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Sheik Mohammed From Cameroon Offers Some Solutions To World Problems

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Watch Mohammed From Cameroon Here
That’s me, my second wife and my grand daughter in the jungle for the show Wednesday 28 December 2022 at 5:30 PM local time. GMT+1.

My Intellectual friend Mohammed from Cameroon Africa is an awakened individual who sees the current world political situation clearly. He is an Electrical engineer a teacher and a positive influence in his community. He seeks the unity of all peoples and faiths regardless of ethnic background or religious understanding. He shares and illustrates some common problems using examples from his country and offers suggestions that we call all learn from. This talk will show you how our brothers and sisters the world over are playing their part in providing information to bring their neighbors into an understanding of the challenges we must all face with patience kindness and generous hearts to unify ourselves as one family to build a new earth based on mutual respect and loving actions.

Thank you,
Brother Mohammed

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