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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Morning Star Revelations- Post Mt Shasta Summer Conference Report Part 1

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Dear Promise Friends Brothers and Sisters,
This is an extraordinary series of post-conference reports that I am very honored to share with all of you. I apologize for the tardiness of this report however I have taken a fairly long vacation from the computer to deconstruct my conference and restore my health and get plenty of rest.

This report will be drawn out over several newsletters and posts as there is much ground to cover. First I wish to thank all the attendees’ speakers and the volunteers who made the conference possible. I was so happy many people had a wonderful time. There was of course a few hiccups by we rolled with the punches and went with the flow. First a bit of the good stuff.

The Good

The speakers rocked it with new souls learning an amazing amount of information in a short period of time. Many lifelong friendships were formed and almost everyone had a wonderful time. I wish could have seen every speaker and hugged all of my volunteers and thanked everyone personally but I am doing so now. SO HERE IS A BIG HUG!


The Bad

Right now I am at the beach at 77 degrees and sadly some lightning strikes have created a fire northwest of Shasta that has of today ravaged between 30,000 to 40,oo acres it is being called the
McKinley Fire! Please pray for the innocent wildlife and the human suffering caused by this natural event! You will understand more about fires in the coming Part 2 report soon to be on my site.

The Ugly

It seems there was a newly engineered strain of the common cold that was defined as coronavirus before 2019. That flu or common cold weaponized by criminals had many people not feeling so well. I was one of those people who caught a cold and a sore throat on Friday night. I suspected it was the virus the deep state is so desperately trying to promote as the next thing to fear.

It certainly had me run down but in my position, I had to dig deep to complete the mission. I did so faithfully. When I found out I did not “tell everyone to mask up and quarantine!” Why because a virus is conquered by natural immunity as we all spread it we all become immune.

Aids was supposed to kill us all but we have all adapted, haven’t we? I refuse to acknowledge the lie of vaccination. or Corona Vaccination IDentification Chip that is the true purpose of the experimental MRNA depopulation poison that they make billions of dollars for trying to kill us all. Hate me or love for it as you know I don’t care! I will never be politically correct in the face of evil. I condemn those who would admonish me to stay in line and know tow to the rampant evil and corruption and manipulation of humanity by ignorant bureaucrats who by intention or idiocy promote death and destruction.

This is done by convincing you of your own free will to take the mark of the beast! So very sad for us all of us. in the end, it will leave such an imprint on the human psyche and revulsion so powerful that it will never happen again as humanity will learn after the corruption is exposed the true death agenda ‘we won’t get filled again’! It is coming to a head and the entire societal infrastructure and mankind’s relation to the earth is about to be corrected by nature herself.
The horrible consequences of our collective acceptance and compliance with a fear-based control network to destroy our souls are going to find the light of day eventually.

Compassion Mercy Forgiveness

I do have compassion for those duped and well-meaning sheeple who forgot the power of god life liberty and freedom. I know protocols are available to mitigate the harm being done to our DNA. This time in history will be remembered as the great awakening. Unfortunately, natural events are about to put mankind in humble submission to the forces of nature. Nature will increasingly test our resolve to survive and make us realize we must all recognize god in our fellowmen and treat our fellow humans with patience kindness humility and above all LOVE!

Survival my friends is assured do not worry. However, if we can band together in groups and association positivity we can do more to unify ourselves as true warriors who value life and the brotherhood conferred on us all by our living loving God. As we intend and as we serve the creator in recognition to do unto others as we would have done to us we will flourish.

Life is too short for selfishness and materialism how we treat others is more important than what we have or what we can accumulate in terms of material wealth. The true alchemical gold that leads to life both happy and eternal is in the love we share & the sacrifices we make for each other and the empathy we have for those damaged brothers and sisters suffering under the oppression of a system designed to deny god truth and respect for life.

I promise you all the divine plan is coming to fruition as millions of years of an evil agenda is coming to a close as the multi-dimensional hierarchy of universes is now aligned. The divine plan & Grand power of justice is being bought to this world. Galactic angels are known as the reapers and are handing out justice day by day. it is true many souls are being recycled by our creator to never be sentient again. The enforcing of the new directives of the many councils of billions of worlds in many different galaxies are now rewriting the rules of interactions for higher dimensional influence on third-dimensional worlds.

More conference updates to come in part 2. I will be sharing the positive and cautionary messages from our Venusians
We are not alone.
May God Have Mercy on us all

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