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Promise Pyramid System Catalogue Part I

rob poter pyramid system

Promise Pyramid Systems


For the last 40 years, I have been involved with extensive research and experimentation into Pyramid Technology, Negative Ionization, and the effects on the living system. In studies based on the values of negative and positive ionization. By working side by side with Dr. Bell. Fred Bell we have proven that if society continues in its present course, we will fairly soon run out of breathable air. I am carrying on his legacy and I am currently presenting solutions to the problems that lie ahead because the loss of air is mainly due to transportation problems and the production and usage of toxic fossil fuels, chemtrails and the worst problem is nuclear Radiation.

Fred Bell was murdered in 2009 while developing this device. Fred Bell before his death stated  “We have discovered new means of propulsion and we have currently under construction a Time Machine, capable of time travel Pyra­dyne’s Model T-700 Time Travel Transposer. We are also in the design stage of a Star Ship. Both devices use multiple applica­tions of new free energy means.”

Dr. Bell’s book, RAYS OF TRUTH AND CRYSTALS OF LIGHT CAN BE PURCHASED ON HTTPS://WWW.THE PROMISEREVEALED.NET.  DEATH OF IGNORANCE, AND HIS OTHER BOOKS BIRTH AND NEW BEGINNING AND THE INSIDE TRACK ARE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON. These books are designed to kill ignorance and to resurrect truth. It will have in it ad­vanced details of reincarnation and partial plans of Time and Space Travel Devices.

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Welcome to the magical world of The Promise Revealed. Our goals are to bring you new products as quickly and conveniently as possible as they are developed and perfected by our staff of scientists and doctors,  all of whom are well versed and qualified state-of-the-art practitioners of their respective fields. All our new products are time tested first, before they are released to the public as usable commodities.

It is an antenna in the form of a geometric shape, which gathers energy and acts like a lens that focuses energy inside and outside its shape.

Through the experimentation, we found that pyramids improve the taste of food, sharpen the razor blade, increase the energy level in people, stimulate plant and animal growth, preserve organic matter, and improve the taste of liquor, wines, tobacco, coffee, and water. In another experiment water after it has been under a pyramid, holds energy for a long period of time, and will act on plants almost as if they were under a pyramid. On large-scale irrigation projects, farm crops showed an additional growth rate of up to two times.

The materials used to construct pyramids if one wants the best results. Aluminum and Plastic should be avoided if human contact is maintained. Both produce positive ions which under laboratory tests produce depression. We use only negative ion-producing elements combined still further with precious metals for increased power.

Definition of Pyramid Energy

Pyramid Energy can be defined as progressive energy transfer through geometric focusing and dynamic electrical amplification over a measured plane of coordinates. This is defined into simple lay terms and means that the pyramid shape is one of the four building blocks of man and his surrounding universe.

The remaining three other elements are Oxygen, Nitrogen, and Hydrogen, which are not solids but gases in their simplest forms. Next, if we view the shape of carbon as a natural crystal that vibrates when stimulated by outside influences of the earth’s magnetic field, and other influences, producing noticeable physical changes. it becomes more apparent that the pyramid shape when properly used produces physical changes in minerals, plants,  animals, and people. Other outside influences such as negative ion generation,  electrical and magnetic stimulation, and proper use of enzymes can be used to produce in part physical changes in objects, but the pyramid produces the effects of all four above-mentioned results in a single application. (See our page entitled applications.) An example of a readily available test would be grapefruit or lemon juice. By placing a pyramid over these juices, the taste rapidly changes from a bitter taste to a pleasant one indicating a switch from alkaloid to base. The test can be further verified by litmus paper or using a swimming pool testing kit  which will show a  definite ph. change. If you subject grapefruit or lemon juice to source of negative ions or electricity, You can record similar results, thus verifying the above-mentioned comparison.

We at The Promise Revealed recognized the shape of the pyramid was not enough to get the desired results needed. to make the pyramid a usable household item so we developed a means of increasing their powers and separating these powers into a family of characteristics. Then we took another step, finding ways to accentuate these characteristics in ­ divide usually so that different kinds of pyramids produced different pronounced results when used conscientiously on minerals, plants, animals, and people.

. The methods we use and the results we obtained are well described in n our various data sheets on our pyramid-related products. We are very quality -conscious and we use only the finest metals and materials in construction. Our plated processes are very similar to the ones used by the various transistor and integrated circuit manufacturers, ensuring time. durable surfaces over very sound mechanically accurate structures.

The Promise Gold,

Since gold is known to be one of nature’s purest and most powerfully energized metals (its molecular structure is made up of pyramids), it is used in a 24-karat plating as the outer Orgone Layer of the Pyradome. This causes a greater amplification of the pyramid shape. The Pyradome is an 8-inch pyramid, designed for meditating and energizing small objects (fruit, cigarettes, wine, razor blades) and as a capstone for larger pyramids. We have found that driving with i.t on your head creates a mellowing effect.


A special 12-inch orgone layered pyramid, which generates. A controlled number of negative ions and energies. This ensures a longer shelf life of all vitamins and food substances. It will assure full potency when you consume your vitamins. Many people fail to realize that without proper care, even the best vitamins can lose their power and potency during storage.


As the name implies is a portable Orgone layered pyramid that can be used indoors or out and comes in 6-, 8- and 10-foot models. It is mainly designed to fit over the bed and since the Portamid is a specially constructed charging pyramid it allows the body to faster utilize the magnetic currents while sleeping.


Our product lines are divided into three main categories with an overlap of applications because the pyramid shape does have similarities in its applications. The first category is headgear or units that are worn on the head. The second category is general purpose or utility. such as food preservation, plant preservation, soil stimulation, other industrial applications, and finally meditation. Since all pyramids induce alpha into the respective user. a sense of calm and · tranquillity will be felt in their presence. This can be measured by the utilization of biofeedback equipment.

The Promise Gold, The Promise Copper, The Promise Silver are all omnidirectional and can be worn on the head. Because we use orgone plating, their respective power is a minimum of ten to twenty times the power of an ordinary pyramid. This is verified by Kirlian photography, Aura meter, and muscle and reflex testing.  Each headgear Pyramid works on various endocrine glands producing varied ·feelings and effects according to the individual. Most people wearing the Gold report the effect as a  basic tranquilizer that aids in the removal of hypertension which is stored in the body. Hypertension is a  form of low frequency that manifests as bacteria mold and eventually spoilage in fruits and vegetables. The Gold is also a mild detoxifier and can be worn continually. People Who are inclined to have migraine headaches find the Gold an excellent aid for headache ·reduction and relaxation as it calms the hypo-thalamus. Remember a pyramid is only a hearing aid, you must heal yourself.

The Promise Copper is an an-energizer and produces an upper sensation because it converts the earth’s energy and magnetism into Life Forces and directs these energies directly into. the aura, and the etheric body of the wearer which is where nutritional energy from food and vitamins settle after’ they finish the normal digestive processes. The last stage is when food is reduced to glucose and mixed with oxygen in the small intestine producing body heat and magnetism called internal respiration.  The Promise Copper is also a very strong detoxifier, and its field of influence has been measured over four feet from the apex above and below. This can produce a powerful stimulation on the adrenal glands and the solar plexus is center. The 15 solar plex center directs the universal energies via the astral plane into the heart center where the cardiac muscles are stimulated, thus easing the undesirable stress conditions on the heart that occur from hypertension and periods where the individual is subject to stress and tension. Wearing the Firedome produces a feeling of high energy ·over a long time.

The Promise Silver appears to work directly on the pineal gland, which is part of the Alta major or third eye center. This is important because to grow into and fully utilize our brain-mind, we must consciously direct our attention to the endocrine glands which are physically located in our heads. This form of exercise is called 16 meditations, which causes these organs to secrete their hormones directly into the bloodstream causing an immediate body response that the conscious mind interprets as a feeling. It is important to remember that energy follows thought and disciplined thought towards body function produces a disciplined body and mind. When the lower glands are stimulated with something such as the Firedome the feeling is excess energy. When the higher glands, canters, or chakras Are stimulated by the Promise Silver, the feelings are felt as increased awareness and super concentration with minimal effort. Most people report that as their concentration ability increases, their appetites decrease greatly, causing food consumption to become less.

Toxic Effects of Stray Radiation and Electricity

In 1930, the Crosley Corp went on the air with Radio Station WLW boasting a wattage of 500,000 watts of power! The results were that vegetation was destroyed, plants and animals, and people were sick within a 5-mile radius of the transmitter. Other effects were felt even further away. The station then lowered its power to 50,000 watts so that these conditions become more bearable.

This clearly demonstrates the toxic effects of the TV and radio broadcasts through transmission on plants, animals, and people. To do this research we removed brine shrimp from the sea and shrimp being representative of a simple cell, were chosen as experiments in pyramid energy tests we did in the 70’s.

Because of adverse man-made radiation being abundant in our environment  The shrimp, selected could only live 6 to 8 weeks in a jar of saltwater placed in normal room conditions.  But placing the same shrimp under a pyramid, their lives were extended to over one year, thus clearly demonstrating a faraday shield effect on life forms inside the pyramid.

From these experiments and others, we at The Promise Revealed under Fred Bells’ direction developed the Portamid series for greater meditation and sleeping environments. Our 8′, 9’, and 1O’ models are well enjoyed by thousands of users- all of who report that sleeping in them gives them more energy with less sleeping time per 24-hour period.

These products are just the beginning of a whole new field of pyramid energy applications we at The promise Revealed will be presenting and sharing with you as we grow together for a  better tomorrow, today.

As most of us are becoming more aware of ourselves- and our surroundings, we are better able to sense the myriad of powerful energies which compose our Universe. True to his course of advancement, man continues energy experiments with himself and the environment.

Captivated by the cosmic power of the Great Pyramid and propelled by our own desire to know we at The Promise Revealed want to share with you what we consider a breakthrough in pyramid energy devices. The Promise Gold Pyradome is the epitome of pyramid development because it consists of an Orgone layer of materials plated over a pyramid-shaped frame.

Wilhelm Reich’s daughter spoke to Fred after he gave a talk about our wonderful pyramid technology of incorporating orgone production into the design. Orgone is a very simple natural phenomenon or organic and non-organic layers of substances. In our case, our proprietary process allows for this to be accomplished  through dissimilar metals

In its most fulfilling application, the true pyramid structure provides the three major energy and meditation center’s in the head as an antenna to collect and focus the natural cosmic and electro-magnetic energies working within the Universe.

These 3 centers are represented structurally by the pineal and pituitary and Thyroid glands. The center between the eyes is called the Ajna Chakra, and the Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head. When all 3 are radiating in phase together this is called the Alta Major Center. The initiated will learn much by understanding

Since gold is known to be one of nature’s purest and most powerfully energized metals, it is used in 24karat plating, as the outer orgone layer of the Promise Gold. It causes a great amplification and synthesis of higher consciousness among the centers in the head and an array of natural forces in the environment. Because of the Promise gold’s combination of gold and powerful pyramid shape, you will have many years of positive experience, by yourself and with your friends running in together with the aid of this great new tool is the beginning of building a better tomorrow.

*Orgone Layer – ·The effect of amplifying energy through combined layers of dissimilar materials, in this case. nickel, steel, and Gold, to produce a high energy output. This was documented through experiments conducted from 1934 to 1936 at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Oslo by Wilhelm Reich. Similar processes are used in modern technology today in the Production of transistors, integrated circuits, and other multi-layered devices.

The Omni Directional Copper

The Promise Copper I consider it to be a breakthrough in pyramid energy devices. The Promise Copper like the Promise Gold consists of an Orgone Layer of material and is, the final layer being copper, plated over a pyramid-shaped frame.

As with the Promise Gold like the Promise Copper does not have to be aligned magnetic north since one of the layers is gold and the molecular structure of gold is pyramid-shaped. Copper is a chemically active metal that has been used since 7500 B . C. It is the only metal except for gold that Is colored by nature. Electrically, it is a superconductor and is recognized as a Source of negative ions when used on a properly prepared pyramid structure.

Ions are the life carrier in our air supply and are necessary for our growth process to build cells. The body cannot reproduce or repair one single cell without a supply of negative ions. Ions are admitted into the body through the air supply and are circulated by the blood. Clinically Testing has revealed undesirable positive ions are becoming more abundant in our air, a detriment to all forms of life. Positive ions cause feelings of depression or eventually sickness negative ions cause a feeling or sense of well-being because of the beneficial effect on the body. Positive ions are plentiful in polluted air and smog, here as negative ions are abundant after a heavy rainfall or near a waterfall. The air we breathe has been found to contain approximately 2500-3000 positive ions per cubic centimeter, and 1000 negative ions respectively.

We at The Promise Revealed are aware of the problem of pollution in our air supply and have developed the Promise Copper. We use a layer of pure 24K gold and copper, which when energized by Pyramid energy, yields the negative ion effect greatly offsetting the poor feelings caused by bad air. Accordingly, to your energy output, the Promise copper will change color directly relating to the color of your aura.

Using muscle and reflex testing developed by John Thie of Pasadena and administered by Dr. Doctors all over the world we have proven that the Promise Copper supplies tremendous energy to the body. Orgone Layer- The effect of amplifying energy through combined Lavers of dissimilar materials, in this case, nickel, steel, gold, and copper to produce high energy output.

This was documented through experiments conducted from 1934 to 1936 at the Institute of Psychology of the University of Oslo by Wilhelm Reich. Similar processes are used in modern technology today in the production of transistors, integrated circuits, and other multilayer devices.

Expand ESP and Psychic abilities beyond your wildest dreams.

Moving onward and inward into the realm of Pyramid energy and integrating this knowledge with the science of body functions. We at The promise revealed system has developed the most powerful pyramid device known to modern man.

Called the PROMISE SILVER, using multiple layers of 24 K gold integrated with copper metal with strong detoxification characteristics and an outside layer of pure silver, this dome works directly on the Alta major center which consists of the pineal, pituitary, and thyroid bodies as well as its peripheral or polar opposite: the solar plexus center consisting of the diaphragm, the adrenal glands, and the Pancreas.

When properly working and understanding the Promise Silver helps the wearer develop super concentration powers from a detached point of view and most people wearing them have reported a graduate loss of appetite. To understand how this is possible, we examine ourselves a little further.  Our bodies are electrochemical in nature and when we feel energized, it’s because we have a large amount of accumulated electricity in us.

When we feel tired because the electricity is used up and the body needs to recharge. Dr. Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner, once demonstrated this by connecting a  25 watt light bulb to a subject who lit the bulb for over 5 minutes.

In science. it’s a fact that any time electricity flows through a wire, magnetism will be found at right angles to the wire and in our anatomy, we have millions of wires called axons. The electrolytic cell salt-action of our thinking process generates electricity in the cortex of the brain at a point called a dendrite which carries the pulse to a point in the body called synapse where work is performed, ie. a muscle movement.

The nerve system is the initiator of the body’s muscular activity and the conductor of our mental and physical functions. We have two major nerve systems. The first is called the sympathetic and it governs, regulates, and communicates all conscious functions such as sight, smell, hearing, taste and

Muscle movement.

It transmits these feelings to the conscious mind where the various brain centers interpret and categorize them. The nervous system is called autonomic or self-governing. This network is largely concerned with regulations of the unconscious, involuntary body functions, such as respiration and digestion which must be carried on day or night regardless of any awareness or desire.

Nerves require proper nutrition to function properly. Nerve cells in the brain use up as much as 20% of the oxygen we consume daily. These facts alone should impress upon you the necessity of Pyramid-supplied negative ion effect on our air supply. The negative ions are the workhorse of oxygen. Without good oxygen, the nerves quickly die. In addition to oxygen, our nervous system requires large amounts of glucose, B vitamins. lecithin. niacin and iron. If you are working under high stress or tension your body will consume these nutrients much faster.

than someone who lives a quiet or remote life. People who don’t refuse the nervous system quickly develop symptoms of deficiency such as paranoia, worrying, restlessness, short attention span, broken sleep, and in extreme circumstances, nausea, and the inability to tolerate other people or crowds.

You can insure against these conditions by obtaining glucose from eating foods that contain carbohydrates, such as potatoes and fruits; 8 complex, niacin and lecithin, and iron can be found readily in supplements or foods such as fruits, vegetables, coconut (lecithin ), and brown rice.

The burning of glucose in various plexuses in the body,     (points where it mixed in with oxygen) combined with the energies directed by the Promise Silver, ensures us a more than adequate supply of electricity to keep our spirits high.

Next, let’s examine the brain and its nature. The center of the brain is called the Thalamus. The cavity around the thalamus which includes the pineal and pituitary glands is called the third Ventricle. This area is the highest seat or center of consciousness of the entire body and is also the site of the North pole of our Aura.

The south pole is located at the base of the spine. Because as aforementioned, magnetism is always found at right angles to the passage of electricity It stands to reason that with all the wires (axons) conducting electricity in our bodies, we will possess a large amount of magnetism.

The sum total of the addition of magnetism called mutual induction constitutes a body or shape that is polarized having a north and south pole respectively. The same is true of our Earth with billions of people each with a magnetic body once again by mutual induction forming a North pole located in the Arctic region of the Earth’s third ventricle, and the South pole Located in the Antarctic region so you can see by simple ·reflective meditation the micro (man) and the macro (Earth) relationship of the anatomy of man and his environment.

The small area at the base of the brain is called the Cerebellum. It maintains balance and posture in our imaginations. Below this, Connecting into the. Top of the spine Medulla. The Medulla controls involuntary activities such as respiration and connects directly into the autonomic nervous system briefly described.

The top of the brain is called the Cerebral Cortex. This part is the highest echelon that gives us our awareness of sight and sound as well as delicate sensations of weight, texture, and, form. It also makes possible the experiencing of emotions such as anger and fear and enables us to feel pleasure or pain. Here also is the appetite center with which we will expound further.

Having viewed our body and mind from a component point of view let us examine how these parts function together to produce our feelings. First of all, we have seen seven major seats of consciousness in our forms. As time passes we at The Promise Revealed will expound on every level.

At present let us examine the Hypothalamus. The top of this center is located in the organs around the third ventricle and the bottom home is located in the area around the pancreas. One of the functions of the hypothalamus is appetite control We are too often aware of how unpleasant sensations or emotional upsets can trigger off flushing, sweating, nausea and urinary frequency.

These result from the stimulation of the hypothalamus and the passage of impulses down the sympathetic system leading to the Physical signs Just mentioned. As we become aware more of ourselves,  there should be .emotional stability producing a cyclic and rhythmical rotation of the axis between the head and pancreas which integrates and coordinates the flow of energy from the Astral- plane with somatic (physical ) and autonomic (automatic) activities enabling the body to maintain stable internal conditions (Homeostasis) despite changes in the outer and inner (spiritual ) environments.

The hypothalamus is part of the diencephalon (thalamus) of the forebrain and contains a number of nerve nuclei (neurons. and dendrites) which control the visceral ( internal organs) activities of many organs such as the metabolism of sugar and fat water balance, heat regulation and secretion of the endocrine glands.

 It is the center for integrating the sympathetic and parasympathetic activities the Hypothalamus is often called the emotional mind and you can see we need to properly understand this vital center. To maintain a balanced attitude. When this center is out of balance, we become frustrated and when we are frustrated, we have a tendency to go to the kitchen and begin eating out of frustration only compounds the problem and excess weights soon follow.

As energy follows thought and thought directed over a period of time brings about action, this will hold true to correct body function With the Promise Silver worn on the head the hypothalamus is automatically receiving the balanced energy effect which begins to center our whole nature The pineal and pituitary glands begin to secrete their ·hormones in perfect balance and subsequently the pancreas begins to become centered. This causes a good feeling which curbs. Another factor that leads us into frustration, desire Excessive expression of a ·gluttonous desire for carbohydrates, cream cakes, and candy in a child leads to Frohlich’s Syndrome, a condition that leads to loose fat deposits  (adiposity ) and atrophy (deterioration of sexual organs. This as you can well imagine can compound frustration many times. As in the higher nature, Will is the impelling power so in the lower nature desire the impelling power. Will power the creative motivating force that drives us into experiences that will lead us to maturity. Desire will destroy, the captive, the slave of matter. It is no longer self-determined, but it is taking us away from our goals into some glamorous side-track.

When Will is feeble our whole nature is feeble in its reaction to the outside world. The effective force that we have accomplished is measured by will power, job completed: or desire power, job started but not finished because of diversion. You pick the one that feels the best. One is not better than the other, only a fact of evolution.

There is the truth underlying the popular phrase “The greater the sinner the greater the Saint.” The mediocre person can be neither greater good nor greatly bad; there is not enough of him for more than petty virtues or petty vices. The strength of the desire nature in us is the measure of our capacity for progress, the measure of motor energy whereby we press onwards into accomplishment.

In terms of our physical body activation of the cortico-thalamic tracts (brain cortex, pancreas and, connecting nerves) and maintenance of their dominance over the hypothalamus leads to the transmutation of all desire into will. This means our body functions through meditation and directing our consciousness from our highest centers.

Let’s explore the relationship between desire and emotion. When a pleasure has been experienced and has passed away desire arises to experience it again. This fact implies its reaction to the world. The effective force that we have accomplished is measured by will power, job completed; or desire power,- job started but not finished because of diversion. You pick the one that feels the best. One is not better than the other, only a fact of evolution. This fact implies memory. which is a function of the mind. If the sensation was unpleasant, we are forced to think about the comparison, and this is the birthplace of reason.

Old Photo In the Early Days With Fred Bell 1974 when we would all go out in public wearing our pyramids.

From L to R Bunny Fred Tanya Alan Neil Rob Melanie in front Arthur and his wife.  

If we have an exceptionally good experience the mind plans, schemes, drives the body into action in order to satisfy the cravings of desire, and similarly in an unpleasant experience, strives to avoid reoccurrence. Such is the relation of desire to thought.

The mind in its early stages is the slave of desire, but as maturity makes us aware, the desire is curbed, and we thus are forced to think before we react. Emotion is not a simple or primary state of consciousness, but a compound made up of the interaction of two aspects of self. Desire and intellect. The play of intellect on desire gives birth to emotion; it is the child of both and shows some of the characteristics of its father, intellect, as well as its mother, desire. Virtues are simply permanent moods of the right emotion. So, you can see that as we recognize our weaknesses so they can be corrected, and this path of recognition takes us out of frustration.

Many people come to us now for advice on purchasing a negative ion generator because many years ago, we pioneered the results of negative and positive ions of living structures into the Public Domain. Our advice is that the Pyramid has the greatest effect because the effect is what we feel and the Pyramid effect is easily demonstrable as it has been done time and time again on acid beverages such as coffee, grapefruit, and lemon juice.

Any acid can be said to be in a positive ion state easily and when combined with Pyramid energies readily Getting shifts to an alkaline state (negative ion). Commercial generators, readily available at considerably higher costs usually fail to do this.


As we go through our daily routine, we discharge energy from ourselves to others and our environment. There is no exception to this rule. This life energy is the hidden ingredient of nature that is usually felt, rarely seen. Let’s describe this feeling

of flowing life energy. Awakening from a good rest, we can easily project our attitude into the day’s activities and maintain a positive outlook on all of our ongoing thoughts.

By comparison, a weary body finds it difficult to maintain the same positive outlook. Frequently, after a trying day, it is more likely to have a negative outlook on everything. Did you ever wonder where this energy comes from, where it goes and how sleep magically replenishes this life force for another day? Our feelings are controlled by seven levels of consciousness corresponding to the seven major endocrine glands.

In order to be in perfect accord with our surroundings, these glands (gonads, adrenals, pancreas, thymus, thyroid, pituitary, and pineal) must be functioning perfectly and harmoniously with each other.

Consciousness manifests itself through the physical expressions of sex, diet, compassion, love, action, direction, and discovery respectively. Horizontal sleep brings the glands parallel to the earth’s surface so, like a compass, they become magnetically aligned with each other. This magnetic recharging vitalizes the glands and our consciousness to prepare us for our future situations.

This magnetization and recharging effect is greatly enhanced by resting or sleeping in a Promise Portamid because of the large volume of magnetic concentration that exists within its pyramidal boundaries. By continually sleeping under a Portamid over an extended period of time, the body receives this continual supply of magnetic force and gradually requires less sleep to maintain a positive attitude. Portable Power You Can Use Anywhere!

  • Experience heavenly relaxation, peace of mind!

• You may enjoy glowing good health, increased vitality Develop sexual awareness, a more rewarding love life.

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