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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Jane Masteller Astrologer Extraordinaire!

Jane Masteller

Watch This video click here to see Jane share Her Knowledge & Insights on Astrology

Dear Friends,

This interview is with me and my friend and personal astrologer Jane, Masteller. In this Interview, we discuss the science of Astrology and the various ways we can utilize the understanding. Jane does Synastry the compatibility between two people. She does incredible readings for people for their natal or personal birth chart. She can also do progressed charts and In this chat, Jane also explains Astro Cartography the way we king to find the best place to live and travel based on the natural energies in various locations.

Jane will speak at The 2023 Mt Shasta Summer Conference on June 22-25 -2023

Bio: Jane Masteller Astrologer, Flower Essence Practitioner  Rob Recommends “I highly recommend you contact Jane for an astrology reading she is quite accurate her prices are reasonable and she can go into great depth in her readings you will gather great insight by booking jane for a reading! ”      Her Facebook is interesting as she make astrological observances on this page Go here to See Her Meetup on Facebook  

Jane specializes in Astrocartography, the astrology of your own personal geography. She can help you understand your best and least ideal geographical locations for relocation, travel, and business. The exact birth time is needed. Jane’s Natal Chart Readings help you take your life into your own hands and intelligently utilize the planetary influences that will help you in your evolution.

The more you become the person you are most capable of being and what you are meant to be, the more fulfilled you will feel. Jane’s Transit Readings will help promote a deep understanding of your current life circumstances and is advantageous for the strategic timing of events or actions. Being aware of how the transiting planets are influencing your natal chart enables you to determine what lessons you are meant to be learning at any given moment. Jane’s Relationship Synastry Readings help people better understand the dynamics two people experience based on how their individual charts interact with each other.

From committed relationships to single people looking to date, she can help you understand better how to capitalize on your compatibility strengths and best navigate your compatibility challenges. Both people’s birthdays (day, month, year) are needed. Jane’s powerful Flower Essence Remedies bring out the truest and most positive person you are. The remedies gently and safely release negative states (grief, fear, sadness, anger, hurt, guilt, shame) by flooding the body’s system with the positive vibration the flower essence carries. The remedies are uniquely created at astrologically auspicious times, supportive of the person’s astrological chart.

Enjoy Rob 

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