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The Venus Gospel Part 5

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Dear Friends,
Please read this wonderful new post from Cosmic Ray. My dear friend Raymond is continuing to chronicle the influences of our Venusian neighbors on earth in this post about this George Adamski.
You are gifted by being able to read many segments of his soon to be 8 books in the Venus Rising series of books. These books are available here.

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The Venus Gospel:  An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium, Part V

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the Venus Rising bestselling book series (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2015-2022), and also available at

Precarious Economic Situation

In the world’s then most noted contactee, George Adamski’s concluding remarks to those flying saucer enthusiasts assembled at the 5 May 1963 conference of the Scandinavian UFO Information (SUFOI) group in Denmark, he emphasized the importance of heeding the messages of our brothers and sisters from Venus and the other planets of the Galactic Federation insofar as the peoples of Earth needed to keep their eyes focused on surviving the dangerous age of uncertainty in which they found themselves bogged down in, especially their precarious economic situation.  

“The economy of the world today is shaking; and we all know it,” declared Adamski, further stating that, “In previous years, we could resort to wars to build it up through destruction and reconstruction; but in these days with the power that we have of annihilation there is no other way out and there is only one answer.  When we start building spaceships, whether for research or going to other planets, this condition will be relieved.  For all of the ships will have to be built on Earth, including the instruments and everything needed.  Then the economy will be stabilized and learned individuals do not fight.”  

Of course, in the United States, we, as American citizens, can be proud that our National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) was founded on July 28, 1958 for the express purpose of the peaceful exploration of outer space.  According to NASA spokesman Brian Dunbar,, the American taxpayer receives an exceptional value in return for every half cent collected out of every tax dollar and allotted to their organization.  For example, one reads on the aforementioned-site that, “NASA funding helps small businesses research new ideas and develop innovative aeronautics, human exploration, science, and space technology solutions. Our partnerships fuel growth in industries that will define the future, such as artificial intelligence and advanced manufacturing.”  The visionary Adamski foresaw all of these marvelous benefits resulting from our continued space exploration.  

Section V

George Adamski pointed out: “That will be the first time in the history of this civilization that the economy will begin to stabilize and become firm towards space and satisfy humankind’s desire to travel to distant stars.  And people will want to go further and continue exploring.  Humans will keep on moving and every step they make will call for improvements on the spacecraft and instruments which will be made here.  Humankind will have a secure economy and, in the research, will bring out many wonderful things.  Even today (in 1963), we already have some of these that will eventually allow every person to live like a queen or king in a world of robot servers.  This world is waiting for us to go forward towards that goal, a world that is just a little way off.  There will be plenty of time then for everyone to develop themselves.  This is really the plan.”  

This is quite in line with what futurist Dr. Michael Salla predicted, that there is a veritable “Star Trek future” awaiting all of us as we collectively move beyond the confines of this planet.

Dante Alighieri and his beloved Beatrice visit the paradise planet of Venus in the Divine Comedy-Paradise (1321), Cantos III and IX.  Illustration by English artist John Flaxman, made on 1 May 1807, for English translation of Dante’s poetic trilogy.  On display in the Royal Academy of Arts, London, United Kingdom.  

Economic System of Abundance

In an interview conducted by the Mount Shasta, California, Promise Revealed director, Robert Potter, with Moonbase Clarion Commander Aura Rhanes on 20 November 2019 at Cheat Lake, West Virginia, he asked her the following question:

Q. 8.)  I realize money as we think of it does not exist on Venus and that your society works as one mind in accordance with natural laws. What can you tell us about how we can achieve the abundance and prosperity enjoyed by the Venusian society here on the Earth?

Commander Rhanes replied: Again, it seems to me that a false belief is coming into play. Economic problems on Earth ARE largely due to false beliefs that are imposed by the leaders on this planet, and it’s in many fields that, “there is only so much that can go around.”

This means that your people must fight over the crumbs of the pie, let alone getting a full slice of the pie, which, of course, can only be enjoyed by the oligarchs.

On Venus, we long ago determined that the solution of this problem is to bake more pies so that everyone can be satisfied.

Credits are based on what we can do to help our sisters and brothers meet their needs.

On Venus, we even have a Department of Happiness to oversee this process.

Continue in the Light of Venus.

This is Commander Aura Rhanes. Blessings to all in the ultimate Victory of the Light.

(Editor’s Note:  Stay tuned to this website for the continued coverage of Adamski’s 1963 European tour, where the Southern California contactee answers sundry and miscellaneous questions about Venus and the Venusians in Part VI of Cosmic Ray’s article, “The Venus Gospel:  An Account of George Adamski’s 1963 Visit to Denmark and Belgium.” -Lon)

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