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The Venus Gospel Part 4

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Dear Friends,
Please read this wonderful new post from Cosmic Ray. My dear friend Raymond is continuing to chronicle the influences of our Venusian neighbors on earth in this post about this George Adamski.
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The Venus Gospel:  An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium, Part IV

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the Venus Rising bestselling book series (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015-2022), and also available at

Adamski on Religion in the Age of Flying Saucers

The Southern California contactee, George Adamski, during his keynote speech to the Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) assembled in Denmark on 5 May 1963, lamented that since the dawn of the Age of Flying Saucers, “opportunists have made a new religion out of these important events (UFO sightings and encounters) with instructions given by supposed space people and spirits.”  His reasons for this critique follow below in Section IV:

Section IV

Adamski was emphatic that, “The space people are no more spooks and spirits than we are here.  They have been made so by mysticism and that has hurt the program far more than even the other type of propaganda (government disinformation).  Their program is purely scientific and has nothing to do with any religion.  You do not have to change your belief to learn about the program any more than you have to change when you go to a university to study for an engineering degree.

“The program and the things that are happening in the sky belong to the population of the world, which is three billion people (in 1963, a little over eight billion today in 2023).  They all must be informed if the true benefits are to be enjoyed.”

Importance of Philosophy to Science and Religion

Many of Adamski followers wondered why Adamski spoke so often of the space people’s philosophy, in contrast to their science or religion.  “You might ask why I have put so much of their philosophy in my book,” the contactee declared, further elaborating, “Well, philosophy is more scientific than anything else, as science is founded on philosophy, and so are religions.  So, one cannot talk about hardly anything without implicating philosophy; and that is why it was included in the books.  And the philosophy in Inside the Space Ships (1955) was not given for any one to accept against their will.  But I have been asked, ‘What kind of life do thy lead?’ and ‘Do they believe in God?’  And the answers were put into the book.  But that does not mean that we have to accept their way of life, unless we want to.  If we think it is better, we, without any fear, can change if we want to; but I did not suggest in the book any religion that we have, or any other.”

Some Catholic Hierarchy Receptive

Adamski was raised in the Roman Catholic tradition, although his Uncle Sydney in Dunkirk, New York, early on in the young George Adamski’s life, beginning at the age of three, exposed him to the teachings of Helena Blavatsky and the leading lights of the Theosophical Society.  As a baptized Roman Catholic, however, Adamski took the opportunity to visit the Vatican when he lectured in Rome during his first European excursion four years earlier, in 1959.  Of his meeting with the Catholic hierarchy and their reception the space people’s cosmic philosophy, the contactee, noted: “The program is not religious at all, yet when I lectured in Rome in 1959, those who really understood the problem, like the forty cardinals (ecclesiastical leaders), accepted it on scientific grounds.  For they knew that humankind must progress and new thin

gs must come up, even in religious talks.  Humankind must be progressive and we are progressing towards a wonderful goal if we will survive the present uncertainty.”

Who’s blessing who?  George Adamski maintained that the cardinals at the Vatican accepted the Venusians’ cosmic philosophy on “scientific grounds,” after he thoroughly explained it to them back in 1959.   Photo credit:  Daily Beast, 12 July 2017

(Cosmic Ray’s Commentary:  There is little doubt that the Bible and other sacred texts are replete with passages that attest to the presence of unusual visitors to the Earth, coming from the Celestial Realms, in times past.  These sacred accounts describe contacts between human beings and supposedly supernatural entities such as “angels,” “devils,” “ghosts,” “gods,” etc.   For the most part, these entities conform to an anthropomorphic body type, in their outward appearance, at least.  Given the extraordinary powers attributed to these beings from beyond Earth, it is not unreasonable to assume that some of these may, in fact, exist in a semi-material state.  This is evidenced by their alleged materializations and dematerializations and the working of miracles.  

In the majority of cases, these entities present themselves as peaceful messengers in service to humankind.  With the exception of the demons or devils, these entities have generally followed the verse of Hebrews 13:2 in the King James Version of the Bible: “Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  In other words, angels are working on our behalf from behind the scenes, revealing themselves only when necessary. In this context, one could speculate that the terms “angels” and “aliens” are synonymous.  And with this acceptance, comes a knowledge and an understanding, or “gnosis,” that a true cosmic philosophy would concede a true spiritual component to the extraterrestrial hypothesis, i.e., the existence of intelligent life beyond the Earth that has been interacting with humankind since at least the beginning of our recorded history, if not since the very beginnings of life on this planet.

When taking into account the spiritual component in the Age of Flying Saucers, it becomes clear that the seeker of enlightenment in matters pertaining to this phenomenon, need not look to any specific religion or to give up their own religious belief system.  The student of cosmic philosophy can readily see the interventionist hands of the extraterrestrials in the formation of many religious systems that have helped to spur the evolutionary thought processes taking place in humankind down through the ages.  According to Dr. Marco Aurelio de Seixas, M.D., a Brazilian researcher into the extraterrestrial influence on the development of religions, “Extra-planetary people have always been in contact with humans.  This assertion is easily extracted from the argument that an abstract force, like a celestial being who descended to Earth to teach humanity, requires a philosophical reasoning unlikely to exist in an uneducated community of thousands of years ago and probably in many people today.”  (Hence, the need for contactees like Adamski to enlighten us and spread the gospel of our space brothers and sisters.)

Dr. Aurelio de Seixas continued, “To accept as true the universality of the evolutionary principle and the law of progress, it is much easier to accept the idea that other communities may have already reached a stage of unimaginable technological development that allows them to make long trips through the cosmos.”

As to the opportunists, or UFO cultists, there is little doubt that Adamski’s warnings have come true.  The Heaven’s Gate group, led by the mysterious “UFO Two” a.k.a. Bonnie Nettles (1927-1985) and Marshall Applewhite (1931-1997), was the saddest and deadliest example of just such a cult.   And then there was the unauthorized UFO Education Center, with chapters in California, Mexico and Wisconsin, headed up by one-time Adamski associate Charlotte Blob, that came under intense scrutiny and prosecution for cult activities in many venues.  Many of the members had to be abducted and deprogrammed.  Should Adamski have lived a little longer, he surely would have opposed Blob’s efforts to organize this religious cult based on some of his more esoteric teachings. The reader is invited to see my chapter, “Beware of Flying Saucer Cults” in my seventh book in the Venus Rising series, Flying Saucers:  From Venus They Come (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2022), 138-144. 

George Adamski warned that the time would come when opportunists and cultists would usurp the message of the friendly space brothers and sisters.  Above:  Bonnie Nettles (L) and Marshall Applewhite (R), a.k.a. the “UFO Two,” Heaven’s Gate cult leaders attempt to recruit Southern Californians into their deadly ranks.  Photo credit: 

Los Angeles Times

It is important to keep in mind that Adamski never started a religion or even advocated for his own Roman Catholicism.  He also never asserted any exclusivity to his message or philosophy, rather stating that it was for all of the Earth’s population.  He also never derided any of the other contactees, and frequently shared the same platform with many of them on several occasions.  There is no doubt, however, that there is a spiritual component to all of Adamski’s philosophy, and that of our space friends, as well, as espoused in all of his books.  Being a true Theosophist, it seems that this Southern California contactee adhered strongly to Helena Blavatsky’s second object of the Theosophical Society’s program: “To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science” among all of those that counted themselves his disciples.  

As for myself, in book four of my Venus Rising series, The Vast Venus Conspiracy (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2021), in “Chapter 1:  On the Book of Abraham and the Plurality of Gods,” pages 11-20, I look at the impact of angelic extraterrestrials in the formation of the Latter-day Saints restoration movement (Community of Christ, Independence, Missouri) from my own religious background and unique perspective.  

(Editor’s Note:  Stay tuned to this website for the continuation of Adamski’s keynote speech in Denmark in Part V of Cosmic Ray’s article, “The Venus Gospel:  An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium,” where the California contactee and UFO prophet outlines the economic system of the extraterrestrials and the hope we all share, thereby, in the superabundant and paradisiacal world of tomorrow. -Lon)

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