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Dear Basic & Inner Circle Members,
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I have just UPGRADED MY 10th annual summer conference Page on my website. The prices are now $325 dollars for nonmembers. If you are logged in as an Inner Circle member you will see discounts of $50 for these tickets until March 15th If you have a Basic Membership when logged in you will see your discount of $25 dollars. Please click the button to learn about the conference and to buy tickets.
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Please Consider joining Rob Potter & Other Luminaries on The Mexican Riviera April 7-14
Join Rob Potter & Dr. Raymond Keller in Glastonbury England August 10th 9am – 5pm
Dearest Brother Robert and Friends of Venus, 
This is Al-An of Abejar, Security Chief for the Angel Force in the Eastern North American Sector, speaking to you from one of our safehouses. Thank you for your patience in awaiting our answers to your various questions, which I will now answer on behalf of the Hierarchy of Light for the benefit of those in attendance at the Mt. Shasta Conference in the closing days of August 2021. 
Reply From Lady Orda The Venus Queen
Dear Beloved Rob,
 Many thanks for your gifts. They were well received upon their arrival on Abejar by all concerned. Also, thank you for your faithfulness in working for peace on Earth, and particularly for fostering it among the circles of light workers, the ones who should be setting the example that leads to the inclusion of your world in the celestial realms.
I have instructed Al-Lan to dispatch an “angel force” to clandestinely attend your specified events in the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco. All of these beings have enjoyed incarnations on the Earth plane.
Therefore, I am sure that you will recognize some of them instantly. In any event, Virgil will introduce you to some of these angels in the course of the two conventions. Further instructions will be provided by Virgil at a later date. They will attend strictly as observers and report directly to Al-Lan.
On presenting the truth, please know that when you are walking in the light, the Holy Spirit will prompt you in what you should say or do. Have no fear in that regard.
Virgil (Raymond Keller) understands that he is the “Cosmic Postman.” He delivers the message and what those receiving it do afterward is up to them. Virgil expects nothing in this incarnation; although contingencies for his financial and personal well-being have already been taken care of.
Of Semjase, she is a Commander in the Pleiadean Interstellar Forces charged with monitoring their own Earth contingent. Insofar as the Pleiadeans conform to the protocols established on Abejar for establishing Earth contacts, from time to time we have worked together. However, she is not aligned with Abejar or our own Confederation of Planets. 
Healing Technologies 
Queen Orda- Yes, Brother Gabe shared an awareness that while those of Abejar and some other extraterrestrial planets do live quite extended lifetimes and enjoy a technology that those of Terra can only refer to as “magic,” we of these third and fourth-dimensional realms are not gods.
Genetic Enhancement Long Life Spans Explanations
About eighteen and a half million years ago, by the reckoning of Earth time, scientists on Abejar began to study the complexities of DNA and cell composition and its interaction with the electrical impulses which course through a human or even hybrid body.
Here is an important link to an important message about Solar Warming & a message from Valiant Thor
I wanted to let you all know I will be presenting on the Hidden Secrets Cruise on the Mexican Riviera. There are many other luminaries on this trip and I am looking forward to meeting all of you on this wonderful tour. We are going to have a great time learning to share and traveling on the epic cruise.
The Package is wonderful and you get all meals included if you bring a friend to share or a significant other it is going to be even more reasonable
Healing Product Technology From The Pleiades
I have finally launched one of my favorite products that I used to love and sell for my friend guide and mentor Fred Bell. The Products are The Promise Nuclear Receptor and The Andromedean Holographic Projector. You may see these amazing Jewelry products by going to Pleiaden Designed Nuclear Receptor.
I hope you can take the time to see the documentation I have created in all of the links on these product pages.
For the launch of these two products, We have a special offer for a discount on any of the Receptors. You can get this discount if you are logged in to your Basic Membership or Inner Circle it will show you a discounted price.


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Warm Regards,
Victory to The Light
Rob Potter
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