question: Dear Queen Orda,

I hope to be able to personally meet and thank you personally for your kindness and mercy on me to answer my questions these last few years. My conference will take place this summer I am struggling for a title or theme this year. I would be honored if you might suggest a theme or title for this Summers’s conference. July 7-10

Queen Orda Answers: Dear Robert This is the Queen, Orda of Abejar.  Many thanks for your continued work on behalf of the Galactic Confederation of Light.  Our blessings are extended to you and, all involved in the important mission of the Promise Revealed.  “Look to Venus:  Morning Star Revelations” might be appropriate insofar as passing on the kind of gnosis required in preparing the elect ones for entrance into the New Space Age and building a Utopia on the Earth.

Rob Question- I address her as your majesty in deference to her noble character and service to the earth Venus and the Galactic Confederation of Light as she now is the leader of this august body of worlds: Your Majesty,

Before I give my human commentary, I offer encouragement for you to be more open in your transparency in your messages I have several questions for you which some are really follow-up questions to previous questions.

Rob Question: Are tachyons healing if so why.

Queen Orda Answers: Because the most commonly available and well-known piezoelectric material used in electronic devices on Earth is the quartz crystal, a series of quartz rods properly assembled in the interior of a neutrino cloud chamber and properly tuned could capture rare tachyon particles and hold a charge sufficient to radiate from this artificial and temporal zero-point field.  An individual in contact with these particles may experience an aural reduction to lighter densities where healings can take place in the respective body.  Additionally, such one may feel a state of euphoria and connectedness with others and objects in their immediate surroundings.  Contact with tachyon energy may also induce better states of sleep and illuminating dreams that cross barriers of dimensionality and time.  Some, under the influence of this accelerated modality of consciousness, also report contact with advanced beings from other realms, such as extraterrestrials, ultra-dimensional entities such as angels, or ascended masters.

Rob Question: If a conventional earth-based rocket were to go to Venus would any earth person see any life or cities on the surface? If they were not cloaked?

Queen Orda Answers: Yes, even in the Third Dimension one may take note of certain structures abutting crater walls and mountain ridges in the areas of the Northern and Southern Poles of Venus. Space probes from Earth to Venus have even photographed some of these structures. Fourth Dimensional beings and objects are visible only to others transiting the Fourth Dimension or living in an advanced timeline with time travel capabilities.

Rob Question: Is Venus visible to those on the third dimension or is the 4thdimension invisible to those on earth? Dr. Frank said he did not need glasses while on Victor one and Craig Campobasso said when he talked to Franks on the phone while on Dr. Frank was board Victor One he sounded younger? Are these phenomena due to his consciousness being augmented or is there dimensional variation while onboard Victor one?

Queen Orda Answers: Those onboard Victor One, and a Venusian command ship that your military authorities on Earth refer to as the Black Knight, all visitors live in a containment field conducive to a lighter density that temporarily allows one to experience a sense of rejuvenation and vitality that serves to protect them throughout their duration of space travel.

Rob Question: Many people are triggered by the terms, the hierarchy of light and queen. I respond by saying “It’s all hierarchy by vibrational reality so get used to it. I explain your position as queen is not hereditary that is given to you as a great responsibility one you have earned through lifetimes of selfless service to earth and Venus. Besides as in a beehive any female may become Queen and so it is on Venus. You were given your position on Dec. 21st 2012 due to your service and wisdom alone. A queen is more natural on Venus due to the hybridization of bees and humans so very long ago during the Sirian shift.

Queen Orda Answers: That is a solid explanation, Robert, and we thank you for explaining this to the inquisitive ones following the Promise Revealed.

General questions on Solar system update:

Rob Question: Can you please divulge any information to support the other earth-based contactees reports of Major re-alignments of Various Star Systems federations and alliances and new agreements coming as a result of the intruders and the situation of their attempt of enslavement of the entire solar system or on earth. Are any of these agreements and or changes taking place going to benefit Terrans in any way?

Queen Orda Answers: The delegations from 51 stellar systems and 601 inhabited planets in these systems sustain protective operatives in the Sol system, with the majority of these coming from your guardian and sister planet of Venus. Certain of your higher political and military authorities became aware of 22 of these systems in 1948 and their knowledge of our Confederation has expanded ever since. Your world, in a period of critical transition, is being closely watched and defended by Confederation operatives.

Rob Question: Preamble by Rob-In my attempt to gain more clarity on some specific events I am giving the Lady Orda my human view as an in incarnation Starseeds perspective of earth situation and views to my help my homeworld Venus understand from a boot’s on the ground perspective our struggle. Though not all questions are answered you can see the circumspective way the answers that are given to designed to not polarize or enflame the emotions of various lightworkers.

I see a great division in many lightworkers who follow in a devout way the information they are gleaning from their chosen messenger.  Sadly, I see a cult-like division of light-workers slamming other contactees and their messages based on the variations of the contactee’s revelations. People want to promote their chosen source of information based on who they resonate with.

 I will say here again we are all on the same team with the same mission to bring love and truth and peace to the earth. We must unite under the banner of harmony and understanding and not deride other messengers who may disagree with the person you are following!!

 For god’s sake look within use discernment and don’t sweat the small differences and realize all contactees are human and make assumptions and can be wrong. I include myself in this number. Look for the similarities of our messages So I suggest you re-read these answers and look into your heart before you are triggered or re-act emotionally to the information given.

 You will see many of my questions are not answered below but I thought the questions should be shown so you know I am forever seeking truth but must accept as I am merely a postman delivering a message. I’m not allowed to write add or attribute or make modifications to their responses!

Rob Question: Is our local Confederation in alignment with some or all or none of these new decisions by the multiple federations and galaxies inhabitants involved?

Queen Orda Answers: We are currently involved in skirmishes with another star group on the fringes of a few sectors under Confederation control.

Rob’s commentary on his intuited Planetary situation report:   Despite the personal misperceptions of some of the humans relaying the information coming directly from their space representative contact I feel as Al-An stated that many are inserting their own apperceptions into the narrative they receive. This problem along with the agendas of each galactic representative and their planetary agendas towards earth makes each representative’s accurate discernment of any message more difficult.

Robs As an earth-born human including myself and others for including xxxx xxxxxxx an individual with little or no understanding of the history of The Galactic Confederation of Light of which you are the leader. I can see how easily mistakes or claims can be made that are really very far from the truth.

I give all physical contactees credit for coming forward and bravely sharing their reports. Many of which, instinctually I feel are correct. This person states that unified councils are decreeing a change of relationship toward AI and transhumanism and that many worlds are not happy with some of these decisions. I would suggest that the benevolent transhumanist technology be allowed for healing like artificial arms or legs or other such techniques as long as it is not tethered to any type of programmable AI or an individual personality.

Rob Question: Isn’t the Quantum etheric system of the earth tied into the hall of records in the halls of Amenti supposed to be tethered to the solar council wisdom and overseen by a grand council of worlds in alignment with the living word of God-consciousness? I understand the hierarchy of darkness took this over illegally many thousands of years ago but is this quantum technology now in control of a benevolent human representative as I believe? Shooting arrows in the dark here feel free to correct any misconceptions.

Queen Orda Answers: There is a primary hall of records in each stellar system.  Yours is situated under the icy surface of the planet you know as Uranus, with branches in temples of history on each planet and inhabited moon of the Sol system.

Rob Question: I am not able to sit on Victor One and see the holographic reports of the ongoing actions of the Hierarchy of Light and Val’s council of 12 or your collective viewpoint so I must make my very human observations based on the sanctity of life in the face of the utter destruction of life and freedom by satanic forces. Forgive my insolence.

I do not mean it personally nor do I doubt that God’s love will overcome eventually. His creation has free will to enact his plan as it is revealed to them from there, dare I say lofty perch? You have done so faithfully in constant service to the earth and our Solar System for Aeons. I do not mean disrespect only to understand why you withhold the truth? While others are more vocal and transparent in their contactee’s information they are sharing for dissemination?

Queen Orda Answers: If the masses of Earth were granted full gnosis of the true intergalactic situation, the majority would not be able to assimilate it. You have recently celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday.  After the arrival of the “Puritans,” so-called, it was only about 20 years before the Wampanoag culture disappeared.  The Earth remains under the protective umbrella of the Confederation only until your planet has met certain requisites required for membership in the Confederation as an equal partner with your brother and sister worlds.  Those with maturity and spiritual wisdom will intuitively understand what I am referring to here.  We have sent avatars and celestial messengers among you to assist in the overall enlightenment of humankind, thus to speed the day when Earth can join the Confederation.

Rob Question: Clearly the parasitic relationship of the dark hierarchy of light must be cut off and refuted by all those Collective Federations and councils regardless of their view of Terra. Individuals want need and must have freewill.  However, any manipulation of humanity or Terran systems that could can and already have been used to divert Freewill in any way must be exposed outlawed and transgressions dealt with.

For me the teachings of Jesus Christ and even for those who just see him as a “great teacher” must surely see the plain and simple truth that unites all beings under the universal father. Surely, we are all brothers and sisters therefore doing unto others as we would have done unto us must be recognized by even the most materialistic worlds? Let people do and think as they will as long as they do not harm or hurt anyone else is an obvious allowance for a given level of free will.

I give latitude for xxxxxx ignorance and those intentions to report on the progress being made are good. The reports a united effort of a new Grand Council Agreements (From multiple Galaxies?) to end the transhumanist agenda are hopeful indeed. Please report for me to the council if I may be so bold?  That from the perspective of the intruder the interlopers and all of those who use humanities Life Force, Energy Resources without our collective consent and full transparency to motive and to all possible negative effects to the planet to the people is in violation of free will and must be stopped immediately.

To this end, I feel the 4th and 5th-dimensional beings that guard and watch over the earth must be given full support to deny access by the intruders and to root them out and force them off the earth so that they may protect and support human life and freewill. Therefore, I argue direct intervention should and must be allowed and allowed to spill over into the third-dimensional planes if need be.

Queen Orda Answers: To a large extent, most of the difficulties on Earth are carried out by human proxies for rogue extraterrestrial and ultra-dimensional elements.  (R-These groups can be called Minions for the Draco, Reptilian, Tall White Greys, Chimera- The minions are Black Sun- Sub Groups are Illuminati-ICC-Sanhedrin-Jesuits-Transhumanist Hybrids- “Royal Families” -Reptilian Draco or Annunaki Bloodlines -AKA Rothschilds/Rockefeller, Cabal-Breakaway Control Groups …to name a few!)

Queen Orda Answers:  Although we can’t be everywhere all of the time, we of the Confederation attempt to keep these powers in check.  Should the Earth be outright attacked by a rogue interstellar force, we would be forced by circumstance to directly intervene on your behalf. For the long-range future of your planet, however, this would not bode well.  Even a victory would see human progress significantly set back.

Rob Question: If these bullies are allowed to destroy world after world in violations of the creators’ laws’s it must be those within the councils as God’s representatives to do battle in the name of the righteous the innocent. If there not be the will to do so elevate those who will give willingly to the cause of freedom to do so on our own behalf. Elevate us with the knowledge to expose the truth that humans may realize our complicity in our own destruction if not into the field of battle.

I understand that intervention itself is breaking a type of quarantine. However, this violation has occurred by the reptiles their ally’s minions and their lower-dimensional parasites for far too long already and it is far better to expose “The Gods” and Angels who do battle to protect humanity than to remain hidden. Furthermore, I would say that any technology that connects to an AI system that I believe has led to gross violations of free will must be outlawed with a resolve to enforce this law. As a boots-on-the-ground space representative, I must say because of my faith and knowledge this is wrong to allow this abomination to continue.

Given my passion for justice and desire that the whole truth be known to set us free. I ask not in an obsession with the machinations of the dark side but for the seekers of God’s love and truth to help me understand and to fulfill my purpose. I ask again and knock on the door for the Venusian Hierarchy of light to allow me to learn the ways of Angels your precepts your foundations upon which your harmonious world exists. I understand it is based on love for God and for each other as part of God in creation. Please help me to transcend the dimensional gap to help me to bridge my own limited perceptions limited thinking.

I have asked repeatedly in other correspondences for you to answer if these things are taking place or if they are true. You refuse to even come out and say Vaccines are unhealthy or even to advise against taking them. This is but a simple thing to tell the truth I know you know it and it saddens me that your view is to keep silent?

I am still faithful and in allegiance, to you, the queen and the master’s divine plan and I accept it, for now, my limited understanding is just that, but I still ardently seek a higher love and pray for the patience and more importantly the resolve to be kinder and gentler and to treat my fellow humans, brothers, and sisters, with more kindness and compassion to going beyond the intellectual understanding and to bring Gods presence into my life. Thank you so much for your time

May God have mercy on us all!


Queen Orda Answers: We appreciate your patience.  Know that it is not our desire that the inhabitants of your world suffer pain and brokenness. The Earthmen and women are still evolving, growing into a higher consciousness and better way of life, just as countless inhabitants of millions of other words have undergone in their celestial development. For the time being, you live in an entropic universe, what your ancestors referred to as a world shaped by “original sin,” or the fallen state that resulted with your people’s expulsion from Paradise.  Even those in the angelic realms had to pass through a similar phase in their progression, with one-third never “passing the test,” so to speak.

However, there is not a “one-size-fits-all” solution to Covid 19, variants, and the variety of vaccinations. We do, however, realize that there is a political and even military agenda behind some of the Covid and problems associated with it. Nevertheless, this is just one of many problems that human being faces while living in physical mortality. But keep in mind that your spirits are of the same eternal fire as ours, and of the Creator.

This is the Queen, Orda of Abejar, this 26th day of November 2021, Anno Domini. 


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