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IHerQules The Miracle of Alchemy In A Bottle

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In this educational video, I reveal the true origins of this magical herbal extract formula. IHerQules. In this video, the leading distributor of IHeQules shares her knowledge and experiences with us about this incredible anti-aging product. I share my esoteric understanding and my realization of a recent dream that confirms my intuition on how this product was formulated in the ultimate alchemical extraction process that is second to none. I strongly urge you to go to my website and give this product a try. It really works.

Mr. Bergier: can you explain what is Alchemy to me?

The adept Fulcanelli : you ask me to resume in 4mn, 4000 years of philosophy and all my life’s efforts. You ask me, among other things, to translate into plain language concepts which cannot be explained using such language. Nevertheless, I can tell you this: you are aware that, in official science, the role of the observer becomes more and more important. The reality, the uncertainty principle shows us at what point the observer interferes nowadays with the phenomena. You want Alchemy’s secret, here it is: there is a way to manipulate matter and energy in order to produce, what the contemporary scientists would call, a force field. This force field acts upon the observer and puts him in a privileged situation facing the universe. From this vantage point, he gains access to realities, usually hidden by time, space and energy, this is what we call the Great Work.

Purchase IHerQules Here

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