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A Celestial Ambassador Inner Circle (Part III)


Here is a very special teacher for me who has now become an Ascended Master according to Lady Orda the Queen of Venus. As the Venusian “Historian” Raymond Keller has given me permission to share with my Inner Circle over 80 pages of this yet unpublished book. Dr Keller as of the date of this post has finished 8 books chronicling the Venusian presence on earth. 7 are published and this will be number 9 because #8 is at the printers.
Dr. Frank E. Stranges


Here is a very special teacher for me who has now become an Ascended Master according to Lady Orda the Queen of Venus. As the Venusian “Historian” Raymond Keller has given me permission to share with my Inner Circle over 80 pages of this yet unpublished book. Dr Keller as of the date of this post has finished 8 books chronicling the Venusian presence on earth. 7 are published and this will be number 9 because #8 is at the printers.

Dr Frank took time to teach me personally in the last few year of his ministry. He was very biblically oriented and now that I have written the introduction The Gospel of Thomas I understand his worship of Christ much better. Dr Keller has provided me with these some odd pages of this 9th book.

There are many images throughout this book but due to time consideration in posting you will only see the top image. You will be able to see the rest of the Biographical account of Dr Stranges Life when it is finally published in due time. You certainly buy this book on my site as well when it is published. Enjoy this trip back into the early days of the Flying Saucer movement as we learn about one if the most powerful representatives of the Venus on earth Dr Frank Stranges.


 Raymond Keller to

God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part XIII)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last

Dr. Frank E. Stranges on God’s Creation Process


            In a 1964 sermon regarding the varied inhabitants of Agartha, encompassing the realms of the Inner Earth, the prominent Southern California evangelist Dr. Frank E. Stranges commented somewhat on the process of the Creation: “Due to the fact that God, in His Supreme Mind and Being, could speak the Word, thus forming the universe, God could then form the world in His Mind, first.”  In regard to how this applied to individual human beings, Dr. Frank continued, “Before you can create anything on paper, the thought must exist in your mind.  You take the thought from your mind, write it on paper, then begin to construct that which your mind has give you in the first place.

“The idea mut first begin in the mind.  God, the Infinite Holy Mind, formed the universe, formed the stars, formed the planets.  In His scheme of things, He formed everything that is good.  Everything God ever placed His hand to do was good.  Because of this fact, that God is the Master Creator, the Grand Architect, as well as the Master Sculptor of all time, He could take this planet Earth and cause it to move through its proper motion around the Sun.  The Sun, being the orb at the center, has a family of twelve planets in all revolving around it, not only in one, but some of them in two directions.”[22]


Where the Inner Earth Fits Into this Scheme

Insofar as the Earth is spinning while it goes around the Sun, Dr. Frank commented that, “Now, for that reason, because the Earth is constantly turning and revolving, there is no spot inside the Earth that can be called ‘bottom.’  Therefore, the great deep space 7,000 miles across is called the ‘Bottomless Pit.’  This is where Satan shall be chained.  It has no bottom because it is continually moving.

“For the past 6,000 years,” continued the evangelist, “Satan has been the king over the angels in the center of this planet.  He is still considered the Prince of the Powers of the Air.  In Revelation 19:11, he is the god of the present world, of this planet.  The fallen angels are motivated by the same force and authority as Satan.  They are possessed with evil.  The present world conditions testify to this statement as being factual!

“There are several Bible verses that clearly indicate the fact of these angels being in the Earth:  Revelation 5:3 declares that, ‘….no man in Heaven, no man in Earth, neither under the Earth, was able to open the book…., neither to look therein.’   Also, Revelation 5:13 goes on to proclaim, ‘Every creature in Heaven, on Earth and under the Earth were saying, ‘Glory be unto the power of the Lamb.’’  And in Philippians 2:11, it states that, ‘At Jesus’ name, every knee shall bow…. of angels in Heaven, of men on Earth and of angels under the Earth.’”

Dr. Frank pointed out additional scriptures underlying this point.  These being:

Philippians 3:10: “Every knee shall bow, of celestial, terrestrial and subterranean…. that is, those under the Earth.”

II Peter 2:4: “God spared not his angels that sinned…. but in their case reserved them unto the judgment.”

In Jude 6 we read, “the evil angels…. God hath reserved unto (age-lasting) chains under the Earth for judgments unto the Great Day.”

Matthew 12:40: “After Jesus was made alive, He went to preach to the spirits in prison in the heart of the Earth.”

And in Ephesians 4:9, it is revealed that before Jesus ascended, “He descended first…. into the lower parts of the Earth,” where He preached to the spirits there.”

On the Nature of Angels

          At various evangelical revival meetings conducted by Dr. Frank, he would speak about the nature of angels.  First and foremost, it is important for the Christian to know that angels cannot die.  Also, their knowledge is much greater than that of any human being.  In the 1964 sermon, Dr. Frank E. Stranges, made a reference to Valiant Thor, when he declared that, “This one that I spoke with at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., who claimed to be a member of an unfallen race, could also have been an angelic being.  Angels are real!”

The Southern California minister also pointed out that, “Angels are not subject to death.  They also have the ability to appear and disappear at will.  Even Genesis Chapter 6 will tell you how they are able to materialize and become as human beings.”  Until the Day of the Lord’s Judgment, however, the evangelist pointed out that the fallen angels are likewise endowed with the same powers as the angels who kept their first estate.

Enoch’s Visit to the Inner Earth

          Dr. Frank urged his congregation to check out the Book of Enoch, wherein chapters 17 to 65, the ancient author of that unrecognized scripture describes the beauty and grandeur of the Earth’s interior.  He tells about the awesome depths of the valleys and the tremendous heights of the mountains.  The old prophet relates accounts where some of the trees are taller than any he has ever seen on the surface, where the rivers are much wider, the colors of the flowers are more vivid, and there are numerous metals and precious stones to be found that no human being has ever seen anywhere topside on this world.

“In Revelation Chapter 21:20-21,” notes the evangelist, “You will read of these things, of precious stones that have never been viewed in such abundance by any human being- stones such as jasper, sapphire, chalcedony, emerald, sardonyx, chrysolite, beryl, topaz, chrysoprase, jacinth, etc.  There are also twelve great gates made of pearl.  These are a reality.  As one counted among God’s people, I am looking for the day that we will come to an appreciation of all of His blessings; because as we do, they will become a part of us, a reality.”


Some like the ancient prophet Enoch (3138, B.C.E.-2773, B.C.E., translated to Heaven) have visited the Inner World and returned to tell us about it.  Artwork source:



God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part XIV)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


Earth’s Water Canopy:  Ancient and Future

            Dr. Frank E. Stranges, being an advocate for creationism over evolution, believed that the Book of Genesis was a literal account of God’s formation of the Earth and all the life that He placed upon it, to grow and multiply, thereby each form fulfilling the measure of its existence within the context of its own species.  Because the evangelist believed every word in that first book of the Bible, this meant that he accepted its account of a “water canopy” that once existed over our planet, before it fell down into the oceans at the time of the Great Flood, greatly expanding them in the process.

The Southern California evangelist explained the “water canopy,” as found in the Book of Genesis, in the following manner:

“The Bible tells us plainly, there was a great ring of water or ice canopy all around the atmosphere.  In Genesis 1:7, we read that, ‘God made the firmament….  the air, or the atmosphere, and divided the waters on Earth from the firmament, or the ring of ice (water) above the firmament (atmosphere).  God called the firmament Heaven, and God called the dry land Earth.’

“Job tells us that the sky was a beautiful blue at all times- no storms, cyclones, tidal waves, not even clouds.  For 1,650 years, it never rained.  A mist went up and watered the face of the ground in Genesis 2:6. The great ice canopy melted and fell and the first rainbow appeared in Genesis 9:13.  Before the flood, the light from the Sun was as even and as perfect as God made it and the climate was cool, and the temperature the same all over this planet.  Think of it, at that time, 1/7th of the Earth was covered with water.

“Today,” continued the evangelist, “75 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered with water.  The flood raised the sea level three miles.  The present land surface is only about 65 million square miles.  When the ice-canopy will be restored to where it was, there will be ‘no more sea’ (Revelation 21:1).”

As Dr. Frank E. Stranges explained it, “The New Earth will have an area of three miles below the present sea level, and then that will give us 200 million square miles of dry land on the exterior, the outer portion of this planet Earth.  The canopy is going to be restored (Revelation 12:13).  Because of the dense canopy of water, a person will be able to look directly at the Sun.  The Bible tells us in Revelation 6:12-13 that, ‘The Moon will appear as blood and the stars of the heavens will cease to shine.  The very sky will roll up like a scroll.’  Isaiah 34 tells us, ‘The stars shall fade;’ and Revelation 6:14 reveals that, ‘The present heavens and Earth with the stars will depart as a scroll all rolled up together.’


Dr. Stranges also pointed out that the Apostle Peter said, “I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth;” and the Apostle John declared, “I see a New Earth.”  The evangelist also emphasized that in Ecclesiastes we read, “The Earth abides forever.”  Insofar as Dr. Stranges was concerned, “Christ is the LORD, and being all powerful, He created the world and the entire universe.  He laid the foundation of the Earth, not to ever be removed.  He covered the Earth with water as a garment.  And as we read in Psalms 104:5, ‘The water stood above the mountains.’

“Waterspouts are acting at the command of God.  He is going to command them to spring up from the ocean, rivers and streams to join together in the sky again, forming a curtain or canopy over the planet.  Read Psalms 42:7, which explain that, ‘The deep was called by the above and the ocean below, and the noise of thy waterspouts, all thy waves and billows are gone over me.’  And in Revelation 18:17, ‘For in just the time of one-hour, great riches shall come to naught.  Every shipmaster and every sailor (all companies), and as many as trade by sea, as many as stood afar off, cried unto the heavens when they saw the smoke and the fog, the steam and the vapor.  They cast dust on their heads and they wailed, for in one hour they were made desolate.’  In one-hour the waterspouts shall remove the oceans from their present place and restore the canopy to its former place.

“The Great Flood did not flow in the center of the Earth.  The waters were frozen as they fell.  The canopy, at that particular time, became cold, about 50 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.  The flood waters froze to a depth of three miles around the openings of the North and South Poles.  You will find that in Job 38:10, Proverbs 8:30 and Psalms 104:9.”


Dr. Stranges on the Polar Regions

          Dr. Frank E. Stranges wanted to know, “How in this great, wide world can man tell us that there is a North and a South Pole if God, through Job, tells us that, ‘He stretched out the North over the empty place (Job 26:7)?’ that is, the Lord stretched out the shell of the Earth over the North.  According to the compass, charts and maps, the Admiral Byrd expedition kept traveling further than North, even more so than was indicated on the maps.”

Dr. Frank E. Stranges believed that the American Admiral Richard E. Byrd (1888-1957), as navigator, and Floyd Bennett, as pilot, actually flew over the opening of the Inner Earth at the North Pole during their United States Navy-sponsored exploration flight of 9 May 1926, and as recorded in Byrd’s diary.  Photo source:

          Dr. Stranges, when commenting on the admiral’s expedition, noted that, “In reality, they traveled in and around the opening of the Inner Earth; and because of the force of gravity, they did not fall off.  There are seven secret cities located in the Inner Earth.

“Beginning at 70 to 75 degrees latitude, the Earth begins to curve in.  The many explorers have sailed straight north until they have gone around the 800-mile curve and not one of them knew that they were on the inside of the Earth, and one of these was Admiral Richard Byrd.   Except for a strong, dusty warm wind, it was mild and pleasant.  There were icebergs from the interior and floating past them.  After 82 degrees latitude is reached, why is the compass needle always agitated, restless and balky?  Around the snow are of the North and South Poles, much of the snow is red, green, pink and purple.  Why?  Could it be that pollen from the millions of acres of colored flowers has caused the snow to likewise be multicolored?  Bear in mind that when the visible kingdom of God is finally established on this Earth, all things will be brought to light.  This is all part of the Great Kingdom of God.”

More important than all this information about the Inner Earth, in Dr. Frank’s estimation, was whether or not you receive the Kingdom of God in your heart.  This is the first and foremost consideration.  Once you have done that, you will be able to see with spiritual eyes, actually viewing the physical Kingdom of God.  “Daniel 2:44 and Revelation 5:10 verify this statement,” exclaimed the evangelist.[23]

It was Dr. Frank E. Strangest fondest wish that the light of love of God would assist each and every one of us to come to the realization that now is the time to accept that kingdom and be prepared for the changes that are soon to take place on this planet.


God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part XV)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


On the Lecture Circuit

          In the latter half of the 1950s and the early 1960s, there was a lot of confusion about UFOs among the populace at large.  To illustrate this point, in one of his lectures promoting his 1959 Flying Saucerama book, given in 1960, Dr. Frank E. Stranges quoted the definition of “flying saucer” as given in the American Everyday Dictionary, Jess Stern, editor (New York City, New York:  Random House, 1955), as “Any of the various shaped planes or missiles allegedly flying at high speeds and altitudes.”  The reluctance of the “powers-that-be” to attribute any extraterrestrial or supernatural point of origin to the flying saucers was apparent, and seemed to be gaining steam through the perpetuation of the skeptics’ point of view in the mass media, even so far as affecting the process of defining the term “flying saucer” or “UFO.”

There seemed to be a reluctance in the scientific community to attribute anything extraterrestrial or supernatural to the appearance of flying saucers in our skies, at least so far as most scientists in the United States academic establishment were concerned. While the first Soviet satellite, Sputnik 1, was launched in October 1957, followed by our own American satellite, Explorer 1, at the end of 1958, there is no doubt that these scientific marvels would never have been possible without having had the nightmare technology of guided missiles in both of these militarily powerful countries to build on.   In any event, the secrecy surrounding the development of the guided missiles, together with the ensuing step of launching satellites, helped to propagate the widespread popular conviction that true manned spaceflight was just around the corner.  And surely, many reasoned, we must be going into space for more than catching a fleeting glimpse at the twinkling stars.  Perhaps this race for outer space was inspired by a sure knowledge that there are other intelligent beings out there, just waiting for our arrival to join the galactic club of space-faring civilizations.  After all, that was the message being delivered to us all by the flying saucer contactees.

Dr. Stranges, in the course of giving his Flying Saucerama lectures and book promotion, had been well aware of the efforts of spokespeople from the scientific establishment to temper the enthusiasm for an extraterrestrial hypothesis for flying saucers and to explain away UFOs, well before the Sputnik or Explorer satellites had even been launched, as issued in statements like the following from Jonathan Norton Leonard, the science editor of Time magazine, in his 1954 best-selling book, Flight Into Space:  The Facts, Fancy and Philosophies (New York City, New York:  Random House), page 46:  “Each (guided missile) test range or development center is a source of rumors that spread like ripples, gradually losing with distance any content of accuracy that they may have contained.  The flying-saucer hallucination may be attributed, in part, to the public’s conviction that all sorts of strange objects are flying through the sky.  In this belief the public may be right.  It is likely that some missiles are already flying fast enough to shine in the dark.  They may have colored exhausts, and they may fly very differently from conventional aircraft.”

Dr. Frank E. Stranges informed his audience, “Whether or not the military is willing to admit their presence, ‘flying saucers’ are with us, and have been for many, many years.  Astute men of authority have gone on record as being among those in the world that have admitted the presence and reality of the unidentified flying objects.  Men such as Captain Eddie Rickenbacker, who said, ‘Flying saucers are real.  Too many good men have seen them, men that do not have hallucinations.’”

The Reverend Doctor Stranges also quoted Henry J. Taylor (1902-1984), a respected American author, economist, radio broadcaster and former United States ambassador to Switzerland.  Taylor had gained wide recognition as a European foreign correspondent for the Scripps-Howard newspaper chain during World War II.  Due to his objective reporting, the American public was apt to pay attention to his opinions on controversial subjects arising later during the 1950s and 1960s.  According to Dr. Stranges, Taylor asserted to him, regarding the flying saucer phenomenon, that, “I was actually stumped by the conflicting reports of eye-witnesses, until I found that there are two mysteries in our skies, instead of one.  One mystery involves our development of secret weapons; but the other is not revealed by an ‘Earthly interpretation.’”

From the British Isles, Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding, Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Air Force, has declared, “I am convinced that these objects do exist.  They are not manufactured by any nation of this Earth.”

In 1960, however, Dr. Stranges pointed out that, “The United States Air Force, to this date, has denied the very existence of flying saucers.  Therefore, the term ‘unidentified flying objects’ has been introduced and carried through.  They evidently are not too certain as the whys and wherefores; or are they?”


On Research of Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC, Retired

The evangelist, an active member and Southern California advocate for the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), headquartered in Washington D.C., noted that this organization’s director, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC, Retired, as a result of his and his NICAP’s rigorous investigations into the UFO enigma, probably provided the public with more accurate UFO information than anyone else or any other group, civilian or government, on the planet.  Keyhoe has come to the conclusion that flying discs actually change colors in the sky and states, “During day-time periods, scores of metallic-looking discs have been seen to change color during maneuvers.  One typical report, in 1950, described an encounter near Lewisburg, West Virginia.  Two round, silver discs had approached the city, then swung into a tight, fast circle.  As the maneuvers began, both turned orange-red.  When they straightened, reduced speed, the orange quickly faded and the discs resumed their normal, silvery color.”


God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part XVI)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


Airliner Buzzed by Saucer over South Bend, Indiana

          As one of the early members of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), Dr. Frank E. Stranges was privy to insider information about the most fantastic UFO cases personally investigated by the organization’s director, Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC, Retired.  Directly from Keyhoe, the evangelist got the full story on the amazing aerial UFO encounter of a stocky ex-Navy pilot, with ten years post-military flying experience with Trans-World Airways (TWA), four-stripe Captain Robert Adickes, at 8:25 p.m., CST, on Thursday, 27 April 1950 in the clear, crisp night skies over South Bend, Indiana.  Adickes was in the left-hand seat of a TWA DC-3 that night; and on the right sat another four-stripe captain, Robert F. Manning, the first officer on a regularly scheduled nonstop flight from New York to Chicago.[24]  “The DC-3, Flight 117,” later wrote Dr. Stranges, “was cruising at 2,000 feet when a strange red light below and behind the airliner suddenly caught Manning’s eye.  Puzzled, Manning watched it close in.  The light was steadily growing in size.”

TWA Captains Robert Adickes (L) and Robert F. Manning (R) 

Two veteran, four-stripe captain TWA airline pilots, Robert Adickes and Robert F. Manning reported a flying saucer buzzing their DC-3 aircraft at about 20,000 feet over South Bend, Indiana, on 27 April 1950.  Artist’s rendition of the UFO appears below.  Source of all photos and artwork pertaining to the TWA Flight 117, DC-3 UFO encounter from the August 1950 issue of True Magazine (New York City, New York:  Fawcett Publications). 

Dr. Stranges continued with his rendition of the unusual UFO report: “It was now an orange-red color, like a blob of hot metal sweeping through the night sky.  Craning his neck, Manning looked down on a spherical shape which glowed brightly on top, its lower half in shadow.  To Adickes, it looked like a huge red wheel rolling down a road.  He banked toward it; but the disc suddenly slid away, keeping the same distance.  He tried again, but with the same results.  Calling the hostess, Gloria Hinshaw, Adickes told her to alert the passengers, to make sure he had plenty of witnesses.”

TWA hostess Gloria Hinshaw directed the passengers’ attention to the starboard side, where they could catch a good view of the red-light pulsating flying saucer.

          Dr. Frank E. Stranges was impressed with the reliability report on the pilots of Flight 117 obtained from the offices of TWA.  It described them as, “Quiet, conservative, serious and careful.”  He also learned that nobody in the TWA offices had any doubts that the object reported by Adickes and Manning was a real flying saucer, exactly as the two had reported it.  The hostess Hinshaw, in describing the UFO, noted that, “It looked like a big red wheel rolling along.  On top, it looked like it was on fire.”  And other witnesses were found among the passengers.  Eleven of them were interviewed by Major Donald E. Keyhoe himself over long distance phone calls.  The first one interviewed by the retired Marine Corps officer was S. N. Miller, the manager of a jewelry company in St. Paul, Minnesota.  He had watched the saucer for several minutes, getting a very good look at it.  “The thing was the color of a neon sign, jut a big red disc.  I used to laugh at saucer stories,” confided Miller, adding, “but I won’t anymore.”

When Dr. Stranges inquired of his friend Keyhoe about the identity of other passengers who had reported the UFO, the retired major noted that some of them were very prominent leaders in their respective spheres of influence; among them C. H. Jenkins and D. C. Bourland, engineers with the Boeing Aircraft Company; E. J. Fitzgerald, the vice president of a metal equipment corporation in Chicago, Illinois; and several officials of the International Harvester Company in Warrenville, Illinois, who were returning home from a business meeting, among others of lesser renown, mostly vacationers.  They all admitted to seeing the glowing flying saucer pacing the plane.  Keyhoe also filled Dr. Stranges in on some of the details concerning other reports of the fiery red appearance of the flying saucers.  There was one incident in Greenville, South Carolina, where on the night of 13 May 1952, astronomers had witnessed four glowing amber-colored UFOs flying in a straight line across the eastern sky.  And then, a little more than one month later, on 19 June 1952, military intelligence reports coming in from Goose Bay Air Force Base in Newfoundland, Canada, affirmed that, “A glowing red disc approached the (landing) field at night.”


Captain Adickes’ Assessment

Capt. Robert Adickes, the pilot, and his First Officer Robert Manning had the object in sight for six or seven minutes as it overtook their plane at about 2,000 feet and cruised along a parallel course.  When Keyhoe spoke with him, he noticed that Adickes was a cautious man and reluctant to say that he saw a “flying saucer.” To him it was simply an “unidentified object” or a “guided missile.”  Regardless of the confidence placed in him by fellow TWA employees, he probably felt that calling the UFO a “flying saucer” might put his career at the airline in jeopardy.

“I had just had my dinner and was wide awake,” said Adickes, “when this object flew alongside. It was definitely round, with no irregular features at all, and about 10 to 20 per cent as thick as it was round. It was very smooth and streamlined, and glowed evenly with a bright red color as if it were heated stainless steel. It was so bright it gave off a light. It left no vapor, no flame. It appeared to fly on edge, like a wheel going down a highway. I went back to show the passengers. Most of them saw it but they couldn’t see it as clearly as we [pilot and co-pilot] did because cabin lights were on and their eyes weren’t adjusted to darkness. I called South Bend air traffic control and asked if they had any record of unusual craft in the vicinity. They didn’t.”

Adickes banked north in an effort to get a closer look. “It appeared to be controlled by repulse radar,” he said, adding that, “As I’d turn toward it, it would veer away, keeping the same distance. When I turned directly toward it, it took off at a speed judged to be about 400 m.p.h., twice my speed. It went down to 1,500 feet and streaked out of sight northward over South Bend.”

Adickes had talked with other pilots who claimed to have seen strange sky phenomena before he saw the object over South Bend.  Hearing about the static they received from the higher ups at TWA and other airlines, as well as from Air Force brass poking their nose around the airports, he was careful to say that he did not see anything that could not be explained by physics, radar, or known aerodynamic principles. He examined it as well as he could and even opened the cockpit window on the right side so that he wasn’t looking through glass. Because there was nothing to compare it with, he hesitated to estimate its size or distance, but compares it in size and color with an orange as it would be seen from about 20 feet away.




Dr. Frank’s Conclusions

In considering these cases, Dr. Frank E. Stranges concluded, “There is absolutely no question whatever concerning the actual existence of these flying objects.  There is certainly something in the skies above us and someone is responsible for them being there.  It has been stated time and time again that these objects ‘must’ be under intelligent control.  Pilot Adickes’ estimation of the radar-ranging capabilities of this object are proof of that.  However, I doubt that it was a guided missile from this Earth, however, insofar as our United States military would never launch such a weapon in the vicinity of a civilian aircraft under any circumstances.

“One of the greatest ‘thorns in the flesh’ to many Bible scholars, ministers, etc., is the statement of ‘Life on Other Planets.’  It seems very strange that who are ‘finite beings’ continually attempt to force God into the test-tube of our ‘2×4 human understanding and reasoning.’  We must never lose sight of the one prime fact that ‘God is the Creator’ while we are His creation.

“During the past few years, I have met men and women from all walks of life.  Many of these people are continually looking for truth.  They are seeking for the very truths that will cause a better life to come up over the far horizon.  Nevertheless, if we can but place our trust in God and lay hold of the blessings and provisions that are made for us through the Lord Jesus Christ, we might make the discovery that these great revelations are within the grasp of every honest believer.”[25]

God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part XVII)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


Peter Kor was the scientific consultant for Raymond Palmer’s classic Flying Saucers magazine (Amherst, Wisconsin), and a good friend of Dr. Frank E. Stranges.  Like many ufologists of the late 1950s and early 1960s, Kor was looking for a “middle ground” between the true believers and adamant skeptics of the reality of the elusive flying saucers. 


Great Battle in Ufology

To Dr. Frank E. Stranges and many others in the UFO community back in 1959, it had become apparent that a great battle had been raging between the true believers in flying saucers, such as manifested in the likes of Major Donald E. Keyhoe, USMC, Retired, and the membership of his UFO research organization, the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP), vs. a small but persistent group of skeptics mostly centered in the scientific establishment enthroned in academia.  Believers like Keyhoe were quick to point out that many UFO reports and physical traces prove that alien intelligences of some sort are in our midst, visiting our world in their spacecraft that we Earthlings generally refer to as “flying saucers.”  On the other hand, the skeptics maintained that even the best reports could be explained in non-sensational ways and that the physical traces are too mundane to support any conclusion of alien intervention.

Peter Kor, a science writer for Raymond Palmer’s Flying Saucers magazine (Amherst, Wisconsin), opined that, “What both sides seem to have lost sight of is that something extraordinary has been happening with respect to this entire phenomenon.  Before proceeding further in this matter, it must be determined whether flying saucers exist or not.”  Certainly, the believers participating in this debate back in the late 1950s were greatly outnumbering those in the ranks of the skeptics.  Nevertheless, it seemed that the skeptics had gotten much the better of the argument, pinpointing inconsistencies in the extraterrestrial hypothesis and drawing attention to the discrepancy between the countless “encounters” with flying saucers and the lack of definitive evidence for the same.  Overall, in about 90 percent of the UFO cases investigated by the skeptics, they seem to have done a far more thorough and better job, i.e., they were able to demonstrate how seemingly solid cases for the UFO could be demolished or called into question by diligent detective work and vigorous analysis.  The remaining ten percent in the “unidentified” category could then aptly be dismissed for the simple “lack of sufficient information.”

This trend was disturbing to Dr. Frank E. Stranges.  Being a member of NICAP since its inception and a friend of Major Donald E. Keyhoe, the evangelist had a vested interest in counting himself a “true believer.”  Over time, however, he came to view the response of some of his fellow believers as “almost pitiful.”  Dr. Stranges regularly communicated with Raymond Palmer and the staff at Flying Saucers magazine, keeping them posted on his own investigations and appearances on the lecture circuit around the country in promoting his then most recent book, Flying Saucerama (New York City, New York:  Vantage Press, 1959).    Dr. Stranges was aware that Peter Kor was a friend of both the prominent Southern California contactee George Adamski and the renowned Arizona astro-archaeologist Dr. George Hunt Williamson; and that Kor was the one responsible for bringing these two together, in the first place, for a lecture on flying saucers at the Masonic Temple in Cleveland, Ohio, back in the early 1950s, before Adamski and Williamson’s alleged encounter with the so-called Venusian cosmonaut Orthon outside of Desert Center, California, on 20 November 1952.  Dr. Stranges wondered how Kor could stray so far from being an aficionado of Adamski and Williamson to apparently enlisting in the army of skeptics.

Therefore, Dr. Stranges, resident in Southern California, in a long-distance telephone conversation with Kor at his home in Northeast Ohio, inquired of this seeming change of opinion and received the following answer:

“They (the believers) merely reassert their faith and accuse the skeptics of bias or claim that they are in league with the government, establishment, or the devil, depending on their belief system.”  Kor added that, “Not only haven’t they refuted the arguments of their opponents, but they have failed to grow intellectually.  They have failed to grasp the implications of their belief and activity in the face of logic and evidence to the contrary.”

“Then you have switched sides and are now backing up the skeptics?” asked Dr. Stranges of Kor, an atomic scientist who once worked at Livermore Labs in California.

“Oh, not at all,” said Kor, further explaining that, “Whereas believers have suffered from a lack of rigor, skeptics have displayed a marked lack of vision.  For although they have correctly concluded that flying saucers, as such, do not exist, they have not even begun to deal with the implications of the conclusion.  To wit:  If flying saucers do not exist, what are the causes, functions and possible consequences of the saucer claims and of the belief system those claims have created and nourished?  Being a man of the cloth, Dr. Stranges, I am sure you can understand where I am going with this.”


Nature and Significance of the Saucer Mystery

          In Peter Kor’s assessment of the phenomenon, neither the believers nor the skeptics grasped the true nature and significance of the flying saucer mystery.  There was a definite failure on both sides of “thinking outside the box.”  “The reason,” noted Kor, “is that both sides have shared the same basic framework of explanation.  As that framework began to be proved inadequate, the skeptics thought the job was done and believers resorted to name calling and mysticism.”  In pondering Kor’s analysis, Dr. Frank E. Stranges and other ufologists were coming to the conclusion that a new level of conceptualization of the flying saucers was needed in order to restart the process of resolving this issue.  Dr. Stranges confided in Kor and Palmer that he was willing to temporarily set aside his emphasis on a purely extraterrestrial hypothesis in order to return to a more basic approach leading to an overall solution.  Ufologists Palmer, the editor of Flying Saucers magazine, and Dr. Frank E. Stranges, the evangelist, theologian and private investigator, found themselves in agreement with Kor, the physicist, and his premise that a solution to the UFO enigma could be found through the “three-fold process of demonstration, revelation and comprehension.”


Demonstration Mode

          The demonstration mode of solution is proof through direct observation.  This may come in many forms.  A flying saucer might land in a public place, being witnessed by thousands of people, perhaps even being photographed or filmed.  Perhaps government officials might even display the remains of a crashed disc, along with its pilot and other occupants.  A contactee might turn up with an artifact that he or she brought back from a flying saucer or some kind of message that could be shown to be of a true alien origin.  Maybe the United States or some foreign power will conduct a public test of an advanced aerospace vehicle, demonstrating how its flight characteristics and other capabilities played a major part in producing a plethora of flying saucer sightings.  There might even be a laboratory where scientists are conducting experiments in inter-dimensionality, whereby the existence of a previously unseen realm, and lair for the flying saucers, has been revealed.

Peter Kor, when considering these various forms that the solution may take, astutely remarked that, “The observations that serve as the basis for the demonstration must satisfy the following requirements:  First, the observations must be consensual.  The observers must agree about what is observed, regardless of their beliefs.[26]  Second, the observations must be repeatable.  What is observed must be available to the public at large, not to merely a few claimants during a one-time or otherwise restricted observation.  Third, the observations must be substantial.  What is observed must be sufficient to justify the nature of the solution claimed.”

Of course, to illustrate this last requirement, the mere claim by authorities that messages, photographs or devices displayed represent the activity of extraterrestrials would not be sufficient.    “In such a case,” noted Kor, the issue would not be the existence of messages, photographs or devices.  The issue would be the nature of such items; and it is that nature that would have to be demonstrated.”

I think of the ending of H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine (New York City, New York:  Henry Holt and Company, 1895), where the time traveler, after visiting the far future, brings back to his own time and place strange flowers growing out of season and shows them to a group of scientists, explaining that it is his proof of having visited another time, but without showing them his invention or demonstrating how it works.  The strange flowers did raise a lot of questions in the group, but most, apart from his closest friend, thought he was delusional.  While he previously made a small model of his time machine disappear, those present simply dismissed it as a parlor trick.

Clearly then, the appeal of this kind of solution is its simplicity; demonstration is its own proof.  One need only witness the demonstration to know the solution.  The researchers of the UFO phenomenon concern themselves with field investigations and public relations (PR), on behalf of the organizations they represent.  Their investigations are designed to find definitive, physical evidence, or to provide actual clues for establishing contact with the flying saucer occupants.  The PR is also aimed at gaining public support for further inquiries that might lead to protests at pressuring the government to come forth with the definitive evidence that most of the believers are convinced that it possesses.  For Peter Kor, the physicist, “The demonstration type of saucer solution assumes that flying saucers are what they appear from reports to be- extraordinary machines or phenomena.  However,” he interjected, “if flying saucers do not exist, demonstration is impossible and the search for such a solution will be fruitless, as it has been for all of these years!”



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