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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Mega Meditation Summit FREE 3 Day Event Labor Day Weekend In Raleigh North Carolina Aug. 31- Sept. 2nd


Dear Promise Friends,

I have just interviewed the leader of The World Largest Pyramid Society in  The World. Pari Parti is the daughter of Shubash Paritji a world famous Indian teacher of the highest order. This society has inspired the building of over 10,000 pyramids world wide. My Mentor techer friend guide and Master Dr Fred Bell asked me to reach out to this group.

I am in awe of this meditation teachers lifetime of service and will ask anyone who is interested in Pyramids Mediation or Spirituality to please register to come to this free event that includes Free Vegetarian or Vegan Meals. I hope to be working closely with Pari and her team to create Pyramids around the world. Next years meditation summit will be in Los Angeles area. I Hope to attend her events in India this December. Please check out this incredible Mega Meditation Summit In Raleigh NC Aug. 31- Sept. 2nd Includes free Vegetarian and Vegan Meals register now you can see the largest Pyramid Power Movement on planet earth please click here Thank You Pari Parti and PSSM Global 

With Love Rob 

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