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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Mt Shasta Summer Conference Montage – Valiant Thor Transcript

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The Essence of The Mount Shasta Summer Conference

Mt Shasta Summer Conference click here to see Video Montage

I wish to thank Rene and Anthony of Bluse Soul Earth my sister and brother for making this beautiful video that captures the majesty of the mountain. They also show a great snippet of the presentations and the many kindred souls and spirits that make this wonderful conference a success it my honor to co create this event with all of you souls over these many years. My mission is finding hearts that resonate everyday. Hold fast to the Victory Of The Light.


A message Transcript From Valiant Thor delivered in Recorded Voice Message – Mt Shasta Summer Conference 2022  


ValiaNt Thor a Created Being Not Born on Venus But Serving Venus At The Request of Jesus Christ To Oversee The Galactic Confederation Of Light & Venusian Missions on Earth


R-This transcript of Valiant Thor is the exact transcript of the voice-recorded message that was played for those in attendance at The Mt Shasta Summer Conference. – This Transcript also reflects the same style of information given to Dr Frank Stranges that he shared on inner circle meetings throughout his time serving on the council of 12 for many years until his death. He has since translated to Venus and is now an Ascended Master as you read below! The recorded message can never be played in public ever again!

Valiant Thor – “Communique from Victor Fleet Commander Valiant Thor to the elect pilgrim souls on Earth’s material plane.

Queen Orda, the Hierarchy of Light, and the Venus Angle Force Extend their most gracious greetings to all assembled at the Look to Venus Morning Star Revelations Conference now being held on the slopes of beautiful Mount Shasta in Northern California this July 9, 2022.

I am their appointed messenger, Victor Fleet Commander Valiant Thor, who now shares the honor of addressing you. In the days to come  your dreams will become much more vivid.  In these dreams, you will find yourself aboard my starship the Victor One, usually in a polar orbit at an inclination bearing some 60 to 90 degrees to your planet’s equator.

Your NASA and other space agencies of the earth have identified my ship as the legendary Black Night.  It is saucer-shaped and approximately 300 feet in diameter.  Our longitudinal flight path has shifted a few hundred miles to the west and has now taken us over to your location in Northern California.

We are moving from a Southern to Northern direction at this time, soon to pass over you’re the North Pole. At such times of our passing overhead in the nighttime hours, you are invited aboard the Victor One to attend night classes.  You will lose track of time as it is measured on Earth while you are attending such classes on the Victor One.

You will find it a very rich experience, not soon to be forgotten. Despite your presence onboard this ship in your astral body, everything will seem quite solid and substantial.  As the pursuit and acquisition of happiness by the elect ones of Earth is a designated mission of the Venusian Angel force.  You will discover all that you could possibly hope for on board the Victor One or any other Venusian spacecraft.

You will also meet many of the exalted beings of the Venusian Angel Force who work with me in carrying out my missions of enlightenment and peace throughout this quadrant of the milky way galaxy.  They all have a general human appearance but there are some differences.

(R-Angel Force refers to Venusians living and walking amongst in service to the people of the earth quietly influencing people toward peaceful relations and leading many people toward truth in all their endeavors including scientists musicians, military, and financial influencers to name a few!)

Do not be afraid when you encounter my splendid and long-time friend and associate, YO. He comes from a distance solar system with nearly 100 inhabited worlds orbiting a central sun.  As there are so many worlds, each one has simply been designated by a number.

(R-Spelled YO but pronounced as) Yeoh is about 6 foot 2 inches in height and weighs some 190 pounds.  He has a reddish complexion like the native Americans of your world and has only one eye.  This eye spans the same distance that exists across your face as two eyes.  He looks rather scary at first glance, cyclopean.  He has the ability to move his eye back and forth from one side of his face to the other so that nothing escapes his rapt attention. His intelligence rivals that of the most astute scientists on Earth.  He has his being emanations of light.  YO looks forward to meeting you soon when you take your place as one of the students in one of the night classes.

I Valiant Thor am now from the planet that you call Venus but which we refer to as Abejar.  Along with me and instructing the night classes is another Venusian, Teel. She is about 5 foot 11 inches in height and weighs about 180 lbs.  She is immediately recognizable by her bright green eyes and flaming red hair.  She is musically talented in vocals and instruments and usually opens all assembly meetings with an enchanting song.

Another female instructor you are likely to meet is Berean Leahl from a large moon of Jupiter that I am not permitted to identify for you at this time for security reasons.  She is about the same height as Teel but weighs only about 125 pounds.  What makes her stand out is her light blue skin color.  She also has sharp blue eyes and bright blue hair, shoulder length. This is common for most inhabitants of Lunar Colonies no matter what their parent world might be.  Her area of expertise is diplomacy, getting people to talk with one another, find common ground and provide spiritual enhancement to life for all peoples.

Our space navigator and engineer, Helia Darina, is considered the most advanced scientist in our space quadrant.  He will acquaint you with some of the more advanced technology aboard Victor One and provides information as to the 601 planetary systems of the Galactic Federation of Light within 51 solar systems.

My vice commander Don, Thon, the resurrected Dr, Frank Stranges, Communications officer Jill, and many others of the Victor One spacecraft frequently sit in on the classes as observers and seconds in the event an instructor is called away.

From time to time, Uniah, one of six ascended masters that makes visits to Victor One, will make a more frequent appearance.  Uniah has been guiding the Earth from behind scenes since the beginnings of life on your planet. He hails from the gold star planet at the fringe of your knowable universe.  This is all I can say about this personnel and classes at this time.

Stay strong in the power of the blue flame and the agape love of the universal Creator and his holy angels.  Your adventure is soon about to begin.  We of Victor One believe that you have constituted one of the most important groups on the face of the Earth today.  Do not fail to take every opportunity to be kind to your brothers and sisters of your world.  Let the light of the Morning Star rise in your hearts thus filling your hearts with love for all.

I want you to know that I love you all and wish you the happiest and most illuminating Venus Conference.  May God bless and prosper the United States of America.  Protect her in the prophesized perilous days ahead.

Robert Potter, an associate of Dr. Frank E. Stranges, and a member of the original inner circle will now light a candle and invoke the Ring of Fire Prayer for divine protection for you all in carrying out this mighty work initiated by Dr. Frank E. Stranges back in the late 1940s.

There was a tremendous amount of information shared here in this post please listen to your heart, pray & stay with your positive vibrations & do not go into fear. Please feel free to contact me and watch my website I will be releasing more videos and information soon!

By Rob Potter




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