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The Rose of Venus The Symmetry of Balance and Love The Morning Star Our Neighbor, Our Guardian World

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Watch The Rose of Venus Unfold

The Morning Star Our Neighbor is our Guardian World

This video shows the movement of The earth and Venus in relation to the sun over time. This beautiful dance creates over time tracing the movements as The Rose of Venus

Venus or sister world her peoples and her spirit have been watching over the earth and played a primary role in the education of the many alliances and federations helping our world right now. They teach them psychology at play in and the many factors responsible for the human condition. The rules of engagement are explained in interacting with the people of the earth until such time as we can openly and peacefully accept them for who they are.

The primary Mission of Venus is to see that the people of earth are protected on many levels. Not the least of these levels is protection from the people of the earth and their destruction of their own – our own world by them-US. 

We alone are responsible for the deplorable conditions on the earth. Despite our infinite power of creative ability, we have been sidetracked into having our attention manifest ideas of negativity. We are creating through our programmed reactions and manifesting imbalanced thoughts that sometimes imperil our world.

I will give the creation and threat of nuclear weapons of mass destruction as the prime example where intelligent people are enthralled with power and destruct to the point their efforts time energy and co-creative abilities have been engineered to cause the extinction not only of themselves but an entire planet and the life on it.

Throughout our recent history, we have stood by as our leaders our education system our belief system has erroneously moralized this preparedness for annihilation as a good thing. Our lunacy and our apathy and our ignorance combined with our mindless obedience to an evil agenda have put us on the critical brink of an entire self-extinction or an incredible revolution of freedom and peace.

Freedom Revolution Liberation Resurrection Are ours now if we can claim it

The flourishment of humanity now begins in earnest as the multidimensional guardian’s missions behind the scenes are the best fruit as the criminals are being rendered impotent or annihilated. Forces beyond our understanding are enforcing God’s universal laws as those who would murder billions of people are being contained and arrested for the heinous crimes against humanity.

For the most part, this is not being done by white hats or any earthy political power this enforcement is being run by Ground command. This is being done behind the scenes. Kimberly Goguen as the interim human representative of the earth is working in concert with divine justice to enforce gods universal Law. Mankind will get now a rest. The Venusian security forces and sacrifices of many thousands of years of service have behind the scenes gently tilted the odds and the course of human events in our favor toward a more peaceful world.

The Angel Force from Venus’s deeds will one day be known and understood. The many positive races’ efforts will also be respected and thanked for their contribution to awakening earth and its peoples to the natural laws of the universe.  That earth people are unaware of right now is soon to change as natural events are unfolding to bring about the ERA of LOVE. Do not worry bout a Thing cause Every little thing is going to be alright! 

By Rob Potter

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