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A Celestial Ambassador Inner Circle (Part II)


Here is a very special teacher for me who has now become an Ascended Master according to Lady Orda the Queen of Venus. As the Venusian “Historian” Raymond Keller has given me permission to share with my Inner Circle over 80 pages of this yet unpublished book. Dr Keller as of the date of this post has finished 8 books chronicling the Venusian presence on earth. 7 are published and this will be number 9 because #8 is at the printers.
Dr. Frank E. Stranges


Here is a very special teacher for me who has now become an Ascended Master according to Lady Orda the Queen of Venus. As the Venusian “Historian” Raymond Keller has given me permission to share with my Inner Circle over 80 pages of this yet unpublished book. Dr Keller as of the date of this post has finished 8 books chronicling the Venusian presence on earth. 7 are published and this will be number 9 because #8 is at the printers.

Dr Frank took time to teach me personally in the last few year of his ministry. He was very biblically oriented and now that I have written the introduction The Gospel of Thomas I understand his worship of Christ much better. Dr Keller has provided me with these some odd pages of this 9th book.

There are many images throughout this book but due to time consideration in posting you will only see the top image. You will be able to see the rest of the Biographical account of Dr Stranges Life when it is finally published in due time. You certainly buy this book on my site as well when it is published. Enjoy this trip back into the early days of the Flying Saucer movement as we learn about one if the most powerful representatives of the Venus on earth Dr Frank Stranges.


 Raymond Keller to

God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part VII)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


From Keller Venus Files:  Cover of International Evangelism Crusade, Inc., Cold War-era, anti-communist pamphlet composed by Dr. Frank E. Stranges in 1959.

Other Concerns of Dr. Frank E. Stranges

          With the establishment of the International Evangelism Crusade, Inc., headquarters at 3181 Mackall Way, Palo Alto, California, in 1959, it became clear that Dr. Frank E. Stranges’ interests were not limited to religion and ufology.  He was also an ardent patriot in the struggle against communist infiltration in American society as well as curbing the rising tide of juvenile delinquency throughout the United States.  In the fight against communism, Dr. Frank was able to enlist the aid of such prestigious individuals as J. Edgar Hoover, the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI); Congressman Francis Eugene Walter (Democrat, Pennsylvania), Chairman of the House Committee on Un-American Activities during the period of 1955-1963; and Richard Arens, the Permanent Secretary and Staff Representative of the aforementioned committee during the period 1957-1960.  Dr. Frank’s concern over wayward youth, however, and his suggested remedial actions, were promulgated mostly on his own initiative as an exponent of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s words of wisdom related to this matter as revealed in the pages of the Holy Bible.


Death by Strangulation:  Dr. Frank E. Stranges Rebukes Communism

          Dr. Frank E. Stranges firmly believed that America must take a firm and united stand against the forces that are out to destroy our system of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In a pamphlet distributed at some of the meetings of the International Evangelism Crusades, Inc., in 1959, titled by Death by Strangulation:  A Report on Communism, Dr. Frank noted that, “We, as Christians, cannot leave it entirely up to the FBI, the Un-American Activities Committee in Washington, D.C., or any other agency that is pledged to defend the security of America.

“If we love America, let us stand united against those who have struck against Christians and Jews across the world.  Let us pray that God will lead and guide us all into His paths, because God’s ways are higher than ours.

“Even though many have sold themselves down the Communist drain, and their hearts betrayed America, let us hold on to the truth of God.”

The pamphlet then goes on to explain the structure, objectives and leadership of the Southern California District of the Communist Party, that his congregation might become more aware of the patterns of deception promulgated by that nefarious group.  Ever alert to his surroundings, since his arrival in the Greater Los Angeles area, Dr. Frank believed that the Communist Party of the United States had been marshalling its forces in California for a new offensive in the Golden State.  According to the evangelist, “By authorization from the Communist Party’s national headquarters, located in New York, California’s Communists since the Spring of 1957 have been implementing a major change in their organizational structure, as well as certain changes in strategy.”  In the late 1950s, California was clearly the state with the most potential for economic growth, a magnet for migration.  “Obviously,” mused Dr. Frank, “the Communist Party is alert to the potentials of the booming state.  California’s constantly increasing population, its burgeoning industries ranging from strategic aircraft and missile production to the building trades, its unique multi-million-dollar entertainment center and its mounting influence in the national political scene, unfortunately have not only attracted the average loyal American but also the nation’s predatory Communist minority.”

From FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, Dr. Frank learned that this Communist minority habitually forces its efforts on key areas where the successful infiltration of Communists would yield a maximum return in terms of influence and power.  The Communist Party had at its command in California the second largest component of its membership.  In 1959, only New York outranked California in Communist Party strength, as well as in total population.  Apparently, the West Coast Communist conspiracy was noted for its extreme vitality, which went on largely unquenched even during the so-called “witch hunts” conducted by the Republican Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin, whose term ran from 1947 until his death in 1957.

Political cartoonist Art Young of the socialist magazine, The Masses (New York City, New York) created this wanted poster for the August 1921 edition of Good Morning magazine, Vol. 3, No. 10, New York City, New York. 


Celestial Utopianism vs. Communism

As the emerging extraterrestrial contactee movement, largely centered in Southern California, signaled an impelling desire by many to understand the utopian societies that allegedly exist on other planets, the FBI and other intelligence agencies in the United States were taking a more than casual interest in infiltrating flying saucer clubs and UFO groups to keep this influence in check, or perhaps even root it out totally.  These efforts are extensively documented in my second book in the Venus Rising series, The Final Countdown:  Rockets to Venus (Terra Alta, West Virginia:  Headline Books, 2017), available on, while supplies last.

Dr. Frank wanted his congregation, and the public at large, to recognize that although there were some similarities in the type of communalism initiated by the Apostles and practiced by the early Christian church with the tenets of communism, at least as described by Karl Marx in his famous Communist Manifesto (1848), there was a significant difference in the motivational factor behind its implementation.  Unlike the type of communism imposed by a totalitarian regime, such as that found in Russia during the peak of the Cold War, the Apostles urged the members of the primitive Christian church to initiate a program of sharing one with another in communities formed by “voluntary association.”  In Acts 2:44-45 (KJV), the physician and gospel writer Luke described this process as follows:

Acts 2

44 And all that believed were together, and had all things common;

45 And sold their possessions and goods, and parted them to all [men], as every man had need.

According to Dr. Frank, the Christians from many lands throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean were coming together in Jerusalem to celebrate the first Pentecost.  In preparation for this great event, where the church would be established by the power of the Holy Ghost as exercised by the Apostolic Council there in Jerusalem, the local believers were asked to open up their homes for the pilgrim seekers of truth, sharing of all that they had with those in need of assistance.  “Those advanced beings of other worlds,” noted the Southern California evangelist, “long ago, and of their own free will, established just such a caring and sharing economic system among themselves.”  He added that, “We have much to learn from these exalted, angelic beings, who countless millennia ago passed through the trials and tribulations now facing humankind.”



God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part VIII)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, who grew up on tough urban streets, spoke from experience in warning young people across the country about the dangers in gang affiliations.  He urged parents to pay attention to their children and love them enough to inspire them to seek a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Working with Wayward Youth

          Besides concerning himself with flying saucers manned by extraterrestrial visitors and the international communist conspiracy, Dr. Frank E. Stranges played an important role in the Southern California society of the late 1950s by his active participation in the seemingly never-ending struggle against juvenile delinquency.  Dr. Frank firmly believed that our strongest weapon in fighting this scourge among contemporary youth was the Bible, the Word of God for humankind in all ages. Dr. Frank sadly noted that many of the youth of his day were living in a world where faith, love, discipline, sympathy and understanding were sorely absent.  Against the emerging background of juvenile delinquency, an overall increase in crime throughout the nation and the threat of world conflict, the evangelist felt Sunday school instruction might be augmented on many levels conducive to promoting a great knowledge of the Bible as the Word of God and its immense power to change lives for the better.

In elaborating on this idea, Dr. Frank E. Stranges declared, “There is immense and vital power in the Word of God.  But knowledge is needed to release that power.  It is the role of the Sunday school to disseminate knowledge of the basic truths upon which our civilization rests.  It is through the Sunday school that the dynamic gospel which Christ brought to the world must be made accessible to new generations.  And it must be done in such a way that with it comes true understanding of that gospel.

“We must assess the moral climate of today with a most critical eye and ascertain the degree to which it is responsible for the present scourges of crime, delinquency and subversion.  If we are to change that climate- if the rampant materialism that is at the base of so many of today’s evils is to be forced into retreat- we must look to every spiritual weapon at our command.  Certainly, the Sunday school is such a weapon.”[17]

For Dr. Frank, the importance of Ephesians 6:12 (KJV) would frequently come to mind when considering questions pertaining to the wayward youth: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”  Apparently, one of the major causes for the gaining of unrighteous worldly footholds among our young people was parents failing in their responsibilities toward their children.  On the night of Wednesday, 1 April 1959, Dr. Frank E. Stranges was speaking on the subject of “Juvenile Delinquency” at a youth rally of the Immanuel Gospel Temple at 1050 South Hill Street in Los Angeles, California.  Having just completed a nationwide tour investigating this topic and speaking on it in many of America’s major cities, the evangelist reported that, “The consensus, particularly of police, schools and churches, is that the parents are shrugging off their duties.  We are placing it back squarely where it belongs.”[18]

The reporter covering Dr. Frank’s oration, Gene Cowles of the Los Angeles Examiner, did explain that the evangelist was formerly affiliated with a detective agency in Boston, Massachusetts, where he saw first-hand the growing cases of neglect for their children evidenced by urban parents.  Cowles reported that Dr. Frank would continue speaking on this issue and others associated with juvenile delinquency at the Immanuel Gospel Temple on the nights of Saturday, 4 April, and Sunday, 5 April, at 7:30.  At 7:30 p.m. on Friday, 3 April 1959, however, Dr. Frank E. Stranges was scheduled to speak on the, “Mysteries of the Flying Saucers” at the Temple, in a family night presentation.

From Dr. Frank E. Stranges’ sermon notes, these are the principle causes of juvenile delinquency:

  1. Broken homes
  2. Too-busy parents
  3. Lax police departments
  4. Too-lenient judges
  5. Unscrupulous lawyers
  6. Slum areas
  7. Too-crowded, understaffed schools

And from those same notes, these are some of ways Dr. Frank E. Stranges suggested as to how parents could help their children:

  1. Never aggravate your child discussing religion.
  2. Never blast them out because they do not attend your church.
  3. Never embarrass your son or daughter in public or private concerning your church.
  4. Never condemn them by quoting condemning scriptures at them every time you see them.
  5. Always live Jesus Christ before them.
  6. Speak kindly toward them and entreat them with love.
  7. When discussing religion, lift up Jesus Christ at all times and glorify His Holy Name.
  8. Live at home, with the same spiritual fervor as you display when you are in church.
  9. Pray much, not for display, but to be drawn closer to the Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. Read your Bible daily.


Clearly, the independent evangelist was pointing out that institutionalized religions had less to offer than the children coming into a personal relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  That would go a long way toward reducing and even eliminating juvenile delinquency, as well as putting lost souls on the right track in finding the solution to a plethora of other problems.



God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part IX)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last

Elizabeth Klarer (1910-1994) of Natal, South Africa

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, after reading about the South African contactee Elizabeth Klarer’s encounters with Venusians, became convinced that the friendly extraterrestrials were deploying their flying saucers from underground bases around the world, and even from the back side of the Moon. 


“Elizabeth Klarer’s Flying Saucer”

Dr. Frank E. Stranges, having seriously investigated sundry forms of aerial phenomena since 1945 while looking for any possible connection between these mysterious apparitions of the sky and the manifestation of angels, believed that he had finally found what he was looking for after picking up the June 1957 issue of Flying Saucers from Other Worlds (Amherst, Wisconsin:  Palmer Publications), which was premiering that month and available for purchase at his local newsstand.  Throughout the mid-1950s, South Africa had become the scene of quite a number of flying saucer sightings.  Elizabeth Klarer of the Mooi River area of Natal in that country had become critical to the world of saucer investigations in that she had secured a spectacular series of flying saucer photographs, that Raymond Palmer published in his new Flying Saucers from Other Worlds magazine.  Klarer had snapped the seven pictures of a flying saucer on 17 July 1955 as it was skimming over the peaks of the Drakensberg Mountain Range.

From Keller Venus Files:  First and best photo of seven taken by Elizabeth Klarer of the flying saucer passing over the Drakensberg Range in South Africa on 17 July 1955.  This photo of the object was enlarged five times.


After reading the article, titled “Elizabeth Klarer’s Flying Saucer,”[19] Dr. Frank became convinced that it was a true account, that the flying saucer occupants were extraterrestrial, and lastly, based on the behavior demonstrated by these ufonauts, that they were inherently “angelic” in their nature.  Previously, the evangelist had some doubts about some of the contactees’ accounts insofar as they seemed to be heavily laced with Eastern mysticism and Theosophy.  To Dr. Frank, the material science checked out in cases like those of George Adamski or Truman Bethurum; but because of the underlying metaphysical themes in the messages these contactees presented, he could not immediately sign on to what they were preaching where some divergence with the Christian gospel, as he understood it, was evident.

Trance mediums summon an ectoplasmic entity.  Dr. Frank E. Stranges opined that such practices should be avoided as they open one up to demonic influences.  Photo source:


In a 1964 conversation with his friend, UFO research associate and contactee authority, Gabriel Green, the director of the then Los Angeles, California, headquartered Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America, during their production of a motion picture based on Dr. Frank E. Stranges and Robert L. Park’s Strange Sightings from Outer Space (Los Angeles, California:  Cosmic Star, Inc., 1964), Dr. Frank E. Stranges explained that he believed Elizabeth Klarer’s account because, “When South Africans Ann Grevler and Philipp Human also claimed contact with extraterrestrial beings in the 1950s, Elizabeth was outspoken in her denunciations of them, based on their use of trance-mediumship in communicating with the aliens.  Elizabeth Klarer insisted that the space people would never stoop to such methods and I agree.  The Bible likewise condemns such occult practices as they could open up the participant to demonic influences.”


Drakensberg Mountain Range as Saucer Base

The article began with a flying saucer landing that allegedly took place in the Mooi River area in Natal, South Africa, at the foot of the Drakensberg Range, on 7 April 1956, where the occupants of the craft supposedly established communication with Elizabeth Klarer.  Her story was fervently backed up and vouched for by Edgar Sievers of Pretoria, South Africa, the author of the then best-selling non-fiction book, Flying Saucers über Sudafrika (Pretoria, South Africa:  Sagittarius Verlag, 1955), and the leading UFO investigator on the African continent during the mid-to-late 1950s.  According to Sievers, Klarer witnessed her first interplanetary spaceship in this same area of South Africa when she was just seven years old.  She told the UFO book author that, “The object was a great orange-red wheel as large as a football (as if it were held at arm’s length).  It moved slowly across the sky over the rolling foothills of the Drakensberg.”  From Klarer’s flying saucer revelations, Sievers assumed that the extraterrestrials had been monitoring Klarer quite closely since her youth, waiting for her to grow up so that they could return in their spacecraft and impart an important message to her.  It seems that the ufonauts had foreknowledge that Klarer would become a woman of prominence and great influence in the burgeoning country of South Africa.


Esteemed Background

For a woman who grew up in a rural African setting, Elizabeth Klarer (nee Woollatt), was well educated in the Western European tradition.  Having matriculated from St. Anne’s Diocesan College in Pietermaritzburg, she moved to Florence, Italy, to study art and music. Thereafter she completed a four-year diploma in meteorology at Girton College, Cambridge, and was taught by her first husband, William Stafford Phillips, whom she married in 1932, to fly a Tiger Moth light aircraft.

In 1932, Elizabeth and the two other Woollatt sisters, along with Maureen Taylor, formed the Connington polo team and drew a match against the Durban ladies’ team, which is seen as the first officially recorded ladies’ match in South Africa. During a 1937 flight from Durban to Baragwanath in a Leopard Moth aircraft, she and her husband William Stafford Phillips reportedly saw a saucer that approached, coasted along, and then quickly zipped away.  During World War II, she was employed as a meteorologist in the Royal Air Force Intelligence Branch at the De Havilland Experimental Station in Hatfield in the British Isles, where her husband was stationed as a pilot and officer of the Royal Air Force. In 1943, she moved back to South Africa, where she and Stafford amicably divorced. They had one child together, Marilyn Phillips, born in 1933.  Nevertheless, the capable and pioneering Elizabeth was well received upon her return to South Africa.  In 1946, she married Paul Klarer, an engineer, and gave birth to her second child three years later, a son, whom they named David Klarer. Their marriage ended in the mid-fifties largely due to all of the undue attention focused on Elizabeth and her claims about flying saucers and encounters with alien beings.[20]


Preliminary Contact

          The site of Klarer’s first full contact with the extraterrestrials on 7 April 1956, on her family’s estate, was a familiar spot for the alien visitors, who had apparently attempted a preliminary contact with the young lady back on 27 December 1954.  On that momentous day, at around 10 a.m., the young Elizabeth was alone of her family estate’s hilltop when a saucer came gliding down.  In recalling this event during an interview with Sievers, the reporter from Pretoria, she said that, “When I saw the flash in the southern sky, but nothing more, there was plenty of fair-weather cumulus about; then, what I thought was a white bird caught my eye.  Looking at it very hard, I realized it was no bird.  The sun glinted on the craft as it glided down to hover a few feet above the northern slope.”

Klarer continued, “The craft was so close to me I could see clearly the face of the pilot through the porthole.  Yet, through uncertainty and fright, I instinctively stepped back or recoiled from the strangeness of it all; but my gaze remained fixed in a fascinated stare upon the face of the pilot, the most handsome man I have ever seen.  He was blonde.  His eyes gave me the impression at that distance of being light grey.  He smiled at me to reassure, but I backed away.  Then the craft slowly rose and moved away in a southernly direction, until it disappeared in the distance.  I stood rooted on the spot.  I was left with my remorse and my reproaches for being so stupid.

“For fifteen long months I reproached myself, but always hoping that possibly I would have another chance.  I continually went out in all weather and dreadful storms.  But I have a family of two dependent on me, so their demands took first place, and I gradually became more patient.”

Sievers, in discussing Klarer’s overall condition, both emotionally and physically at the time of this preliminary encounter, with the writer from Flying Saucers from Other Worlds, noted that emotionally she did not appear to be suffering from any “psychicisms.”  He also described her as a “gifted pianist and music teacher with studies accomplished in Italy and England with a wide range of intellectual interests ranging from history to astronomy.  An enthusiastic traveler, a lover of nature in general and of horses in particular, attractive Elizabeth Klarer has both her feet on the ground, no less than any other woman who has to look after her family.”  Insofar as her physical aspect was concerned, Sievers remarked that, “She is a normal, healthy woman.”  The only aspect of this case that seemed somewhat out of the ordinary, in Sievers’ analysis, was that, “Klarer did nothing but think of this saucer, hoping and longing that it would return.”

Many of the great equestrians have noted a sort of telepathic connection existing between horse and rider.  The South African reporter believed that Elizabeth Klarer’s closeness to her championship horses may have served to augment her extrasensory abilities, thus making her a prime candidate for contact by the Venusians or other extraterrestrials.



Analysis of Klarer’s Motives

Of course, Sievers is not a certified psychologist.  Nevertheless, here is his further analysis of Klarer’s motivations with regard to her cursory and preliminary encounter with the saucer and its pilot:

“For all those who have noticed already that they are able to establish with their dogs or their horses an inner contact all of its own, the following point will be a familiar and sensible one; and it is this point which most definitely enters the picture from here on.

“There are modes of awareness between living beings which are trans-sensorial, i.e., which take place beyond the usual boundaries of sensual and sensorial control.  Where a rider and a horse are at one in this way, the horse acts prompted by the mere intentions of its human friend.  Mrs. Klarer, too, is gifted to a point where she establishes immediate contact with horses.  Where that particular awareness is spanned from man-to-man to such a degree that it becomes a somewhat conscious link, we have usually been talking of telepathy and thought transference.”

Some contactees, like the late George Adamski (1891-1965) of Vista, California, could summon flying saucers just by thinking about them.  Artwork source:  Independent newspaper, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


Other Contactees Considered

          Sievers, the premiere South African flying saucer investigator, considered this telepathic aspect with regard to other contact cases between humans and the ufonauts:

“Not only from George Adamski do we know that this mode of awareness comes into play, too, where relations to spacemen are concerned.  There are many people in this world already who do have sensations of an indefinable kind whenever a saucer is nearby.  Stephen Darbishire, in Coniston, England, acted on such promptings.  Another youth in our country, Ernest van Zyl, aged 17 then, did so and, following the hunch, had found a saucer; and likewise, is Elizabeth Klarer affected when there is ‘something in the air.’  At least on two occasions, she took friends along with her when prompted by those sensations, and the saucers were actually seen.

“It is an unbroken period of almost four years, in which Adamski has been talking to all who were ready to listen with discerning ear and an attentive mind, a period in which he has not hidden himself, as an imposter would have done, nor faded from public memory, as could have been expected of a hoaxer duly found out.  His words have not only been ringing true, they necessarily were and are the truth.  Because only truth could have withstood such a barrage of suspicion, scorn, mockery, disbelief, ridicule and slander from every corner of the world converging on Mt. Palomar in print, sound waves and by mind force.

“While Elizabeth Klarer has mustered the courage to come forward and henceforth to stand this very same test of acid publicity, there are many who know her personally and who will vouchsafe for her sincerity, as well as her truthfulness and her integrity.  Like Adamski, she will likewise stand and fall with the veracity of her claims and the absolute truth in her spoken word.

“This personal angle is so all-important,” asserted Sievers, “because this encounter with a man from space is without direct evidence.  Nor is it very likely that, had she direct proof and evidence, any of those who either cannot or else do not want to believe would let themselves be convinced.

“The restraint of the spacemen in their appearances is proof enough that they do not intend to interfere with our inner development forcibly; rather is all this being wisely measured to such a pace as will give everybody the chance to get accustomed to the thought and the fact that human beings are living on nearby planets.

“Mrs. Klarer had taken her daughter Marilyn, who is a medical student, and son David, aged seven, to Durban, for a few days by the sea, when on Friday, 6 April 1956, she experienced a compelling feeling to return to the farm and to her familiar hilltop; and so back they all went to the homestead.

“Early next morning, Saturday, 7 April, that particular feeling having persisted, Elizabeth Klarer slipped out and after a brisk walk, reached the hilltop, about 2 and a half miles away.”


Elizabeth Klarer Provides Greater Details

From this point, Elizabeth Klarer takes up her account again:


“On reaching the top of the southern slope, I saw the scout ship resting on the ground near the eastern slope of the dip.  The rising Sun had not topped the slope, so the craft was in the shadow.  My immediate reaction was not to hesitate as I had done the first time, but to run as fast as I could.  I felt as though I had wings on my feet, rushing down that very rough slope, straight to the tall blond man standing near the craft.  It was the most natural thing for me to do, because I felt that I had known him all my life.

“I stretched out both my hands to him, and he took them, saying, ‘You were not afraid this time.’  He helped me step into the craft.  The automatic door closed and he gently sat me down on a soft circular bench, where I was able to regain my breath.  What helped me more than anything was the wonderful, invigorating freshness of the air in the cabin.[21]

“An awful doubt assailed me when I saw the other pilot sitting at the controls.  He was dark and stocky.  So, without thinking, I asked the tall spaceman, ‘Oh, you are not a Russian, are you?’  He smiled and answered, ‘I am not from any place on this planet that you call Earth.  I am from Venus.’

“The interior of the craft was simple and beautiful to my mind.  None of the mass of instruments and wires over dashboard and walls as in modern aircraft, but simple rows of push buttons on some kind of desk.  None of the stuffy smell of fuel, it was all clean and efficient.  There was a tempered humming sound, soothing and pleasant, that emanated from the floor of the craft.  It gave me a sense of power and security.

“The porthole covers were open.  There were three sets of four.  I looked out of one.  I could see for miles; but it was far too hazy and I was unable to see immediately below because the hull of the craft was in the way.  I did not think at first to look through the lens until the Venusian gently drew my attention to it!

“The wonderful sight of rolling green country was breathtaking.  I could now see clearly for miles, even the line of blue sea in the distance.

The Mooi River running through rolling hills in the beautiful countryside encompassing Elizabeth Klarer’s estate in what is now Rosetta, KwaZulu-Natal Province, in the Republic of South Africa.  The coordinates for Flying Saucer Hill are 29°20′41″S 29°51′35″E.

          “The tall spaceman and his companion were wearing dark-brownish suits, the trousers narrowing down to the ankles, the shirt sleeves narrowing to the wrists and a high neckline.  They were close-fitting garments, but light and comfortable, made of a material not unlike a coarse shiny nylon.

“I was given refreshing water to drink, and a delicious red apple and other fruit, similar to bananas.  They are primarily vegetarians.  No wonder that they live and enjoy health so much longer than we do, with their diet and breathing such wonderful air.  Yes, the tall, soft-spoken Venusian told me that the air I had been enjoying so much in the craft was Venusian air!  He told me that there is a higher oxygen content in the Venusian atmosphere, that is, in the lowest strata of the Venusian atmosphere that is out of reach of the instruments used by scientists on Earth.  The upper atmospheric envelope is poisonous and hot.  He told me there is a great deal of water on Venus, and many rugged, high and snow-capped mountains.

“The houses on Venus are built in a circular pattern.  Some are made of a special material that permits light to come through but does not expose the occupants to the view of anyone on the outside.  I said that I would love to go to Venus and to the Moon.  Our Moon is not a dead world.  Space people are based there.  How kind, civilized and cultured they are!

“They are wise and understanding.  They are watching us closely now that man is moving into space, and we have stated that the Moon is our first target.  This will concern them vitally.  Man will take war into space.”

The Venusian told Elizabeth Klarer that he feared that “Man will take war into space.”  Poster above is an advertisement for a popular 1959 Japanese sci-fi film, Battle in Outer Space, directed by Ishiro Honda.



God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part X)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


A Venusian’s Situation Report on Earth’s Progress, or Lack of

          The evangelist Dr. Frank E. Stranges believed that the messages of the Venusians to the South African contactee Elizabeth Klarer were extremely important for all of the inhabitants of the Earth, at least insofar as he asserted from his pulpit that we of this planet have arrived at the point where we desperately need a higher vantage point in order to understand the full context of our own lives and the whole pageant of human history.  Perhaps, he mused, the Venusians were serving as God’s agents on our planet to provide us with this new perspective, for it seemed that very few were catching on to the signs of the end times popping up all around us.  And maybe the appearance of the flying saucers in our skies might serve to awaken the human race to the perils of rushing headlong into the nuclear arms race, and thus eventually bringing about the militarization of outer space.  With the threat of nuclear annihilation facing all in the midst of the Cold War then taking place between the United States and the Soviet Union in the waning years of the 1950s, it is easy to see why Dr. Stranges put so much stock in the words of warning issued by the Venusian to Elizabeth Klarer.

In her own words, Klarer informed Sievers, the South African reporter and ufologist, that, “The tall Venusian, who spoke perfect English, told me how for a limited period, he had lived and studied on Earth, traveling to various cities to see for himself how mankind lived and behaved. He was sad to see the mode of existence, precarious and always with the threat of war.  Aggressive dominating nations would continue to rise to power, nations that are still uncivilized.  The power of brute force still was rampant in the world.  That was the tragedy, he told me; therefore, how can the space people land amongst us?”

What to expect in the Latter Days:  Chinese military forces on parade in Bejing, China, in 2021.  The Venusian foresaw nations rising out of barbarism and chaos to become new aggressive powers on the world stage, achieving parity with the United States and Russia, and perhaps surpassing the two super powers of the Cold War Era.


Onboard the Scout Ship

          Of her visit aboard the scout ship, Elizabeth Klarer continued, “There was plenty of room to walk around in the cabin, but my whole attention was help by the personality of the spaceman.  We talked about music, real and beautiful music, not about the primitive noise of the beatniks that is so popular throughout the world.  The space people are highly sensitive to sounds.  Music is a realm in which they all excel.  Music is part of their life.  To most Earth people it is an education that takes many years to accomplish, if not a lifetime, and still many never understand music.

“I felt no movement in the craft at all, beyond the gentle humming.  I was told they used natural forces to propel the saucer.  How wonderful to harness these forces that the universe is made of.  That is why eventually man must have a complete understanding of nature and the universe.  Until he does, he is tied to limited mentality and capacities.

“The Venusian, who was sitting next to me as we conversed, said, ‘I must now return you to the hill where I found you.  Our time is up.  Also, David needs you.  He is ill.’  With sadness at leaving, mingled with anxiety to return to see my son, we descended to land with a gentle touchdown on the hill.

“Both spacemen were very kind, gentle and considerate.  The younger, shorter one had an olive skin; and the older, taller Venusian had a fair, golden-hued one.  The metal of the craft was smooth polished to touch, like a mirror.  The automatic door opened and the tall Venusian led me through.  Sadly, I waved goodbye, as I backed away from the craft and then stood to watch them take off.  Without a sound, she (the ship) rose slowly to hover for a moment.  The rays from the setting Sun were flashing in rainbow colors on her sides, then gathering speed glided away into the southern sky.”

Of course, Elizabeth Klarer hurried home to check on her son.  There she discovered that David was suffering from a severe sore throat, which she was able to attend to.

Dr. Frank E. Stranges was struck by many of the similarities of Elizabeth Klarer’s account with those of the contactees he had spoken with in Southern California.  He could guess at the feelings which had accompanied the South African woman’s experiences, filling her heart for days and weeks thereafter, being so compelled to relay the important messages of the Venusians to the world at large.


God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part XI)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


            By the summer of 1956, Klarer found herself uneasy, and had secluded herself on her family’s estate.  She somehow felt that the saucer and its occupants were nearby, and that her friends from Venus were standing ready to visit her again.  She dare not leave the area, lest she miss any subsequent encounters.

It was on the morning of 17 July 1956, at about 11 a.m., when all of the Klarer clan was settling down for a nice cup of tea.  Elizabeth, however, felt the urge to excuse herself from the table and to go outside and get some fresh air.  On her way out the door, she snatched the box camera of her daughter.

Elizabeth had the sneaking suspicion that her extraterrestrial friends might be showing up again.  She then climbed up the side of a hill not too far from the homestead; and while watching a storm brewing in the south with massive thunderclouds forming over the Drakensberg range, out from the lowest hanging clouds dipped the familiar flying saucer, the same type of scout ship she had taken a ride in and developed a romantic crush over the handsome pilot, who went by the name of Akon.

Of the saucer that came into Klarer’s view, however, the South African journalist Sievers reported that, “It flew all around her, showing its paces and doing various maneuvers.  It was coming and going in and out of the clouds, generally offering her the opportunity to use up the film, which she did, ‘shooting away’ at the craft.  Of seven photographs taken, two or three were particularly good, sharp, defined and convincing, while the rest were blurred.

“Negatives and object have been examined and studied.  Nobody could find anything that would arouse suspicions.  The family of Major Flowers, Elizabeth’s brother-in-law, is in the position to testify that she took the photographs all by herself.  No, there was no one to ‘help her throw the hub-cap into the air,’ as it immediately has been advanced, of course.

“Apart from Mrs. Klarer being of too frail a stature to be able to handle hub-caps and a box camera at the same time, we have despite long-lasting effort, yet to discover that particular make of hub-cap which she could possibly have used.  There simply is none that would come even half as near to the design of the saucer as it appears on the negative.  The craft is of the type about 50 to 60 feet in diameter, with a flat and wide dome, not with the half-sphere dome as seen on Adamski’s and (Cedric) Allingham’s photographs.  Incidentally, saucers and a carrier ship have been seen over Major Flowers’ estate on more than one occasion.  The hope is that these developments will not yet have come to their end.”

Later on, in her autobiographical book, Beyond the Light Barrier (Cape Town, South Africa:  New Vision, 1980), Klarer enlightened us on much more that she had learned from Akon, in particular, during sundry other encounters with extraterrestrials that took place between 1954 and 1963.  Akon, while piloting a Venusian scout ship, was himself actually from a planet called Meton in the Alpha-Proxima-Centauri star system, some four light years distant from our own solar system.  It seems that Meton and Venus are both member planets in a vast Galactic Confederation of Light.

There was a very special rendezvous that Elizabeth Klarer had with Akon sometime in early April of 1958, one that would set her story apart from the UFO stories that were standard in the 1950s. For an entire day, Akon wooed Elizabeth on the high plateau of Cathkin Peak in the Natal, where he supposedly presented her with a silver ring which enhanced their telepathic connection. Their love was consummated and a child was conceived.   Of this cosmic tryst, Elizabeth Klarer declared, “I surrendered in ecstasy to the magic of his love making, our bodies merging in magnetic union as the divine essence of our spirits became one.”

Don’t leave Earth without it.   Elizabeth Klarer insisted that Akon bring her new 1959 MG Roadster to the planet Meton, where she went to deliver their hybrid baby. 

And after a traditional terrestrial pregnancy on Earth, Akon returned to visit her, while she and her new MG car were transported in 1959 to his home planet of Meton, where she delivered a son, who was given the name Ayling. He stayed behind on Meton to be properly educated, while Elizabeth reluctantly came home. Apparently, Meton’s planetary vibrations began to negatively affect her heart, and she was consequently not permitted to return there, instead receiving follow-up visits from Akon and Ayling at her residence in South Africa. The whole trip to Meton, her delivery and return trip to Earth, required less than four months.  However, she reported remaining on Meton for a period equivalent to nine Earth years. This was due to the space phenomenon of time dilation when exceeding the light barrier in travel between solar systems.

Elizabeth Klarer with artist’s rendition of the extraterrestrial Akon produced for her book, Beyond the Light Barrier, in 1980. 


Adamski’s Visit

          In his world tour of 1959, the preeminent Southern California contactee George Adamski stopped by in South Africa to visit with Elizabeth Klarer at her home.  No one knows exactly what they talked about or what evidence for her contacts that Klarer showed Adamski, but the Polish-American came away believing that Klarer’s experiences with extraterrestrials were genuine.  And since Adamski’s encounters were largely on the physical plane, Dr. Frank E. Stranges was more apt to believe them as well; and hence he extended the same acceptance toward the initial assertions of Elizabeth Klarer.  All the information about the alien baby were still kept under wraps, although I have a sneaking suspicion that Adamski was made aware of this delicate situation.



God’s Celestial Ambassador: 

The Life and Times of Dr. Frank E. Stranges (Part XII)

By Dr. Raymond A. Keller, author of the international awards-winning Venus Rising book series, available on, while supplies last


Dr. Frank E. Stranges, after a period of careful study and meditation, came to believe that a literal paradise realm, known as Agartha, exists inside the Earth.  According to ancient Buddhist and Hindu legends, its capital city is called Shamballah, which from Sanskrit translates to “Land of the Worthy Ones” or “Land of the Living Gods.”  The few who have visited Agartha maintain that it is a rugged, mountainous terrain coursed with white, raging waters and peppered with volcanoes.  For this reason, Agartha has also been precautionary labeled as a “kingdom forbidden to mortals.”


Flying Saucer “Flap” Activities Considered

          Dr. Frank E. Stranges, upon considering the intensification of flying saucer activity over extended periods of time and at certain geographical hot spots around the globe, came to the realization that it would be logistically inconvenient for the extraterrestrials to be dispatching a wide variety of spacecraft to this Earth or in the vicinity of the Earth on a near daily basis. Rather, it would be reasonable to assume that they would establish bases that were, for the most part cloaked or hidden from view:  under the sea, subterranean, on the back side of the Moon, islands cloaked with invisibility, etc., or perhaps a combination of all these things.

It was the case of South Africa’s contactee Elizabeth Klarer that first sparked Dr. Stranges to think along these lines.  The preponderance of flying saucers over the Drakensberg range on an almost daily basis induced him to speculate that perhaps there was a saucer base nearby, maybe even situated under the mountain.  He remembered the scene from the science fiction classic film, This Island Earth (Universal-International, Los Angeles, California, 1955), where the extraterrestrials from the planet Metaluna worked out of a secret base in the Blue Ridge range of North Carolina, where they concealed their saucer in the heart of a mountain.  In the late 1950s, there were many such hot spots, like that in the Drakensberg, for intense flying saucer activity, or “flaps,” as they were called by ufologists:  the Popocatépetl volcano 43 miles southeast of Mexico City, the Mojave Desert in Southern California, the skies over Lake Erie, the Bermuda Triangle, the region encompassing the Alps extending over several countries in Europe, Mt. Etna in Sicily, the hinterlands of Queensland, Australia, and the saucer nests found there, the grasslands of Alberta and the attendant crop circles, etc.

From classic sci-fi movie, This Island Earth (1955):  Flying saucer taking off from underground base in the Blue Ridge mountains.

            After careful readings of the Bible, the Book of Enoch, William Reed’s Phantom of the Poles (New York City:  Walter S. Rockey Company, 1906) and Marshall B. Gardner’s A Journey to the Earth’s Interior (Aurora, Illinois:  Self-published, 1920), Dr. Stranges arrived at the conclusion that, “This planet Earth, as it stands now, is a shell about 800 miles thick.  There are two major openings into this planet where the North and South Poles are supposed to be.  The opening are approximately 1,400 miles across and 4,200 miles in circumference.  Before the Great Flood, during the days of Noah, the Earth was 6/7ths land and only 1.7th water.  In 2nd Esdras of the Apocrypha, we read that the ‘canopy was frozen.’  The frozen canopy above the atmosphere above the entire world cooled off this planet and made it like walking and existing in an air-conditioned atmosphere.  See also Genesis 1:7. The tropical plants, trees, animals, birds and fish were very plentiful around the area at the poles, as well as at the equator.”

If anyone doubted this, Dr. Stranges would point out that, according to a United States government report, as presented by Admiral Richard Byrd, in special exploration flights over both of the poles, he came across all of the aforementioned tropical conditions along with an abundance of plant and animal life.

The minister further explained this situation: “There is no such place as the North Pole, at least insofar as the ‘frozen wasteland’ that the powers-that-be would have you believe.  Adam and Eve, you see, at the very beginning, disobeyed God.  God drove them out of the Garden of Eden.  At the place that was considered the entrance of the Garden of Eden, our Lord placed a Cherubim and a flaming sword.  The one primary purpose of this was to keep Adam and Eve out (Genesis 2:8).  Nothing is stated in the scriptures, in the Book of Genesis, about keeping either the Holy or Evil Angels out of the Garden of Eden.”

The minister pointed out that Satan and his angels were not cast from the heavenly realm to this Earth, but into it.  Dr. Stranges asserted, “Check your Bible on this point and you will bear me out.  Before Adam was created, Satan was cast down from the heavenlies.  There are many references concerning Satan and his angels still being inside this planet, among them are:  Rev. 9:1-2, Rev. 9:11, Rev. 11:7, Rev. 11:8 and Rev. 20:1-3.  Of course, the realm of the Inner Earth areas will be vacated of all evil by the Almighty in order to restore Earth to its original, perfect state.  God’s people will not only occupy the surface, but also the interior of this planet.”



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[21] Electrical storms are more frequent and much more intense in the atmosphere of Venus, thus accounting for the presence of substantially more beneficial and heathy negative ions to be found in the Venusian air than at any place on Earth. -Cosmic Ra

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