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Alex Collier Interviews Rob Potter

Alex Collier

Alex Collier Interview With Rob

I want to thank Alex Collier for allowing me to share this video on my you tube and website. Alex and I go way back and he is truly one of my heroes in the movement. He stands amongst us as one of the few that revealed the reality of the intruders who have Fallen. The Reptiliian and Draco Beings who have been influencing the earth and the entire galaxay as hostile terrorists were unknown to humanity for the most part until Alex Collier blew the lid of the disturbing truth.  (not all draco and reptililian are bad) I hope you will enjoy this videos as Alex Allows me to share th my experiences and my knowledge of the Venusian history on the earth. This one hour video I hope will entice you to learn more of The Venusian and our local confederation of Planets . Called The Galactic Conferderation of Light comprised of 601 worlds and 51 solar systems.

In The Light Of Venus

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