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Mt Shasta Ca. 96967, USA

Summer Conference Schedules – 4-Day Event – Workshops-Catered Meals –



MT SHASTA  2 Miles From Summer Conference

Dear Promise Friends, 

Its hard to believe but we are only 30 days  away from The 10th Annual  Summer Conference and now is the time to get your tickets if you want to come. I am very excited and my year long preparations and detailed plans are all set into place. This will be one of the smoothest conferences in a long time. Certainly one of the most powerful becuase of the sacred location surroud by national forest.

I have made two videos that I will link below for you to look over a short version and alonger version with more details. I have completed the schedule and workshops the catered meals information. I have also created the purchase buttons for the workshops and the meals. The Tickets for the conference are completed along with the camping.

I  was just alerted today that we have a few glitches on check out for workshops only! I will ask if you can try purchasing workshops and meals on Monday June 18th. If you have any questions for volunteers vending we still need a few more of each so let me know. 530-925-3502 

I have a special place available for rent in a beautiful retreat home. Several of My speakers are staying there I suggest you you the retreat out personally motel rooms are minimal $150+ an night. Give her a call Patricia Shope 201-687-5554

See these videos for some good background on mt shasta. 

Short video

Longer more in depth video about conference for those who will be attending

Here is demonstration Promise Nuclear Receptor

Tesla Coil Power Supply In Action

Rob Potter

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