This is an Anti-Aging Miracle Nutriceutical Formula. I strongly suggest you read the longer description below and sign up as an activist. You can get this product cheaper if you sign up as an activist but you can also just sign in as a one-time customer and purchase for $99 dollars. I offer new customers a one-time-only offer to buy bottles at $79. This stuff increases energy like crazy. I highly recommend it.

I love this product!

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Dear Friends,

I do not usually promote multi-level marketing as I usually just buy these types of products for my own use. However, with IHerqles I am very happy to encourage you to join the  I-Herqules team and program. If you like you can share with your friends they will benefit from the product as well.

You may also just buy as a visiting customer. So please click the link above so I can share with you all this amazing age reversal technology I heard about from a friend. I tried the 3-month accelerated plan the IHerQles team offered to speed up the results for age reversal.

This IHerQles is an easy-to-take spray. For the basic dosage, you simply take 4 sprays once a day before your largest meal. One bottle lasts a month. I did the accelerated plan using three months of bottles in one month to kick start my rejuvenation.

The accelerated plan is 4 sprays 3 times a day for a total of 12 sprays! I am amazed at the results because this product absolutely supports and strengthens the functioning of the DNA. More specifically is keeps the telomeres intact. This keeps the DNA which is your physical body's Blueprint at an elevated level.

After three months my energy levels have increased dramatically and I know yours will too. After the first three months, I only take 4 sprays a day. I shared it with a friend and she has noticed it as well and has become a customer.

I will say it has a slightly bitter taste but not very hard to take at all. I have found you must drink lots of water after your spray to really allow the best possible dispersion into your system. Another thing I found out is that it provides an abundance of natural vitamins. I have taken supplements my whole life and if you take vitamins you know that your urine will change color if you are getting the full spectrum of nutrients. So if you want to take advantage of the new technology you have only to click this link Buy IHerQles

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Dimensions 5 × 2 × 1 cm