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The Venus Gospel Part 2

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Dear Friends,
Please read this wonderful new post from Cosmic Ray. My dear friend Raymond is continuing to chronicle the influences of our Venusian neighbors on earth in this post about this George Adamski.
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The Venus Gospel: An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium, Part II
By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the Venus Rising bestselling book series (Terra Alta, West Virginia: Headline Books, 2015-2022), and also available at

From Keller Venus Files: UFO enthusiasts from all over Scandinavia show up to hear Southern California contactee and guru on all things Venus, George Adamski, address Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) group assembled in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 5 May 1963.

Following Adamski’s initial comments at the 5 May 1963 Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) group’s conference in Denmark, both pro and con, on the impact of media publicity with regard to his ministry of enlightening the masses as to reasons for the extraterrestrial presence on Earth, the California contactee continued with his keynote speech:
Section II
I know that I would do the same thing that many people around the world have done- question the contact in more than one way. It was something strange, something new, something different, something unexpected that was happening on that day, the 20th of November 1952.
But I am glad that I am privileged to bring what knowledge I gathered through these contacts. For now, I see where it is going to help us and provides the knowledge needed for us to put it into use. When I say “use,” I don’t mean by any one small group but by the world of people. All have the right to know the truth and it is not a religious program, but purely scientific- a changing time that is taking us into a finer future.
We still do not know what the future may be; but it looks bright. And when I say “bright,” I am excluding the atomic bomb and the possibility of an excited person pressing the wrong button that would deny civilization the privilege of enjoying the future. And when I say “the future,” I mean when an individual will exercise patience, for the human mind cannot be changed overnight.
(Cosmic Ray’s commentary: At this point in the address, Adamski discusses his reasons for continuing the mighty task of presenting the Venusians and other extraterrestrials’ message to the people of Earth. He doesn’t claim any exclusivity to this message as it was not meant to be given to any one secular or religious group. Rather, it was given to Adamski to pass on to all humankind for the purpose of creating a brighter future for every one of this now beleaguered planet’s inhabitants.)

Inhabitants of Other Worlds
Adamski now continues in Section II, discussing the characteristics of our other planetary neighbors and their space ships that we refer to as the “flying saucers”:
You have heard stories of the men and women who came from out of space being vegetable men and all types of forms that the imagination of man could produce. But the truth is that any one of you sitting here could be one of the space people, for they are just like us. The range in heights from four feet to seven feet and have the same measurements as the humans in our world.
One thing that did happen when they me here was that the impossible became possible.
When I say possible, I have reference to humankind’s ability to fly. For have not men and women, as far back as we can remember, wished that they could fly above the Earth and journey to the stars? But finally, the human being decided that it was impossible. But when this human being observed what we now call the flying saucers and saw these instruments operating contrary to all accumulated knowledge of humankind, the human being wondered where they came from.
These objects were able to go backward as fast as they did forward; and they did turns and all kinds of maneuvers that we, at one time, thought human beings could not endure.
It made no difference if a human being classified them as ten-headed creatures or vegetables or even humanoids with five legs; their maneuvers in the sky challenged our intelligence. And as a result, our intelligence was not going to be outdone; therefore, we began to think in the same terms. For whatever or whomever operated these objects, they were intelligently controlled. Thus, on 29 July 1958, the American government formulated a bill which was signed by President Eisenhower that started our space program.

(Cosmic Ray’s commentary: Apparently, the extraterrestrials provided an impetus for the American political leadership to initiate a program of space exploration by sundry examples of their advanced technology as evidenced in the numerous flying saucer reports being made around the world by the citizens of all nations.
In my second book in the Venus Rising series, Final Countdown: Rockets to Venus (Terra Alta, West Virginia: Headline Books, 2017), I revealed how many of the German scientists brought over to the United States following the defeat of the Nazis in World War II, under the auspices of the United States intelligence operation known as Project Paperclip, were firm believers in the notion that beings from other more technologically advanced planets have been visiting our world for centuries and guiding certain humans in the advancement of knowledge concerning astrophysics and the creation of vehicles to get us to these other older and highly developed civilizations that we would surely find out there. For instance, when the German rocketeer Dr. Wernher von Braun served as director of the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, and placed in charge of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) lunar exploration program, he made the following comment with respect to the extraterrestrial question: “We were helped by people from other worlds.”)
Section II Continues
Here George Adamski opines concerning the emerging United States space program:
All of us know that some success has been made by America and Russia in sending men into space to orbit the Earth, which a few years back was thought impossible.
In not too many years, it could happen any time. We will send astronauts to Venus and other planets. Until that time, the chances are very good that the confusion and questioning and skepticism will remain with us.
When John Glenn orbited the Earth, he was talking back and forth from his capsule to the tracking stations; and this was televised throughout the world. There was no question in the minds of men and women whether he made the trip or not, for they knew that he did. And when we send one astronaut or more to Venus or Mars and it is televised, the whole world will know it. And a contact will be made on another planet by our own astronauts. And it could be possible that the people of that planet may question the ones from our planet.

Venus Will Be First Planet Visited by Earth Astronauts
Take note how Adamski remarked that we would “send astronauts to Venus and other planets.” Even a few years ago, most space scientists were scoffing at the idea of sending the first explorers of another planet to Venus. They wrongly assumed it would be Mars. Now, however, the tune has changed decidedly in favor of Lady Venus.
On 26 September 2022, the prestigious The Independent newspaper, headquartered in London, United Kingdom, published an article titled, “Astronauts should visit Venus before going to Mars, experts suggest.” Written by The Independent’s chief space correspondent Adam Smith, the news piece points out that recent findings made in the global astronomical community provide strong reasons for suspecting the presence of “microbial extraterrestrial life” in the Venusian atmosphere. Logically, the presence of a microbial ecosystem in the clouds of Venus lends hope that more complex organisms may also be discovered elsewhere on the planet’s surface or even underground. Astronomers, exobiologists and other space experts from all space-faring nations agree on the point that, “Venus is a better target for a crewed mission to another planet than Mars.”

George Adamski predicted that the first explorers of another planet would visit Venus first.  That he was right is evidenced by the following quote: “The discovery of a possible sign of life on Venus highlights our ignorance of what is going on within its swirling clouds and on its (allegedly) ‘furnace-like’ surface. It’s time to go there and find some answers.” 

-Peter Gao, space correspondent for New Scientist magazine, in article, “It’s time for us to revisit Venus to uncover its many mysteries,” (18 September 2020) London, United Kingdom.   Drawing source:  New Scientist magazine.  

(Editor’s Note:  Stay tuned to this website for the continuation of Adamski’s keynote speech in Denmark in Part II of Cosmic Ray’s article, “The Venus Gospel:  An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium,” where the California contactee and UFO prophet outlines what the United States government really knows about the flying saucers and their extraterrestrial occupants. -Lon)


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