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The Gospel of Thomas & Mary Magdelene in Glastonbury England

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Two Block Buster Events in Glastonbury England

August 10th -13th



You should know that I will also be speaking at the Portal To Ascension Conference starting on August 11th thru 13th in Glastonbury click the above link.  I really hope my international followers will come to both of these wonderful events in August 2023

Dear Friends,

The Gospel of Thomas Workshop  Glastonbury England August 10th, 9 :30 AM – 5 PM Purchase Button

I am honored to invite you all to come to Glastonbury England on August 10th to join Cosmic Ray and myself for a one-day 8 hour workshop on The Gospel of Thomas and Mary Magdalene. I will be joined by the author of The Gospel of Thomas Dr. Raymond Keller and we will both be presenting an expansion on the teachings of this New Morning Star edition of the Gospel of  Thomas

May the glory of God be revealed in this workshop as the angels will be attending this most sacred event. Keep your heart open and your mind attuned as the gifts of the holy spirit are demonstrated in this workshop! Let those who are called and those with ears to hear and eyes to see come together in God’s name to pray and receive his blessings.

This version is actually a divine gift given to humanity through the  Hierarchy of Light & THE MINISTRY OF ANGELS. I was honored to write the introduction for this Gospel and you may read my introduction.  Please click this link to see the entire introduction of this gospel here!

Furthermore, you can also read a snippet of  The Youth Gospel of Jesus See The Youth Gospel of Jesus click Here!

We are also including a Snippet of The Gospel of Mary Magdalene by clicking here!


DATE: 8-10-2023 9 TO 5 PM 

The event will be at Glastonbury Abbey. This is actually on the location of the first church ever created in England in 40 AD. This was a church made of wood and mud. Joseph of Arimathea who was Christ’s Great Uncle took Mary Magdalene first to France and then to Glastonbury not long after his resurrection.

This church was built in 40 AD 7 years after the master’s resurrection.

Many do not know that Mary Magdalene was married to Christ. They had two children and Mary was pregnant with their 3rd child at the time of his crucifixion! Thomas was also known as dydimus which translates as “twin. Thomas was Christ’s twin brother and this will be revealed in this workshop and also why this was hidden.  

All of this information will be explained as we go over the most accurate gospel today as it is revealed by the chosen messenger Dr. Raymond Keller.  Please read the introduction I wrote to these gospels in the link above and look over this website to gather more information that may be of interest to you. 

The Gospels of Thomas, inclusive of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, were discovered at the Nag Hammadi site in the Egyptian desert in December 1945, along with some other books collectively called the “Nag Hammadi Library.” These texts were very fragmented with age, with lots of breaks in the text (lacunas), and were found to be in a state of advanced decay. The original parchments now rest in the Coptic Museum in Cairo. They have been thought to be written and dated from 100-245, C.E., according to some sources.

Until today these sacred texts have only been able to be partially interpreted by scholars because no complete record of these texts has ever been found. It is possible, but doubtful, that these texts are in their complete form anywhere in the world, not even in the library beneath the Vatican. Even if these texts were there, they could not be as complete or accurate as Dr. Raymond A. Keller’s Morning Star version, which is a supernatural gift to the faithful through the Celestial Hierarchy of Light.

There are four ancient texts presented. The first three were originally written by the Apostle Judas Thomas, Jesus’ twin brother. These consist of The Gospel of the Young Jesus, The Teachings of Jesus, and The Acts of Thomas (concerning his missionary journey through India). The last and fourth text is that of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, the wife of Jesus and the only female apostle, wherein she relates some of the more advanced spiritual teachings of her husband, as well as accounts of her conflicts with some of the other apostles and her journeys to the northern lands of Europe with her children and Joseph of Arimathea, her mother-in-law’s uncle.
Dr. Keller and Robert Potter will accent the highlights in all four of these Gnostic gospels and entertain any questions after each presentation. Come pierce the veil with Dr. Keller, a.k.a. “Cosmic Ray” and Mt. Shasta’s own Robert Potter in exploring these wonderful gospels!

The book is beautifully illustrated. The cover was prepared by Peter Holle, a well-known German illustrator of children’s books; while the various text illustrations were provided by Dan Gorman, an Ohio illustrator most noted for his work in Marvel Comics.
Published by Discus Publishing (Hohenfels, Konstanz District, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany), it appeared on the market in seven countries as of 22 December 2022, and is available on as both a regular paperback book of 218 pages and a Kindle edition. The paperback sells for $19.00 while the Kindle goes for $9.99, but free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Please Learn about the Abbey House drawing room on Chilkwell St on  the website

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio

click here

We will have the workshop in the Drawing Room Click here  There will be water coffee tea and some light snacks and fruit available throughout the day. There will be a lunch break and smaller breaks to enjoy the sacred grounds of this major power portal that exudes a very deep calm and peace.   


The schedule will go as follows. 

Glastonbury Schedule

9:30 AM – Introductions Opening Invocation and Prayers 

10:00 AM Rob will go over his introduction in the Gospel of Thomas 

10 AM 20-minute Break 

10:20 AM Dr. Raymond Power Point Presentation with Q and A.

12:30 Lunch Break

1:30 Guest Reading from each of the 4 gospels. With Group discussion and answers. 

3:00 PM Short 15-minute break.

3:15 PM The New Earth Prophecy and the Importance of the message of Christ and the Good News of hope and Liberation that is seeing fulfillment in the present day. 

4 pm A Special Surprise!

5 PM Closing Prayer  

Tickets are 80 British Pounds or $100 

Glastonbury Abbey House Drawing room Address:  Chilkwell St, Glastonbury BA6 8DH

Getting to The Abbey 

By Car
From the M5 – Take Junction 23 and follow the signs to Glastonbury.
From the M4 – Either follow the M4 until the M5 exit and follows the above directions, or take M4 Junction 18 (A46) and follow signs to Bath, then take the A367 towards Shepton Mallet, then the A361 to Glastonbury.
From the M3 – Take M3 to Junction 8 (A303), head along until you reach either the B3151 (signs to Glastonbury and Street), A37 (signs to Shepton Mallet, picking up signs to Glastonbury) or A371 (signs to Shepton Mallet, picking up signs to Glastonbury) and follow signs.
The abbey operates a pay-and-display car park on Silver Street. Enter the postcode BA6 8BS into your navigation device.
By Train
The nearest train station to Glastonbury is Castle Cary (on the London Paddington to Plymouth line). Transport to Glastonbury is only by taxi from here.
Alternatives are to travel to Bristol Temple Meads, Bath or Taunton. Onward travel can be via public service bus.
For accurate train times and information, please visit the First Great Western website.
By Bus
First Group provides services to Glastonbury – the 376 from Bristol and the 29 from Taunton – please visit their website to view their timetables and associated information.






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