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Venusian Historians Dr Raymond Keller & Michel Zirger

Venusian Historians Dr Raymond Keller & Michel Zirger

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Great Book About Andes Inner Earth Retreat by GHW

Book by GHW

Deep Dive Into The Reptiles  

One of Michels books authentication Adamski

Some of this information has some errors but it has good information. Great white Brotherhood – Agarthan Origins Came From Venus

Here in this post, I have combined two interviews. Michel Zirger a French contactee and researcher living in Japan and Dr. Keller the man who is the official Venusian historian who lived on Venus for two months,  go over the two founders of the modern-day contactee movement. This first interview is primarily with another Venusian historian Michel Zirger.

Raymond Keller observes my questions and answers with Zirger who has purchased part of the estate of George Adamski and George Hunt Williamson. Throughout his life, several Venusians have presented themselves to him to support his work. They do this without acknowledgment of a tangible nature that could be proven. Like in my many personal contacts with our Venusian upstairs neighbors, Michel has telepathic communication and other signaling-type confirmations that he shares when being contacted!

Both Georges Adamski and Williamson whose estates he owns were part of the first open modern-day contactee movement that began in the late forties. Both were present when Lady Orda the queen of Venus landed in the Desert in 1952 on August 20th. This date was 67 years to the day and hour of my contact with commander Aura Rhanes. George Adamski was the first person to admit openly and publically that he was having ongoing face-to-face contact with a Venusian, He chronicled this contact in his famous book “Flying Saucers Have Landed ”

Watch Part 2 Here

In the second interview, Dr. Raymond Keeler joins me and  Michel. They go back and forth sharing original photos and stories about George Hunt Williamson and George  Adamski and other prominent figures at the roots of the disclosure of the Space people from the early 50’s until today.  Despite some time lag due to tech issues, many tidbits are revealed and other subjects are discussed in the second interview.





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