The Gospel Of Thomas Limited Edition

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The Gospel Of Thomas Limited Edition


This gospel Of Thomas Is given as a divine gift through the ministry of Angels through their chosen messenger Raymond Keller. The guardian angels from venus are fulfilling prophecy by divine intervention that the people of the earth may know the whole truth. this revelation from the angel force shall set you free if thou would know these truths. 

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Thomas is in awe as Jesus performs his first miracle.


            I, Judas Thomas, an Israelite philosopher and twin brother of Jesus, do hereby write this account of our Lord Jesus, also known as The Christ, for the benefit of the elect among the Gentiles, being numbered among the General Assembly and Church of the Firstborn, concerning his youth in Nazareth, some of that which he did after being born in our country.  The beginning of the Master’s story is as follows:

  1. The Sparrow

When the child Jesus and I were but seven years old, we were playing by the ford of a stream where the flowing waters formed into small, shallow eddies, making them pure.  Along the bank, Jesus noticed a young sparrow splashing desperately, trying to keep afloat and make it back to safety on the shore.  I said to Jesus, “I think the bird has a broken wing.”

“Let’s take a closer look and see what we can do to help the sparrow,” said Jesus.  At that, we held hands and stepped into the cold waters of the ford, whence Jesus retrieved the small bird. Looking at it closely, Jesus verified that a small portion of the bird’s upper right wing appeared to be cracked.  He then handed me the sparrow, sat down along the bank, and made some soft mud out of the silt.

“Hand me the sparrow,” said Jesus.  I then turned it over to my twin brother, who cupped the bird in his left hand, gently moved the bone back into place, stroked its head, and made a mud pack around the broken wing with his right hand.  “Be at peace,” he assured the sparrow.

“What is that going to do?” I inquired. “I’m not sure,” replied Jesus.  “I just feel sorry for the poor, little bird.”

When some other children of Nazareth noticed our activity, they came over to the streambank as well.  As it was the Sabbath, however, all of this commotion attracted the attention of the local rabbi, named Annas, who rushed over to the edge of the ford to also see what was happening.  “Don’t you children have any common sense?” the rabbi yelled at all of the children.

Then he stormed over to the house of Joseph, the carpenter, our father.  Pointing in the direction of the stream, the rabbi shouted at Joseph, “Look at your sons playing in the water.  They have profaned the Sabbath!” he accused us.

The rabbi was pulling on my father’s tunic, leading him to the streambank.  When Joseph saw what was happening, he asked us, “Don’t you two know that it is forbidden to play on the Sabbath?”

Jesus replied, “Father, I’m sorry.  This bird was hurt and we were just trying to help it.”  He then clapped his hands and cried to the sparrow, “Be gone, little bird.  Bird, fly home now.”   At that, the tiny sparrow took flight and went on its way, happily chirping.

Of course, after the rabbi informed the other Jewish elders in the synagogue, it wasn’t too long before the legend of Jesus as a young miracle-working healer spread out across the countryside.  Our mother Mary had always suspected that such a day would come for Jesus, and she worried greatly over my dear brother.

  1. Guardian Angel

Now the son of Annas, the rabbi, was among the other children of Nazareth standing on the bank of the stream, along with our father Joseph.  The boy was a few years older than Jesus and I; and as he was screaming at Jesus, calling him all manner of wicked names, I immediately began to suspect that he was going to charge into my brother and start a fight with him.  This older boy snapped a branch from a willow tree overhanging the streambank.  He pushed my brother down into the water and then began to stir up the mud at the bottom of the ford with it, messing up the pure waters.

Jesus, of course, became quite upset.  Picking himself out of the ford, he said to the bully: “You should be ashamed of yourself, you irreverent oaf!  What did the pools of the water do to harm you?”

Upon hearing this, I pushed the rabbi’s son into a nearby thicket, trying to keep him from doing harm to my brother.  Just as I was about to pounce upon the fallen lad, the rabbi and Joseph intervened and kept us apart.  Joseph then took us home, as did the rabbi take his son back to their own house.

The next day, however, the older child developed a severe, irritating rash all over his body.  His eyes were also inflamed.  The rabbi brought his son to our house, accusing our father and asking him, “What kind of child do you have who does such things?” thinking that Jesus perchance had put a curse on him.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Rabbi Annas,” replied Joseph.  “Your son fell into the thicket of oleander that grows along the bank.  He probably rubbed his skin along with its sap and is only suffering an allergic reaction.”

The rabbi left our home in a huff, saying he didn’t believe a word that Joseph was saying and swearing that Jesus was an evil spawn.  Mother Mary put her arms around me and said, “Thank you, Thomas, for protecting Jesus. Continue to keep an eye on your brother; as I believe that God sent you to this world to be his guardian angel.” “I will, mother.  I promise.”

  1. Bully Seeks Revenge

Jesus and I had almost forgotten the incident, but apparently, the son of Annas had not.  Many months had already passed and one day, as Jesus and I were walking through the village, the same bully boy was coming down the center road toward us.  Crossing over from the opposite side of the road, the bully purposely banged into Jesus’ shoulder, laughing loudly.  “Who is the oaf now, carpenter’s son?” he mocked my brother.

Jesus emphatically scolded the brazen youth.  “Stop what you are doing, before you regret it,” said my brother. “Let me handle this ruffian,” I said to my brother, adding that, “You know that our mother wants me to watch over you.” “That will not be necessary, Thomas,” replied Jesus.  “Angels are watching over us at all times.”

The ruffian proclaimed, “I’m not afraid of you, Jesus, or your brother, either.”  At that he picked up a stick; and as he raised it over his head about to strike my brother with it, he fell down and died right on the spot.

Jesus, having sympathy on the bully, said to me, “Thomas, you see that this boy does not understand what he is doing, what he is bringing down upon himself.  Come, help me lift him up.”   At that, Jesus and I picked up the bully from the dust of the ground.  Trembling and crying, he looked at us in amazement and ran straightaway home.

Some of the village folk who witnessed this event said of Jesus, “Where was this child born?  For no one can threaten or raise a hand against him.”

The rabbi Annas and his wife came to Joseph and blamed him, saying, “Since you have such a child, you cannot live in the village.  Teach your son to bless and not to curse, for he may end up killing all of our children!”

This gospel Of Thomas Is given as a divine gift through the ministry of Angels through their chosen messenger Raymond Keller. The guardian angels from venus are fulfilling prophecy by divine intervention that the people of the earth may know the whole truth. this revelation from the angel force shall set you free if thou would know these truths.
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Realize that this is the first time ever that the true accounting of these gospels, events, and records has ever been released to the world. These are faithfully reproduced in our modern understanding as they were written in their intended and complete form.

This Gospel of Thomas, inclusive of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene, was found at the Nag Hammadi site in the Egyptian desert in December of 1945 along with some other books collectively called the “Nag Hammadi Library.” These texts were very fragmented with age and in a state of advanced decay. The original parchments now rest in the Coptic Museum in Cairo. They have been thought to have been written and dated from 100-245 A.D., according to some sources.  This Gospel also includes The Youth Gospel of Thomas and The Acts Of Thomas.

Until today these sacred texts have only been able to be partially interpreted by scholars because no complete record of these texts has ever been found. That these texts are even real is debated by many. It is possible, but doubtful, that these texts are in their complete form anywhere in the world, not even in the library beneath the Vatican. Even if these texts were there they could not be as complete or as accurate as this version for this version is a supernatural gift to the faithful through the Hierarchy of Light.